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Which Instruments were used in the Kai Montage?It's apart of the complete score.Any chance for a tour in South America? Argentina?Totally Pacific Rim in the end of the cue. ! But it sounds quite well for Warcraft at the beginning (very martial feeling)i loveit
imdb     /title/tt5732482/<br><br>Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! 14 februari 2017According to IMDB, the blu-ray might get released in feb 2017. But I wouldn't bet money on it ;)<br><br><br>Why not even a single italian date? don't we deserve it? :(Yeah, truth. Prague is for video. And i Am absolutelly happy I was i am from Czech republic, Prague. And having standing ovation already before break after Pirates of the Caribbean....that is gonna be great atmosphere for DVD !Krolik:<br><br>ok thx but women singer it's not wife Lebo M,she different no :)
Electrees Track Story:<br> Zimmer.Greetings. I'm searching for the OST which plays on the following clip:<br><br><br><br>Something makes me think it's from Hans Zimmer and I basically want somebody to verify that for me. Cheers!Well then... Michael Bay sucks. Another Jablonsky score we need to hope for a promo ...Hey guys what's the song when Steve and Nat are hugging??
I really wanted Keanu :(<br>Oh well, at least this one's getting out. Hope Steve's back for TF Last Knight, and not Balfe.Yes and the Greyjoy music! <br><br>I wish these OSTs were like the ones for House of Cards (like 2 hours long).the ending of episode 4 is also a musthave<br><br>I did notice a lot of track recycling though<br>should make things easier on the CDYeah last nights episode had some good cues. I want that version of Danny's theme when she commands Jorrah to find a cure for the greyscale. <br><br>And the last cue - "hold the door"True. Just from Episode 5 I need at least three cues :-p

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The majority of the Private/Unofficial releases are archives of unreleased material and are not for public sale but for archival purposes only. Bootlegs are not legal. This list is just for general information - Please do not ask us any copy of them.


  Uncharted 4 - A Thief's End (VG)
  Money Monster
  Hans Zimmer Live On Tour (Shows) [Promotional Release]
  The Milan Years
  Deadpool Reloaded
  Challenger Disaster - Lost Tapes (TV Documentary)
  Game Of Thrones (TV Series - Season 6)
  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Out Of The Shadows
  Il Falco Bianco
  13 Hours - The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi
  The 5th Wave
  The Angry Birds Movie
  Open Season - Scared Silly (V)
  Captain America - Civil War
  Robinson Crusoe
  Batman V Superman - Dawn Of Justice
  The Legend Of Tarzan
  Eddie The Eagle
  Confirmation (TV)
  Kung Fu Panda 3


  Vikings (TV Series - Season 3)
  Skylanders - SuperChargers (VG)
  Le Petit Prince
  Run All Night
  Saints & Strangers (TV Series)
  Batman - Arkham Knight (VG) (Volume 1)
  Manny (Documentary)
  Game Of Thrones (TV Series - Season 5)
  Sons Of Liberty (TV Series)
  Love (EP)
  Monkey Kingdom (Documentary)
  The Martian
  Michiel De Ruyter
  Mad Max - Fury Road
  12 Monkeys (TV Series - Season 1)
  Hand Of God (TV Series)
  American Hero
  Winter On Fire (Documentary)
  Metal Gear Solid V (VG)
  Terminator Genisys
  Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse
  Miss You Already
  Above And Beyond (Documentary)
  Point Break
  Kingsman - The Secret Service
  The Last Witch Hunter
  The Perfect Guy
  Curious George 3 - Back To The Jungle (V)
  The Man In The High Castle (TV Series)
  Last Knights
  Spooks - The Greater Good
  Hrútar (AKA Rams)
  Rise Of The Tomb Raider (VG)
  Black Mass
  The Scorpion King 4 - Quest For Power (V)
  Woman In Gold


  Drive Hard
  Game Of Thrones (TV Series - Season 4)
  Interstellar (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Captain America - The Winter Soldier
  Desert Dancer
  The Good Wife (TV Series)
  The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  300 - Rise Of An Empire
  Heaven Is For Real
  Postman Pat - The Movie (Soundtrack)
  The Equalizer
  Grace Of Monaco
  The Interview / This Is The End
  The Driver (TV)
  3 Days To Kill
  Titanfall (VG)
  Dracula Untold
  Penguins Of Madagascar
  Transformers - Age Of Extinction (The Score)
  Eclectic Hollywood
  Rio 2 (Soundtrack)
  Legends Of Oz - Dorothy's Return
  Big Hero 6
  G I R L
  Identity Theft (Short Film)
  Dragon Age - Inquisition (VG)
  Son Of God
  Call Of Duty - Advanced Warfare (VG)
  How To Train Your Dragon 2
  Postman Pat - The Movie (Score)
  Skylanders - Trap Team (VG)
  Winter's Tale
  La French
  After The Fall
  Transformers - Age Of Extinction (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Transformers - Age Of Extinction (The EP)
  Rio 2
  The Last Man On The Moon (Documentary)
  Pantani - The Accidental Death Of A Cyclist (Documentary)
  Planes - Fire & Rescue
  Hans Zimmer Revealed & Friends (Shows) [Promotional Release]
  Vikings (TV Series - Season 2)
  The Purge - Anarchy


