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Bit of late to the party. Watched the movie yesterday and liked the score to it very much. While looking then after the score, Ive found another more complete edition. Just in case for anyone who is also late to the game:<br><br>1. Wife Memory<br>2. Writting the Letter<br>3. Suicide<br>4. Suicide (Alternate)<br>5. You're Gonna Die<br>6. Walking Inside The Plane<br>7. Walking Inside The Plane (Alternate)<br>8. Searching For Firewood<br>9. Wolf Attacks Ottway<br>10. Attack Aftermath<br>11. Around the Fire<br>12. Put That Back<br>13. Eyes Glowing<br>14. Something's Out There<br>15. The Morning After<br>16. The Morning After (Alternate)<br>17. Life & Death<br>18. Life & Death (Alternate)<br>19. Collecting Wallets<br>20. Collecting Wallets (Alternate)<br>21. Lagging Behind<br>22. Running From The Wolves<br>23. Ottway Fights Diaz<br>24. Alpha Appears<br>25. Alpha Appears (Alternate)<br>26. Omega Attacks Diaz<br>27. Leaving The Camp<br>28. Into The Fray (Outro Only)<br>29. Burke Dies<br>30. Remembering The Wife<br>31. Remembering The Wife (Alternate)<br>32. Finding The River<br>33. Jump<br>34. Falling Down The Rope<br>35. Daughter Appears<br>36. Diaz Breaking Down<br>37. Diaz Welcomes Death<br>38. Chased By The River<br>39. Suicide Flashback<br>40. Heinrich Drowns<br>41. Last Walk<br>42. Wallets<br>43. Surrounded By Wolves<br>44. The City Surf<br>45. Main On Ends<br>46. End Credit Suite<br><br><br>Thank you Mr. Streitenfeld for this beautiful Score!Wahlberg is the worst actor ever...and the score is a poor copy of the other ones...First one had some really nice themes.thank you so much, Hybrid!The Film for me was the best by far. Mark Wahlberg, Is such a better actor than Shia lebeouf. The Score was great to I thought that it was Maybe equal with the 1st if not just underneath it.
Yeah i agree the movie was casual but if there is one thing that made it rock is the score. So heroic the composer made an amazing workBagijima kanjalo, bephethe ngaleyo ndlela, zingabantu ngamagwala...<br>literal translation from the words said by Mr. Freemanīs character:<br>In the song =Southland Concerto= they sang the words KANJALO, BEPHETE and NGMAGWALA... specially this last word, when... (NO SPOILERS).Wrong place..<br><br>Ich hoffe du siehst es mr. Hans zimmer lg jens mayrhofer from austria.thank you Hybrid Soldier!!!!<br>100% right!!! :) <br>
One thing that struck me is how dynamic, organic and meaty the orchestration on this one is compared to the first one.@RealFfingMusic,<br><br>"Bumblebee", "Optimus", "Auotbots", and several other themes were all used more than once in TF1. IMO it'll always be the best Transformers score.<br><br>@Hybrid, it seems that for once you're in the know about who worked on TF1! I don't mean it to sound insulting, it's just that you always say that score is a mess and nobody knows anything about it. Can you please tell us who wrote Bumblebee?Down with Israel...The part in DOTM where Bumblebee killed Soundwave (also the DVD menu) sounded Jab-ish to me. My mistake.<br><br>@Hybrid, any idea who did it then?Bumblebee from TF1, that theme was not written by Steve. No one is ever gonna make me believe that... :)
Transformers (2007) had quite a few great themes, but most appeared only once in the film. None but "Arrival to Earth" and the Autobots theme were reused in ROTF.<br><br>ROTF had fewer good themes, but the overall score was better -- both in film and as stand-alone.<br><br>In DOTM, a remixed version of Arr2Earth a part of "Bumblebee" were reused, once each, along with two major themes -- Battle/Moon Mission and Shockwave/Driller. Both the score and the film sounded quite appealing to me, though not as much as 1 or 2.<br><br>This one ditched nearly all the themes from the first trilogy, and featured none of SJ's peak quality. And so, from a Michael Bay fan:-<br>-= AOE SUCKS!!!=-<br><br>And that, mi amigos, is my opinion.I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought TF2 had a better score than the first one, even though it's not by much!WFT???? It's a great movie like the previous movies. Michael Bay is a master to create "Blockbusters". The score has many beautiful themes like the previous scores. Sorry Hybrid, but this time i am disagree with you. <br>P.D. I saw this film 3 times like the first 3 movies.Saw it too today!<br>The score in the movie is less disappointing than what we got on cd (many good cues that I didn't hear on any of the tracks...)<br> I the only one who heard a BIG man of steel rip-off in the movie(the last part of look to the stars)????No he was not he didn't even know what that piece was... Probably some music editor's work...

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Jim DooleyJim DooleySteve JablonskyGeoff Zanelli
Music For Film And Television
Label: Promotional release
Length: 44:12 rating:        4/5
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  1. Live In Bagdad - After The Bombs (1:11)
  2. Live In Bagdad - Going To War (1:46)
  3. Pearl Harbor - The Attack Infamy (3:57)
  4. Pearl Harbor - Battle Of Britain (0:59)
  5. ESPN Sportcenter - Highlights (1:43)
  6. ESPN Sportcenter - Jackie Robinson (0:55)
  7. ESPN Sportcenter - Innocence (2:32)
  8. Equilibrium - Hall Of Mirrors (1:28)
  9. Equilibrium - Sacrifice (1:38)
  10. Equilibrium - Withdrawls (0:54)
  11. Equilibrium - Kata Fight (2:54)
  12. Lost Subs - Darkness (2:19)
  13. Hannibal - Bring Him Home (1:29)
  14. Hannibal - Scent Of Lecter (1:07)
  15. Hardwired - End (1:52)
  16. Hardwired - Combat 1 (1:10)
  17. Hardwired - Gameplay 1 (3:06)
  18. Hardwired - Main Theme (1:36)
  19. Passionate - Flirting (3:17)
  20. Road To El Dorado - Friends / The Storm (1:36)
  21. The Time Machine - The Abduction (2:16)
  22. The Time Machine - Moorlocks Attack (4:04)
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