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How do I listen to this tracklist?Hey man could any of you please help me find the film version of harry transformation from TASM 2 complete score? I got the 3:09 long one but that's the album versionAh, ok. I didn't know that was a suite, Backbiter. Thanks!superultramegaa i think that you are missing The Knight Ship from TF4.Wow, great collection superultramega! I don't know if there are any of them missing, but with those, there is a 35-track collection. Not bad at all!
The bigger question is; how many more suites did Hans record. We know about The Batman Suite, but what about Lex, etc.So digging this scoreI think I can remember all of them for you.<br><br>TF1 - Autobots, Optimus, The AllSpark, Arrival to Earth, Frenzy, Decepticons, Bumblebee, Whitwicky<br><br>TF2 - Prime, Infinite White, The Fallen, Heed Our Warning, Einstein's Wrong, The Shard<br><br>TF3 - I can't remember the album names but for the complete score there's:<br>Death and Return Suite, Sentinel Prime, Battle Glorious Suite, Battle, Our Final Hope, Megatron in DC, Conspiracy Suite, Shockwave<br><br>TF4 - Autobots Reunite, Tessa, Hunted, Lockdown, Decision, Galvatron, (and maybe I'm forgetting a few others).<br><br>TF5 - Sir Edmund Burton, We Have To Go, Sacrifice, Purity of Heart, Izzy, Merlin's Staff, Seglass Ni Tonday, VivianCould somebody help me to create a list of all the suites from the five Transformers movies? I want to make a compilation of all of them but I cannot figure out what are all of them. Thanks!Fantastic soundtrack for an amazing film.
Don't listen to them, you want this album you can say it as much as you want. I just hope they release the Batman suite along with the release (although i'm sure its just "Men Are Still Good" with three or four minutes shaved off) any album with a suite is what i'm all for!@Novi No need to apologize, at the end of the day we all want to see these recording sessions leak. In the past year alone we already got TASM2 and Rush. Itíll definitely come :-)You're completely right. Sorry if I came off kinda idiotic. My love for music got the best of me. I was patient with the Man of Steel complete score, but I was just overly excited for this one. I gotta have more patienceNo idea, the documentary hasn't been released yet (only on a festival).Sorry! By the way will Hans release believe documentary soundtrack?
Can't you click ?When this will be released?Timekeeper/Universe of Energy by Bruce Broughton. Being theme park scores though a release is incredibly difficult.And what 90's scores are those?PS: the assumption that everything is Balfe is subjective. In the same way that you drew the conclusion that he is the composer of everything and the credit of RGW is doubtful, I could also say that Balfe did nothing and RGW did everything. Or that no one has done anything and almost everything<br>in the score is the result of the work of these additional composers.<br>The credits do not elucidate anything in this case.

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Jim DooleyJim DooleyGeoff ZanelliGeoff Zanelli
Music For Film And Television
Label: Promotional release
Length: 66:36 rating:        3/5
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (2581 votes)
  1. Agua Dulce - Sanctuary (1:46)
  2. Agua Dulce - Flight To Agua Dulce (0:43)
  3. Agua Dulce - Faith Challenged (1:15)
  4. Aera 52 - Opening (1:43)
  5. Area 52 - First Mission (1:00)
  6. AREA 52 - The Return / End Titles (3:56)
  7. Bit Players - Main Title (2:42)
  8. The Clayfather - Main Title (1:17)
  9. The Clayfather - Vincero (0:52)
  10. Embryo - Main Titles (0:57)
  11. Embryo - End Credits (3:59)
  12. Circus Freak Logo (0:18)
  13. Global Green Logo (0:18)
  14. Director' Cuts - Action (2:55)
  15. Director' Cuts - Drama (2:56)
  16. Director' Cuts - World Music (2:04)
  17. Director' Cuts - Comedy (2:01)
  18. Director' Cuts - Fantasy (3:09)
  19. Black Hawk Down - Cavalry (1:43)
  20. Spirit - Train Escape (2:21)
  21. Spirit - Triumph Over The Colonel (0:52)
  22. The Ring - Overboard (0:32)
  23. The Ring - A Little Lighthouse Music (2:35)
  24. The Ring - Under The Rug (1:23)
  25. Mercedes Benz - Maybach (1:37)
  26. New Mexico Oil (0:35)
  27. ESPN - Citation (4:49)
  28. ESPN - Richard Flowers (3:58)
  29. National Geographic : Ascent Part 1 (1:48)
  30. National Geographic : Ascent Part 2 (2:14)
  31. National Geographic : Ascent Part 3 (2:05)
  32. National Geographic : Dean Kamen Part 1 (1:16)
  33. National Geographic : Dean Kamen Part 2 (2:21)
  34. National Geographic : Dean Kamen Part 3 (2:34)
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Music For Film And Television soundtrack - Jim Dooley - Jim Dooley - Geoff Zanelli - Geoff Zanelli 2002