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Budapest, please :(Same question here, is concert in Poland even concidered to occur?if the link doesn't work for some reason, the song is called Cliffhanger Sky High on youtubeHi All, sorry it took so long to upload, My friend helped me set up a youtube channel to upload tracks to. I am very inspired by the classic Zimmer Scores of the 90's. I envisioned A climactic rescue aboard A speeding train for this particular cue.<br> <br>I avoided bringing up the TF films in this thread until AFTER you dragged them into it.<br>===============<br><br>No one dragged anything. <br><br>I briefly mentioned that franchise, among many other things you conveniently ignored (you do that a lot), to prove a simple point: that a director doesn't get to make 5 movies from the same franchise if people aren't enjoying his work. Simple as that. I never talked about the "quality" of each of those movies. Go see the comment again.<br><br>YOU picked up on this and started talking obsessively about the TF. <br><br><br>==============<br>Going after every person that doesn't like Bay and trying to obsessively "debunk" them is psychotic, yes. <br>==============<br><br>Look at your first comment here, pal. Look at it good! Snarky, dismissive, almost trollish, and with a clear intention to provoke people. Let me quote it: "Another day, another Bay film that doesn't know what fun is." <br><br>I only "go after" people who can't share their opinions in a respectful, mature way. There are a lot of comments here I disagreed with. But I never confronted those people. Why? Because they know how to properly share an opinion. <br><br>I only go after people who provoke, make fun of someone/something and troll. I've never "attacked" a person who didn't deserve that kind of response. My post history here speaks for itself. <br><br><br>===================<br>And constantly referring to other people's opinions and whinging about the box office doesn't make you objective, especially with how self-contradictory the latter has been.<br>===================<br><br>Nope. Not even close. <br><br>You're just bitter that I'm using quotes from proven, talented people like Spielberg who support Bay. What quotes can your side use? Just quotes from knucklehead film bloggers and critics who hate half of what Hollywood makes. <br><br>No one with an actual integrity and knowledge of the film business can dismiss what Bay has accomplished. You may not like his stuff, but to completely dismiss him as a filmmaker is.......moronic. Truth is, it's only small fries on the internet who are angry that their favorite mid-level directors aren't as big and successful as Bay.<br><br>That's really the bottom line. <br><br>Speaking of that, who is YOUR favorite filmmaker? Go ahead, share it with us. Let's see who is that PERFECT filmmaker you drool over.<br><br>I'm really curious.<br><br>==============<br>By your own "objective" reasoning, this would make them his worst films. But you don't acknowledge that, because you don't actually care about objectivity.<br>==============<br><br>Huh??<br><br>When did I said that box office success or box office failure means that a movie is good or bad?? I never that. So if you don't mind, stop putting words in my mouth.<br><br>Thank you. <br><br><br>==================<br>You care about faking it when it suits you, and chucking it when it doesn't<br>==================<br><br><br>Kinda ironic coming from the person who ignored the majority of the stuff I said here. Careful cherry-picking, convenient ignoring of stuff, and putting words in my mouth is apparently what you like to do. <br><br><br>================<br>What do you mean "next time?" Your first reply here was calling my opinion a joke.<br>================<br><br>Uhhhh, that's because it IS a joke. Because it is not true and because it was posted with the clear intention to provoke. You are the Negative Nancy here, my friend. Not me. Jesus Christ, even your nickname tells people exactly what they can expect from you......"Cynical Makooti". <br><br><br>====================<br>I didn't insult you for anything other than lying to win an argument<br>====================<br><br>Oh, that's're certainly not winning this argument. I mean, that's obvious. <br><br>And..... I never posted a lie. Just because "your sources" claim something different doesn't mean it's the truth. Pacific Rim wasn't a success - considering the huge expactations and the fact that the movie's budget is $200 freakin' million - and they DID try to start a franchise with 300. They failed. <br><br><br>================<br>Your lack of self-awareness is astounding.<br>================<br><br>That's rich. Coming from the guy who calls himself "Cynical Makooti". The guy who now plays the victim, even though he was the one who started this with a childish, trollish comment. <br><br>Look at my first reply to you. I was jokingly mimicking your style. Intentionally. Then you tried to be a smartass with your next reply. But EVEN THEN, I responded in a normal way with my second post. After unleashed your true self. <br><br>And now, you're acting like the victim: "Poor me, being attacked by a crazy Bay fan!" <br><br>So please, don't talk about self-awareness. It ain't working.<br><br><br><br>================<br>Pacific Rim was a domestic bomb that turned things around with its international box office.<br>================<br><br>Haha, maybe you should read more Forbes. Take a look at what they said about the entire (already failed) Pac Rim universe. Read a bit more on how much money the studio lost from the first flick and why they actually went with a sequel. It ain't because the first one was a beloved hit. <br><br><br>=======<br>The Last Knight lost about $100M according to Paramount themselves. That doesn't sound like an international success to me.<br>=======<br><br>Okay, I believe you. Now, would you please share the link to that statement from Paramount. <br><br>Thank you. <br><br><br>=============<br>Maybe it does to you, but I can't speak for that little fantasy world you seem to be living in right now.<br>=============<br><br>Hey, it's certainly a better and more reasonable place than your world. A world where you completely dismiss and ignore the accomplishments of one of the biggest filmmakers out there.<br><br>What's your next claim? <br><br>That Donnie Trump is the best President in history?<br><br><br>Have a nice day!
Do any of you think that Junkie's Justice League score will ever get released or leaked? I was really excited to hear how Junkie planned on developing the themes used in the prior DCEU movies. Especially the Batman themes from BVS. It's a damn shame how WB handled that film."Why do Bay naysayers pretend that Bay only directs TF movies? It's very interesting...... Pretty much all complaints against Bay are connected to the TF movies.<br><br>Newsflash: Bay was a proven and very successful action filmmaker wayyyyyyyyyyyyy before TF1."<br><br>Newsflash: I avoided bringing up the TF films in this thread until AFTER you dragged them into it.  Only then did I treat them as fair game.  Considering they make up a third of his filmography, I don't see why I SHOULDN'T address them.  How convenient is it that bringing them up is only ever valid when YOU do it?<br><br>More to the point, I already said I thought his decline kicked in from Pearl Harbor onwards.  The TF films are just his rock bottom.<br><br>"So let me get this straight: trying to be as objective as possible, in a non-threating way, quoting people who actually know what they're talking about and certainly not treating my opinion as fact, makes me......psychotic."<br><br>Going after every person that doesn't like Bay and trying to obsessively "debunk" them is psychotic, yes.  And constantly referring to other people's opinions and whinging about the box office doesn't make you objective, especially with how self-contradictory the latter has been.<br><br>Pain & Gain and 13 Hours, his supposedly best films, also have his lowest box office turnouts.  13 Hours was a flat-out bomb.  By your own "objective" reasoning, this would make them his worst films.  But you don't acknowledge that, because you don't actually care about objectivity.<br><br>You care about faking it when it suits you, and chucking it when it doesn't.<br><br>"Next time, I'll just act like a complete jerk, insulting everyone and everything."<br><br>What do you mean "next time?"  Your first reply here was calling my opinion a joke.  You already have this method down.  You're just too dishonest to admit it.<br><br>Notice how I avoided accusing you of anything until AFTER you started outright lying about movies and flaunting it as objective fact.<br><br>You insulted ME first, pal.  I didn't insult you for anything other than lying to win an argument.  Not for your opinions, not for your celebrity crush, for being a disingenuous twat. <br><br>Your lack of self-awareness is astounding.<br><br>"Reviews, RT scores, and crappy film blog "think pieces" are also not proof of quality."<br><br>Then it's a good thing I never quoted a single one of those, let alone as objective proof, isn't it?<br><br>Man, appeal to authority, appeal to popularity, mistaking correlation for causation, slothful induction, strawmanning, I could make a bingo game outta this.<br><br>"So that flick, according to you, turned a profit.......but TLK - budget of also $200 million and with a worldwide gross of $605 a bomb?"<br><br>Not "according to me."  According to the studios that make the actual films.  And Forbes.  Remember Forbes?  You considered their word inarguable fact a couple posts ago.<br><br> ic-rim-and-more-domestic-flops-that-became-global-hits/#3f3e 914d7c18<br><br>Well whaddaya know?<br><br>Pacific Rim was a domestic bomb that turned things around with its international box office.<br><br>That thing you said TF5 was but actually wasn't.<br><br>The Last Knight lost about $100M according to Paramount themselves.  That doesn't sound like an international success to me.<br><br>Maybe it does to you, but I can't speak for that little fantasy world you seem to be living in right now.<br><br>Wow!  Just wow!ThxSeville, The Bait, Ambrose Welcomes Nyah, Chimera Myth, Beach Fight, Ambrose Dies.Can we stop? I agree with the other guy more in his points, but it's clear that this is gonna keep going nowhere if you're gonna be so overly defensive about something that you claim is merely subjective.
But here we are, calling dog-humping, Decepticon testicles, and mommy-on-pot-brownies "challenging the viewer."<br>======================<br><br><br>Why do Bay naysayers pretend that Bay only directs TF movies? It's very interesting...... Pretty much all complaints against Bay are connected to the TF movies.<br><br>Newsflash: Bay was a proven and very successful action filmmaker wayyyyyyyyyyyyy before TF1. <br><br>So no, "challenging the viewer" is not about Transformers. You chose to focus on these movies. Not me. I was actually reffering to Bay movies like The Island and especially Pain and Gain. <br><br>But I guess you like to talk only about Transformers.....Good for you. But that's not how a discussion works. <br><br><br>===================<br>Instead of accepting that your love of Bay is nothing more than a opinion, just as my claim that he misses the point of what makes action movies fun is, you turn into an overly-defensive nut, desperately quoting every opinion piece under the sun to pretend your opinion is some statistically-backed fact. I've seen you do this every time someone talks shit about Bay around here. It's psychotic.<br>===================<br><br><br>So let me get this straight: trying to be as objective as possible, in a non-threating way, quoting people who actually know what they're talking about and certainly not treating my opinion as fact, makes me......psychotic? <br><br>Wow! Just wow!<br><br>Next time, I'll just act like a complete jerk, insulting everyone and everything. For you, that is apparently the normal behavior.<br><br><br>======<br>Bad movies make money. Everyone knows that, and everyone knows that's not proof of quality.<br>=======<br><br>Reviews, RT scores, and crappy film blog "think pieces" are also not proof of quality. Also, a "bad" movie to you is the greatest movie for the guy walking next to you on the street. As Kevin Smith said: "Every movie is someone's favorite movie". <br><br>Let's try to keep that in mind.<br><br><br>============<br>That's not just a domestic bomb, that's a bomb altogether.<br>============<br><br>Really?<br><br>Then what do you have to say about Pacific Rim 1. I present to you.......the pure numbers:<br><br>Budget: $200 million. And that doesn't include the marketing cost.<br>Worldwide gross: $411,002,906<br><br>So that flick, according to you, turned a profit.......but TLK - budget of also $200 million and with a worldwide gross of $605 a bomb?<br><br>Wow!!Yeah lol back then only Harold was confirmed.Can you tell me a names of cues, that was been on Klaus website?Formality indeed. Complicated ! lol<br><br>You can bet Blake Neely didn't need anyone to "write" those 10 seconds !! lolI always found these credits to be a bit confusing. Klaus Badelt is credited on almost every cue, even when his themes don't appear and another additional composer is credited as well. I thought maybe it was just a formality that Zimmer and Badelt were credited everywhere (I mean, how much could they be involved on a cue like "Welcome to the Caribbean"?), but then "No real ship" and "Sword Fight Pt. 2" have no Badelt for some reason. Does someone know a bit more about this?
