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After some research the only thing I could find is a playlist on Spotify, which by the way has an extra track "48 - What's Your Dream? (Alternate)" so 55 total.<br>The Spotify API shows that the tracks were added on 2019-07-23 but they are local tracks, which means they aren't available on Spotify but probably only to the user who created the playlist (I'm not 100% sure though since I don't know how Spotify works).<br>That also means they probably have the actual files.<br>I really hope they get released one day, along with the recording sessions.This is honest to god one of the WEIRDEST songs I have ever heard lolI assume “safe in my arms has still not been released? Is there any way I can get a copy of this song. It’s awesome.I actually have a question. How accurate were the slate numbers on this leak?<br><br>P3 1m01v2 Hoist the Colours (1:31)<br>P3 1m02v6 Arrive in Singapore (2:18)<br>P3 1m03Av1 East India Trading Company (0:27)<br>P3 1m03Bv3 Getting Ready (1:01)<br>P3 1m05 7v25 Entering the Bath House (2:55)<br>P3 1m08v7 Steam Room (0:42)<br>P3 1m09Av6 Sao Feng Negotiation (5:14)<br>P3 1m09Bv10 Battle with the Brits (2:21)<br>P3 2m10v12 Battle Continues - Will Makes Deal (1:37)<br>P3 2m11v2 Crew Embarks (1:48)<br>P3 2m12v9 Trying to Get Lost (5:06)<br>P3 2m13Av10 Davy Jones Command (4:05)<br>P3 2m13Bv8 Over the Top (2:14)<br>P3 2m15v6 Multiple Jacks (7:31)<br>P3 3m16v11 Captain Jack Sparrow (1:19)<br>P3 3m16Av1 Crabs (0:22)<br>P3 3m17v6 Rescue Jack (2:25)<br>P3 3m18v2 Who's Captain - Below Deck (2:09)<br>P3 3m19v3 Souls at Sea (4:22)<br>P3 3m20Av4 Dreadlock Jack (2:03)<br>P3 3m20Bv14 The Green Flash (3:53)<br>P3 4m20Cv1 We're Back - Wet Powder (1:28)<br>P3 4m21v41 Jiggy Kraken (4:06)<br>P3 4m22v2 Jack & Beckett (8:36)<br>P3 4m22v3 Jack & Beckett (Alt.) (6:20)<br>P3 4m23v8 Seduction (2:36)<br>P3 4m24v3 Sao Feng's Death (1:36)<br>P3 4m24v3.6 Sao Feng's Death (Alt.) (1:36)<br>P3 5m25v4 Chinese Captured by Brits (0:44)<br>P3 5m26v13 Bootstraps - Elizabeth Locker (2:28)<br>P3 5m27v5 Jack Catches Will (1:02)<br>P3 5m28v9 Escape - Norrington Dies (4:16)<br>P3 5m29Av30 Mrs. Fish (1:21)<br>P3 5m29Bpt1v32 Davy Jones Tells Calypso's Story (1:29)<br>P3 5m29Bpt2v41 Shipwreck Cove (0:56)<br>P3 5m29Bpt2Altv36.1 Shipwreck Cove (Alt.) (0:57)<br>P3 5m29Bpt2Altv36 Shipwreck Cove (Alt 2) (0:57)<br>P3 6m30v5 Brethren Court Begins (1:23)<br>P3 6m31v4 Calypso Must Be Released (1:07)<br>P3 6m32v1 Davy Jones Visits Tia Dalma (3:57)<br>P3 6m33v5 Cuttlefish (1:19)<br>P3 6m34v5 Teague & The Code (1:37)<br>P3 6m36v1 King Elizabeth (1:33)<br>P3 6m37v6 Parlay (2:14)<br>P3 6m37Altv7 Parlay (Alt.) (2:15)<br>P3 6m38v1 Trading Places (2:11)<br>P3 6m39Av1 Flying Dutchman Prison (0:27)<br>P3 6m39v2 Immortality (0:47)<br>P3 7m40v2 Calypso on Deck (0:50)<br>P3 7m41v26 Releasing Calypso (5:02)<br>P3 7m42v1 Hoist the Colours Declaration (2:17)<br>P3 7m42Altv3 Hoist the Colours Declaration (Alt.) (2:13)<br>P3 7m43Av2 Maelstrom Pt. 1 (5:32)<br>P3 7m43BEndFixv5 Getting the Chest (1:30)<br>P3 7m43Bv2 Getting the Chest (Alt.) (1:24)<br>P3 7m43InsAv1 A Lost Bird (1:21)<br>P3 8m44Av11 The Wedding (3:12)<br>P3 8m44Aaltv12 The Wedding (Alt.) (3:13)<br>P3 8m44Bv5 Mealstrom Pt. 2 (5:17)<br>P3 8m44Baltv8 Maelstrom Pt. 2 (Alt.) (5:07)<br>P3 8m44Cv12 Davy Death (2:56)<br>P3 8m44D Liftoff (2:24)<br>P3 8m44ev11 Beckett Death (5:08)<br>P3 8m44EAltv12 Beckett Death (Alt.) (5:08)<br>P3 8m44fv5 Celebration (1:45)<br>P3 9m46v5 One Day (2:42)<br>P3 9m47v6 The Ship is Gone (1:19)<br>P3 9m48v6 The Fountain of Youth (1:32)<br>P3 9m49Av1 End Titles A (1:17)<br>P3 9m49Bv1 End Titles B (2:17)<br>P3 9m51v1 10 Years Later (0:54)<br><br>One thing I noticed is that Getting the Chest and A Lost Bird (Maelstrom Part 1B and Maelstrom Part 2 on your track listing) were switched. And based on the lengths, and comparing them to the track listing here, I'm also confused as to whether or not the alternates on this leak were labelled correctly, or if an alternate was falsely presented as an original take, and vice-versa. I would very much appreciate some help here, because this has been driving me crazy for days!Your Music is the most inspiring art in the past twenty years. i wanna thank you so much for doing this an i hope you keep doing it...
Thank you.WW84 was completed a while back. Dune, no he's in the middle of it. Last I checked a couple of weeks ago Top Gun was not finished. SpongeBob didn't get the chance to get recorded...Just curious, are his WW84, Dune and Top Gun scores already recorded?A WAY OF LIFE = 4M20 SEASONS PASS (EDITED) + 6M34 WEAR THIS ARMOR (EDITED) + 3M17 BEATING IN THE RAIN
<br>THE FINAL CHARGE = 7M40A THE FINAL CHARGECan’t believe another typical comment by Jack Afrogarrix was able to trigger a whole debate... The corona effect, I guess...
Hans is sheltered at home (but fear not he has a home studio that looks like a mini version of his RCP room haha, so he keeps busy as always). Still working hard.<br><br>Plans for his films are a little screwed since everything is postponed and what is not recorded cannot be (I'm thinking SpongeBob) but it's Hans, he can adapt and will find solutions ! :)I hope he is shelled up writing music. <br><br>Can he even commission an orchestra at all?Does anyone know how is Hans doing in all this situation ? I mean the pandemic.Anyone know what cues make up the OST for this? Hybrid?There's no CD cos this is bootleg.<br>It's on YouTube tho;
Where can I find this CD or how can I listen to it?Hi Sir Zimmer,<br><br>I am an self taught composer and a producer, I love your work,<br>You are my inspiration,I have made various<br>Original soundtrack inspired by your<br>Works<br>Am linking to one of my latest work<br><br><br>I would love to work on TV's or movie's music scores.<br><br>I hope you would like.<br><br>-Kenez Nonwar<br>@superultramegaa:<br><br>Yeah, now is about to be positive, but that comment is a bit to far not just for the circunstances, also because, we talk about soundtracks and comment, not other things.<br><br>Leave the covid19, for other things, ok?The comment by Jack Afrogarrix doesn't make sense. Spenser Confidential and Bloodshot are the ONLY Jablonsky soundtracks in 2020 so far. "My two favourite Jablonsky soundtracks of 2020" would only make sense, if there would be already more released than these two by Jablonsky in 2020.Do you know where can i find the song death of shrike???

