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Can confirm: am dead.Jesus! Two Powell albums in less than a month. What a time to be alive. :O<br><br>So glad this is finally getting a release!Meh, I'm a "good" guy.<br><br>I prefer RO to Solo.<br><br>I did not say that the themes are from Giacchino or Williams or Powell I talk about themes of the score (regardless of who the authors are).<br><br>I'm also not "measuring dicks", Powell always has more points with me than Giacchino anyway.<br><br>I honestly did not like the theme written by WILLIAMS for Han and I can not equate it with the others in the franchise. It is disappointing.<br><br>And John's score, unfortunately, is a little paler than Rogue One's (since I can not mention the name Giacchino, as I'll be comparing the two). As much as I agree that the quality of the film is a factor to be considered, I do not believe the music is bad. It is not. I liked the music. Mainly the sequences of action. But it is very little for SW and for Powell "writing a SW score". I expected more. I'm disappointed and I hope HTTYD 3 is as good as its predecessors.@Olive: Caricature villians, really?<br><br>Krennic has a theme similar to that of the Empire, but being an arrogant character, his theme is more exaggerated, for the character<br><br>You make laugh with the march of Vader (is HIS theme, for god's sake)<br><br>And yeah, I prefer Rogue One over Solo, not only the movie.Don't forget in your calculation of "measuring dicks" between Giacchino & Powell, that Giacchino had a good film to score.<br><br><br>Powell did not...<br><br><br>He did a wonderful job despite what he was given to score... lol
Rogue One has several caricature moments that make me want to laugh at Giacchino's naivety, but there is no denying that the material is a million of times more memorable than what we heard in Solo. RO has themes. A recognizable theme for Jyn, a silly theme for the villains, a beautiful one for the surrender of the rebels in the end, a silly march for Vader, but manages to point out the moments of the score. Not here. I'm trying to discern the theme for Han and the Chewie theme.<br><br>This made me very disappointed because I was very happy for Powell's appointment. The score is not bad, far from it. The problem is that I expected so much more. HTTYD will be my "medicine". :PIm actually liking Powell's Solo theme better than Williams' theme...Edmund is probably dead from bliss, because this is a mighty fine score. I gave it only one listen so far, but I haven't enjoyed Powell this much in years.Great!! Very big Powell fan!!!More Powell !
Yes, music from seasons 1 & 2...It is on the original album : the last 2 minutes of "Woad to Ruin".Is this for both seasons ? Balfe shows a very diverse writing style within this show .It would be interesting if this style was used in Mission ImpossibleWhy never ? <br>He dislikes the saga or not interested ? I'm curious.Does anyone know why "Knight's March" is not in the original album and if there is a extended edition that has this cue?<br><br>
Rogue One was last minute change on Giacchino. I would like to hear Alexandre Desplat score to make a correct analysis from both scores. Besides that and with the little time, Giacchino's score is good, in the same style from maestro Williams. <br>Solo score is more different. Maestro Williams wrote the main theme and more cues, but what make the score different is Powell. He adapts Solo theme, and some of themes the original trilogy, but he puts him own stamp. Definitely is a Star Wars Score but with Powell stamp. Something Giacchino, maybe for the time, did not develop.<br>The film, well, i will watch on DVD.graciasWhile I always liked this score, it wasn’t until recently (when I revisited the film and album) that I realized how amazing it really is. There is still nothing that tops “Evacuating London” or the “Aslan” theme in terms of modern fantasy material. Each of the themes are brilliantly interconnected with each other, but stand on their own as well. I do wish there something a bit more distinctive for the White Witch, but that’s a small complaint.<br><br>The only other score that really reminds me of this (in terms of the string writing and piano material) is “Winters Tale” by Rupert. Also a pretty solid fantasy score.I LOVE IT!!They kept the volume of the music so low in the movie, while rouge ones was jacked up and used as a center piece rather than side music like they did for John. Johnson piece is far better,  it they gave it a back seat <br>

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Mark MancinaDon HarperDave MetzgerHans Zimmer
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicMusic Producer
Blood+ (Volume 1)
Label: Sony Music SVWC
Length: 46'31 rating:        4/5
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (17255 votes)


  1. Saya's Victory (3:34)
    Mark Mancina, Dave Metzger
  2. Chasing The Enemy (2:01)
    Mark Mancina, Don Harper
  3. Saya-Nara (3:31)
    Mark Mancina
  4. Being Chased (2:28)
    Mark Mancina, Don Harper
  5. BLOOD+ Countdown (2:08)
    Mark Mancina
  6. Saya's Daily Life (2:26)
    Mark Mancina
  7. Vampire Battle (3:16)
    Mark Mancina, Dave Metzger
  8. Chasing Thru Time (2:05)
    Mark Mancina, Don Harper
  9. Saya's Destiny (2:32)
    Mark Mancina
  10. Saya's Courage (2:22)
    Mark Mancina, Dave Metzger
  11. The Vampire's Threat (1:21)
    Mark Mancina
  12. BLOOD+ The Final Battle (3:42)
    Mark Mancina
  13. Saya's Love (3:37)
    Mark Mancina, Don Harper
  14. BLOOD+ Grand Theme (6:36)
    Mark Mancina, Dave Metzger
  15. Diva - Elin Carlson (4:51)
    Mark Mancina, Don Harper
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Ashley reply Replies: 0 || 2007-07-02 00:00:00
What's the title of the composition Haji plays on the cello from time to time in the show? I play in an orchestra and I was curious... Which suite?

