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Actually, who tells you the track actually exist as you want it to exist ?<br><br>The "choir" and the "extra organ" you are talking about is in Mountains. Who tells you the music mixer wasn't forced to used that cue's stems to incorporate it into No Time For Caution at the last minute ?<br><br>A good friend of mine was telling me a few days back that he actually thought the Docking cue in the film might was messy and could be some insert. Which would also explain why Hans didn't want to incoporate it in the soundtrack in the first place. That thing might not even exist in this form in the final stereo mixes...<br><br>You have the track written, you'll get nothing else, if you want choir or organ, listen to Mountains...they probably have a good reason for not including itI think it's great they reacted anyway, and I like the track. As long as we get the Eureka somehow/somewhere I can live with this version very well.<br><br>Insulting people really won't help, we can always only beg for what we wish for ...and hope.Yeah, if someone had said "we need like 2 weeks to get this ready and stuff" i think a lot of people would have been cool with that. <br><br>I don't understand why hybrid is so butthurt now. It's us who pay for Zimmers music. If we pay for it, we want it to be exactly what we expect. What was released, is simply not it. Above everything, where are those choirs?  <br><br>Interpretation by Randal Paul is actually more accurate to the original track from movie. At least it has those bombastic organs in it, even though ending is shit.<br><br>I appreciate that you reached out to Zimmer, we all do, but the thing is that this whole fiasco shouldn't even happen. From the get-go, track, original one, from the movie, should be released on original 16 track album, since its the climax of the movie. This is like "Time" from Inception wouldn't be released on original album. And later on, they would release worse interpretation of it. Can you imagine that?<br><br>Furthermore, even though we already purchased deluxe album, we have to separately buy that track again, but not only that, the track is not the same as is in the movie. And you are baffled why we are mad and disappointed ? We are not dogs, where you can just throw us a bone and expect we will be happy as long as something similar is released. I'm sure Zimmer will release re-mastered track in future, maybe on that 18th December Star edition Album. I don't mind waiting for it till Blu-Ray comes out next year even. As long as it is released.
Honestly, this is business. We all payed money for this album, therefore we have claim to a certain quality we used to get by Hans Zimmer. In my opinion this shouldn't be done in 3 days. If Hans needs his time for releasing it, he should have get it.So let me get this straight hybrid, you actually believe we should be satisfied with (arguably) the best cue of the movie as it was released? The cue that everyone wants? ... Ok. The fact that you say you enjoy the track as it was released says so much about you. At least admit it's pretty horrible. Anyways, guess we'll have to keep crying as you say. Good day to you sir.Humm, I've had mixed opinions on this. But the reality is that a lot of sales and pre-orders were made based on the presumption that this track would be on the OST, as is.<br><br>I'm grateful that you got this released at all and its definitely worth the &#163;1 extra, but having to rationalise gratitude for something I've paid for doesn't really sit well with me either. <br><br>So maybe we will have to wait years, but i hope it still happens.I think the point they are making hybrid is that they begged you to ask Hans to release it only because they fell in love with the organ and choir favored version.<br><br>But as far as the "quality" of the first half, if you listen to the bootlegs on youtube, you can hear this IS THE SAME track they used for the score. They didn't use the recordings from "Day One - Dark" like the fan made stuff did, they used this track. Samples, demo recordings, who knows. But it's the same. (Until the end, obviously)<br><br>Day One - Dark is out there and available for anyone who wants the "cleaned up/mastering" of the suite version.Hybrid they fuck up and you support them? Wow...
Hybrid, thank you for what you've done. I really appreciate that you spent time reaching Hans, telling him how disappointed his fans were. I think it's wonderful Hans heard our complaints and released it in a few days. And I understand why you're angry now; you move your ass and all you get is even more people complaining.<br><br>That's why I'm not gonna complain. I bought that track, listened to it, tried to make it sound consistent with the rest of the album, then gave up. I quietly deleted "No Time For Caution" from my iTunes, and replaced it by "Day One Dark", which sounds way better despite being only 128kbps, and is just cool in the middle of the album, rather than as a suite put at the very end.<br><br>That's just my two cents, thanks again for what you've done, and please keep up your outstanding work!!!Thanks Hybrid!!!!!!!!!!!<br>And now, the Eureka Track! :D *lol*Hybrid, I understand your disappointment because of the reactions here, but I'm pretty sure, there are a lot of people as well who like the released track, and say thanks to you & Hans! So I hope that won't be the last "push of Hans". :)WTF??? Hybrid Soldier did a great work! Shut up all and listen the track! If you don't like it, go to youtube and listen those fake "docking scene" tracks. Haters... always something is wrond with them!<br><br>P.S. Thank you very much for this, Hybrid Soldier!Alright. Respect for Hybrid Soldier -> lost. u're no different than those money grabbing bitches
I agree with Hybrid Soldier too.<br>I know the track is a bit different, and a bit lower than the rest. But honnestly, when I read all the negative messages down here, I was hyper scared what to expect. And finally, I listened to it, and I definitely looooove it! It brings the atmosphere, the drama of the scene, and that's all that I asked. So, I say thank you for that!Okay, so it was never the intention to get the full experience from the cinema to all the people? In this case I think you have done nothing wrong. But you produced a track that actually nobody wanted that way.Alright. Respect for Hybrid Soldier -> u're no different than those money grabbing bitchesI just wanted to let you know that I am happy with this<br>But I can understand people's reactionslike seriously wtf is that? It simply sounds really's too quiet as if there were missing notes or something..Just compare it with the version recorded at cinema (you can find it on youtube) &#65279;.. I'm really dissapointed :/ You must be deaf if you don't hear it

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