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Lorne BalfeMax ArujSteffen ThumSteven Davis
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicAdditional Music
Bad Boys For Life
Label: Sony Classical
Length: 39'52 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (380 votes)
  1. Bad Boys For Life (2:47)
    Lorne Balfe (Mark Mancina)
  2. It's Good Shit Lieutenant (3:19)
    Lorne Balfe, Steffen Thum (Mark Mancina)
  3. Take Back What's Ours (2:09)
    Lorne Balfe, Steven Davis
  4. We're Dangerous People (3:46)
    Lorne Balfe, Sven Faulconer (Mark Mancina)
  5. What Else You Got (3:13)
    Lorne Balfe (Mark Mancina)
  6. Prayer (3:12)
    Lorne Balfe (Mark Mancina)
  7. God's Gun (2:37)
    Lorne Balfe (Mark Mancina)
  8. The Truth (4:52)
    Lorne Balfe, Max Aruj, Steven Davis (Mark Mancina)
  9. Promise To God (2:59)
    Lorne Balfe (Mark Mancina)
  10. We Ride Together, We Die Together (6:02)
    Lorne Balfe (Mark Mancina)
  11. Ambulance Heist (2:59)
    Lorne Balfe, Max Aruj, Steven Davis (Mark Mancina)
  12. One Last Time (1:57)
    Lorne Balfe
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Mike Lowery reply Replies: 0 || 2020-02-14 05:37:54
Chronological order of the tracks

