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It sucks. <br><br>If I were in charge of this website I'd have professionally made covers put up. This one is shoddyhow far into BvS is hans at the moment?Does First Step (aka the teaser cue) play as-such in the film, or is it essentially a "bonus" for the album?Have now found this version thanks for the info, but now so confused with all these different versions, different track names also not knowing if the uk is going to get the illuminated special edition<br>what an absolute mess, <br>I just wanna have the music from the film, what do I go with this version released or the tracks released on iTunes, i just want the best version which best represents the film ( sorry if stupid question I don't know much about this just want some advice)Edmund, I'm sorry, I know you love John Powell, but I would not want him doing Star Wars (I wouldn't want James Horner doing it either: Michael Giacchino would be my definitive first pick, and if he were to absolutely refuse, I'd be happy to let Silvestri give it a shot. But I think as far as possible they should choose someone who's compositional style is, or is able to be, very close to Williams).
finally putting that fan cover to good use! It's awesome!@ Coop<br><br>"no static here"... yeah, but where?Also, I'm kind of surprised "Transformium" isn't Trapanese. That cue sounds straight out of Tron or Oblivion.Well from his website, and a bunch of Jab ones, but not much detailed yet... Should appear wider at BMI soon... I know Fleming, Trapanese & Shea at least are getting some royalties... Which is quite rare with Jab scores lol...It took me forever to find the links, because I also had no idea what everyone was talking about.  Search "Interstellar Quantifiable Connection" in google.  Go to the link on the Nolanfans website (the thread is called Interstellar's Soundtrack).  Page 139 has some posts with links.
So...really the only credits here are the Joseph Trapanese ones. ;)Hans just co-wrote the song... I only credit him when it's used somehow...Zimmer was in on this one again, huh. I shouldn't even be surprised. :p<br><br>Also, the Imagine Dragons credits...were they really involved with those cues compositionally? Beyond just providing vocals?I don't think Howard Shore could pull off Star Wars any better than Hans could (the awkward bleedthrough from LotR into Revenge of the Sith attests to that).<br><br>Once the torch is passed from Williams, it has to be someone who can carry on with that fast, fun, brassy, insanely complicated, thematically-driven, ORCHESTRAL action style. The closest Shore has ever gotten to Williams' pace is "The Forest River" from Desolation of Smaug, otherwise I feel like he's too heavy and ponderous. Works great in Middle-earth, wouldn't work at all a long long time ago in a galaxy far away.<br><br>Of the others, Giacchino's the most obvious (and realistic) pick. Horner might work, but only if he goes back to his Krull/Willow/Wrath of Khan roots, which seems doubtful these days. Silvestri, yeah, I could see that working. To name some more obscure guys, Joel McNeely or Bruce Broughton would be fantastic. Even more obscure - Robert Folk or Frederic Talgorn. Holy crap, JOHN POWELL!! :O<br><br>There's no shortage of good options (even if some of them are pipe dreams) - but Zimmer would NOT be one of them.Here it is...<br><br>And before any stupid yells "but ? but ? but ?" I simply use all the material I can, in this case FYC & OSTs...
Sorry, but Hans Zimmer won't be able to take on Star Wars any time soon (risking lynching by saying that, but as a big-time John Williams fan I must say it). That belongs to John Williams, and if he passes before the new trilogy is finished, I can see Michael Giacchino, James Horner, Alan Silvestri, maybe Howard Shore doing it. I don't think Zimmer's current style could work in Star Wars, especially given his heavy usage of synth instruments.And no static here... Very good Q!! Love this score.its there on the net! i've got it within 2 mins and listend to it: B E A Utifulllllll!!LolHans Zimmer + Star Wars<br><br>DOES<br>NOT<br>COMPUTE

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  2006, May 28
New Project For Hans ZIMMER & Klaus BADELT

According to the Gibraltar Films production, Hans ZIMMER would work on the next Werner Herzog's film : Rescue Dawn. Composer Richard Harvey will collaborate to the score and is using classical Asian musical instruments for the soundtrack.

Klaus BADELT would score for Heaven & Earth, the remarkable true story of the first woman doctor, who masqueraded as a man to pursue her career.

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