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Oh shit... it looks like a huge epic movie, the kind of which deserves a great, memorable and moving score. Ridley needs to re-team up with Hans!It's a nice score, good moments.<br><br>But it's not a GREAT score in any way... :/Have you heard all of it, Hybrid ? My main fear for this one is a lack of unity between Iglesias' (and Jusid's) cues and Gregson-Williams' ones, as I understood they didn't work together...The Interstellar score hit me in a way no other film music has in a long time. Thank you for that, and please find some way to put it out on vinyl. Something about it makes me think that's the perfect way to capture all the density in the songs. The organs would really come to life.Sounds great. I hope the whole score has choir like this :)
Yeah, kinda wait for that one. If John Powell doesn't confirm soon, he'll never do.they have said it on the product page for it<br><br>htt p:// -soundtrackthe illuminated star projection edition which is 28 tracks, 2+ hours of music is released December 28thAfter watching the movie again today, I really need the "Eureka" cue, actually the entire end is amazing, I just want the complete score lol But yes, the whole Eureka part with the piano is just a+mazing!!Details & extract... :)
How strange information on account release date<br>because today downloaded 23 tracks. And if the OST will be released only on December 18 that then posted a net additional 16 of November?I believe it's a suite not in the Soundtracks, but not sure. Might be in hte Ilminuated edition though, who knows.Awsome movie and score (y) btw. knows anybody what its used in end credits? :)Also the only score I am realy hyped for now is the hobbit. I haven't heard it yet (only samples) but this will probably end up as my score of the year.No it wont. In a month the uber deluxe special edition will come out and will feature all the tracks people don't want ;)
Hybrid, did you ask Hans what the second CD is to consist of? Not a tracklist, just what missing cues/parts of the film we might be getting in general.How do you know it's gonna be released December 18th?I'm really looking forward to score #3. It'll be really impressive if that score can top Kung Fu Panda 2.Give it a month or so and the Interstellar stuff will fade... ;)USA for now... they are working on getting it released in other countries I believe

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  2006, May 28
New Project For Hans ZIMMER & Klaus BADELT

According to the Gibraltar Films production, Hans ZIMMER would work on the next Werner Herzog's film : Rescue Dawn. Composer Richard Harvey will collaborate to the score and is using classical Asian musical instruments for the soundtrack.

Klaus BADELT would score for Heaven & Earth, the remarkable true story of the first woman doctor, who masqueraded as a man to pursue her career.

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