1. Take Back What's Ours
2. Prayer
3. Ambulance Heist (First half of this track is the balcony fight. Second half is the actual ambulance heist that comes before Take Back What's Ours. Place track where you want.
4. We're Dangerous People
5. God's Gun
6. One Last Time
7. Promise to God (First half is when Mike leaves Marcus to go to Mexico. Second half is when Marcus tells Mike he won't help him)
8. It's Good Shit Lieutenant
9. The Truth
10. We Ride Together, We Die Together (End Credits Suite)
11. Bad Boys for Life (Not Used in Film)
12. What Else You Got? (Not Used in Film)

Antoine reply Replies: 1 || 2020-02-05 08:22:27
Which score is the one where Will Smith and Vanessa Hudgens enter the garage.

Mike Lowery2020-02-14 05:28:00
A cue that's not on the release

Knight reply Replies: 4 || 2020-02-04 15:28:15
Composer credits:

Lorne Balfe (Mark Mancina)

Lorne Balfe, Steffen Thum (Mark Mancina)

Lorne Balfe, Steve Davis

Lorne Balfe, Sven Faulconer (Mark Mancina)

Lorne Balfe (Mark Mancina)

Lorne Balfe (Mark Mancina)

Lorne Balfe (Mark Mancina)

Lorne Balfe, Max Aruj, Steve Davis (Mark Mancina)

Lorne Balfe (Mark Mancina)

Lorne Balfe (Mark Mancina)

Lorne Balfe, Max Aruj, Steve Davis (Mark Mancina)

Lorne Balfe

Mr.Unbreakable2020-02-05 00:10:33
Where did you get them?

Knight2020-02-05 00:22:34
Spotify, so they might not be entirely correct but it listed the credits for Abominable which all checked out with the cuesheet, so make of these what you will.

Mr.Unbreakable2020-02-05 00:45:12
Thanks so much Knight.

Knight2020-02-05 00:53:55
No problem.

MrZimmerFan reply Replies: 3 || 2020-02-01 09:55:33
@Hybrid, it is true, Balfe did additional music for The Rhythm Section?

I know about the Lisa did aditional stuff for the movie, but this... holy cow

Hybrid Soldier2020-02-01 10:12:06
Nope I don't think so.

MrZimmerFan2020-02-01 10:16:49
Ok, thanks!

Hybrid Soldier2020-02-01 10:39:32
He was already credited on imdb before Mazzaro was in, I asked him, he said he didn't.

