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Hallo,<br><br>Der 'Gladiator' ist schon langsam in die Jahre gekommen, die Musik ist aber nicht älter geworden. Genial.<br><br>Gruß  <br><br>Not bad score.<br><br>But I prefer the other oneIsn’t that ironic that DC is abandoning the continuity while Marvel is finally embracing it?<br><br>For any electronic fans out there, this score is definitely a must listen, there are some badass 80’s beats (with a dash of Tron legacy) in here.I'm so mad at DC right now I'd rather promote Marvel !! lol<br><br><br>Well jokes aside I add cause Andrew worked on it. And btw he posted another 5 min cue on his Soundcloud, dunno if it's unreleased, there'll better specialists of that score than me !Yeah, I happen to have seen the film and the score is not really "coherent", it's more like many different cues put together...
Okay, thanks for clearing that up. The Tracks released were kind of interesting, a kind of mix of soundsAnyone else think Hans knew about all the studio meddling during pre-production, the rewrites etc and walked away ? I mean, when I heard Elfman's score I thought it was generic and wouldn't fit the movie. Then I watched the movie and it fits well. The movie is just as bland as the music in the background.I don't have to ask, that movie was a failure that barely got distributed... No one had any interest in releasing this score...Hybrid, did you ever ask Hans why this score wasn't released?After watching the movie, I just have to say it was okay. It had some great moments but for me it had also many problems. And one of them was the music. For most of the part it wasn't even noticeable and when it was, it was like random background music with no really emotion or heart.<br><br>BvS and MoS movies can be criticized for some things but the score is not one of them. The movie gave the movie a strong and powerful side, as well as a heart and emotion into it. In this movie there were so many moments that needed different score. <br>***SPOILERS***<br>Superman's resurrection needed the MoS in full epic form. Wonder Woman at the bank at the beggining needed her theme with the electric cello in full power.<br>The Batman theme at the beginning when he is after that Parademon.<br>We should have a really memorable theme for the whole Justice League as well as for each individual member.<br>The scenes with Clark and Lois at the house in Kansas and when his mother sees him, this needed the piano theme from This Is Clark kent or something like that.<br>And that final moments with Superman opening his shirt showing the Superman logo and then flying to the sky, we needed something like "What Are You Going To Do When You're Not Saving The World?" or "Flight" and not that unmemorable music we got.<br><br>I really hope that the petition of the Extended Cut of the movie made by Zack with Junkie's music gets to be released someday, but for now, I'm disappointed.
Sounds fun!!<br>Thanks for the linkAny ideas on the Chronological Order of the Tracks?<br>I made a start here...<br><br><br>Logos<br>Batman On The Roof<br>Everybody Knows - Titles<br>Wonder Woman Rescue<br><br>...<br>Icky Thump<br>Aquaman In Atlantis<br>...<br>1m1a Krypton (from Man Of Steel)<br>Spark Of The Flash<br>Friends And Foes<br>...<br>Come Together - Credits<br>Anti-Hero Theme - CreditsNo, they are the full score cues- as presented in the film. The presentation of the final three tracks on the first disc are edited down for timing.* I posted this at filmtracks and wanted to share it here as well. <br><br>Danny Elfman's comments are very disrespectful and so disappointing for a creative person to hear, especially for composers. Nostalgia is a big problem with Hollywood and it's a simple Jedi mind trick. It's slightly different, but the same meal over and over with different seasoning. Imagine if James Horner didn't get to write the score he wanted for Spider-Man? Or Zimmer had to use Elfmans Batman theme for the DK triliolgy or BvS? Or Shirley Walkers incredible Batman theme for Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. Or Giacchino just used the original star trek theme, or the original Star Wars themes for Rogue One and created nothing new at all? How boring and uninspiring for the composers not being able to challenge themselves to create new original music.<br><br>Whether you like these scores or not isn't important, the pursuit to create something new is what drives a creative person and gives us freedom in choosing something to enjoy and not enjoy. I love the original Batman theme by Elfman but I love it in the Burton films. I love Zimmer scores for both the DK trilogy and BvS. I am happy I can enjoy both types of scores and films but there are those who don't and that's a great thing because that means we are not all the same and that brings variety of opinion and taste which creates real conversation and most importantly gives an identity to a project.