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Please oh please oh please for the love of God make the sheet music for Women of Ireland available to the masses!!! <br>Thanks.Little HZ interview about a few things...i thought it was gonna be the 28thNow there is rumours, the score can be released in 23th September
hey guys i just found this soundtrack and i am in love with it, hans zimmer was sooooooooooooo cute in this filmWatched the movie again last night.....and Wow! I forgot how great the score was. It's ridiculous where we are now in terms of film music.....As people say: Where are the themes, where is the melody? Where is the emotion? At this point, scores like Remember the Titans are like an extinct species. <br><br>And it's not just me......I listen to interviews and podcasts where more and more people from the industry say the exact same thing: film music is just not the same. It's like filmmakers are afraid to use actual themes now. I really wonder what is the real reason for that. Is it because the younger generation likes music that's all over the place? Like that dubstep thing, or whatever the hell kids call it....Or it's all a deliberate thing coming from the composers world? Wish we knew the answer......Thanks for proving my point, Meta. Thank you. Just look at the comment he left, folks. It all speaks for itself. He simply can't contain himself. He always needs to cram something negative. Always. No exception.<br><br>I'm glad they didn't delete it. Let it stay here for all to see.<br><br>Oh, and by the way Meta, the way you tried to provoke me AGAIN, this time by trashing Bay, is just not working. Simply because Bay is so big and so successful with such a huge fanbase (fanbase, which includes dozens of other big-time directors as well) that I can just laugh at your attempts to trash and bash him. Also, I think I would agree with Steven Spielberg's opinion on Bay. You know, because he actually knows a thing or two about cinema.... Here's what Spielberg said over 10 years ago: "Michael (Bay) is one of the greatest action directors. He has the best eye in Hollywood." <br><br>I rest my case.Hybrid, the site isn't letting me see or play any of the music samples on scores, it it something only on my end?Schifrin and Mancini would be proud. Awesome fun work by Wallfisch.
Love Sugar Plum Raid!It's a great score! The Sugar PlumRaid is awesome. It's a great big band score! Loved it!This looks promising. Benjamin Wallfisch will probably do a good sad they didn´t release the whole score, Lorne did a great job on this one :/At 3 minutes into the film there is a great little cue for Qira and Han (when we first meet her). Is that anywhere on the soundtrack?
Well Lorne incorporated some of the song melodies into his score, so I guess that's why they're credited...Please bring this show to the United States. Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, or Houston would be great!Everything is as the director wants it... if its "awkward" silence, or old songs, or the new score... most of the times the director doesn't try to satisfy film score fans as his priority.It was a motif loosely related to Beckett which ended up getting repurposed for Barbossa in On Stranger Tides and here. To be fair the theme was used in conjunction with him during the Calypso cue. Judging by its placement throughout AWE I think it was meant to be a “betrayal” theme.Wait what did they use for barbossa in AWE?

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