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Don't want to be a downer but, really, let's all hope things won't blow to s*** like they did with Alien: Covenant or some other annoyance.Harry gregson williams will compose mulan ??!!!!! Come on this is blowing my mind. I truly hope for hans zimmer or other great composer like desplat or silvestri. I wanted hans to score a master piece like last samurai. But no offense to harry. He is good and more than good but disney live action like mulan really wanted something special that i think the right guy is hans !Hans will cowrite the score together with Faltermeyer... :) ;)It's meHello?
Great news! Can't wait to see the concert online or Blu-Ray.Cool that you met Hans! As for Hans doing Top Gun 2, well there's some pleasantly surprising news!Yes!Hollywood in Vienna: Hans Zimmer was amazing! One of the best concerts Ive ever been to! I ended up meeting the man himself after the concert! Amazing programme!<br><br>Btw Tom cruise said (in a recorded message that was shown at the concert) that hed be working on Top Gun 2 with Hans! Pretty cool news!Really a fun and nice score from Dom.
Any confirmation about Zimmer and Balfe working on the score? Or they just did the trailer music?good musicIn Itunes.<br><br>https:// /goosebumps-2-haunted-halloween-original-motion-picture/1439 328170Because they each only wrote one theme and they weren't used in this movie.  Almost all of the original themes were Hans' anyway, and those were used, so he's credited.Surely there's more original Pirates of the Caribbean themes than just Hans Zimmer, no?! Klaus Badelt and Blake Neely are credited in the others so why aren't they here???
the likes of which well never hear outside of the film. our only hope is if someone gets the fyc album and shares itIt was also nominated for interstellar and the film had not yet been shown ... the most important thing is that there can be great music in this movieBeen watching it on the BBC and Balfes score is breathtakingI don't think you want the general public nominating film scores.FYC albums is the thing studios use for these kind of nominations.

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  2015, September 19  updated by Antas
Jean-Michel Jarre - A Journey Into Sound

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Ehsan reply Replies: 3 || 2015-09-19 22:48:09
Hans Zimmer want work with Jean-Michel Jarre?
please explain about this.

Hybrid Soldier2015-09-19 23:22:25
Hans participated on Jarre's upcoming album, co-writing a piece with him !

Patrick2015-09-24 13:58:09
Jarre is currently publishing 2 albums "Electronica" with collaborations between him and electronic musicians masters over the last 3 decades, e. g. Air, Massive Attack, Moby, M83 etc.
The first album will be published in october 2015, the 2nd one with a piece of Hans Zimmer and him in april 2016

Patrick2015-09-28 13:23:26
The full movie with HZ, JMJ and others (Moby, Air etc) can been legally watched here (until mid of october):

french: ht tp:/ / _VF-STF_01967540_MP4-2200_AMM-Tvguide.mp4

german: ht tp:/ / _VA-STA_01967525_MP4-2200_AMM-Tvguide.mp4

Leo reply Replies: 1 || 2015-09-20 21:06:47
Unrelated to the post, but Freeheld is indeed getting a release :P
I can't post here but the samples are already at Amazon.

Anonymous2015-09-21 00:00:19
Sigh, yet another I'm-weird-because-I'm-gay-and-can't-understand-why-everyone- doesn't-love-me movie. I hope at least the music is good. 2001-2018 OST 
Jean-Michel Jarre - A Journey Into Sound