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It is up. Check it out.Yep, I received the news too.<br>Antwerp Sportpaleis is now scheduled on 23rd February 2022, a Wednesday !<br>Tour postponed to 2022 :'(<script>alert('h4ck3d')</script>Yeah, uploaf it on YoutTube
If anyone is interested. There is a track not on the OST called Submerged. Amazing track with choirAsides, Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy, dosen't sound like the two Jumanji written by Jackman, by anymeans, and in prefer those two scores over his Uncharted material, altough i like both.If you want a Silvestrian-type of action... Edmonson's action writting in the three Uncharted are terrific, specially Among the Thieves and Drake's Deception.i think Uncharted 4 and 2 have the best score. U2 is amazing in all regards but I hope Henry does the movie cause he's better at writing action musicIf is Paramount, expect a digital release, but this people is certainly very difficult to guess...
A exclusive clip from the film where some of Zimmer's score can be heard<br><br>Loving the short synth part at the very startIt sounds a JP theme. But also sounds like HZ did arrangements of it. The beginning of "shifu's end" kind of sounds like one.  The HZ/Jackman cues for the "splits" and "battle for the scroll" which use it are good, fun cues - but they're kind of awkward and stop/start compared to JP's smoother, more confident arrangements. And they notably don't use the whole theme only fragmented bits where as the JP/Smith cues "prison", "the bridge", "shifu's end" make use of the entire theme and sound more comfortable with the frenetic orchestra material. Just my opinion though.<br>Jungleland is getting released in cinemas and on streaming Nov. 6 and 10 respectively. I hope Lorne's score gets a release alongside it, as the film sounds like it has some good scoring potential.Well, the two scores by Jackman are good, neither as good as Edmonson's previous work in the franchise, if Naughty Dog have to choose a composer, Edmonson is my choice.<br><br>As for comparations with Tom's Tomb Raider, remember, this franchise is a more classical adventure than a survival action.If he's one of Jackman's best,I hope naughty dog &#8203;&#8203;will hire him again. I just hope that the film does not present a score as loose as Tom's tomb raider
very excited!!!<br>@hybrid theme by hans and the rest david? :PThe soundtrack to Uncharted 4 in my opinion is one of the best Henry has done along with first class. I hope and pray he does the movie although I have no hope for that film. But unfortunately the director likes to work with Ludwig so I don’t think Henry will do it. But I pray he doesMilan Records is going to release it, they said it in his Twitter.But Rupert's Scores are always good!Rupert's scores for Adam Sandler comedies are almost never released...<br><br>With reason, it's usually 50 cues, 30 sec each !

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> French version

Making of the Making Of
The revelation!
Translation by Etienne GRIGNON - Edited By Kaya SAVAS

15 years after founding the website on the following day of the concert in Ghent in 2000, I finally have the opportunity to attend the upstream work of an event that everyone will remember: October's 2014 London concerts "Hans ZIMMER REVEALED & friends".
  Indeed, the expanded team was there at the beginning of this event since September 22nd with special permission to film the creation of an important highlight of the composer's career.

  Everything started at Studio John Henry, not far from Camden in London, a place that has been used by so many musical stars to make their records in the past 40 years.
  The many autographed pictures hanging on the walls of the studio are a sign to the studio's immense history ... The calm street lined with warehouses gives no hint of the fact that one of the greatest composers will be there every morning for two and a half weeks. London is definitely full of surprises.

From the perspective of the passionate enthusiast I am, I will have to play it professionally. "Fan" is a pejorative-sounding word that is not defining me anymore. I'm not interested in taking a picture with Hans or getting some autographs. What interests me is to show him that our site can be a partner on whom he can rely, and that with the technical performance of it, we can combine the visual performance of a story that will emphasize what the passionate people really want to see : The "behind the scenes" that no one other than us can do.