well the composer confirmed he is working on it to be released very soon<br>"It's funny tho......people always complain how Hollywood plays it safe and how movies don't take chances..........but when a movie with tonal shifts that challenge the viewer and offer something bold shows up, people bitch and complain."<br><br>I didn't think it was possible for a Bay fan of all people to be this insufferably pretentious.<br><br>I thought that was more Snyder fanboy territory.<br><br>But here we are, calling dog-humping, Decepticon testicles, and mommy-on-pot-brownies "challenging the viewer."<br><br>Kudos, man.  Kudos.<br><br>You can hide behind however many fallacies you want.  If "Not to me" and "You do you" didn't give it away early on in this thread, I DIDN'T try to treat my opinions as fact.<br><br>But that doesn't mean I'm going to add a little "IMO" at the end of every goddamn sentence just to coddle you. <br><br>On the flip-side, consistently making appeals to authority and popularity, "B-b-but Spielberg said!", "B-b-but the Forbes poll said!" don't make you objective.<br><br>Y'know, it's funny.  When I listed off better blockbuster examples, you could've very easily just argued against them on the level of the films themselves, and everything would've been fine.<br><br>Sure, you would've just claimed you can't see the action at night sooner, which is rich when you praise the film series that puts the subjects of its action scenes OUT OF FOCUS every other shot, but hey, that's just honest opinions versus honest opinions.<br><br>But using two belated half-assed sequels from different, less talented directors that lost most of the appeal of the first movies, as some sorta litmus test for how well-liked the first movies were, is the biggest bunch of bullshit I've ever heard.  That's not objectivity, that's not even confusing correlation with causation, that's saying 1+2=4.<br><br>That's the real joke here.  Instead of accepting that your love of Bay is nothing more than a opinion, just as my claim that he misses the point of what makes action movies fun is, you turn into an overly-defensive nut, desperately quoting every opinion piece under the sun to pretend your opinion is some statistically-backed fact.  I've seen you do this every time someone talks shit about Bay around here.  It's psychotic.<br><br>Bad movies make money.  Everyone knows that, and everyone knows that's not proof of quality.  But if that's the kinda road you wanna go down, I guess movies like Avatar, The Force Awakens, or all the Avengers movies, are "objectively" better movies in every conceivable way than anything Bay has made in his entire career.  I mean, CLEARLY those films must have a bolder style and push more boundaries.<br><br>Why else would more people watch and rewatch them, right?<br><br>Reasonable causation is for those goshdarn geek journos.<br><br>And by the way, The Last Knight lost money.  Period.  Almost 100M according to Paramount themselves.<br><br>That's not just a domestic bomb, that's a bomb altogether.<br><br>Have a nice day.Siding with the guy that lied through his teeth to feign objectivity seems like a bad call.<br>==================<br><br>Kinda ironic, coming from you....but I'll take it as a compliment. Thank you! <br><br>And yes, he sides with me because what I say is common sense. For whatever reason, you have these strong negative feelings toward Bay films and those feelings blind you to some pretty obvious truths. <br><br>Have to say tho - for a 'hater' you sure know A LOT about him, his style and his movies. <br><br>Just admit it - you are a huge Bay fan but you just want to score some points with the snobbish internet crowd. <br><br><br><br>============<br>In any case, modern Bay and Snyder don't deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Fury Road.<br>============<br><br>Oh, you're one of THOSE people......"Fury Roaaaaaaaaad is DA BEST FILM EVAAAAAAAA".<br><br>Let me guess: you also think that Nolan is the greatest director/person of all time. On par with Jesus himself. <br><br><br><br>==========<br>What DOES matter is scripts with razor focus, sharp pacing, witty and/or charming humor (if it wants humor, that is), and characters likable enough to carry us through the narrative.<br>==========<br><br>Which is what Transformers 1 is. <br><br>Which is why the movie connected with audiences. It was - at its heart - a story about a boy and his car. Even the most jaded critics enjoyed that aspect.<br><br><br>=============<br>And again, the likes of Pacific Rim, or 300, or the first Pirates of the Caribbean, or the first Kingsmen, or John Wick, or most Guy Ritchie films, or the better fourth of superhero films, illustrate that Bay and Snyder have no excuse.<br>=============<br><br>Excuse? For what?<br><br>My friend, you do realize that Bay in particular is one of the most powerful and successful filmmakers of all time, right? He is the second highest-grossing director of all time (domestically), only behind Spielberg. You can dismiss box office success all you want but you don't get to where Bay is if you're not good at your job. <br><br>Snyder is nowhere near Bay, in terms of success and influence. Personally, I don't care much about him. <br><br><br>P.S. Guy Ritchie (and Edgar Wright) are huge Bay fans. Ask yourself why. <br><br><br>===============<br>They just aren't very good filmmakers on the whole<br>===============<br><br>Your opinion.<br><br>I disagree.Bay walks the lines between being self-serious and comical, but his films aren't well=written enough to serve the former, or witty enough to serve the latter, and the end-result is droll and annoying.<br>====================<br><br>You sure you're not a "writer" for one of those ridiculous geek sites like Collider, Screen Rant or Slash Film? Because you sound a lot like one of those "beloved" writers. <br><br>Anyway......Yes, Bay's movies always walk that line but whether that works or not is........Yes! a matter of opinion. For me, Pain and Gain is one of the best modern satires while for you it is - I'm guessing - "droll and annoying".<br><br>It's funny tho......people always complain how Hollywood plays it safe and how movies don't take chances..........but when a movie with tonal shifts that challenge the viewer and offer something bold shows up, people bitch and complain. <br><br>Some of you folks are indeed very hard to please. <br><br><br>===============<br>The first POTC earns it. The Bad Boys 2 doesn't. Infinity War earns it. TF 1/2/3/4/5 doesn't.<br>==============<br><br>Okay, now that statement is the best joke of the year! Thank you for the good laugh! Really! Oh, and I've definitely argued with you before, my friend. You are clearly one of those ten Bay haters from the IMDb forums who claim to hate everything the man does, yet they have seen EVERYTHING he had done. Why is that, I wonder?<br><br><br>===========<br>Fitting, as Synder and Bay are cut from a very similar cloth. Difference is, unless we're talking Man of Steel, I'd sooner rely on Snyder for consistently good action sequences<br>===========<br><br>Well, I would trust Spielberg on this. Because it was Spielberg who said, and I quote: "Michael (Bay) is one of the greatest action directors. He has the best eye in Hollywood." Spielberg works with a lot of directors. But he never said anything like that about any other director. So clearly he means what he says about Bay. know......unlike most people, Speilberg actually knows a thing or two about filmmaking. <br><br><br>================<br>300 didn't try to start a franchise. It was a one-off adaptation of a graphic novel in the same vein as Sin City, and was successful. They tried to make a cash-grab sequel almost a decade later, without Snyder, and it failed. That's hardly the first film's fault.<br>================<br><br>It is a clear proof that people weren't that excited to visit this world again. And mind you, that happened with the first sequel! Talk about a one-time thing, huh?<br><br>At the same time, Bay made FOUR Transformers movies - with different casts - before there were any signs of audience fatigue. <br><br>That speaks for itself.<br><br>===========<br>Pacific Rim suffered from lackluster marketing, and yet still managed to turn a profit and attract a strong following.<br>==========<br><br>Excuses, excuses, excuses.....So you can display all the excuses in the world for Pac Rim but when it comes to Transformers, you don't accept anything. <br><br>Double standard much?<br><br>P.S. That "strong following" is on the internet. The same following that was supposed to make Scott Pillgrim a huge hit. Everyone knows that internet hype is not real-world hype. I know very well the type of people who act as if Pac Rim is the best thing since sliced bread. Total geeks who are angry that Transformers is much more popular and much more successful than Del Toro's "let's shoot all the robot fights in pitch black so audiences can't see shit" movie.  <br><br>Also, let's not pretend that Pac Rim is a universally beloved film. You know very well that there are A LOT of detractors as well. That's what you get when people can't tell what's going on during the movie because you shot it all at night. Just like that Godzilla movie. <br><br><br>============<br>Versus something like Transformers, which has piggybacked on an established IP, relentless marketing campaigns and tie-ins, and a fairly consistent release schedule. And even then, recycling the same bullshit eventually took its toll.<br>============<br><br><br>Wrong.<br><br>Do you read Forbes? You should. Because it's a place where objective people write. It ain't a stupid militant film geek site like Ain't it Cool News or Screen Rant.<br><br>Forbes published multiple articles explaining in great detail why the Transformers movies were successful EXACTLY because they were directed by Bay. Whether you like it or not, my friend, Bay is a brand. He is an auteur. There were multiple polls before the first two Transformers movies and Bay being the director was one of the main reasons for people to watch the movies. <br><br>But I guess you missed all of that, huh?<br><br>How convenient.<br><br><br>==============<br>Friendly reminder that AoE also relied on China (more pathetically then even Pacific Rim did) to compensate for diminishing domestic returns. To say nothing of TLK outright bombing.<br>==============<br><br>First: according to ACTUAL real data, the only TF movie that was saved by China is.......Bumblebee! Yeah, you better believe it. Go to Deadline and Forbes and read it for yourself.<br><br>Second: TLK bombed domestically, yes. <br>But not internationally. No one with actual knowledge of the situation refers to that movie as an international "bomb". Besides, there were 4 super successful TF movies before TLK. So Bay got nothing to prove. He already created one of the biggfest film franchises in history. <br><br>How many directors can say that?<br><br><br><br>==================<br>I know you like debunking Bay naysayers with "facts and logic," but it helps to not be grossly disingenuous while doing it<br>==================<br><br><br>Goes both ways, my friend. But unlike most naysayers, I don't treat my own personal opinions as facts. And if I'm being "disingenuous" then I don't even know what to say about some Bay haters who refuse to accept even the most obvious facts and truths.nope

