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I liked Fallout but Rogue Nation is where it's at. I wish Kraemer could return :/@ Jason Stairs & Rooftops was a standard track not a bonus<br><br>@ Peter cruise wanted a different composer and director for every film so they all have a different feel. McQuarrie made history there as the first filmmaker to do 2 M:I filmsStairs and rooftops is a fantastic track.Does anyone know why Kraemer wasnít used?<br>I was at Admiralspalast on Sunday evening and I completely agree with what you wrote!Guys... he-he's not getting it...
was that segment in any of the bounus tracks? from LALA LAnd.I honestly love stairs and rooftops that track I could listen to that segment from about 3:25-4:20 over and over again. so I hope balfe does it againRogue Nation was a great soundtrack but Fallout has to be one of the best action scores since The Dark Knight.I hope they keep Balfe on for the next 2 films@Edmund Not at all! I think Kraemerís score honestly is one of the best in the series, especially with the way he approached the material. On the same token though, I am also a massive fan of what Balfe did. A different approach for sure, but it still helped elevate the film much in the way Fury Roadís score did for that film. <br><br>Personally though, I feel like bringing a new composer on board to give a different take would be the most ideal, but thatís just me.From the way the director and editor talks about Balfe and his music On the DVD I doubt they would ever  get Kraemer back.Even Cruise has said itís the best Mission soundtrack they have ever had .<br><br>The score to Fallout makes the film which the last time I felt this was Dunkirk.
I'm hoping for the return of Kraemer but that's sure to be an unpopular opinion around hereGoldenthal would be ideal - absolutely, but is there anything in Villeneuve's ouvre to merit such a grandiose score? If Balfe gets his dirty mittens on this, it will sound like any-other-thing. At the same time. Junkie's Mortal Engines is a huge orchestral fantasy score, precisely the kind that this film may deem old fashioned (I dare compare Junk XL to Krull with this score - they are as good!). It will probably just be Andrew Kaczxynski (under the Hans Zimmer label) farting into a tube and Barfe blasting out the same old string figure, but now, IMPORTANTLY, with Moroccan bowls (as his silly percussion for MI: Fallout seemed to be so impressive as it used bongo drums - JUST LIKE SCHIFRIN!! Yeah).r/whooshFor sure!! Omg I honestly can't wait for this one, we where gonna get 2 songs for httyd 2 featuring Jonsi, but they stuck with "Flying with Mother" instead. I really would have liked to see Jonsi put lyrics to "romantic flight" for a hiccup and astrid wedding scene. Make it peaceful and sad :'( <br>Love these movies so much. I feel like watching them and listening to their scores brings back the 11 year old in me, obsessed with orchestra and dragons. A total nerd. I miss those days where everything was filled with magic, and John Powell's scores were at the center of it all <3Mission Impossible 7 AND 8 has just been announced. <br><br>Balfes score for Fallout was the best of the series .Not sure how he beats thatís score
LLL never does digital releases of older film scores. Only new ones like mission impossible 5 and 6Actually, Transformers and The Island were both directed by Michael Bay.Will there be a digital release?LLL ... really??? OMG my birthday month! :OLooking forward to hearing this one. Looks like this is the first score since Divergent not to use his over-harsh "Mad Max" mixing that he's been using on all his scores from 300 to present.

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