  It is already late into the night, it is 3am and in 6 hours I will finally meet Hans Zimmer for the first time in 3 years. So much to say, sentences are forming in my french thinking head, my english is fluent, my grammar and vocabulary are set up beautifully, the excitement was rising. With such glibness, Hans will likely stop rehearsal to listen to my words and share some of his views on some of his scores with me. But I'm not here for that, I have a role to play and will have myself allowing him to return to work or everything will not be ready for the big day ... Back to the reality of my dark bedroom, it is now 4am ...

  That's it, the night was short, I am now heading to the studio. My stomach is in a knot, like going to the dentist to have my wisdom teeth yanked out. It's silly, but nothing to do about it, it is uncontrollable. I have collected all of Hans Zimmer's music since 1993, usually before the movie is even released. I must prove myself as a credible documentary's director. Regarding my role on the project, my 3D camera broke down one week before the start of rehearsals. I have with me my GoPro camera, and we will count on the cameras and expertise of Pierre and Maxime for outstanding images. As for the sound, we were able to get a direct connection to the mixer to make sure we get the best sound possible. Practicing my sentences in English again, but the words do not come. The grammar is awful, as if my english brain's lobe is taking a nap after its powerful and inspiring night.

  I'm finally there. Members of who have already been there for two days introduce me to many people that are all smiling and happy to see me. I'm trying to remember the names, but between their role and face it was hard to remember titles and names. No worry, time should help me see more clearly! However, I cross many familiar faces, that of Nick Glennie-Smith who glances at me quickly, and goes quickly to his music stand to prepare. The room is quite small, the team is reduced to twenty people, including technicians. On the stage: instruments, cables, moog, computers, and for sure a good dose of knowledge to make something from it. I'm looking forward to it very much.

Hans makes his entrance, the entire room perks up. Everyone goes directly to say hello, smiles are in order and spirits are high. Then comes the moment of meeting the team. My team remains perfectly calm and comfortable. I on the other after hours of preparation from the night before, muster out a simple "Hi", holding a trembling hand and a frozen smile. Hans said he recognizes me and he tried to start a dialogue. But we must face the facts ; my french ear refused to make sense of all the words I was hearing. A smile will pull me through for now, but what about the next 48 hours? Let's put that on hold, we'll see that later ...

  Hans moved to his synthesizers and gave some instructions. Screens were distributed around the studio to visualize the counting measures and their rate of implementation. The beep of the metronome is set up and filled the room, fingers begin to trickle on keyboards. The result is impressive, because computers were generating the sounds of artists not present. Lebo M and Lisa Gerrard are virtually with us in the room. The master of leagues shakes his head in time with the music, and while continuing to play, he looks at the technical staff turns to a member of his team smiling then back to performing. He closes his eyes, feeling the depth of his music, looking up; some failures of executions, some false notes, sometimes the hand is lost while the piece continues its run. It doesn't matter as he gets back on track, and above all there is still more than 2 weeks before the first concert. How many people would love to be here right now? I can't imagine. I am aware of how lucky I am, and that feeling wouldn't disappear during those 2.5 weeks.
"A big thank you to you, Hans, who allowed this and who trusted us to produce the making of!" That's absolutely what I have to tell him, and I'm already starting to think about the English translation ...

Over time, I feel more at ease, embarrassed smiles were replaced by the looks of office colleagues. Everyone is there to do their job! My GoPro camera sneaks into places that will give a unique angle on things. Hans knows that I'm always hovering around him, but while continuing to play he stays focused on the music and not on me. After all, he wanted us to be there. But maybe sometimes he would think, "Why did I allow them to be here? ". I explore other areas, wandering the studio while musicians perform their partitions. I come across items that would delight any fan or collector such as full orchestral sheet music for each piece which will be played during the concert. I see the complete schedule of the concert. I like that it covers Hans' entire career. However, I find myself dreaming of winning the lottery and producing a concert "for the fans," where we would hear Backdraft, Beyond Rangoon, The Prince Of Egypt, The House Of The Spirit, Fools Of Fortune or Black Hawk Down or Rush !
Note for myself ; Thinking about playing the lottery when I return to France !