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Steve JablonskyHans ZimmerLorne BalfeTom Gire
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicAdditional Music
Transformers - Revenge Of The Fallen
Label: Reprise Records
Length: 43'56 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (43816 votes)
  1. Prime (2:14)
    Steve Jablonsky
  2. Einstein's Wrong (3:35)
    Steve Jablonsky
  3. Nest (2:08)
    Linkin Park, Steve Jablonsky, Ryeland Allison
  4. The Shard (2:42)
    Steve Jablonsky, Lorne Balfe
  5. The Fallen (4:03)
    Steve Jablonsky
  6. Infinite White (3:58)
    Steve Jablonsky
  7. Heed Our Warning (4:26)
    Steve Jablonsky
  8. The Fallen's Arrival (3:47)
    Steve Jablonsky, Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe
  9. Tomb Of The Primes (2:47)
    Steve Jablonsky
  10. Forest Battle (2:04)
    Steve Jablonsky
  11. Precious Cargo (1:38)
    Steve Jablonsky
  12. Matrix Of Leadership (3:50)
    Steve Jablonsky
  13. I Claim Your Sun (3:06)
    Steve Jablonsky
  14. I Rise, You Fall (3:35)
    Steve Jablonsky
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kathie reply Replies: 7 || 2012-02-20 16:14:36
Excuse me, can someone explain to me, will there ever been a Full Score? Unless, of course, there is information

