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Itís funny how from 2015 until now weíve went from things like Mad Max, Deadpool, and Tomb Raider to this, Sonic, Alita, and Mortal Engines. Definitely a big change for the better as a composer.Pretty enjoyable score, that's for sure (and another reminder for Tom's haters, why is good), and interesting mix of styles and orchestrations (and conducted by Conrad Pope).I really hope Junkie takes on more animated/kids films in the future similar to how Zimmer, Balfe, Powell, Mancina, and HGW did.  There's a  playful liveliness there that RCP really knows how to bring out when they actually give it a shot.<br><br>It's still a shame Jablonsky and Badelt never went down that road any further.<br><br>Nostalgia has its place but when it turns into stupidity it gets annoying. Vinyl only release, c'mon!... I was so happy when CDs replaced vinyls and now we should be glad that that dated and impractical technology comes back? It's a NO for me!Hybrid, is there any chance we can get some infos and credits for the cues? That would be outstanding. Thanks!
Good lord it's like he was exploding with energy and ideas after the touring gigsMore Hans !! :)If you enjoyed Sonic then youíll probably enjoy this, even though it is far more hyperactive. The score is such a crazy mashup of Carl Stalling/epic orchestral/60ís funk/industrial trap beats/electronic/etc.<br><br>I have to say, while the themes arenít particularly memorable, the last 5 cues or so feature some great choral writing with good use of some ethnic wind instruments (Duduk?)...I have a question about a song from this documentary that is not on the soundtrack. Could anyone please tell me the track at approximately 47:35? Thunder is cracking, Pantani begins his attack on the Galibier, and Matt Rendell is there with eloquent narration. I got so swept up in the score at this point that I spent over an hour rewinding and Shazaming and looking up all of Balfe, Aruj, and Dworetsky's music I cound fine. Any help would be much appreciated!<br><br>Thaks,<br>SamThey all sound the same. Bland.
So what do you think about the westworld competition and what is your most favorite entry?In sound quality (regardless of what certain peope might say about how great LPs sound; it's an analog format) the bootleg already trumps it I guess...I have the same question as wellIt could be possible, but there would be too many seconds of overlap between some of these tracks for that to be a possibility in this specific case. I really hope they haven't cut down the tracks to fit on vinyl, otherwise the bootleg will trump it in terms of content.Maybe the different time lengths is due to tracks slightly overlapping each other (as in many HZ soundtrack releases)?
Comparing the track times listed here, it seems (at first glance) that many of the tracks are edited down from the complete cues as heard on the bootleg. Could the listed track times be simply incorrect, or have edits been made to make the score fit onto four sides? I guess we can find out when the record ships in July.<br><br>Additionally, for those without a record player it sucks that a CD release was not possible for La-La Land. Whatever the reasons are for that, it's a bizarre situation that one independent label can release the same material on vinyl but another cannot on CD. Quite perplexing...@Hybrid, will you make the Scoob Page?Perhaps "The Cistern (Alternate)" is the album version. The music I heard in the film is not 100% the same with the track I heard in the OST.Dang I cant wait to hear the Alternate 'Cistern' cueVinyl only...How dumb can you get

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  2014, July 03  updated by Antas
Hans Zimmer Revealed Concert Series Starts in London This October

The great Hans is launching a concert series. A press release has officially announced that "Grammy, Golden Globe and Academy Award-winning" composer Hans Zimmer will kick off a concert series called Hans Zimmer Revealed in London this October, for two nights at the Eventim Hammersmith Apollo. Its a new trend to see more and more composers play concert series, with the likes of Clint Mansell, John Williams and Michael Giacchino performing sold out shows already. Next up is the one-and-only German composer Hans Zimmer, coming off of Winter's Tale and Amazing Spider-Man 2, not to mention Interstellar up next.

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peacanpr reply Replies: 1 || 2014-07-03 21:35:30
please come to Western NY or the Eastern Region... I love your stuff!...

Cici2015-01-04 02:49:34
Please come to Toronto! If it's in Montreal, we'll come too!

ei18 reply Replies: 2 || 2014-07-03 20:22:15
Any US dates coming?

Zimson2014-07-03 20:58:01
I've only read that there would be a concert in Montreal in late 2015, but since it's called a series there's more to come for sure.

certzman2014-11-14 22:30:25
I am a huge fan of his work in Pearl Harbor, especially Tennessee. Its one of my favorites.