Lejti reply Replies: 32 || 2020-01-20 15:30:09
I wonder if the Modern Warfare 2 favela music which was in the movie, that will be on the album or not.

Evenstar2020-01-20 21:37:25
Damn I knew I heard some MW2 in the score! Glad I'm not alone. :D

Lejti2020-01-20 21:46:08
Yep, i think it was in the movie 2 times, first the motorcycle chase scene, second the action scene in the end

MrZimmerFan2020-01-23 13:49:20
Can confirm is in the album

rockhound2020-01-23 16:56:32
We're Dangerous People

jim west2020-01-23 18:19:15
Modern Warfare 2 is a lot in the album!

- It's Good Shit Lieatenant
- We're Dangerous People
- What Else You Got (Bad Boys Remix)
- God's Gun (Bad Boys Remix)
- We Ride Together, We Die Together (Bad Boys Remix)

FaresTdkr2020-01-23 18:55:37
why his music always sound the same...if he doesn't have time why he keep scoring more and more films per year? is it all about money?

Knight2020-01-23 18:59:14
Please enlighten me on how Bad Boys 3 sounds the same as Lego Batman or Genius: Picasso

Mr.Unbreakable2020-01-23 19:40:38
Mancina's theme + Ad Astra + MW:2= Bad boys for Life.

jim west2020-01-24 09:28:40
i don't know what to think about the use of mw2. i mean, i love his work for mw2, it's TOO good to be just a score for a game, a wider audience should hear this, so i'm kind of happy to hear some parts of it here. BUT somehow, it's kind of a lazy move just to copy that 1:1. some cues are untouched and some cues are layered with some themes of mancina. i would be interested to know what was he thinking while doing this?

i followed his video uploads on his social media channels, where he showed some snippets of the orchestra and i truly loved that. but while hearing at the score, i'm dissappointed to hear the quality as it sounds like synth. i mean that typically Balfe synth sound quality. if he uses truly orchestra, than it's a shame and pitty that it sounds like synths in the end. he needs a better recording or mixing or whatever to get rid of that synth-quality-design and having the true-orchestra feeling

MrZimmerFan2020-01-24 09:38:27
Because that parts are sampled drums and there are no real?

jim west2020-01-24 09:47:06
as for the drums, yes, i would understand. but the orchestra? you're recording the strings from a real orchestra, so why the downgrade in sound-quality?

johny5552020-01-24 10:05:27
I love Lorne´s music and all, but I am genuinely wondering, why they decided to re-use MW2 so much in the score

Mr Tweedy2020-01-24 10:39:17
Please could you give me the exact name of the track from MW2 that is used in BB3? I’d like to compare both!

Felix2020-01-24 11:07:35
I really like this score!
Sure he used Mancina's Theme, that's allright cool, I don't hear anything similar to Ad Astra....don't know why somebody compare this score with Ad Astra....
That MW2 sounds are very great, he don't copy himself, he just used the Drums, what's definitely be OK!!

I don't know why people always want to compare scores....Everybody use his own Temp Music sometimes, that's normal!

jim west2020-01-24 11:46:32
@ Mr Tweedy:

MW2 has hundred of cues, which has all the special atmosphere and sound-effects, but try listen to these cues to understand what i and others mean:

- Guerilla Tactics
- Guerilla
- Contingency
- Breach
- Retreat and Reveille

Funny thing, play the cue "Guerilla Tactics" from MW2 and let Shazam try to find out what track that is. It shows me as "Lorne Balfe - We're Dangerous People" from BB3 :D

jim west2020-01-24 11:55:21
As for Ad Astra, unfortunately i can't hear anything from Ad Astra aswell :/ It's just MW2 mixed with Mancinas themes for me. And the cues from MW2, they aren't just drums, all the guitars, melodies, vibes, even the choir or the voices are included. The above mentioned cues from MW2 are not complete, there are plenty of them, but these will give you the idea of what we've mentioned. Again, i'm not mad, i'm happy that a wider audience can hear these cues, but then again, on MW2 they sounded better and fresher than on the BB3 score (i mean the quality of the recordings - you can hear the cues and instruments more directly. On the BB3 score it sounds like being in a bathroom hearing to the MW2 score). And as i said earlier, i would like to understand or know what Lorne thought about using all these cues. Time pressure? Unused opportunity for a wider audience? And then again that synth-sound even using a real orchestra :/