Anonymous2012-02-20 18:34:19

Evenstar2012-02-20 20:44:35
Well... not for public ;)

Mycroft2012-02-21 00:30:45
Sure, only for those elitist bastards--or possibly not even them. In fact, sometimes I wonder if Hans Zimmer, himself, even has any of the scores that are so much sought after.

bhd2012-04-09 01:51:58
I'm almost positive that every composer gets a copy of the full recordings for each of their films they've composed music for. Whether those recordings get given out to the public or private soundtrack collectors is the blank.

Hybrid Soldier2012-04-12 17:24:04
Well it's not that simple. You basically have people that would keep all, indeed. But you have guys that just keep what they worked on, and you also have people that just don't give a damn and whose only interest is in the next project coming (and trust me, there are a lot like that !) !

Mr. Charles2012-04-12 18:03:20
Hey look, it's Hybrid Soldier!!! Tell us Hybrid, you did you add the complete score to RoTF? We all know how much you administrators hate scores leaking, and we know you only add legit things! So enlighten us then, please, why you added it?!

RealFfingMusic2014-02-11 15:50:22
I didn't find a full score, but there's a Recording Sessions.

Anonymous reply Replies: 2 || 2013-05-25 01:44:01
Anybody else hear Curse of the Black Pearl in the first fifty seconds of "I Claim Your Sun"?

MacArthur2013-08-22 18:51:54
Yeah I kinda do

RealFfingMusic2014-02-11 15:48:09
Whoa! You're right.
Can't believe I missed that.

DRM reply Replies: 0 || 2013-04-20 23:58:42

Ricardo reply Replies: 2 || 2012-01-30 03:17:15
Still waiting for an expanded release... Come on RCP!!

Mr. Fate2012-01-30 16:35:15
Aye....that *would* be nice. But ask yourself: when has RCP ever released an expanded version of one of their scores? Very rarely, if ever--that's when. It just isn't in the stars...

The President of the United States of America2012-01-31 04:58:28
HA! I wish! That'll be the day. I'm willing to bet this exists among the elitists. In fact, I'm almost positive it does

jame reply Replies: 0 || 2012-01-16 01:01:23
great score, aye? shame not much released..

Mr. Charles reply Replies: 11 || 2011-11-12 05:22:55
Seriously, how has no one commented on all of the newly added additional music to Lorne Balfe's site? This is why everyone should check out each composer's site. They have unreleased music posted. Unreleased to the public, anyway.

From Revenge of the Fallen, here it what has been posted:

1m07 Reedman
2m33a Forest Battle
4m69-70 Dynasty of Primes
4m71 Matrix of Leadership

Only they are all improperly named. None of the track names correspond to the film.

And a note to Hybrid Soldier: Yes, while this music is new to the general public, it may not be new to you. So go ahead and call it "cute" in that we're just discovering this. Or whatever you think, I don't care.

I will be posting this on other releases that have additional music on Lorne's site

MacDawson2011-11-12 09:56:21
Good one. Thanks for the heads up. :)

Dawn2011-11-12 10:20:25
What's your problem with Hybrid Soldier ? Ok, he joked ONCE or maybe TWICE because someone came here with "new informations" when those had already been posted everywhere on various HZ-related forums all around the web.
Thanks to Hybrid, you have "life" on this website (composers promotion, news from all the upcoming releases, complete tracklists, informations coming from the studios...). Without him this website would be long forgotten, and he's not spending all his time on boards.
...Frankly, your behavior towards this nice guy starts to be really annoying !

Mr. Fate2011-11-12 16:33:02
I believe you have missed the point of Mr. Charles' post.

