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Kick It has to have been at least BASICALLY written by Hans first and then turned into a suite by Mr Balfe/arranged by him for the film later...because even in the making-of video with Zimmer that theme is used a lot...The Fischer theme by Lorne Balfe hit it outta the park for the safe opening scene. One of the most moving scenes of the film.Actually I think the official soundtrack was a really good representation of the music in the movie. This complete score is cool but doesn't bring much new material, except a few very nice little cues (like "KSI Chicago" for instance).Let's not troll on this!Is this not "Galvatron" rather than "Galvitron"? =D
So good! :)this is the only thing on the site<br><br>http :// screenings/<br><br>and it's not on the downloads url either<br><br>YOU LIEon which site and where? If it's true, it's not that difficult to post a link, come on...It's on the site!As a soundtrack, indeed. I admit there was a place for misunderstanding...
As a soundtrack, indeed. I admit there was a place for misunderstanding...FYC won't appear for this. Rights issues. Sorry guys.whaaaaaaat? :DYet I am one of those who believe TASM2 is a lot better than Interstellar...As much as I would love the FYC/Expanded/Complete/Sessions/Whatever you want to call it of this I think Zimmer's Interstellar score should get the Oscar and he or whoever will probably push for that one
was=were (I'm not english one, sorry)Copy Mountains, paste Mountains... Where was all you to complain about Inception? lolI'm pretty upset with the song. I was extremly happy that iTunes reached out to me notifiying me about it but what I don't like is that the songs volume sees to be much lower than the rest of the album. Also, the album name changed therefor I now have two albums in my iTunes collection. One with all but that one song and another with only that song in it. I'm assuming because they changed the name of the album.I'm inclined to agree with Hybrid<br>good question :D

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