Evenstar2020-01-24 14:22:47
I'm highly disappointed by the score... Lorne went the very easy way and recycled the MW2 score as well as the Mancina theme in almost every track. Like seriously... the only thing u here is MW2, Main Theme and lot of rustle-synth score. 1/10! No effort went in this score and I dont say that often.

grizzlymv2020-01-24 17:26:30
honnestly, I do get why people refer to MW2, but to be honest, it's not the same. With the amount of time I heard that score, I can say that it uses the same drums, and a pattern that is quite similar to the one used in MW2, but it is not a copy/paste. It's no different to me than Junkie XL re-using the same pattern of drum in all of his recent scores since Mad Max. When it comes from the same composer, I guess it's normal to have works that parts that similar from a score to another. Just think of John Murphy who re-use his powerful theme from Sunshine in a lot of his scores (28 weeks later, kick-ass, etc).

Actually I'm quite glad he re-used the themes from Mancina as that was, to me at least, a big miss for BB2 even though Rabin and Jablonsky did a great job. It's like doing a James Bond movie without the Bond theme. It might be good, but it miss the little something that gel everything together. ;) I really like what Lorne did on this one. Even though he re-used the theme, he made them his own, in a similar way he did with MI Fallout, while sometime paying homage to the original ones. ;) My 2 cents.

Mr.Unbreakable2020-01-24 18:18:24
"It's good shit lieutenant" The principle is based on Thomas Newman's Bond. "Take back what's ours" and "the truth" is Ad astra

SPECTER2020-01-24 20:24:28
God’s gun theme reminds me of part of “River Mission” from Battlefield 2: Modern Combat OST. I think Lorne was an additional composer on that score aswell (excellent OST btw)

SPECTER2020-01-24 20:25:48
God’s gun theme reminds me of part of “River Mission” from Battlefield 2: Modern Combat OST. I think Lorne was an additional composer on that score aswell (excellent OST btw)

Dudu2020-01-25 09:38:16
Everyone keep mentionning mw2 but those drums reminded me of...skylanders giants lol! Just listen to the track « Arena battle » and let me know

Bayhem2020-01-25 15:17:24
Guess I'm the only person around here who hasn't listened to the Modern Warfare 2 score. So I can't really have an opinion on this matter..... lol

Gl0r1a2020-01-25 17:03:51
i can't understand, when someone is saying "it REMINDS of mw2" when those mentioned cues are completely re-used 1:1. it's identical, sometimes layered with mancinas themes. it doesn't just remind you of mw2 when lorne seriously uses the identical tracks or parts from mw2 -_-

@bayhem: then listen to it. i'm not a fan of lorne, but his work there is real fun and some real good action cues. with the themes of Zimmer, it's crazy that it's just a game. one of or maybe THE best work of lorne!

James2020-01-25 17:40:09
The #balfeness !!!! Has outdone himself on Bad Boys for Life.
A nod to the last but brought it up to date.
This and 6 Underground has blown me away with Balfe’s music

meta2020-01-26 19:36:53
For those of you disappointed in this score...remember...This is Bad Boys 3 lol....Have you heard Bad Boys 1+2? Cmon now...relax and take it for what it is

MMichaels2020-01-28 01:26:04
Fantastic score by Balfe.Best action score writer to come from RCP since Powell for sure .

Maho2020-01-28 03:23:40
MMichaels LOL!!! You have no idea about film music

Bayhem2020-01-28 11:00:02
LOL!!! You have no idea about film music

It's his opinion, my friend.

And his opinion is equally as valid as the opinion of someone who thinks this score is the worst crap ever. Why? Because when it comes to appreciating art (movies, books, music...) it is all completely subjective.

I always use this example: I have two friends - educated, family men - who have seen The Godfather. One of them thinks it's one of the greatest movies ever, while the other one barely finished watching it.

