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@anonymous it appears in the track "vanishing point" but there's a better unreleased version of it when William was confessing to his wifewell hybrid, if you ever happen to know who did what, add it here please :D I would really be thankful for it!!If Steffen & Max did anything, it's arrange Lorne's cues...Personally, I donīt think that Aruj and Thum got a chance (or time) to write anything for this film, but I may be wrong... who knowsIn which tracks does William's sad theme appear?
Alright, these are my speculations on the credits for this version, mixed with what we already know about it from Soundclouds/websites/etc.<br><br>What we know:<br>Luke Richards - Today We Hunt, Running Out Of Tomorrows, Ospreys<br>Lorne Balfe - Battlefield<br><br>Gary Dworetsky - Final 50 seconds of Calling All Autobots<br><br>My personal speculation:<br>David Fleming - Drone Chase, Dive<br><br>Gary Dworetsky - History of Transformers<br><br>Max Aruj & Steffen Thum - Vivian Follows Merlin, Claim The Staff<br><br>I have no sources to back this up, these are just my guesses based on what I feel these composers' styles are.I watched the movie yesterday. Unfortunately,the songs are in Portuguese here, in Brazil (even "Spirit"! ). But Hans' work is still amazing, intense, he's stolen the show again!Saw the movie but never listened to the score, is it worth listening to?This complete album sound like Lit!! I like to hear about this album in one day soon.I just hope they bring back William's sad theme and other variations of Dolores's theme which were unreleased in season 2
It is, actually, completely in correct order. There's just 5 theme suites  here & there.Okay, I want this. Where, how much? lol<br><br>And I'm willing to bet that even those Jablonsky fans who didn't like the score wanna hear the complete album.@Ahmad i think end credits :PDo you know the chronological order for this one Hybrid? I had quick glance at the complete here and the OST album seems massively out of order16 hours of music?<br>Can we hear those 16 hours of music one day?
I saw the film today. It's amazing and wonderful. The feeling and emotions of the 1994 film keep untouchables. The score is simply breathtaking. The songs are incredible. The stampede scene is so intense just like the 1994. Hans has made an intense, epic and beautiful score.Additional arrangements instead of additional music? Even part of the score not on album?Because if the film is an american production, it has no choice but be recorded in the US... That's the rule...<br><br>When the film is a UK co-production, and/or partly shot in the UK etc... (like, for instance, every Nolan film, or King Arthur), it can be recorded in the UK... That's why it's way easier to get an expanded set of The Dark Knight or Interstellar than... the POTC saga...<br><br>I remember the AFM (American Federation of Musicians) wasn't pleased when Interstellar got recorded at Air Studios in London, claiming it had to be US Recorded... But Nolan's a brit, Syncopy is a British operation based in London...> You gotta realize one thing, this score is US recorded so every new 15 min of score you release, you gotta pay back reuse fees. So it's very complicated & costy and that's why they released "only" 15 min of extra score.<br><br>> If it was recorded in the UK, they could have released 2 hours of bonus tracks it wouldn't have cost anything more... :)<br><br>Wow, I didn't know that. So, why not record every movie in the UK/Europe then? Not sure how long it will take but I think this re-use fee will drop once they record every score outside the US.<br>However, how much money did the movie make in the Boxoffice and Home Entertainment? I'm sure that money can't be an issue here.<br><br>How cool would it be to officially buy the sessions in a collectors box (in general for all movies), signed by the composer and director and maybe cast members... I'm sure that could be sold for $200+. The studios are wasting an opportunity here... Sure, you can copy music but you can't copy the signatures.That's exactley what I thought.<br><br>There was one other thing I thought was great.<br><br>I went with my parents, who have heard Zimmer's music, from when I'm listening to it, but they said to me that you can hear, that it's him, without even knowing all of his music.<br>They said, the thematic content, the bombast of it, it is just pure Zimmer.<br><br>Hope Spongebob & Wonder Woman 1984 are with a large orchestral/choir ensemble, and with WW1984 some 80's synths!!

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Nick Glennie-SmithVariousGraham Preskett
KPM Library - Orchestral Dynamics - The LSO Vol2
Label: Promotional release
Length: 54'51 rating:        4/5
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (3021 votes)
Track 1 : The Last Hero (a) P Pritchard
Stirring Hollywood adventure theme - full orchestra.
Duration : 1.43 Tempo : Medium
Track 2 : The Last Hero (b) P Pritchard
Lighter variation - chamber orchestra.
Duration : 2.31 Tempo : Medium
Track 3 : The Last Hero (c) P Pritchard
Lyrical variation - chamber group.
