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And what, pray tell, does him being Jewish have to do with anything?he is a jewish untalented netflix composer lol.I want to say that test screening version of Ghost in the Shell deleted one geisha character who was under orders of Cutter to follow the Major  and in the original third act, she fought Aramaki when he stormed into Cutter's Holo room after killing his guards. Aramaki survives and the scene continues as shown. Because of the poor reception of what I call "The Philosophical Cut", the geisha character was removed and there were quick reshoots of all of  the conversations between Cutter and Aramaki minus the geisha character involvement.The report about Romer leaving wasn't even confirmed, so I think it's just people wanting the expected to happen at this no heís not
Last week, the IMDb page said Joseph Trapanese is scoring it and next week some other composer will probably be listed there. Amazing that some people still think of IMDb as a reliable source for this kind of info.More Cannons!, 2:14 - Jack Sparrow theme from PotC?Ramin Djawadi will compose The EternalsWell, "No Time To Die" (Bond 25) is being scored by Dan Romer. So, No; he is not scoring it.This is Balfeís best music yet for sure and shows a side to his musical skills we donít get to hear much I think.<br>Itís been interesting reading posts about Balfe doing Bond.Has he confirmed yet if he is ?
Why would I ever do that ?<br><br><br>Tracklist is the real one... -_-New trailer for the Sonic movie.<br> there any chance of a concert in London?i mean, the page, would you update with the tracklist posted years ago?What.
Un artiste qui a une force mais d'une puissance ! Bravo depuis la France !@Hybrid would you update the complete score with the new tracklist? Thankswhat happened here?. Track 4 Bunker Bust and Track 14 River mission are the exact same track. The game itself has a couple of good themes that didn't make it onto the album.I am really sorry but WHY THERE IS NO CONCERT IN POLAND???Also where I think the "Spidey Theme" listed here is from, since what's on there is basically a slightly expanded "Spidey Logo - Flying" that doesn't quite fit in with length of the scene in the movie.

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 James McKee Smith
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  Mars Needs Moms (Additional Music)


  Fair Game (Additional Music)

  Green Zone (Additional Music)

  How To Train Your Dragon (Additional Music)

  Knight And Day (Additional Music)


  Ice Age - Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (Additional Music)


  Kung Fu Panda (Additional Music)

  Hancock (Additional Music)

  Bolt (Additional Music)

  Jumper (Additional Music)

  Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears A Who! (Additional Music)


  Shrek The Third (Additional Music)

  The Bourne Ultimatum (Additional Music)


  Happy Feet (Additional Music)

  Ice Age - The Meltdown (Additional Music)

  Flushed Away (Additional Music)

  X-Men - The Last Stand (Additional Music)


  The Chronicles Of Narnia - The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe (Additional Music)

  Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Additional Music)


  Shrek 2 (Additional Music)

  Team America - World Police (Additional Music)


  Paycheck (Additional Music)

  Pirates Of The Caribbean - The Curse Of The Black Pearl (Additional Music)

  Shrek-4-D (Additional Music)

  Stealing Sinatra (Additional Music)

  The Italian Job (Additional Music)

  Agent Cody Banks (Additional Music)


  Drumline (Additional Arrangements)

  The Bourne Identity (Additional Music)

  The Adventures Of Pluto Nash (Additional Music)

  D-Tox (Additional Music)


  Evolution (Additional Music)

  I Am Sam (Additional Music)

  Just Visiting (Additional Music)

  Rat Race (Additional Music)

  Shrek (Additional Music)

  Spy Kids (Additional Arrangements)


  Chicken Run (Additional Music)

  The Road To El Dorado (Additional Music)


  Chill Factor (Additional Music)© 2001-2018 OST 
James McKee Smith