<br><br>It's easy to go back to original ideas, but I respect the creators who actually take the risk and want to try and do something new. If Danny Elfman stands by his words he should have just used the original Batman theme from the Tv Show and film or the original Spider-Man theme. Oops he didn't and we got a whole new Batman theme and Spider-man theme which most of us love. Thank god he didn't stick to using the original themes. The Batman reboots and superman and Spider-man reboots are completely different takes on the characters and that's why they deserve their own new themes and soundscapes. The only time I think an original theme from a film should be used in a new film with the same characters is if it's actually a sequel or prequel connected to that actual original film. Re-boots should always have new original music.<br><br>In the end the comments from Elfman are simply stupid and uninspiring and it's definitely a hidden ego coming through I never new he had which is a shame. I remember what Zimmer said about Danny Elfman's Batman theme being a bit jolly, but that's not attacking Elfman at all, it's how he felt and heard the music and felt that that style wouldn't fit in the new batman films ect.. I have always found the original Batman theme a bit on the jolly side too and I love it because it nails Burton's take on the character and world. That theme is for Keaton's Batman, no one else's.<br><br>One final point, if we keep wanting to just revisit the past and hear and see the same thing over and over and not be challenged with new ideas, what a damn uninspiring and boring world of creativity we will live in.<br><br>All the best to you all!<br><br>so...based on what junkie says here, Elfman is basically just rehashing old shit, as well as other people's old shit....Unless you want to say he's taking his Batman theme into a whole different direction that he didn't really have a desire to do before...until now....<br><br>In that case, "whatever" is all I have to say.
Nice stuff! I still can't believe this score hasn't gotten a release.That's unfortunate. With this score, I think it's obvious that the majority is Jablonsky, as it has a ton of elements from scores he's composed exclusively, but it would still be nice to know who did what, especially with the first and second films. Not sure why there's rarely any proper additional music credits for a lot of the RCP guys, especially considering Zimmer's credits are almost always complete. <br><br>However that cuesheet of the extended score is very interesting. Hopefully if it leaks, all those cues remain there.Damn that sounds different from Elfman's commentsThe funny thing is an interview he gave 1 months before being replaced... Saying pretty much the opposite of Elfman !<br><br>"It’s a massive undertaking. And I can’t say anything about Justice League specifically, but I’ll tell you this, and this was exactly the same experience that Hans and I had when we did work together on Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: It’s like when you see a movie like that, these iconic superhero movies, some of them have a 60 to 80 year legacy, multiple composers had a go at their themes, multiple filmmakers did their version of these characters—it’s very scary. You watch a movie and it’s like, “Holy shit, now I have to come up with something.” You’ve got sweaty hands and you’re nervous, and you talk about it over and over again—and I have exactly that relationship with Zack Snyder—and then Zack said, ”There’s only one thing you can do, and that is embrace this character as if it’s your own, keep it close to your musical soul, and just do whatever you feel is the right thing to do for this character.” That’s the only thing we can do. That’s what all these great directors did back in the day, and that’s what all these great composers did back in the day. It makes no sense for me to do extensive quoting of Hans’ score of the really amazing Batmans. It makes no sense for me to quote Superman from John Williams. Because all fantastic composers, they all did the same thing, they did something that was close to their heart, and I have to do exactly the same thing on this movie. You know this is Movie Number 4 that I’m doing with Zack, so you build a friendship and it’s built on trust and loyalty. You know how to challenge each other, you know what to expect on the other side, and it’s this really open, amazing dialogue about where to take this franchise."I can confirm that he had already worked on it quite a bit, because he said so in one of his Studio Time episodes.