At the end of the day, just because a group of people (film critics, film buffs, etc) proclaim that something is "good" or "bad" doesn't mean that it's automatically a holy statement that everyone should agree with.

We are all different :)


MrZimmerFan2020-01-28 13:43:06
I will never understand when people can't stand people opinions and 'attack' them.

If some loves Trent Reznor (i hate the guy's music), is his opinion and i no one to say nothing about it.

JR2020-01-29 08:43:54
Guys are you serious ? I’m currently reading comments about how Modern Warfare 2 is in the score. In Bad Boys for Life you can heard firstly : The Rock, Speed, Bad Boys, ... MW2 is just a reharsch of these score instead with some Black Hawk Down soundscape. Have you heard any MV score post 2005? &#128517;

Bill Koufo2020-01-29 10:49:08
Maybe the reuse of MW 2 is not Lorne's choice after all. Maybe the movie was temptracked with it, before scored, and the director got attached to it. So Lorne had either to "imitate" it or just use the same cues, since they were his.

This is just a speculation I made, since this happens quite often. I remember the Elfman - Raimi conflict about the train sequence in Spiderman 2, where Raimi asked Elfman to "copy" a cue from Hellraiser.

Scorefan reply Replies: 1 || 2020-01-25 15:43:54
Some cues sound like Speed 2

Bayhem2020-01-25 15:49:05
Some of the action bits, yeah......

Anonymous reply Replies: 5 || 2020-01-24 15:24:01
I love the score. It is action packed and to the point.

I saw his orchestra clips as well but I wonder why he actually spends the money and effort for orchestra when the end product sounds (as usually) 100 percent sample library. All the dynamics of real players are gone in the final mix so why bother with orchestra at all...

Anonymous2020-01-24 16:10:16
can I see the clip? is it on YouTube?

Anonymous2020-01-24 16:10:19
can I see the clip? is it on YouTube?

Magnus Rex2020-01-25 06:58:39
The clips are on his Facebook page.

Edmund Meinerts2020-01-25 12:39:45
This right here is my single biggest issue with Balfe as a composer. And with the recording sessions clips he posts it is truly a mystery. Tinfoil hat on I'd say he skimps on the budget and hires those musicians just for a couple hours to shoot those clips for PR and the actual score is all synth but that's a baseless claim of course lol...

Bayhem2020-01-25 15:46:02
This right here is my single biggest issue with Balfe as a composer. And with the recording sessions clips he posts it is truly a mystery. Tinfoil hat on I'd say he skimps on the budget and hires those musicians just for a couple hours to shoot those clips for PR and the actual score is all synth but that's a baseless claim of course lol...

It's bigger than that.....

After all, this is a Bruckheimer production. His movies established Hans and the entire MV/RC sound. His movies are known for their awesome scores. Scores that are populrar with the ordinary viewers as well. But 2008 onward, things changed.....Back in the 90's and early 2000's every single Bruckheimer film had a spectacular score. Powerful, melodic themes, cues that stayed with you, scores that attracted the attention of the average Joe.

Nowadays tho, we don't have that. Hell, when was the last time a (newer) action score from MV/RC-related composer was praised the way 'The Rock' was praised?

Lorne's Mission Impossible? No. Not even close.

Personally, I like what Lorne did with BB3, especially with the emotional cues. But put it next to Mancina's work. I mean it's not even a contest. The Mancina score is one memorable, melodic track after another. There's not a single boring track. Every track is a banger.

But the newer scores? They have two or three tracks that are good and everything else is.......utterly forgettable.

I blame it on the lack of themes. Orchestra or not, more scores need to have actual themes.

mpolonest123 reply Replies: 0 || 2020-01-24 16:11:52
Not really familiar with either Mancina’s BB score or MW2, but I’m really enjoying this. It’s like an old-school MV score filtered through Lorne’s sound. The main tune (which I’m guessing is Mancina’s) is a lot of fun, particularly when paired with the choir.