Monika reply Replies: 0 || 2007-07-01 00:00:00
what is the name of the song used in the english promo for blood+??

Ilona reply Replies: 0 || 2007-06-14 00:00:00
Which one of the suites does Hagi play? There are six, you know..

beam reply Replies: 0 || 2007-06-07 00:00:00
I wanna know the title of the song Haji play.I love him so much

ron reply Replies: 0 || 2007-05-31 00:00:00
bach cello suites, that's is what haji plays.

Badi reply Replies: 0 || 2007-05-25 00:00:00
Hey the Diva song is not the full version I want to listen to the full version its different in Blood+

Badi reply Replies: 0 || 2007-05-25 00:00:00
I've been looking all over the internet just to find out who the heck sung as Diva I love that song now who sung as Diva and who is the voice of Diva I mean no one talks about Diva thats so sad...

Tina reply Replies: 0 || 2007-05-19 00:00:00
I love Blood+ very much

fye reply Replies: 0 || 2007-05-17 00:00:00
blood+ is cool... i like saya... i luvv blood+

KEKE reply Replies: 0 || 2007-05-14 00:00:00

Shiori reply Replies: 0 || 2007-05-11 00:00:00
Thank you very much.

Now all I need to find is the name of the song Hagi plays on his cello.. Anyone know..?

ChaosMage reply Replies: 0 || 2007-05-08 00:00:00
Anyone knows what the name is of the cello song that Haji plays? It was the first song that cought me in the anime, later "Diva". Anyone knows?

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 0 || 2007-05-06 00:00:00
The singer is Elin Carlson !


Shiori reply Replies: 0 || 2007-04-17 00:00:00
Hello, I am a huge fan of Blood+ and was simply wondering if anyone knows the name of the woman who sings Diva's Song. I adore her voice and would absolutely love to hear more of it.

Oh, and I was also wondering if anyone knew the title of the song that Hagi plays on his cello?

Jesse reply Replies: 0 || 2007-04-02 00:00:00
Woah.. Zimmer and Mancina doing anime? Cool.

Sakura* reply Replies: 0 || 2007-03-26 00:00:00
okay, so i was wondering, in the first episode with Haji is playing the cello, does ANYONE know what song that is? Or if it's even on a c.d.? I've been looking everywhere for it and i haven't found anywhere! And I think it's a totally great sounding song so i hope i can find it somewhere! =S so yepp i guess leave a comment here && I'll check back later, thanks a ton!

Jennifer reply Replies: 0 || 2007-03-24 00:00:00
Who is the singer of Track #15, "Diva" please? Thank you. Jennifer Wong of

Cabbage reply Replies: 0 || 2007-02-23 00:00:00
Omg, me too! It's so frustrating

Studlybob reply Replies: 0 || 2007-02-15 00:00:00
I REALLY want to know who sings the Diva song but I can't find out ANYWHERE. I looked every place I could possibly look.

Cabbage reply Replies: 0 || 2007-02-11 00:00:00
Who the hell is the singer for the Diva song?!

JOSE reply Replies: 0 || 2007-01-12 00:00:00

rodrigo reply Replies: 0 || 2006-12-02 00:00:00
who is the singer of diva song. thanks

Wam reply Replies: 0 || 2006-11-29 00:00:00
Yes, it's a beautiful score, but looks like H. Zimmer's "Crimson tide" too much ! (listen the track "Blood + Grand theme" from "Blood" and "Roll tide" from "Crimson Tide"). But M. Mancina is a very good composer.

D. reply Replies: 0 || 2006-11-21 00:00:00
I Love This Soundtrack, it's utterly amazing. The most powerful song is Diva. Gives me chills everytime I listen to it. Good Job Mark Mancina and Hans Zimmer.

toy-yan reply Replies: 0 || 2006-11-07 00:00:00
left with feeling of pending doom

ak reply Replies: 0 || 2006-09-30 00:00:00
Incredible score perfectly compliments the characters' inner and outer battles portrayed in the series. On its own it's a powerful score, but backed by the emotions of the characters, it truly becomes a grounding element throughout the entire Blood+ series.

Villain reply Replies: 0 || 2006-09-26 00:00:00
This score is amazing!!!!
Mark Mancina rules on MV!!!!

okku reply Replies: 0 || 2006-09-23 00:00:00
blood great theme is wonderful.

Yomemi reply Replies: 0 || 2006-09-21 00:00:00

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