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The whole movie needs to be completed within only 2 months, that is why it has 3 directors, 2 composers and loads of other people dealing with their own parts.Yeah no I don't have translated titles.<br><br>There's also a song out, roughly translated "Heroes Anthem" or "Ode to Heroes", by Tan Weiwei which Andrew did Synth arrangments on.<br><br>And there's also a second score album containing Roc Chen's score (movie apparently has a shitload of directors (lol) and had 2 composers).<br><br><br>China is very complicated as usual !! lolI don't speak Chinese. But I google translated it.<br><br>Overture (with lines) (2:35) <br>King Kong River (3:55) <br>Operator (1:38) <br>Crossing the Bridge (1:08) <br>B29 Incendiary (2:24) <br>Attacking Again (3:26) <br>God of Death (5) :22) <br>Brotherhood (2:13) <br>To die (2:51) <br>The gunner is in place (6:24) <br>Ignite (2:49) <br>To sacrifice life (2:07) <br>Miracle (2:51) <br>Overture (No lines version) ( 2:37)What are Andrew's actual track titles for this? I'd rather have English titles that I can understand and fit with my library.Unfortunately there is no plan to have that one out internationally... :/
Fire in Paradise (2019) is one of the most scary and disturbing documentary I have ever seen.<br><br>Can't wait to see this one and how life and hope prevail upon disaster.<br><br><br>20 years ago this month, already !<br><br>What a journey is has been since that memorable night.<br><br>Cheers.<br>WE NEED HANS & CHRIS BACK TOGETHER!<br>Iím afraid that Ludwig would be replacing Hans for good, nothing against Ludwig, but Hans is irreplaceable.Next week if everything goes as planned ! lolWhen?! That is amazing!
Coming soon<br><br>https:/ / jpg&name=mediumI'm checking with Andrew the availability of this.Track list: <br>1. &#24207;&#26354; (&#24102;&#21488;&#35789;&#29256;) (02:35)<br>2. &#25509;&#32447;&#21592; (01:38)<br>3. &#37329;&#21018;&#24029; (03:55)<br>4. &#36807;&#26725; (01:08)<br>5. B29&#29123;&#28903;&#24377; (02:24)<br>6. &#20877;&#27425;&#34989;&#20987; (03:26)<br>7. &#20007;&#38376;&#31070; (05:22)<br>8. &#20804;&#24351;&#24773; (02:13)<br>9. &#36212;&#27515; (02:51)<br>10. &#28846;&#25163;&#23601;&#20301; (06:24)<br>11. &#28857;&#28779; (02:49)<br>12. &#33293;&#29983;&#21462;&#20041; (02:07)<br>13. &#22855;&#36857; (02:51)<br>14. &#24207;&#26354; (&#26080;&#21488;&#35789;&#29256;) (02:37)<br>No English translation version for now.<br>I guess it's only avaliable in China, for now at least. The movie was released yesterday.Were exactly?
Andrew Kawczynski's The Sacrifice soundtrack has released in China.Please, please do a U.S. tour!Will the SpongeBob Movie - Sponge On The Run get a release?This sounds wonderful:<br><br>"Super Extra Deluxe End Credits Suite."I really hooe it will come out at the beginning of november and not the end!

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  2020, September 12  updated by Hybrid Soldier

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Question for Hybrid reply Replies: 6 || 2020-09-16 16:52:51
Hybrid, do you pretty much exclusively listen to RCP film scores, or do you have other composers you listen to... if so, who? Just curious!

Mephariel2020-09-16 17:11:40
His favorite score is Justice League from Danny Elfman so he listens to other composers. ;)

johny5552020-09-16 17:44:14
okay, lets be honest, who doesnt love JLīs score from Elfman?

Hybrid Soldier2020-09-16 18:48:23
Craig Armstrong, JNH, Horner, Poledouris, a good chunk of Williams (who doesn't ?), and Elfman obviously even if I haven't heard anything interesting from him since Alice in Wonderlands 10 years ago...

JL, I don't care much about the music itself, it's nothing particularly bad nor good either. It's just, they stole my toy, and now they're getting full force Karma for this sacrilege ! :D

MrZimmerFan2020-09-16 18:49:57
Even The Wolfman, Hybrid?

That's such a great score.

Hybrid Soldier2020-09-16 18:53:17
Actually Wolfman is good, I just haven't seen that film since I saw the director's cut like 9 years ago. I really loved Wanted too...

But stuff like Doolittle, in cinema I was like "?? Danny ???" (ok, the film didn't help lol).

MrZimmerFan2020-09-16 18:55:49
Wanted, such underrated action score

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 7 || 2020-09-12 10:28:06
Happy birthday Hans !

With a fun surprise !! :)

Anonymous2020-09-12 12:17:25
Beautiful, happy birthday Hans ,:)

mpolonest123 2020-09-12 14:22:00
LOL thatís amazing!

Happy Bday Hans! :D

MrZimmerFan2020-09-12 16:27:20
Happy Birthday, Hans&#161;

Patrak2020-09-12 20:09:33
feat. Hans Zimmer... for REAL !

Well done, really well done, and Happy Birthday Florian :-)

isildur2020-09-12 21:02:06
WOW!! Hybrid! This is so cute and awesome. Happy birthday Hans!

Hybrid Soldier2020-09-12 21:44:35
It was very cool of Hans to accept and record his voice for it ! :D

Especially in Covid time all locked up home...

NotaPix2020-09-14 20:31:55
Happy time for the future, Mr Hans Zimmer, and happy completion this year.
Too many people like to watch a movie with their eyes and forget their ears. the image impresses and amazes, but the sound soothes and cradles in silence... is wrapped around the light.
happy continuation :)© 2001-2018 OST