The main point was not to bash Hybrid Soldier. The main point was to find more decent names for these new cues. I don't think I can help you much, Mr. Charles, since we don't have a track list to go off for this like we do for, say, Sherlock Holmes, or DotM. The best you could probably do is go watch the movie yourself to find where these appear and name the tracks whatever you deem appropriate.

MacDawson2011-11-13 09:00:33
Great addition to the score, now at 21 (20, really) tracks and counting :) Though, as it's been pointed out elsewhere, the names don't fit. Skorponok fans (me included) will be happy to know that variant, used when the planes are launching from the aircraft carrier, is there. Now, all we need is... all the rest. XD

Hale2011-11-13 10:05:55
It lacks "Arrival to Earth" variations, "Autobots/Allspark reprise" (beginning of the movie) and the music played during the "Story of the Fallen"(Arrival to Egypt).

Alex.2011-11-14 06:11:24
Re MacDawson:

which cue contains the Skorponok variant ?

Mr. Fate2011-11-14 14:35:44
4m71 Matrix of Leadership, 0:47 to about 1:23.

@Hale, I think I know what themes you are referring to. There is one amazing theme that only sort of shows itself in "Einstein's Wrong" and "Signs 2" from Magic Box Music. Examples: both before and after they use the space bridge to get to Egypt, and possibly when Sam freaks out in the middle of that college class (I don't have a DVD rip of that one finished because of voice echoes). It occurs in SO MANY other places, but I haven't listened to my own bad DVD rips of it for a while.

Mr. Fate2012-01-15 02:32:12
I apologize, Mr. Charles, that no one has been able to help you out (not even me). Here's what I've come up with in terms of titles that are more relevant:

Reed Man --> The All Spark Sliver (my own title)
Forest Battle --> Alice, Decepticon Pretender (my own title)
Dynasty of the Primes --> Bumblebee Wins (ASCAP title)
Matrix of Leadership --> Lennox and Kids Get Closer (ASCAP title)

If someone can pinpoint exactly which two ASCAP titles correspond to those first two, that'd be even better!

Mr. Chalres2012-01-15 03:03:15
Thanks, Mr. Fate. Here's what I did myself:

1m07 Reedman > The Shard (Film Version)
2m33a Forest Battle > Alice Attacks
4m69-70 Dynasty of Primes > Bumblebee VS Rampage
4m71 Matrix of Leadership > Bombs Away

4m71 - Isn't that the cue where the jet drops the bomb causing the huge explosion, when Megatron comes out of the smoke and shoots Sam?

Mr. Fate2012-01-15 03:56:28
I didn't know whether you needed any help finding proper titles for these cues. One thing I'd like to point out though: I don't know how great the title "The Shard (Film Version)" fits, considering "The Shard" appears all throughout the film as different "film versions". You would likely have "Film Version #1", "Film Version #2", and so on, which isn't the best way to title stuff (but it's as creative as Danny Elfman's "Alice Reprises" I suppose).

If you wanted an ASCAP title, and since nobody else frequents this site like I do, here's what I'd guess would be the right names for 1m07, and 2m33a, respectively: "The Shard is Saved" and "Alice Gets Angry".

It's too bad we couldn't get a couple thousand bootleg releases for this film like we did for the first one--and that ASCAP track list appears to be not long enough. I would like to point out one interesting thing though: "Witwicky," "Satan's Camaro," and "Camaro on the Run" are all included in that track list. I am well aware that they tracked in music from the first film and remixed it a bit (a remixed version of "Sam at the Lake" also appears) but I am surprised to see those titles reused from the first film despite having no relevance to RotF. Can anyone explain this?

Mr. Charles2012-01-15 08:35:20
I hear what you're saying about my "film version" of The Shard. I thought the version we recently got from Lorne Balfe was the film version, because they sound very similar, yet still different.

I'll probably just stick with what I have named already, I'm fine with it.

I know exactly what you mean. Every time I go to ASCAP I look at the tracklist and I too notice it's way too short. And yes, I've also noticed the same cues appear on the list from the first film. Weird.

Mr. Charles reply Replies: 4 || 2012-01-14 04:59:21
FINALLY, we get the credits! Thank Hybrid

Hybrid Soldier2012-01-14 10:26:09
Yep, the OST really is based on Steve's work...

Mr. Fate2012-01-14 15:28:10
And now we can see why "The Fallen's Arrival" got cut so short! I don't really know how composing stuff works when you have multiple people working on the same cue, I could see how things could get messy. I'm going to assume something, on a probably inaccurate assumption, and say that the parts of that track that were cut out of the album edit were by Zimmer and Balfe. Am I right?

But that's good to see that most of this score was actually written by the guy it says it was written by, unlike the Pirates scores.

Hybrid Soldier2012-01-14 16:56:31
The Fallen's Arrival is actually a montage of 2 film cues :

The first 1:18 are a Jablonsky cue.

After that, it's a shortened version of a much bigger cue, which is by Hans & Lorne (using the general style of Steve). Hans told me working on that one was "a lot of fun" ! haha

Mr. Charles2012-01-15 02:56:48
That's cool, thanks for the info

SnakesInPantaloons reply Replies: 12 || 2011-09-10 19:57:06
I Have A Complete Tracklist If There Ever Is A Complete Score To ROTF :