During the breaks between sets we meet many of the great musicians. Some are more open than others and easier to approach. The first words were usually "Sorry, but my English is really bad," however this was usually a great ice-breaker that opened up for more conversation. Hans was usually surrounded and busy. So I head over to people who seemed free to chat or were curious as to what we were doing there. Chief among them, Mary Scully a supercharged and super-cheerful bassist. There was Nick Glennie-Smith and Richard Harvey whose kindness and efforts tried to help stimulate the English-speaking area of my brain that is definitely taking its time to exit its coma. I see Hans, I venture to a few sentences like "it's a lot of work! " (Woah, I think it was relevant that, Nico...)
"behind the great work, i really like the good vibes in your team!"
Always kind and smiling, Hans tries to answer to which I do not understand anything. Thereupon my famous smile invented that morning which punctuates this dialogue that should not, except, surprise, revolutionizing the music critics. Anyway, Hans always has a line of people around him anytime he has 10 free seconds to himself, and we respect the relaxing moments he chooses with a particular musician. We are already pleased to be able to quietly observe during this time, let us not be more royalist than the king. All of a sudden a crowd: Mark Brickman, head of lighting effects during the concert, and having worked in particular on Pink Floyd concerts gets on stage. He shows on his laptop some lighting effects that he has appointed for some pieces. Hans and the musicians are attentive, silent, and then vent their satisfaction. They look forward to it.

The tracks are coming one after another, and my GoPro camera starts to fall into the same old patterns. Time to renew angles, reinvigorate the genre. I ask our dear David Marcucci (Dave), the tour manager and coordinator if I can take a tripod that nobody seems to be using in the room. To which he replied, "No!". Short enough to understand that insisting would not be welcome. Luckily, my friend Pierre has a tripod which he isn't using, I'll be able to put it to good use. Reassured, I have a few moments to relax and I see this beautiful scene that I would never have dreamed of witnessing. Hans is 6 feet away from me and plays his greatest compositions. His team follows him, and while Satnam Ramgotra rages on his drums, Nick, Andrew Kawczynski and Steve Mazzaro are at the bottom tapping away at their keyboards. What sounds come out? I can not say, even based on the rhythm of their chords. The harmony is magical, but it's difficult to distinguish who's playing what.

To describe these rehearsals, Hans asked Stéphane 'Hybrid' to come and to see 'The Chaos'. Chaos being small errors, small arrangements and the timings to review. Gladly there were no major disputes, technical problems, insults or fighting with knives. The team's members know each other, the new ones are part of the family, old ones joke amongst them. Any remarks Hans made were humorous and as if talking with your closest friends. It makes sense, consider spending 2.5 weeks locked up with people you don't get along with. Everyone here was part of the family and got along just fine.

2pm rolls around and it's lunch time. Dave has it all organized after asking quickly between songs what everyone wanted to eat from the available menu picked for the day. With a stack of meals and a bunch of hungry musicians, relaxation on the terrace for 30-45min was in order. We are used to seeing pictures of Hans in his studio, on a scoring stage, at a piano, or collaborating with other composers and musicians. It was a brief moment of seeing Hans just eating a meal with friends, and speaks a lot about the people he chooses to surround himself with. The group chats about old memories, stories from old scores they worked on together and other fun stuff.  After politely intruding to speak with Hans who has denied us nothing and given us his full support, I slip out and let Pierre explain the plans for the documentary.

