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@Everan your cover is really nice, I like it!!Made this one myself, if anyone's interested.<br>https: // 44212313235No, just a rip from the film...DOA Dead Or Alive complete score is here on YouTube today!Harry and Harry on the same stage with Lorne was so cool.Wish they would perform more together.It made gaming cool I thought
For reals. I felt so bad for Rupert that this was all that was offered to represent his score. looks like someone hustled a quick redesign though of bad covers...I did and it was amazing.Lorne also had other composers from games on stage also.They all looked like they were having fun and Lorne did an amazing montage of the best games .Did anyone watch the games show last night ? Zimmer , Harry Gregson-Williams and Lorne Balfe all performing !!!!!!Grammy nomination!!
Saw the film few days ago. Score is one of the best things in the film. Indeed a mix of BvS en Mad Max, only more orchestral.  Can't wait to listen to it again.Main Title is probably 1M01. Hope it helps! =)I’m still looking for piano sheet music for this. Anybody have a suggestion?Not a bad score, if not particularly striking. Really seems to have slipped under the radar.I’m pleasantly surprised. The whole thing has a very “classic Hollywood” fantasy type feel to it, with Holkenborg’s usual percussion and strings overlaid. The mixing is still a bit too harsh and overproduced, but I’m loving what I hear so far. Here’s hoping the rest stays consistently strong...
On repeat listens, it sounds like if someone tossed Fury Road into a blender with Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries and Michael Giacchino's Medal of Honor scores. A surprisingly good combination, if you ask me.Didn't have enough music I think.Consider me pleasantly surprised....This sounds amazing. <br>https: // Didn’t nominated for any categories of golden globes. I so disappointed

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