1. 1m0 - Logos (0:41)
2. 1m1a - Main Title-First Contact (1:24)
3. 1m1b - Shanghai (0:50)
4. 1m1c - N.E.S.T. (2:08)
5. 1m4 - First Chase (1:07)
6. 1m5a - Second Chase (0:26)
7. 1m5b - Pursuit (0:44)
8. 2m7 - This Is Not Your Planet (0:38)
9. 2m7a - Sam To College (0:32)
10. 2m8a - The Shard (1:15)
11. 2m8b - Rooftop Escape / Bumblebee(0:47)
12. 2m9 - Retrieving The Shard (0:27)
13. 2m11 - Sad Bumblebee (0:47)
14. 2m12 - Autobot Hanger (0:49)
15. 3m13 - Director Galloway (0:54)
16. 3m14 - Origin Unknown (3:01)
17. 3m15 - What If We Leave? (1:17)
18. 3m18 - Tech-Head (1:17)
19. 3m19 - You Work For Me Now (0:13)
20. 3m21 - Freshman (0:23)
21. 3m22 - Mommy High (0:54)
22. 3m23 - Ravage (0:44)
23. 3m24a - Reedman (1:33)
24. 3m24b - Cakey Symbols (0:22)
25. 3m25 - Choose (1:34)
26. 4m27 - Diving For Megatron (2:18)
27. 4m28 - The Fallen's Lair (2:12)
28. 4m29 - Eintstein's Wrong (1:41)
29. 4m31 - Meltdown In Class (2:07)
30. 4m32 - Autobots On The Move (1:01)
31. 4m33 - 18 Inches Of Meat (0:18)
32. 4m34 - Alice (0:55)
33. 4m35 - A Tounge Twister (0:53)
34. 5m36 - Library Destruction (1:31)
35. 5m38a - Helicopter Abduction (0:21)
36. 5m38b - Megatron And Sam (1:55)
37. 5m39 - Foundry Save To Forest Fight (1:04)
38. 5m40 - Forest Battle (1:00)
39. 5m41 - Optimus Vs. The Decepticons (0:50)
40. 5m42 - The Fallen's Arrival (5:09)
41. 5m44 - The Fallen's Broadcast (2:24)
42. 5m46 - A Fallen Prime (1:01)
43. 6m47 - Don't Give Up (2:25)
44. 6m48 - New Divide(Instrumental) (0:49)
45. 6m50a - Meatlocker (0:39)
46. 6m50b - Signs (1:43)
47. 6m50c - Language Of The Primes (0:39)
48. 6m50d - Air And Space Museum (1:15)
49. 7m51 - Searching The Museum (1:11)
50. 7m53 - Jetfire (1:54)
51. 7m54 - Spacebridge To Egypt (0:43)
52. 7m55 - History Of The Primes (3:35)
53. 8m56 - Run Like An Egyptian (0:50)
54. 8m57 - Delivery (2:48)
55. 8m58 - NEST E.T.A. (0:21)
56. 8m59 - Under The Stars / The Three Kings (1:20)
57. 8m60 - Bailout (2:17)
58. 8m62 - Infinite White (1:25)
59. 8m63 - Tomb Of The Primes (2:34)
60. 8m64 - The Drop (1:20)
61. 9m66 - It's Up To Simmons (0:50)
62. 9m67 - We Need An Assist (3:24)
63. 9m68 - Hide, Seek And Run (2:57)
64. 9m69 - Mudflap's Sacrifice (0:16)
65. 9m70 - The Twins Vs. Devastator (1:20)
66. 9m71 - Bumblebee's Fight (1:05)
67. 9m72 - Letting Go (1:32)
68. 9m73 - Simmons' Orders / Running For Optimus (4:12)
69. 10m74 - Precious Cargo (2:11)
70. 10m75 - Devastator Destroyed / F22's To Egypt (1:55)
71. 10m76 - The Dynasty Of Primes (4:22)
72. 10m77a - I Claim Your Sun (1:13)
73. 10m77b - Optimus Destroys The Harvester (1:23)
74. 10m77c - Optimus Vs. Megatron And The Fallen (0:33)
75. 10m78 - I Rise, You Fall (2:34)

Mr. Fate2011-09-10 22:10:42
Broham, your statement has somehow managed to contradict itself and poke a hole in the universe. You can't possibly have a track list to the complete score before we know of the existence of the complete score. This must mean that you've made up your own track list and cue and reel numbers (they look somewhat professional, btw).

However, quite a few of your cue names appear to be identical to someone's made-up track list which was posted on a shrine several months back. I assume you used some of the track titles from the list registered on ASCAP as well, eh?

Besides, if ever the real complete score surfaces, did you consider that it mist already have cue and reel numbers, and possibly even track titles, thereby making this list obsolete?

Anonimo2011-09-11 03:12:19
This tracklist is different to the ASCAP tracklist awesome!!!!

Papapalpatine772011-09-11 03:30:05
Yes, but it says 'here is a complete tracklist if there is ever a complete score to RotF'. This makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Fate2011-09-11 03:33:18
You guys should really read my first post here; I think it explains mostly everything.

Also, in the last paragraph, 'mist' is supposed to be 'might'.

Papapalpatine772011-09-11 03:55:16
Yes, I read it. Nothing new to take in. This list is nothing. You can't have a list that 'might' correspond to a complete score. I don't think RotF will ever see the light of day. Now DotM is another matter. We have a legit tracklist for that, and I KNOW for a fact it's real.

SnakesInPantaloons2011-09-11 05:11:55
No its my dvd rip

Jakeson2011-09-11 05:14:08
nice cover snakes, you weren't suppose to post this, let alone here! good luck getting this score from me now, "buddy" >:(

Mr. Fate2011-09-11 14:31:17
Um...Oopsies! Wait a minute--Snakes getting rare music that's real?

Come on, bro! A DVD rip complete with slate numbers? This, however, still doesn't explain why several of the tracks seem to match titles of the track list posted on the Shrine...

Is this seriously real, Jakeson?

Jakeson2011-09-11 15:37:30
nah I just wanted to scare the shit out of snakes. I gave him the tracklist, as its shows up on sheet music, but I have yet to find this rare gem myself, and it wouldn't surprise me if snake's attempts to make a dvd rip.

Mr. Fate2011-09-11 15:44:27
But this track list *is* legit, in the sense that if the sessions surfaced, these would be the titles? Well, that somewhat explains Snakes' contradictory statement.

How come several of the cue names match ones from that made up track list I keep mentioning?

Snakes already had his own track list.

Dimensioner2011-10-05 03:46:08
What...the heck is this?! So many of these track titles match the ones that I made up for my edit of the score. I suppose this is what Mr. Fate is referring to?

I even posted a bundle of these not too long ago. And no, they don't have slate numbers--it's a DVD rip. I just find it to be beyond pure coincidence that my track count is one fewer than this (and that's only because I grouped Snakes' 6m48 with the cue prior to it into a single track) and also that this track list borrows roughly TEN of my titles (not including the ones that match OST or Magic Box Music titles, of course).

Areozz2011-12-14 15:48:54
@Ahmad: clearly you did not read the posts following this fake-as-Twinkies track list. This whole track list is total BS and does NOT correspond to anything real aside from some dude watching the movie, documenting track lengths, making up some track names and then pulling some slate numbers out of his ass.

This can be confirmed by checking out the four new tracks for this film posted on Lorne Balfe's website. While Balfe had to make up track names instead of using the real official ones, due to whatever rule causes that to be necessary, I am confident the attached slate numbers are genuine. Try to find those slate numbers in this track list posted above and see if anything corresponds.

Also, as Dimensioner pointed out, several of the track titles were borrowed from his DVD rip of the score, and I find it hard to believe that he would have used official titles for a DVD rip, considering that the only official titles known are listed on ASCAP, and all we have are those titles to go from.

TL;DR: this track list is fake.

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2011-10-05 05:55:26

A stirring collection of Steve Jablonsky’s epic themes from one of the most successful recent franchises

Steve Jablonsky’s long association with Transformers director Michael Bay began in the 1990s, creating additional music for Armageddon, Pearl Harbor and Bad Boys II, and forming a close link with prolific composer Hans Zimmer. His career spans film, TV and video games and includes the remakes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Amityville Horror and Friday The 13th.