  12 Years A Slave (Complete Score) [Promotional Release]
  Free Birds
  Person Of Interest (TV Series - Season 3 - 4)
  Assassin's Creed III - The Tyranny Of King Washington (VG)
  Skylanders - Swap Force (VG)
  Mr. Morgan's Last Love [Promotional Release]
  Turbo (Soundtrack)
  The Purge
  Call Of Duty - Ghosts (VG)
  Olympus Has Fallen
  Red Wing
  The Lone Ranger
  Ender's Game
  Java Heat
  Game Of Thrones (TV Series - Season 3)
  Captain Phillips
  Pain & Gain
  Gangster Squad
  The Smurfs 2
  Man Of Steel
  Hansel & Gretel - Witch Hunters
  The Mortal Instruments - City Of Bones
  G.I. Joe - Retaliation
  12 Years A Slave
  Bullet To The Head
  Despicable Me 2
  African Safari 3D (Documentary)
  Girl Rising (Documentary)
  The Bible (TV Series)
  Beyond - Two Souls (VG)
  Pacific Rim
  Kick-Ass 2
  Vikings (TV Series - Season 1)
  This Is The End (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Chicago Fire (TV Series - Season 2)
  A Single Shot
  Salinger (Documentary)
  Le Manoir Magique
  The Lone Ranger (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Captain Phillips (Complete Score) [Promotional Release]
  Not Another Happy Ending
  Lone Survivor
  20 Ans D'Ecart
  The Frozen Ground
  Man Of Steel (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Gears Of War - Judgment (VG)
  The East


  Images Of Life
  Wreck-It Ralph (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  The 84th Academy Awards - Celebrate The Music
  Person Of Interest (TV Series - Season 2)
  Prometheus (Expanded Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Skylanders - Giants (VG)
  Epic Mickey 2 - The Power Of Two (VG)
  The Grey
  The Dark Knight Rises
  Chicago Fire (TV Series - Season 1)
  Madagascar 3 - Europe's Most Wanted
  Dr. Seuss' The Lorax (Soundtrack)
  Assassin's Creed III (VG)
  The Watermen
  Man On A Ledge
  Sammy 2
  The Reef 2 - High Tide
  Medal Of Honor - Warfighter (VG)
  Killing Them Softly
  Lijn 32 (TV Series)
  Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter
  Les Seigneurs
  Shanghai Calling
  Position Music - Orchestral Series Volume 10
  Wreck-It Ralph
  Ice Age - Continental Drift
  The Grey (Expanded Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Restless (TV)
  The Dark Knight Rises (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Game Of Thrones (TV Series - Season 2)
  Madagascar 3 - Europe's Most Wanted (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  The Sweeney
  Red Dawn
  Dr. Seuss' The Lorax
  Sorcery (VG)
  Bad Karma
  The American Scream (Documentary)
  Safe House
  The Sims 3 - Showtime, Supernatural & Seasons (VG)
  Total Recall
  The Odd Life Of Timothy Green


  You May Not Kiss The Bride
  Arthur Christmas
  Restoring The Light (Short Film)
  30° Couleur
  Sherlock Holmes - A Game Of Shadows
  Jock Of The Bushveld
  New Kids Nitro
  Kick-Ass 2 (Soundtrack)
  Happy Feet Two
  The Prodigies
  X-Men - First Class (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  The Eagle (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  inFamous 2 - The Blue Soundtrack (VG)
  The Journey
  Skylanders - Spyro's Adventure (VG)
  Transformers - Dark Of The Moon
  Who Are The Roma? (Short Documentary) [Promotional Release]
  Assassin's Creed - Revelations (VG)
  Pirates Of The Caribbean - On Stranger Tides (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  La Guerre Des Boutons
  The Dilemma (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Harry's Arctic Heroes (TV Documentary)
  Seven Days In Utopia
  The Sims 3 - Generations (VG)
  Darkspore (VG)
  Person Of Interest (TV Series - Season 1)
  Life In A Day (Documentary)
  Game Of Thrones (TV Series - Season 1)
  Position Music - Orchestral Series Volume 7
  Rio (Soundtrack)
  Dylan Dog - Dead Of Night
  De Heineken Ontvoering
  The Best Of Brand X Music
  X-Men - First Class
  Fright Night
  Cowboys & Aliens
  WWII In HD (TV Documentary)
  Rango (Expanded Score) [Bootleg Release]
  inFamous 2 - The Red Soundtrack (VG)
  L'Ordre Et La Morale
  Puss In Boots
  Transformers - Dark Of The Moon (Expanded Score) [Bootleg Release]
  The Smurfs
  Kung Fu Panda 2 (Expanded Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Gears Of War 3 (VG)


  How Do You Know (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  The Sims 3 - Re-Imagined (VG)
  New Kids Turbo
  De Gelukkige Huisvrouw
  Sounds Of Vancouver 2010 - Opening Ceremony Commemorative Album
  Gulliver's Travels (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Megamind (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Robin Hood (Expanded Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Medal Of Honor (VG) (Limited)
  Inception (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]


  Angels & Demons (Expanded Score) [Bootleg Release]
  The Code (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  The Boat That Rocked [Promotional Release]
  It's Complicated (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Transformers - Revenge Of The Fallen (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]


  Kung Fu Panda (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Madagascar - Escape 2 Africa (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]


  SSX Blur (VG)
  Need For Speed - ProStreet (VG)


  The Da Vinci Code (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  DOA - Dead Or Alive


  Into The West (TV Series)
  Madagascar (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  A Sound Of Thunder


  The Last Samurai (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Agent Cody Banks


  Gladiator (Expanded Score) [Bootleg Release]
  Mission - Impossible 2 (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]


  The Prince Of Egypt (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]


  The Peacemaker (Limited)


  The Fan (Expanded Score) [Bootleg Release]


  Crimson Tide (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]


  The Lion King (The Legacy Collection)
  Speed (Limited)


  True Romance (Expanded Score) [Bootleg Release]


  Backdraft (Complete Score) [Bootleg Release]
  White Fang
  Thelma & Louise (Score)


  Days Of Thunder


  Black Rain (Limited)


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