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I'm curious to see what he does with Mancina's old theme, and if he will use anything from Rabin/HG-Wso... Lorne is scoring new Bad Boys filmcool coverNo clue where that bomb ass album cover came from, but totally replacing it in my library.This is promising! I'm keeping my fingers crossed and praying to the score gods at Disney that this is going to finally get released, but I'm also preparing for the possibility that I'll have to wait a year or two for the complete score to leak.
Please come to brazil!come one McNulty or any of you who has this, let's enjoy this togetherHybrid, create page for complete score of that filmGod, please, Skyscraper is more listenable than Hurricane Heist, don't dare to compare with that 'thing'Saw the movie but never listened to the score, is it worth listening to?  <br>=========================<br><br><br>I think it's worth it, yes. There are some powerful, "pure Jablonsky" tracks. Can't say that the entire score is exceptional, but it's certainly better and more layered than, say, The Hurricane Heist (no offence to Lorne).<br>
@anonymous it appears in the track "vanishing point" but there's a better unreleased version of it when William was confessing to his wifewell hybrid, if you ever happen to know who did what, add it here please :D I would really be thankful for it!!If Steffen & Max did anything, it's arrange Lorne's cues...Personally, I donīt think that Aruj and Thum got a chance (or time) to write anything for this film, but I may be wrong... who knowsIn which tracks does William's sad theme appear?
Alright, these are my speculations on the credits for this version, mixed with what we already know about it from Soundclouds/websites/etc.<br><br>What we know:<br>Luke Richards - Today We Hunt, Running Out Of Tomorrows, Ospreys<br>Lorne Balfe - Battlefield<br><br>Gary Dworetsky - Final 50 seconds of Calling All Autobots<br><br>My personal speculation:<br>David Fleming - Drone Chase, Dive<br><br>Gary Dworetsky - History of Transformers<br><br>Max Aruj & Steffen Thum - Vivian Follows Merlin, Claim The Staff<br><br>I have no sources to back this up, these are just my guesses based on what I feel these composers' styles are.I watched the movie yesterday. Unfortunately,the songs are in Portuguese here, in Brazil (even "Spirit"! ). But Hans' work is still amazing, intense, he's stolen the show again!Saw the movie but never listened to the score, is it worth listening to?This complete album sound like Lit!! I like to hear about this album in one day soon.I just hope they bring back William's sad theme and other variations of Dolores's theme which were unreleased in season 2

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Additional MusicMusic Producer
Stuart Michael ThomasTodd HabermanJames Newton Howard
ComposerAdditional MusicMusic Producer
Nora Roberts II Collection - Original Soundtrack
Label: Mandalay Records (Digital Download Only)
Length: 48'41 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (3410 votes)

  1. Arrival (2:07)
    Chris P. Bacon
  2. Mackie Brothers - Waterfall (3:02)
    Stuart M. Thomas
  3. Lunacy, Alaska (1:20)
    Chris P. Bacon
  4. Rescue (1:39)
    Stuart M. Thomas
  5. Theme - Dad's Journal (2:48)
    Chris P. Bacon


  6. Phoebe's Morning (2:46)
    Stuart M. Thomas
  7. Hostage (2:27)
    Stuart M. Thomas
  8. Annie Confesses (3:09)
    Stuart M. Thomas
  9. Frustration (2:21)
    Stuart M. Thomas


  10. New Beginnings (2:43)
    Martin Davich
  11. Looking Back (2:21)
    Martin Davich
  12. Contractor's Test (1:43)
    Martin Davich
  13. Your Turn To Die (3:21)
    Martin Davich
  14. The Seduction (1:41)
    Martin Davich


  15. Cornbread (1:03)
    Chris P. Bacon
  16. Walk Away - Furnished (1:59)
    Chris P. Bacon, Stuart M. Thomas
  17. Maids In The Mist (2:51)
    Stuart M. Thomas
  18. Web Research (1:08)
    Chris P. Bacon
  19. He Is Her (3:23)
    Chris P. Bacon
  20. A Few Lifetimes (2:42)
    Chris P. Bacon


  21. Without You (2:07)
    John Henry Kreitler
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Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 0 || 2009-09-14 00:00:00
Score released by JNH's regular team !

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Nora Roberts II Collection - Original Soundtrack soundtrack - Stuart Michael Thomas 2009