Performed by the London Music Works.

1. Transformers - Autobots
2. Transformers - The All Spark
3. Transformers - Optimus
4. Transformers - Bumblebee
5. Transformers - Arrival To Earth
6. Transformers - Optimus Vs. Megatron
7. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen - Nest
8. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen - Infinite White
9. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen - Tomb Of The Primes
10. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen - Forest Battle
11. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen - Matrix Of Leadership
12. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen - Prime/I Rise, You Fall
13. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon: Dark Side Of The Moon
14. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon - Sentinel Prime
15. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon - It’s Our Fight
16. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon - Our Final Hope

* The digital release comes with an exclusive 17th digital only track and a downloadable booklet:

17. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon - Prelude (Trailer Music)

US Release Date: October 11, 2011

Digital Album: SILED1365
US Release date: August 16, 2011

Jimmer reply Replies: 2 || 2011-07-31 20:29:04
I'd still like to here some of the demos of Hans Zimmer and Linkin Park and the track "New Divide." The little taste that we have of it in "Nest" is cool with the brass near the middle of the cue, but a full orchestral version of that song would be great under Zimmer's supervision. Just my two cents.

Dakota2011-07-31 21:10:19
It's way too short in the movie and it's a shame we don't have the piece where it plays again when Optimus and Bumblebee rescue Sam from Megatron

Ricky2011-08-13 20:46:07
I don't know why they didn't include in the score the part when Optimus and Bumblebee rescue Sam (the prelude to Forest Battle)... It's so powerful!!

Snakes reply Replies: 3 || 2011-07-18 04:08:56
For Some Odd Reason, I Think We're Getting Closer To A Release! I Have The Cover Posted And A New Tracklist(I Don't Think It Matches The Expanded Release Though)... But I Can Feel We're Getting Closer!!!!!

Dakota2011-07-27 08:30:45

The Dimensioner2011-07-31 03:08:28
*responded to wrong post*

Dakota2011-07-31 06:22:47
Haha yup. Thought I'd just leave until someone had to say something

Phil reply Replies: 1 || 2011-07-16 11:49:28
I've the Additional Music by Tom Gire and John Sponsler
they're just 3 Tracks:

1. Signs (1:53)
2. Don't Give Up (2:44)
3. We Need An Assist / One Man (3:56)

zach2011-07-16 16:33:43

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2011-07-16 00:43:09
how can someone get unreleased music? how can we contact the composer or company?

Ricardo reply Replies: 25 || 2011-05-28 23:54:08
Still no news from the complete score?

Epix2011-05-29 00:42:45
I think a reason why complete / promo scores aren't released is due to many factors including. but not limited to:

1 - Film's success - a example of this I believe, if my memory serves me correct is xXx State of the Union by Marco Beltrami. From what I was told, the reason it wasn't released was lack in the film's box office success and popularity. So that may be a reason why a score doesn't get released.

2 - It has occurred to me that a lot of scores by Remote Control Productions composers aren't either complete or released. I think a reason for this is the fact that numerous composers from this group seem to contribute to a score. It seems that only the credited composers music are released officially, and a lot of the times other composers contributions aren't released.

3 - Also, some composers works just don't get released, whether because of film's success/popularity or the genre, or amount of score produced. Rupert Gregson-Williams and Teddy Castellucci are good examples of which not many of their works get released.

that's the main 3 I feel like typing up atm :D

Dakota2011-05-31 01:42:08
Guys, there is definitely something out there. This is from BMI:
h t t p:// =True&blnArtist=True&page=1&keyid=11210296&ShowNbr=0&ShowSeq Nbr=0&querytype=WorkID

This track is called "Galloway Parachutes". There was also another one I saw titled "Reed Man", obviously the music playing after Ravage attacks the military base and the reed man transformer steals the shard.

Dakota2011-05-31 01:43:01
Ya, ok. Here's the complete tracklist:

17 000 B C

zach2011-05-31 02:07:21
anyone know if this exist to hear?

Dakota2011-05-31 02:12:25
I seriously, seriously hope it exists. I just go soooooo excited when I found it. I need this.

zach2011-05-31 02:13:01
where did you find it?

Dakota2011-05-31 02:22:11
BMI, so it's legit. I didn't just make this up.

zach2011-05-31 02:26:06
i wish we could buy it off BMI website.

Anonymous2011-05-31 03:39:19
chillllll, its not the real thing, every composer registers stuff on there, this is not the legit tracklist...

hopefully someone has the real deal, though

Dakota2011-05-31 04:38:12
SOMEONE had The Dark Knight. SOMEONE had Batman Begins. SOMEONE had A Nightmare on Elm Street. SOMEONE had National Treasure: Book of Secrets. My point is, SOMEONE definitely has this. Hrbrid had said back on The Dark Knight page that so so many things exist that we don't even know about. I know this exists. Someone has something, and maybe one day we will get it.

Uga2011-05-31 05:11:48
Just like Inception.

Dakota2011-05-31 05:24:36
EXACTLY, Uga. Just like Inception.

Fry2011-05-31 08:12:20
and also "The Thin Red Line"?

michel2011-06-03 18:45:21
They should create a bandcamp profile for Steve Jablonsky and put the files for the complete score on it. The same Klaus Badelt does. So, what does it cost? And it makes the fans happy. :)

Dakota2011-06-04 05:11:57
What is a bandcamp profile?

michel2011-06-04 16:06:06
Bandcamp is a platform, where artists can sell their music. Fans can buy and download the music in formats like MP3 or FLAC. The latest releases by Klaus Badelt are sold through bandcamp.
I mean it is not a big deal to sell music digitally via bandcamp. Though I do not know other reasons, why not releasing such great music.

Hybrid Soldier2011-06-04 16:41:14
It's simple !


I mean, if Klaus can release so much, it's because he signs contracts to OWN the rights of his scores, so he can do whatever he wants with it !

Stuff like Warner/Fox/Paramount/DreamWorks films, you'll never have deals like that... That's why !

michel2011-06-04 18:42:33
Didn't know it's that simple. But as I mentioned that _they_ should create for instance this kind of profile, I meant it can't be difficult to release more music digitally in a good quality (FLAC)?!

Dingmaster2011-07-15 15:14:52
Dakota. Nice find on this score. It looks like an expanded score instead of a recording session, but still works.