Huge |Hans Fan reply Replies: 0 || 2014-10-16 17:18:53
Having had one of the best nights of my life at the Hans Zimmer Revealed in London on Friday, I really want to know if the date of 15th August in Montreal is going ahead. We were planning a trip to USA next year, but will change that to Canada, if this concert goes ahead. When will it be confirmed?

Shaun reply Replies: 2 || 2014-07-10 19:41:13
It may seem a silly question but is it confirmed anywhere whether this is 2 separate concerts over 2 nights? Would I need to get tickets to both nights in order to hear everything?

Hybrid Soldier2014-07-10 19:46:11
It's one show performed twice...

Shaun2014-07-11 14:01:38
That's great, thanks for the reply Hybrid! Have been a huge fan of Zimmers pretty much all my life. First score heard was Backdraft, growing up watching films like Batman and Superman me and my brother always thought it would be amazing if Zimmer scored for these heroes and he did, now hes playing live and I get the privilege of seeing him play some of his fantastic music. Absolutely amazing! Part of me wishes it was over 2 nights to cram even more of his amazing music into it.

0-cool reply Replies: 1 || 2014-07-09 21:17:22
is HZ already finished with Interstellar?

There are rumblings about a wrap-up party, VFX guys being finished, screenings and early festival attachment.

Hybrid Soldier2014-07-09 21:49:29
It's not recorded yet...

Ds reply Replies: 10 || 2014-07-05 23:48:38
Do you think Hans is going to include something from King Arthur?

I don't know if he is aware of the fact that it is one of his very best scores, and since the movie's got a pretty bad reputation, I fear he's gonna forget about this one...

Zimson2014-07-06 09:12:39
I think he only will include the popular ones. The classics Gladiator, Lion King, PotC and his more recent ones, TDK trilogy, Inception, MoS and TASM 2. There will also be a focus on the electronics for sure, so we'll likely get to hear more of the latter ones.

Ds2014-07-06 12:08:41
I tried to make a list of the scores we will most probably hear (the most popular ones, and the ones Hans seems really proud of, judging by the interviews and the information kindly provided by Hybrid Soldier on these boards):

Almost sure:
- Driving Miss Daisy
- Thelma & Louise
- True Romance
- The Lion King
- Crimson Tide
- The Thin Red Line
- Gladiator
- Hannibal
- Inception
- Pirates of the Caribbean
- Sherlock Holmes
- Man of Steel
- Rush
- The Amazing Spider-Man 2
- Interstellar

Would be awesome, but less so sure:
- King Arthur
- The Last Samurai
- Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron
- Da Vinci Code/Angels & Demons
- MI2
- The Rock
- Pearl Harbor

What do you think?

trent easton navarro2014-07-06 12:49:57
@Ds I was the 2000 Ghent concert and quite a few of those you listed he played that evening (the ones written before 2000 of course :P)

Will not all the performances were very good (Crimson Tide was way too slow for instance), it was a great night! Loved the live version of Thelma @ Louise

bro2014-07-07 10:21:36
How about a fucking show in the fucking states. God

maharishifatso2014-07-07 15:27:24
Am I alone in hoping that something from the Black Rain score is played? Looks like it!

Zimson2014-07-07 20:48:39
My wishlist:
Barbarian Horde (Gladiator)
To Die For (Lion King) with scene would be awesome
Like A Dog Chasing Cars (TDK)
You Die Or I Do (Man of Steel)
The End? (Sherlock Holmes 2)
I Never Woke Up In Handcuffs Before (Sherlock Holmes)
The Might of Rome (Gladiator)
Am I Not Merciful? (Gladiator)
Fighting 17th (Backdraft)
Stone In My Heart (Thin Red Line)
Red Warrior (Last Samurai)
Fructus Gravis (Da Vinci Code)
Hunger (Black Hawk Down)
Red Sea (Prince of Egypt)
Imagine The Fire (TDKR)
Time (Inception)
Drink Up Me Hearties Yo Ho (Potc 3)
Sum Total (TASM 2)
Lost But Won (Rush)
The Reprimand (Prince of Egypt)
Panda Po (Kung Fu Panda) although this may be a Powell one
Woad To Ruin (King Arthur)
The Well (The Ring)

Ds2014-07-08 00:52:38
Nice list, so I guess "Chevalier de Sangreal" isn't your favorite track from Da Vinci Code? I thought it was everyone's favorite :p

NM2014-07-08 07:19:34
"Chevalier de Sangreal" sounds kind of dated now. But The Da Vinci code has a lot of interesting themes and music in it and could probably translate to a 'standard' orchestra neatly.

