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Was this score recorded with a real orchestra? Sometimes it sounds like it comes straight from a computer. Like Your Majesty for example. Lorne uploaded 2 unreleased tracks btw.And Hans say nothing about the score :D The Complete Score...i don't think so...the FYC Score is the standard Score...maybe in 2-3 years...fmlhope we get the complete score soon..It's just adding salt to the wound watching this featuresCool music and originalStrange Balfe is not mentioned ?
From the bonus features, Turning Up the Tension is indeed about Hans' score. Very interesting, definitely watch it if you can!Beautiful music and very powerful I have been listening to the soundtrack constantlyHope this show never ends. Balfe and Gregson-Williams score fits in perfectlyHello,I'm a Chinese,there is a problem coufusing me,could I define a piece of music originally composed for a movie as BGM?Looking forward to your reply or other guys.thanksPersonally, I am loving it!
I think itís better than Desplat . BUT it doesnít matter.its whatís best for the show not who the better composer is !Crown score is fantastic and emotional . And perfect to imagesFirst, the "that's just your opinion" statement has no merit whatsoever. It's nothing but dismissive and disrespectful.<br><br>Second, maybe I should have specified. I don't think Desplat/Howard should have worked on this, I just think they've had scores that have done this style of score better (string focused, European sounding scores). <br><br>I am aware they are not TV composers. (Besides maybe Series of Unfortunate Events).Congratulations to Hans, Ben and Lorne.excellent musichope it wins the golden globe nomination as well.Howard and Desplat are A list composers anyway.
On its own merits, the score may not be particularly interesting. HOWEVER, I think it works perfectly within the series. I definitely wouldn't want Newton Howard or Desplat a part of this.okay there is a making of out there :-) <br>(youtube making of dunkirk)YEES!!! And Best Director :-)The score is nominated for a Golden Globe! <br>Other nominations: Best Picture and Best Director.I know this from IMDB's trivia about M.O.S. Before I knew this, I was always thinking it was some tribal dude lol

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