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  FIFA 18 - The Journey - Hunter Returns (VG)
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  Annabelle - Creation
  Jumanji - Welcome To The Jungle
  Blade Runner 2049
  DuckTales (TV Series) (Single)
  Game Of Thrones (TV Series - Season 7)
  Pirates Of The Caribbean - Dead Men Tell No Tales


  Kung Fu Panda 3
  Superhuman (Album)
  Volvo V90 - Prologue (Commercial)
  Open Season - Scared Silly (V)
  Il Falco Bianco (Album)
  Uncharted 4 - A Thief's End (VG)
  Challenger Disaster - Lost Tapes (TV Documentary)
  Planet Earth II (TV Series Documentary)
  Lights Out
  Robinson Crusoe
  블레스 (AKA Bless) (VG) [Promotional Release]
  Hidden Figures
  Deepwater Horizon
  Distance Between Dreams (Documentary)
  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Out Of The Shadows
  Jack Reacher - Never Go Back
  Game Of Thrones (TV Series - Season 6)
  Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children
  Live By Night
  Gears Of War 4 (VG)
  Volvo V90 - Epilogue (Commercial)
  13 Hours - The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi
  Money Monster
  The Milan Years
  The Man In The High Castle (TV Series - Season 2)
  Captain America - Civil War
  Hans Zimmer Live On Tour (Shows) [Promotional Release]
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  The Charnel House
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  Magic City - The Art Of The Street (Street Art Exhibit)
  The Angry Birds Movie
  Wish That You Were Here (Song)
  The Great Wall
  The Legend Of Tarzan
  The Man In The High Castle (TV Series - Season 1 - 2)


  Last Knights
  Michiel De Ruyter
  Skylanders - SuperChargers (VG)
  Love (EP)
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  Vikings (TV Series - Season 3)
  Point Break
  Winter On Fire (Documentary)
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  12 Monkeys (TV Series - Season 1)
  The Scorpion King 4 - Quest For Power (V)
  The Last Witch Hunter
  Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse
  Above And Beyond (Documentary)
  The Perfect Guy
  Monkey Kingdom (Documentary)
  Spooks - The Greater Good
  Finding Jesus - Faith, Fact And Forgery (TV Series Documentary) (Season 1)
  Curious George 3 - Back To The Jungle (V)
  The Martian
  Hate From A Distance / A Most Peculiar Man (Short Films)
  The Abandoned
  American Hero
  The Man In The High Castle (TV Series - Season 1)
  이데아 (AKA Idea) (VG)
  Hand Of God (TV Series)
  Saints & Strangers (TV Series)
  Miss You Already
  Woman In Gold
  Black Mass
  Metal Gear Solid V (VG)
  Run All Night
  Batman - Arkham Knight (VG) (Volume 1)
  Le Petit Prince
  Manny (Documentary)
  Kingsman - The Secret Service
  Game Of Thrones (TV Series - Season 5)
  Hrútar (AKA Rams)
  Sons Of Liberty (TV Series)
  Rise Of The Tomb Raider (VG)


  Hans Zimmer Revealed & Friends (Shows) [Promotional Release]
  G I R L (Album)
  Interstellar (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Identity Theft (Short Film)
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  The Good Wife (TV Series)
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  The Amazing Spider-Man 2
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  Postman Pat - The Movie (Score)
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  Planes - Fire & Rescue
  Pantani - The Accidental Death Of A Cyclist (Documentary)
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  300 - Rise Of An Empire
  Legends Of Oz - Dorothy's Return
  Desert Dancer
  Grace Of Monaco
  After The Fall
  Transformers - Age Of Extinction (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  The Equalizer
  Titanfall (VG)
  Transformers - Age Of Extinction (The EP)


  The Purge
  The Smurfs 2
  The Frozen Ground
  Not Another Happy Ending
  Ender's Game
  Assassin's Creed III - The Tyranny Of King Washington (VG)
  Pain & Gain
  Captain Phillips
  Hansel & Gretel - Witch Hunters
  12 Years A Slave
  Olympus Has Fallen
  African Safari 3D (Documentary)
  Call Of Duty - Ghosts (VG)
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  Chicago Fire (TV Series - Season 2)
  Despicable Me 2
  Gangster Squad
  The East
  The Bible (TV Series)
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  The Lone Ranger
  Beyond - Two Souls (VG)
  Java Heat
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  Red Wing
  Kick-Ass 2
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  Turbo (Soundtrack)
  Salinger (Documentary)
  Game Of Thrones (TV Series - Season 3)
  Vikings (TV Series - Season 1)
  Girl Rising (Documentary)
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  Captain Phillips (Complete Score) [Promotional Release]
  12 Years A Slave (Complete Score) [Promotional Release]
  The Mortal Instruments - City Of Bones
  20 Ans D'Ecart
  Free Birds
  The Lone Ranger (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Pacific Rim
  Person Of Interest (TV Series - Season 3 - 4)
  Gears Of War - Judgment (VG)
  Man Of Steel (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Le Manoir Magique
  This Is The End (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Kick-Ass 2 (Soundtrack)
  Mr. Morgan's Last Love [Promotional Release]
  Skylanders - Swap Force (VG)


