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Is the soundtrack released on CD, or it's only digital ?by that logic he would’ve done blade runner 2049. He’s retiredMakes you wonder why they didn't get Vangelis himself.Naw man this is the right page lolWrong page?
Rupert Gregsons amazing blending of orchestral and electronic sounds in Aquaman is epic.Arthur is the best?why Slenderman theme not getting the praise it deserves?Conrad Pope is only conductor in this, not orchestrator.Creatively speaking I can see why they choose that particular synth style, and my guess has nothing to do with that Thor Rganarok score. <br><br>It has MUCH to do with one composer: VANGELIS. You cannot see Aquaman landscapes and not to think of Vangelis (Blade Runner to be precise) and by all means, if you know well Mr. Papathanassiou's body of work, in his style.. he even has an album called OCEANIC. <br><br>I mean, RGW even uses the same exact 5 notes in which Vangelis tended to end up some of his themes, as also closing notes for one of his themes. It has nothing to do with Ragnarok.. lets not be so short sighted please.^ And I think a big part of that is the sound mixing. I understand each composer has their own unique voice, but in Holkenborg’s case he tends to mix everything so harshly, particularly the brass. It definitely muffles the music to a degree. <br><br>Similar issue I have with Giacchino, who I think writes amazing music which gets undercut by the really dry mixing.
Arthur alone is worth the price of the whole album. Amazing piece.To me it sounds like the composer's usual fare, only this time it has a touch of Conrad Pope every now and then in the orchestrations. Won't be surprised if CP's involvement went beyond just conducting.I think some pices of music was simillar to bane theme in dark knight rises. Isnt it ?Am I correct that the music used in the long flashback sc&#232;ne with Hester and Shrike is only sort of present in the final track "Alive and Together" ?So the complete score is now available on YouTube and it’s AWSOME. Particularly Escape through Paris
Does anyone have the chronological order yet?? That would be great!@MrZimmerFan<br><br>Gotta agree with you, I definitely think WW is a far stronger score. That’s not to say I think Aquaman is bad, but none of the themes have really impressed me at all. The orchestral/synth hybrid is pretty cool, but once again I think it was done far better with Thor: Ragnarok. <br><br>(Will say this though; “Black Manta” is a badass track)First Impressions:<br><br>This might be one of the most “traditional” scores that Tom has scored at this point in his career. The strings/brass still have the signature JXL sound to them, but the music feels more mature when compared to something like Mad Max or even his most recent outings. <br><br>I’m still picking up on the themes as of now (the most obvious being the main fanfare and Hester’s tune) but the idea for Shrike is definitely a clear standout. Especially when it gets an emotional spin later on. The use of woodwinds and the operatic female solo vocals also are a nice addition.<br><br>Overall this has to be the biggest surprise of the year for me. Having sorta given up on Junkie after being disappointed by his output in the past few years I never expected him to write a fantasy score on this level (while still keeping one foot in his comfort zone of course). Hopefully more producers actually demand quality music from him, as opposed to the shit we got from<br>Tomb Raider and Deadpool.Great work. <br><br>I love Tom's aggressive and extreme way of mixing and bold use of percussion.<br><br>Glad to see him linked to Alita: Battle Angel tooI imagine iTunes and Spotify by Friday. The people commenting on it have likely heard a leaked version.

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  2015, September 10  updated by Hybrid Soldier


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Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 8 || 2015-09-10 18:12:30
Check this out !

...2015-09-10 18:31:20

isildur2015-09-10 20:05:43
Powell. Yay!!! Although sad about no more Bourne scores.

isildur2015-09-10 20:19:37
Daddy Hans!! lol.

interviewershoweduphislimitations2015-09-13 12:24:14
Very candid and interesting responses.

I feel the interviewer showed up his limitations here though, couldn't follow up any of the interesting answers as it comes across he doesn't have a wide exposure to film music (or even music in general) - only the newer/RCP etc. stuff. Needs to listen to more stuff! And I think Powell was hinting at same ;-)

Also I find the name-dropping cringey, but that's prob just me.

fabian2015-09-13 17:13:04
this one has lots of nice little information pieces like he was involved to score Armageddon and also seem to have written some stuff for it (before bruckheimer rejected it)

Edmund Meinerts2015-09-14 12:46:47
Yeah, we knew that already about Armageddon. His demo idea for it eventually ended up on the Directors Cuts album series as a track called "Full Force" - you can find it on YouTube. It's an interesting piece from a historic perspective, definitely from the "Face/Off" era of Powell, but to be honest I don't like it that much, especially the second half. The resultant Rabin/HGW/etc. score is much better.

Perhaps the one and only time I'll ever be glad that Powell didn't end up on a project... :p

Kaya2015-09-14 17:43:35
"I feel the interviewer showed up his limitations here though, couldn't follow up any of the interesting answers as it comes across he doesn't have a wide exposure to film music (or even music in general) - only the newer/RCP etc. stuff. Needs to listen to more stuff! And I think Powell was hinting at same ;-)"

Just gonna defend my honor here. I have been listening to scores since I discovered film music in 1996 when I was 9 years old, have a degree in Electronic Media & Film. I started Film.Music.Media from a tiny blog to the site it is today. I've conducted over 200+ interviews since I started the site 6 years ago (review # probably in the thousands) and I work at Walt Disney Studios.

My goal for the "All Access" series is less formulaic structure and more organic conversation. If you want an interviewer who enjoys the sound of his voice more so than the information the interviewee is giving then maybe my interviews are not for you :P. If you can show me a better John Powell interview, then by all means please do ;). I'm very grateful to John for the time he gave for this. He is not usually one for interviews, but he was super willing and open to this idea and I think as an audience we all should be thankful for this mega morsel of insight from him.

Ds2015-09-14 19:01:06
Thank you for this interview Kaya, it was indeed very interesting. And you nailed it: we clicked on this link to hear what Powell had to tell, not a filmmusic debate. I think most people here are really grateful to you for providing such insight on John ´s career, so thank you again and keep up the good work!!© 2001-2018 OST