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But the noise :(((Despite the static issues, "Quantifiable Connection" is truly one of my favorite tracks that Hans have composed.  I love I was trolling and it turned out to be a successI found it and have just finished listening to it. Its magnificent!Anyone got any links for this, I also can not find on google or youtube
F A I L !I guess not.  Hey now we can all be Hans if we want to be.So this ID is not a reserved one?Horrible Hans, keep trying.The version you have is the same as mine. It's the isolated scorre, while these are the sessions.
I heard you guys wanted organs with your docking track? There you go:<br>Hello to LA from Germany! I LOVE Hans Zimmers music-my favorite is Inception which I listen to on all my long car rides to all the different theaters I work-just incredibly awsome! I got tickets for a concert in Berlin April 2015 with his music. Will Mr. Zimmer be there as well?<br>I wish I could meet and greet!<br>Best, Stephan<br>The complete calls it something else <br>'We are the Future'It can be listened to on Youtube... :PI have also tried to find this FYC people talking about, I have googled but with no success<br>Where can this be found to listen to
Hum I did not know that...I just remember the cue playing when she finds out and sends a video message and then it switches to the screen that no one is watching in space.<br>it's not on the complete right? another track to add then!<br>where does it go exactly?They do<br>One plays when Murph asks 'the question' on earth<br>The other plays when the message is related to the people on the Ice planetI really like the "Our World" cue from the FYC promo. Sounds almost heavenly.Is the track a place among the stars an alternate of no need to come back? <br>I think it might be as they don't both appear in the movie....the ending is shorter, almost like it was cut short<br>the strings are a bit louder too yeah

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  2006, May 28
New Project For Hans ZIMMER & Klaus BADELT

According to the Gibraltar Films production, Hans ZIMMER would work on the next Werner Herzog's film : Rescue Dawn. Composer Richard Harvey will collaborate to the score and is using classical Asian musical instruments for the soundtrack.

Klaus BADELT would score for Heaven & Earth, the remarkable true story of the first woman doctor, who masqueraded as a man to pursue her career.

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Now I know who the biarny one is, I’ll keep looking for your posts.© 2001-2014 OST