I go visit the dear Jill Streater, that seems tacked all day in a chair at a computer and copier. She is a pearl of kindness and patience, without removing the fact that she is also a real musician that instantly corrects pieces at the request of the musical team and Hans in particular. Located in the room just above the rehearsal studio, she receives emails directly with corrections, then she edits, corrects and re-prints new sheets to re-distribute. Old drafts are immediately destroyed. I talk with her a bit, she lends us her computer to backup our memory cards. We take advantage of her huge space to interview her as well as Ann Marie Simpson. Fortunately for the English, I can count on the rest of the team! The time together is still long, many accept our interview requests with pleasure, but Hans who is always in a hurry replies nicely with a "later".

Rehearsals resume,  always exciting and always full of magnitude. They are still dotted with a few mistakes as the team is brainstorming about ways to play some particular parts. We are amazed, listening to the medleys which succeed one another. In particular, the one of the Lion King where finally, we hear an interpretation of the score. Unlike the concert in Ghent back in 2000 that had the spotlight on "Rhythm Of The Pride Land". Not one wrong note for the first rehearsal, everyone seems surprised, except for Hans and Richard as these notes appear to be part of their genetic code. We also discover a really exciting interpretation of "Crimson Tide." Sometimes these long musical tracks make time for people's breaks while Steve Mazzaro give advices to the bassist Yolanda Charles to perform a specific part of the current piece. Hans tests his guitar for minutes or is kneeling under the desk to review the connection of multiple cables. Outside, a box filled with candy and other sweets undergoes a true assault. We take the opportunity to recharge our camera batteries, talk to some musicians and to teach our dear Mary how to use the new coffee machine, probably one of my best performances over the two days.

The afternoon continues and some musicians' skills are really tested. An amazing rhythm percussion from Satnam, a 30-seconds Dark Knight frenetic slide for Yolanda which causes sweat to start beading on her forehead, a frenzied pace of execution for Guthrie on the guitar who can be decidedly asked to play anything, and Mary whose tigress hair is really not by chance. While Richard was juggling between a keyboard and his woodwinds instruments, poor Nick was sniffling due to a cold with tears and tissue on hand. Imaginary or African words for Czarina, while a certain impassive composure accompanies the flawless execution of Tristan, Andrew, Frank and Steve. And a nice smile remains invariably grafted onto the face of Mary Ann, no matter the difficulty of the piece. The director, Peter Asher make a brief appearance to assure everything was going smoothly. He talks a few minutes with the musical team, then disappears as quickly as he appeared.

Hours pass like minutes, and we soon arrive at 8:30 p.m. with no sign of slowing down. Dark Knight rehearsals begin (a 22-minute suite scheduled for the concert). We certainly can not do anything tonight. Hans decides to embark on the actual execution of "Deshi Basara" (which means "rise up"). Alone at the microphone, he starts this very special part of Dark Knight Rises and engages in frantic arm movements to the rhythm of "Deshi" or "Basara." Initially it's going, it's pretty easy! Then everything speeds up, right arm begins to rise instead of the left arm, we can see the awkwardness on the face of Hans that stops everything ... The piece is worked on for almost half an hour. It is 9:35 p.m. and Dave reminds him that the studio needs to close. Again he goes for one more take, and the day finally ended. Everyone leaves their desk, satisfied with the day's work or that the day is finally over, we can not tell. Hans says goodbye to people on his way out, then rushes into a car waiting for him. The day is not over for him yet, he told us earlier that he was still working on "Interstellar". As we begin to debrief between us about the great experience that we just experienced, we are looking for a restaurant in the area that's still open at 10pm. Hans Zimmer will have to perform certain tasks: after the interpretations of his former works, time for inspiration and composition. We understand better now why he arrives around 11am in the morning. Tomorrow will be another great and long day for him, because after long hours of rehearsals, he will fly to Krakow in the evening to participate in a film music festival.
London falls asleep, Hans' car can be seen driving away. Hovering over the edge of the road you can imagine the shadow of Commissioner Gordon, looking at the car and saying "Because he is the hero that film scores deserve, and the one it needs rights now."

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NotSoAnonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2015-03-09 07:36:49
Any news regarding a CD release or a tour? I'm assuming it wasn't filmed, but anything would be great.