Duration : 2.01 Tempo : Medium
Track 4 : The Last Hero (d) P Pritchard
Tender‚ romantic variation - chamber group.
Duration : 1.10 Tempo : Medium
Track 5 : My Story Begins... (a) G Preskett
Reflective opening to heart-warming episodic theme - full orchestra.
Duration : 2.50 Tempo : Medium
Track 6 : My Story Begins... (b) G Preskett
Warm‚ reflective variation - chamber orchestra.
Duration : 1.59 Tempo : Medium
Track 7 : My Story Begins... (c) G Preskett
Gentle‚ lyrical variation - chamber group.
Duration : 0.58 Tempo : Medium
Track 8 : Magic and Mystery I Sekacz
Eerie‚ atmospheric opening to gradual development with mysterious textures‚ tender interlude and reprise - chamber orchestra.
Duration : 3.31 Tempo : Various
Track 9 : Great Achievements N Glennie-Smith
Broad‚ episodic theme building to triumphant finale - full orchestra.
Duration : 3.05 Tempo : Fast
Track 10 : Faces of Love (a) A Jackman
Warm‚ romantic theme building to finale and editing point at 2.20 to reprise - full orchestra.
Duration : 2.42 Tempo : Slow
Track 11 : Faces of Love (b) A Jackman
Solo cello introduction to light‚ reflective variation - chamber group.
Duration : 1.02 Tempo : Slow
Track 12 : Faces of Love (c) A Jackman
Light optimistic variation - chamber group.
Duration : 1.01 Tempo : Slow
Track 13 : Tales of Adventure (a) M Cang
Exhilarating action theme - full orchestra.
Duration : 2.53 Tempo : Fast
Track 14 : Tales of Adventure (b) M Cang
Light-hearted variation - chamber orchestra.
Duration : 2.07 Tempo : Fast
Track 15 : Tales of Adventure (c) M Cang
Light variation - chamber group.
Duration : 1.01 Tempo : Fast
Track 16 : Tales of Adventure (d) M Cang
Lyrical variation with long tail in a major key resolving to dissonance - chamber group.
Duration : 0.59 Tempo : Fast
Track 17 : The Silver Blade I Sekacz
Swashbuckling adventure theme with romantic interlude - full orchestra.
Duration : 3.10 Tempo : Fast
Track 18 : Network International B Gulland
Light introduction to purposeful‚ rhythmic theme with climaxes and editing points - full orchestra.
Duration : 2.21 Tempo : Fast
Track 19 : Scenic Journeys C Palmer
Colourful‚ descriptive travelogue - full orchestra.
Duration : 2.45 Tempo : Medium
Track 20 : A Scenic Heritage (a) R Harvey
Lyrical‚ pastoral theme in a folk idiom - chamber orchestra.
Duration : 2.07 Tempo : Medium
Track 21 : A Scenic Heritage (b) R Harvey
Lighter variation - chamber group.
Duration : 1.00 Tempo : Medium
Track 22 : Golden Fields B Connor
Romantic‚ pastoral theme - chamber orchestra.
Duration : 2.54 Tempo : Medium


Track 23 : The Last Hero 30 (a) P Pritchard
Duration : 0.30 Tempo : Medium
Track 24 : The Last Hero 30 (b) P Pritchard
Duration : 0.30 Tempo : Medium
Track 25 : The Last Hero 30 (c) P Pritchard
Duration : 0.30 Tempo : Medium
Track 26 : The Last Hero 30 (d) P Pritchard
Duration : 0.30 Tempo : Medium
Track 27 : My Story Begins... 30 G Preskett
Duration : 0.30 Tempo : Medium
Track 28 : Great Achievements 30 N Glennie-Smith
Duration : 0.30 Tempo : Fast
Track 29 : Faces of Love 30 A Jackman
Duration : 0.30 Tempo : Slow
Track 30 : Tales of Adventure 30 (a) M Cang
Duration : 0.30 Tempo : Fast
Track 31 : Tales of Adventure 30 (b) M Cang
Duration : 0.30 Tempo : Fast
Track 32 : Tales of Adventure 30 (c) M Cang
Duration : 0.30 Tempo : Fast
Track 33 : The Silver Blade 30 I Sekacz
Duration : 0.30 Tempo : Fast
Track 34 : Network International 30 B Gulland
Duration : 0.30 Tempo : Fast
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KPM Library - Orchestral Dynamics - The LSO Vol2 soundtrack - Nick Glennie-Smith - Various - Graham Preskett