Brent2014-07-08 09:18:04
Here are my faves/wishlist. I know it's overly long and probably wouldn't ever happen in its entirety (that would be a multi-day event!). Wish he was coming to the states, though (maybe in the future).

- "Interstellar Suite" (wishful thinking)
- "I Choose You / We're Best Friends / Still Crazy" (TASM2)
- "Home" (The Lone Ranger)
- "Terraforming" (Man of Steel)
- "Lost But Won" (Rush)
- "Faith" (The Bible)
- "Solomon" (12 Years a Slave)
- "No Stone Unturned" (TDKR)
- "Mermaids" (POTC: On Stranger Tides)
- "The Red Book" (Sherlock Holmes: AGOS)
- "Po and Shen" (Kung Fu Panda 2)
- "Rango Suite" (Rango)
- "Dream is Collapsing / Mombasa / Time" (Inception)
- "Honor" (The Pacific)
- "Discombobulate" (Sherlock Holmes)
- "160 BPM" (Angels & Demons)
- "Watergate" (Frost/Nixon)
- "Introduce a Little Anarchy" (TDK)
- "Oogway Ascends" (Kung Fu Panda)
- "Doomsday is Family Time" (The Simpsons Movie)
- "Hoist the Colours / Up is Down / One Day" (POTC: At World's End)
- "Maestro" (The Holiday)
- "Jack Sparrow" (POTC: Dead Man's Chest)
- "Chevaliers de Sangreal" (The Da Vinci Code)
- "Eptesicus" (Batman Begins)
- "Madagascar Suite" (Madagascar 1-3)
- "Thunderbirds Are Go!" (Thunderbirds)
- "Woad to Ruin" (King Arthur)
- "A Way of Life" (The Last Samurai)
- "He's a Pirate" (POTC: Curse of the Black Pearl)
- "Mia's Lullaby" (Tears of the Sun)
- "Ring Suite" (The Ring & The Ring 2)
- "Homeland" (Spirit: SOTC)
- "Leave No Man Behind" (Black Hawk Down)
- "December 7th" (Pearl Harbor)
- "Dear Clarice" (Hannibal)
- "Injection" (Mission: Impossible II)
- "Now We Are Free / Battle Suite" (Gladiator)
- "The Village" (The Thin Red Line)
- "Red Sea" (The Prince of Egypt)
- "Suite" (The Rock)
- "To Die For / This Land" (The Lion King)
- "Theme" (Thelma & Louise)
- "Roll Tide" (Crimson Tide)
- "You're So Cool" (True Romance)
- "Fighting 17th" (Backdraft)
- "End Title" (Driving Miss Daisy)

Zimson2014-07-08 13:54:53
Chevaliers De Sangreal is certainly a great piece of music but it was actually never one of my favorite tracks by Hans. However, it wouldn't really fit into the playlist due to the similarity to "Time" which I'd use for the great finale. There can be only one finale and that's also why I think Hans will not even include Chevaliers in the concert.

Zimson reply Replies: 6 || 2014-07-03 12:54:02
Omg! Where can I get the tickets?

Hybrid Soldier2014-07-03 13:50:29

I got mine for Saturday 11 !

Zimson2014-07-03 14:39:15
Me too. :) The best seats are already given away. I'm so happy that I got it now. :D

Ds2014-07-04 01:39:38
Holy shit, it's not cheap... but come on, it's Hans Zimmer!!! Bought it for Saturday, too, can't wait!

Zimson2014-07-04 09:14:27
Lol, we could meet up. ;D

maharishifatso@hotmail.com2014-07-07 15:30:46
I'm one of the broke guys who got a standing ticket, for Saturday. Will be worth it to see the man in person, even from a distance! I'm over 6ft so less of a problem for me to get a view than my gf, who's tiny :|

Zimson2014-07-07 20:26:12
She could sit on your shoulders :D

DeePoo reply Replies: 0 || 2014-07-03 21:18:52
Hope they come to The Netherlands too :)© 2001-2018 OST 
Hans Zimmer Revealed Concert Series Starts in London This October