And as for Ad Astra, the villain motif in “Take Back What’s Ours” sounds like it was directly lifted from the space scenes of that score.

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 0 || 2020-01-19 17:27:13
Gonna be guuuud...

Evenstar reply Replies: 9 || 2020-01-19 22:44:56
Original Movie Picture Score? lul. Usually it's called Motion Picture but ok.

Scorefan2020-01-21 03:21:18
@Evenstar maybe just to make a difference from maybe cues with rap or another kind of music that serves as additional score for the movie. For example Bad Boys 2 has Trevor Rabin and many composers as additional music but that's the composer music. Dr. Dre. write additional music but that was rap remixes. So, that's why i think the take movie picture score instead motion picture score.

Anonymous2020-01-21 05:20:52

Macejko2020-01-21 08:45:46
Nah, it's just a retarded mistake.

Maho2020-01-22 02:57:23
Mark Mancinas Score for the First - Good!
Trevor Rabin for the second - Fantastic Great Action Score I LOVE IT! Steve Jablonsky work too on it! The Dr. Dre Music in this too..

Lorne Balfe to the third - meeehhh buuuuhhh!!!

Bayhem2020-01-22 10:26:03
Mark Mancinas Score for the First - Good!
Trevor Rabin for the second - Fantastic Great Action Score I LOVE IT! Steve Jablonsky work too on it! The Dr. Dre Music in this too..

Lorne Balfe to the third - meeehhh buuuuhhh!!

I agree about the first two scores. They're very different but equally as good. I know that some people are critical of the BB2 score (because it basically ignores the BB1 sound) but I love it. I think Rabin and Jablonsky did an amazing job.

As for Lorne' score.....I have to disagree. I think it's great. Granted, my opinion is based only on what I heard in the movie (haven't heard the entire album) but I really like what he did. Clearly it was done with love. I mean, the Bad Boys 1 score is one of the reasons why Lorne became a film composer. So the BB3 score wasn't a "rush job". He clearly put an effort to it. I'm looking forward to the entire album.

Maho2020-01-22 13:12:51
@Evenstar Original Movie Picture Score? lul. Usually it's called Motion Picture but ok.

No not always. I have a lot of scores where it is on the front of the booklet. Especially when an album with songs was released. So that the laypersons don't get confused, but still always manage not to look through, you can see on Amazon.

Evenstar2020-01-22 22:42:05
@Maho: Dude I know why its stated "Score", but thats NOT the issue. What I'm talking about here is "Movie" which should be called "Motion".

Evenstar2020-01-22 22:45:34
@Scorefan: You know what "Motion" means right? Motion picture = moving picture = movie. U either call it "Original Movie Score" or "Original Score from the Movie" or u call it "Original Motion Picture Score". But u can't say "Movie Picture" lol. Its just wrong or like Macejko said.. "a retarded mistake" ;-)

rockhound2020-01-23 12:08:04
available in nz itunes store. on the cover its correct now....motion picture score.

Evan reply Replies: 1 || 2020-01-22 00:58:28
When does this come out? I can't find it anywhere online. And if it has already come out, does anyone know where it's available?

Bayhem2020-01-22 10:18:31
Comes out this Friday :)

JD reply Replies: 0 || 2020-01-21 20:53:33
I’m assuming the first track is the end credits sequence? Lorne confirmed the end credits are included... and they are awesome.

AlitaFan reply Replies: 3 || 2020-01-19 22:54:00
Only 40min? :/

Yura2020-01-20 10:23:05
Indeed it is very sad...

MrZimmerFan2020-01-20 12:53:52
In a movie where there is a lot of pop songs -26 songs to be exact- isn't a surprise a little score from the composer, perhaps, Balfe select the best cues for the album.

Bayhem2020-01-20 15:01:18
@ MrZimmerFan

Yes, same thing with 6 UNDERGROUND. There were a lot of songs as well. Now we know why Lorne had the time to do all of those big movies in such a short period of time. lol.

Now if this was Transformers, it would've been a whole different story.....

Jean-Luc reply Replies: 0 || 2020-01-19 20:11:22
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