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Do not forget LisboaThanks for sharing the tracklist :)Sooooooooooo excited for the film and the score!<br><br>I got the real tracklist, and is supposed to be 19 tracks from the score. Can wait to hear the score and see the movie tomorrow<br><br>1.Point of Extraction   2:24<br>2.Ghosts  3:22<br>3.Welcome To Florence   3:54 <br>4.Lose The Chopper      1:54<br>5.Haunt The Living      2:06<br>6.One Rule              2:07<br>7.I Am The Danger       3:17<br>8.You Can Change The World  2:15<br>9.Thrones             3:22<br>10.Memories           1:58<br>11.Beautiful Sunday   1:17<br>12.The Past            0:51<br>13.Shit Ton Of Blood   2:35<br>14.Leave No Man Behind  1:50<br>15.A Million Battles    4:18<br>16.Day Of The Dead      4:08<br>17.Sabotage             3:16<br>18.Live Or Die          1:56<br>19.One, But Not Done    3:08Trailer music<br>
Visit Ukraine!Ho visto il concerto a Berlino The World of Hans Zimmer il 29 aprile 2018. Vorrei vedere lui con la sua orchestra a Napoli.A Napoli non &#232; possibile?sound clips<br><br>https:// -music-from-the-netflix-film/ 1490017912late
You came to this conversation two years later :PI wish the Sia song from the trailers were included too.To Rick LiPani - years later, but your version of Honor Him from Gladiator is spot on! Well done!Bear McCreary was chosen as composer for Godzilla: King of the Monsters.Do you know who will help Hans in Dune?  I would like to see Hans, Lorne and Mel again.  Dreaming is free...
So Fleming and Mazzaro will help Hans, will someone else help him?I'm wondering, too...!<br><br>Looks like amazon's app store still has it, but the internet tells me there is a z+ version to some other soundtracks...?<br>Where can I buy this remix? Seriously, the music in the trailer is awesome. Any chance we will see an official release of the trailer track soon? @Hybrid<br><br>@Hybrid<br><br>Is he finished with the score? <br><br>Also, any words on Spongebob? Is he still doing this?Epic Trailer Music | Film Music<br><br>

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Harry Gregson-WilliamsStephanie EconomouJustin Burnett
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional Music
The Equalizer 2 (Complete Score)
Label: Unofficial Release
Length: 90'19 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (139 votes)
  1. Train To Turkey (2:12)
  2. Two Kinds Of Pain - Title Card (1:01)
  3. Boston Montage (2:26)
  4. Taxi Montage #1 (1:20)
  5. Wedding Ring (0:52)
  6. The Brussels Killing (1:18)
  7. Taxi Montage #2 (1:27)
  8. Five Stars For Amy (4:25)
  9. Only Friend (1:10)
  10. Inspecting The Scene (1:17)
  11. Stories Of Sorrow (1:46)
  12. Hotel Attack (1:26)
  13. Phone Call (1:27)
  14. Mourning Susan (2:21)
  15. The Popes (0:43)
  16. Elevator Surveillance (1:33)
  17. Same Mud, Same Blood (2:08)
  18. Staging The Murder (2:09)
  19. Gang Intervention (3:52)
  20. Five Pounds Of Pressure (2:41)
  21. Shortcut (1:03)
  22. Destroying The Evidence (1:49)
  23. Who's At The Door? (0:32)
  24. Dave's Confession - Brian's House (8:55)
  25. Behind The Bookcase (7:09)
  26. Miles Caught - The Bridge (3:17)
  27. Searching The Town (3:08)
  28. Storm Hunt (5:46)
  29. Just Me & You, Dave (5:34)
  30. Only Friend Reprise (1:09)
  31. Who Are You? (1:29)
  32. Beach House (4:20)
  33. Tail Credit Montage (1:32)
  34. Taxi Montage #2 (Alternate) (1:42)
  35. Five Pounds Of Pressure (Alternate) (2:41)
  36. Destroying The Evidence (Alternate) (1:45)
  37. The Bridge (Alternate) (1:10)
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proteus reply Replies: 0 || 2019-11-22 17:01:00
cool! 2001-2018 OST 
The Equalizer 2 (Complete Score) soundtrack - Harry Gregson-Williams 2018