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Booklet credits<br><br>Music by steve Jablonsky<br>Additional Music By Bryce Jacobs, Luke Richards & Christian Wibe<br>Orchestra Conducted By Alastair King<br>Music Supervisor By Margaret Yen & Peter Afterman<br><br>Nice new song from hans zimmer & the frontman imagine Dragons Dan Reynolds. I got a question just to know if hans zimmer will make a score for this documental hbo movie including the song with dan Reynolds?It means Sener, Mounsey, and Willis collaborated with Powell and wrote some composition for the score.<br><br>Mounsey for example, probably composed some of the percussion elements.Obviously, it's Milan.<br><br>Btw, the last track is a song by James N CommonsThanks for sharing. Btw, I like the fact that we will see a physical release as well (couple of weeks after July 13).
Tracklist<br><br>1. Hostage Part 1<br>  2. Will & Sarah<br>  3. Welcome To Heaven<br>  4. Botha<br>  5. The Crane<br>  6. Chopper Ambush<br>  7. Duct Tape<br>  8. Bridge Collapse<br>  9. Proper Motivation<br>  10. Out On A Ledge<br>  11. Georgia & Henry<br>  12. Reflections<br>  13. Hostage Part 2<br>  14. Reboot<br>  15. Lucky Man<br>  16. Skyscraper<br>  17. The Pearl<br>  18. WallsSorry about my ingnorance, but what means "Additional Music" (Batu Sener, Paul Mounsey, etc)?Conrad Pope orchestrated and conducted this in New Zealand so i hope this isnít Junkieís regular sound design, percussion and synth score.@Edmund Meinerts:<br><br>"Hope nobody is stupid enough to think Powell was to blame." This. Following that same logic, Disney should never have let Williams back after the prequel trilogy.Has anyone been able to source this amazing soundtrack on records? <br><br>Thanks,
He already did score a masterpiece in Mad Max Fury Road, although his music for that was no masterpiece. ;)Do you say "masterpiece" based on Peter Jackson's name, or based on the trailer? Because I'm really afraid for this movie, I love Jackson's films, but it just looks too dumb :-pBest chance Junkie XL will ever have to score a masterpiece. Hope he do one this right.According to Film Music Reporter Junkie will score Mortal Engines. <br><br>http: // engines-movie-adaptation/There wasn't really any hype for the movie, it didn't seem like people were all that interested in a Han Solo origin story. Plus it's only been half a year since Last Jedi came out and broke the internet. Unlike Marvel, Star Wars doesn't seem immune to franchise fatigue.<br><br>A shame. Hope nobody is stupid enough to think Powell was to blame.
Hi guys. Dose anybody know why solo faild in box office ?Search for "filmtracks".Sorry, just found it.Tried that, couldn't find an author named Clemmensen who reviewed it. (I don't know where to look I haven't seen this guy's reviews before).Should be easy to find with google...

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