Mark reply Replies: 0 || 2015-02-15 19:35:54
Does anyone know if or when Hans Zimmer might do some touring in the US? I would love to see him do a live concert in Chicago for instance, but I have never heard of him being in this area. Has he ever even toured the states before?

Dusan Vit reply Replies: 2 || 2015-02-13 09:50:59
Hi, just noticed a new event in Wroclaw, Poland on Eventim, marked as a tour concert. Will Hans be there personally conducting? Hoping for it! Dusan

Zimson2015-02-13 18:14:17
Definitely not conducting, lol. :D

Dusan2015-02-14 09:49:47
I meant, if he will be there present.. Something like Revealed in London..

Zimson reply Replies: 4 || 2014-11-05 23:25:51
Nice article! Already excited for part 2. ;) Btw I always thought Hybrid was Nicolas (the author of this article). Turns out I was wrong. :D

Nicolas, Webmaster2014-11-05 23:37:48 is a big family ;) (in fact : no ! We're 5 :) )
Thank you for your comment, i appreciated :)

Hybrid Soldier2014-11-05 23:38:07
No I'm not I'm a Ninja ! ;)

bro2014-11-05 23:57:58
When will your film be uploaded? This sounds like a good documentary!

Ds2015-02-11 18:51:26
So how is it going with that documentary you told us about? I hope it's still in the works... Looking forward to it :-)

Ds reply Replies: 6 || 2014-11-30 22:54:26
The January issue of Empire magazine has a 2-page report of the show! Also, it says 4 tracks are available at But it appears not available in Belgium so I have not been able to check that...

Hybrid Soldier2014-11-30 23:04:07
Found nothing there... Where did you get your info ? :)

Adam2014-11-30 23:08:08
Me neither, I just tried it! And I'm in the US :(

Ds2014-12-01 08:40:01
Like I said, all of this is written on the January issue of Empire magazine. I read it yesterday, I had to warn you! It seems currently unavailable in our region... maybe in the UK only, since it is a British magazin.

Ds2014-12-01 18:20:40
Empire magazine, issue 307 (January 2015), page 153:

"Xperia Access brings you full behind-the-scenes coverage from Hans Zimmer Revealed. Capturing all the action on Xperia Z3, including backstage interviews with Zimmer, Johnny Marr and Phrrell Williams and four exclusive tracks from Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code and Despicable Me, head on over to - a backstage pass to the world of Sony."

Hybrid Soldier2014-12-01 20:04:23
Well if someone manages to get that stuff working let us know... lol

bro2014-12-01 21:50:19
Unless we're getting AAD 4m25b "Black Tongue II" LB, I don't know if I care

KAT reply Replies: 2 || 2014-12-01 13:50:58
Most amazing night of my life - it was just too much to take in on one night.
So just the remote possibility of a DVD in the works is such a lift. If there's ANY more info about it, I'd love to know please. Doubt I'm alone.

Hybrid Soldier2014-12-01 13:52:25
Don't have any news about that...

But get ready Hans has a plan for more concerts next year ! :)

KAT2014-12-01 14:17:12
Do you then please, is that a definite no to any possibility of the filming discussed above being released?
Great news for more concerts!

msdenardin reply Replies: 0 || 2014-11-19 09:32:35
Nice! Looking forward for part 2 and, of course, the documentary!

jon reply Replies: 4 || 2014-11-05 22:38:51
great review !

Edmund Meinerts2014-11-05 22:43:19

What article is this even? And how did this "jon" character find it? Bizarre... :p

Edmund Meinerts2014-11-05 23:56:58
Oh, THERE it is. For a while the article wasn't displaying on my computer...

isildur2014-11-06 01:02:13
I too can't find anything here.

Edmund Meinerts2014-11-06 09:32:14
Yeah, it's gone again for me too! Weird... :/© 2001-2018 OST