You said this website has music that we can listen to?
h t t p:// =True&blnArtist=True&page=1&keyid=11210296&ShowNbr=0&ShowSeq Nbr=0&querytype=WorkID

Where did you find "Reed Man"? I noticed that the 'Ravage attack base' music is missing from the tracklist provided.

kaka2011-07-15 15:30:43
Dakota...The BMI Reptoir website doesnt list or show anything song related other than the composer working on the title. Where is all this coming from? Do you got a link?

kaka2011-07-15 15:33:15
INteresting that the tracklist does not include the tracks that Sponsler and Guire did...

Dakota2011-07-15 16:16:49
I simply Googled BMI and took it form there. That link to the BMI site is the only one I have. No clue why Tom Gire & John Sponsler's tracks are not listed....

Anonymous2011-07-15 19:12:21
> I mean, if Klaus can release so much, it's because he signs
> contracts to OWN the rights of his scores, so he can do whatever
> he wants with it !
> Stuff like Warner/Fox/Paramount/DreamWorks films, you'll never
> have deals like that...

Even though some of the music on his site (that you can get for free) is from just those studios :P

Dakota2011-07-15 21:59:14
The only link I have is that one from BMI, which I already posted. I don't think there's anything to get excited over, guys....

kaka2011-07-16 00:32:31
I wonder if researching those composers might yeild any info...

Danny reply Replies: 1 || 2011-07-14 14:56:07
Well, somebody knows where some expanded music is. Check this out. Completely new music from ROTF.

h t t p :/ /

SJ2011-07-14 18:56:49
Everyone has those cues, those cues are available on the magicboxmusic website

Richard reply Replies: 13 || 2011-07-01 01:08:11
Dakota, any news from that complete score list you found?

Dakota2011-07-01 02:50:37
Nothing =(

If I found it / had it by now, you guys would surely know. Someone I know says it's just the cues that the composer has to register with BMI, and that it's nothing. If I ever get it, you guys will know

Richard2011-07-01 07:18:43
Thanks for your answer, its good to know I'm not the only one who wants this score :)

Dakota2011-07-01 20:54:17
No problem. I would die to get a complete release.....

Anonymous2011-07-02 03:09:10
Expanded one is coming...

Mike C. 2011-07-02 03:22:02
Expanded one is coming? How do you know?

Anonymous2011-07-02 05:57:46
Coming to a shrine near you soon!

Noble 2011-07-02 07:43:50
What does coming to a shrine near you for? Is it coming out or not.

Dakota2011-07-02 07:50:35
Very nice. Enough said =)

Gregson2011-07-02 12:53:59
Fuck Yeah!!!!!Complete recordings from Angels & Demons is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous2011-07-02 13:13:53
where and when? fromwhere did you get the informations?

T-Mann0362011-07-02 17:06:14
I don't give a rat's butt if Revenge of the Fallen is complete or expanded, I want 'em all!!!!!!!!

David2011-07-02 18:28:49
I hope to be able to get a hold of it because 43 mins and those few tracks found elsewhere just still miss out on so many amazing cues - mainly for me the opening action scene and when the bots rescue sam from hmmmm (having his brain tampered with!!)

zach2011-07-05 15:57:59
a FULL release for DOTM??!?! :)

SJ reply Replies: 0 || 2011-07-01 02:11:24
In terms of release, Dark of the Moon takes the win. More music, more action music, however they didn't utilize a lot of themes in Dark of the Moon.

Revenge of the Fallen probably has the better score of the three. However, the release sucks, and hardly features any of the action pieces...or at least, complete pieces.

Gloriane reply Replies: 1 || 2011-06-15 17:29:49
This forum needed shankig up and youÂ’ve just done that. Great post!

  Your name :   

Please enter number: 878 

Dakota2011-06-16 00:45:10
No it did not. GO THE F AWAY

Mitch reply Replies: 0 || 2011-06-14 13:20:22
Your asewnr was just what I needed. ItÂ’s made my day!

Shanna reply Replies: 0 || 2011-06-14 06:48:11
Wow! That's a raelly neat answer!

Kasara reply Replies: 3 || 2011-06-13 23:56:13
No more s***. All posts of this qlautiy from now on

Dakota2011-06-14 02:50:26
What are you talking about?

Charlie Sheen2011-06-14 02:58:52
he's the troll thats been tryin to run this website. xD sorry I had to use this name as my post, just to perfect to pass up lol but seriously, GET LOST TROLL!

Dakota2011-06-14 03:37:08
Yup, now that I see what scores have the latest comments, I realize. THE MODERATORS NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!!

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 1 || 2011-03-24 00:00:00
Dakota, please, stop requesting and posting your email... This is not a supermarket ! :S

doesnt matter!2011-06-05 00:47:46
your annoying and arrogant.

Michael reply Replies: 3 || 2011-05-04 18:26:37
HI.I like to now which song is played in T2:RotF starts in 2:04:11.PLZ help

Dakota2011-05-10 04:00:55
Michael, the music heard at that part when the jets are taking off from the ship is a slightly different rendition of "Skorponok" from the first film. It's also on the first film's commercial soundtrack.

Michael2011-05-10 10:35:13
You saved my life for you :D

Dakota2011-05-10 17:07:50
Thanks :-)

Adam Krysinski reply Replies: 0 || 2011-04-26 14:34:24

Evenstar reply Replies: 3 || 2011-04-26 09:57:49
Score for Transformers 3 available for pre-order!
This title will be released on June 7, 2011.

Adrian2011-04-26 11:00:33
NO WAY :-)
This is great news... Less than 2 months to go!

Andrew2011-04-26 13:08:13
That date does not sound right. Why would they offer "the score" a month earlier than the film's release date? July 7th would make more sense.

Adrian2011-04-26 13:38:24
Andrew, sounds plausible, but it's not impossible they release something prior to the film's release. Look what they did for Atli's Season of the Witch...

Bar reply Replies: 0 || 2011-04-21 17:16:31
Does anyone knows anything about the transformers 3 score?
like how many tracks ?

Dakota reply Replies: 0 || 2011-04-21 00:00:00
Expanded, Complete, Recording Sessions, whatever. I'll take anything at this point. It's coming up on 2 years now. The Transformers complete score came out not long after the first film. I hope Dark of the Moon is much longer than Revenge of the Fallen is, it's way too short.

Bondo reply Replies: 0 || 2011-04-20 00:00:00
This is why we need a complete score for T2, to fully appreciate how Steve incorporated "New Divide" into the overall score. I'm excited by the prospect of T3 being darker too!

Dakota reply Replies: 0 || 2011-04-20 00:00:00
I am so freaking excited they're doing the theme song again. This makes the trilogy that much better. Is Steve working with LP on the score again? I hope so. I love how New Divide was incorporated into ROTF's score. Maybe since it's coming up on 2 years now, there will be a complete score release for this. It's my second favorite ever.....

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