  Prometheus (Expanded Score) [Bootleg Release]
  The Sims 3 - Showtime, Supernatural & Seasons (VG)
  Skylanders - Giants (VG)
  Position Music - Orchestral Series Volume 10
  Assassin's Creed III (VG)
  Medal Of Honor - Warfighter (VG)
  Lijn 32 (TV Series)
  The Reef 2 - High Tide
  The Watermen
  Red Dawn
  The Dark Knight Rises
  The American Scream (Documentary)
  Wreck-It Ralph (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Sammy 2
  Killing Them Softly
  Madagascar 3 - Europe's Most Wanted
  The Sweeney
  Images Of Life
  Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter
  The Grey
  Shanghai Calling
  Chicago Fire (TV Series - Season 1)
  Dr. Seuss' The Lorax (Soundtrack)
  Les Seigneurs
  Safe House
  Ice Age - Continental Drift
  Man On A Ledge
  Total Recall
  The 84th Academy Awards - Celebrate The Music
  Epic Mickey 2 - The Power Of Two (VG)
  Game Of Thrones (TV Series - Season 2)
  Restless (TV)
  Person Of Interest (TV Series - Season 2)
  The Dark Knight Rises (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Bad Karma
  Madagascar 3 - Europe's Most Wanted (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Wreck-It Ralph
  The Odd Life Of Timothy Green
  The Grey (Expanded Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Sorcery (VG)
  Dr. Seuss' The Lorax


  Game Of Thrones (TV Series - Season 1)
  The Best Of Brand X Music
  Assassin's Creed - Revelations (VG)
  L'Ordre Et La Morale
  Position Music - Orchestral Series Volume 7
  Sherlock Holmes - A Game Of Shadows
  Rio (Soundtrack)
  Darkspore (VG)
  The Eagle (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  La Guerre Des Boutons
  X-Men - First Class (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Harry's Arctic Heroes (TV Documentary)
  Seven Days In Utopia
  Gears Of War 3 (VG)
  inFamous 2 - The Blue Soundtrack (VG)
  De Heineken Ontvoering
  Transformers - Dark Of The Moon (Expanded Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Life In A Day (Documentary)
  Skylanders - Spyro's Adventure (VG)
  Cowboys & Aliens
  Person Of Interest (TV Series - Season 1)
  Pirates Of The Caribbean - On Stranger Tides (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  WWII In HD (TV Documentary)
  The Journey
  You May Not Kiss The Bride
  The Sims 3 - Generations (VG)
  Fright Night
  Who Are The Roma? (Short Documentary) [Promotional Release]
  New Kids Nitro
  Restoring The Light (Short Film)
  X-Men - First Class
  Jock Of The Bushveld
  Dylan Dog - Dead Of Night
  30° Couleur
  inFamous 2 - The Red Soundtrack (VG)
  The Prodigies
  Arthur Christmas
  Transformers - Dark Of The Moon
  Rango (Expanded Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Happy Feet Two
  The Dilemma (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Kung Fu Panda 2 (Expanded Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Puss In Boots
  The Smurfs


  Gulliver's Travels (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Sounds Of Vancouver 2010 - Opening Ceremony Commemorative Album
  Robin Hood (Expanded Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Megamind (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  The Sims 3 - Re-Imagined (VG)
  How Do You Know (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Inception (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Medal Of Honor (VG) (Limited)
  New Kids Turbo
  De Gelukkige Huisvrouw


  Transformers - Revenge Of The Fallen (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Angels & Demons (Expanded Score) [Bootleg Release]
  The Boat That Rocked [Promotional Release]
  The Code (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  It's Complicated (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]


  Kung Fu Panda (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Madagascar - Escape 2 Africa (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]


  Need For Speed - ProStreet (VG)
  SSX Blur (VG)


  DOA - Dead Or Alive
  The Da Vinci Code (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]


  Madagascar (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  A Sound Of Thunder
  Into The West (TV Series)


  The Haunted Mansion
  Agent Cody Banks
  The Last Samurai (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]


  Gladiator (Expanded Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Mission - Impossible 2 (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]


  The Prince Of Egypt (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]


  The Peacemaker (Limited)


  Twister (Expanded Archival Collection)
  The Fan (Expanded Score) [Bootleg Release]


  Crimson Tide (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]


  The Lion King (The Legacy Collection)
  Speed (Limited)


  True Romance (Expanded Score) [Bootleg Release]


  Backdraft (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Thelma & Louise (Score)
  White Fang


  Days Of Thunder


  Black Rain (Limited)
  Born Killer


  Hell On The Battleground
  Night Wars
  Space Mutiny


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