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i think heis trying to put a perspectiv on thingsEDIT, you're right, I think "No Need to Come Back" is the "lie" cue. I hadn't seen that you put that there. And now that I think of it, that eerie cue was used twice, so I don't remember where the "Place Among the Stars" track would go.JDollars, well then use the money for the poor instead of buying the score (hey that rhymes)the sun shinesI didn't see the movie.  Just a fan of Zimmer.
Looks correct, Ds, and I can add (again, BEWARE SPOILERS, people):<br><br>I think "Day One" is when the big door opens and Dr. Brand reveals the space Cooper (so after "Dust"). And then I'm nearly certain "A Place Among the Stars" plays as Murph reveals the truth about the mission in the video message (I very specifically remember how unsettling that music was in the theater!). <br><br>Then I THINK "Running Out" might have been the beginning of Cooper and Dr. Mann's skirmish, but I can't recall for sure.Verry good song<br>when I listen to this music with my coffee<br>I tell myself that everything is possible<br>i'm french and i like your job !!!Amen Wahajec, AmenYou nailed it, MacReady. Well said.@Guitwo...everyone is saying I'm happy we have the track...BUT...just be happy you have anything at all.
Good idea, here's my take! Feel free to fill the blanks :-)<br><br>Dream Of The Crash -- logos and Cooper's nightmare<br>Cornfield Chase -- drone chase through the field until abrupt stop before the sea/lake<br>Flying Drone -- Coop brings the drone to the ground<br>Dust -- Coop & Murphy's journey to NASA<br>Day One -- ?<br>Stay -- Most moving scene of the decade<br>Message From Home -- First video message from Dr Brand<br>The Wormhole -- Obvious<br>Atmospheric Entry -- Flight from Endurance to Miller's planet?<br>Mountains -- Giant wave<br>Afraid Of Time -- ?<br>A Place Among The Stars -- ?<br>Running Out -- ?<br>No Need To Come Back -- Dr Brand's lie?<br>I'm Going Home -- Coop knows about Dr Brand's lies and says he's getting back to Earth<br>Coward -- Expedition with Dr Mann + Murph's investigation on Earth<br>Imperfect Lock -- Dr Mann tries to dock on Endurance<br>No Time For Caution -- Freaking ridiculously amazing docking scene<br>Detach -- Black hole ride + Coop's sacrifice<br>S.T.A.Y. -- The Tesseract<br>What Happens Now? -- The Tesseract closes, Cooper's back in space<br>Where We're Going -- Ending: Coop wakes up, meets old Murph, goes find BrandThere is an order waaaay down the thread that seems to be pretty accurate.No high horse here, just saying that we should be grateful for what we have.Really, JDollars? People around the world don't have enough food an water, and you are paying for a movie ticket instead of sending $15 dollars to charity. You're paying the internet bill, you have a computer.<br><br>Go help those poor people instead of shitposting.Nobody said it was Hybrid's fault. Almost everybody was thankful to Hybrid for reaching Hans and telling him how disappointed we were.<br><br>The only critic against Hybrid was about the way he spoke to some people on this board. A lot of people got really upset for different reasons (Hybrid among them). But I can understand everyone of them, like, now I just got back home and am completely drunk and still writing on this board just because I'm a HZ junkie.<br><br>Anyway, yes I really think this demo sounds extremely bad and is definitely not of the high quality Hans usually produces. He puts so much care into how his music sound, that I still can't believe he sent that track to iTunes. But shit happens and life goes on! Amazing versions can be found everywhere on the net now, so this whole thing is going to calm down soon.
I get what you said pale. I agree. I'm thankful to hybrid a lot. He is moving mountains to get us a track.<br>But i must agree with ds as well. It´s not zimmer or hybrid problem at all but the master of the track is really really low. I have a great musician soundcard. It´s also a pre-amp for headphones. Normally with a well mastered track/album (just like interstellar is)i can go 3/5 of the sound level... With no Time for caution i have to go all the way up. I cańt listen to the track unless it´s very very quiet around me or incredibly lourd in my headphones. I cannot play the track when i'm outside. I don't have any problems with the track itself. I'm used to that remix/return/reorchestrate type of work and i have been telling people that you can't judge a score based on its album because it does not reflect the original score in the movie. I guess we will have a suite called docking suite, Mann suite or spinning suite or something that will last 20minutes and we will all be happy about it. And if we don't someone will come out with the entire score ripped from the movie itself. <br>*completely<br>*who's<br>*reeksThe release just isn't that bad, man. You guys make it sound like he laid the track down in his garage using a microphone and screaming the melodies into a trash can. That's the kind of vehemence that's being thrown around this board. <br><br>And frankly, if they had never released "Time" at all? It STILL wouldn't be HybridSoldier's fault - which is really my main point. <br><br>If this board was aflame with people ONLY saying "screw you, Zimmer!" I'd complete get it.<br><br>The part that has me absolutely baffled is the treating the moderator like someone he's in on some big conspiracy to **** all the fans over. <br><br>That's all I'm saying. Place the hate where it belongs, if at all.<br><br>Personally I'm pretty used to the disappointment that comes with not getting all the tracks you want off your favorite scores.<br><br>I just live with it until some talented soul rips it later down the road. <br><br>This all kinda wreaks of faux outrage to me. The way so many people tell it on here, you'd swear Zimmer personally wrote each and every board contributor here a personal "**** you" and dropped it in their inbox.<br><br>It's just music, guys...I love it as much as the rest of you, but we'll live. <br><br>That and I'm waiting on the rip anyway because the music that plays when they first show Coop the X-Rays of the wormhole isn't on any of the releases, haha.I hope @Ds, because the films from Neil has a special touch of heart. And we now Mr. Zimmer has a special touch composing this kind of music.It's a good score. <br>Listening some cues from Federico Jusid, and they are really amazing. And the fact is that Federico Jusid was rejected from 300 Sequel. So do you think the score would have been different from Junkie XL.<br>Harry's work, impressing as always, with the additional music.

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