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Again, if we have to expect every piece of work of one composer is have to be as good like his others pieces of work, that's pretty underwhelming and impossible.<br><br>Yeah, 6 Underground is not a good score by any means (neither Gemini Man, but is far more listenable), but works perfectly in the hiperbolic movie.I expected a lot from this score, and the truth is that it left me cold.  Honestly, I think it is Bay's fault, Balfe has shown that he is capable of doing everything, but here it gives the feeling of being covered.  Again, Balfe must focus on fewer projects and the projects he accepts are of quality.There are speculations about the track "Til Death Do Us Part "as being composed by Brandon Campbell. Can anyone confirm whether it was Djawadi or Campbell who composed it?Come to Portugal again.> which ones are listenable<br>all of the ones I listed are the melodic/orchestral moments in the score not counting Memories and Beautiful Sunday.<br>Listen to Haunt the Living, Thrones, A Million Battles or One, But Not Done and tell me that the score is a travesty.
Knight - okay, let us know which ones of these tracks are even listenable? Hyperbolic nonsense defines this score, but I do not blame Balfe - this would have been what Bay wanted. Such a shame to see his artistic credibility reduced to this after the stellar work on His Dark Materials and acceptable material on Gemini Man,.Maybe try using your ears or brain next time before spewing out more hyperbolic nonsense.Ok tracks? Easy. About half the score is some decent anthemic tracks<br><br>Ghosts<br>Haunt the Living<br>I Am the Danger<br>You Can Change the World<br>Thrones<br>A Million Battles<br>One, But Not DoneOh wow, Balfe's had a potentially too productive year. I am still convinced if he took more time to compose His Dark Materials, it would be a classic on the level of Shore. Now, it is fine and impressive. <br><br>But what the fuck. I know Bay is a lucrative customer and you have to do what he wants but this 'score' is a travesty that will be buried soon. Seriously. This is the worst of the worst, I ask anyone on this site to name one track that is 'ok', there's an ethical limit, Balfe, Baby!Do not forget Lisboa
Thanks for sharing the tracklist :)Sooooooooooo excited for the film and the score!<br><br>I got the real tracklist, and is supposed to be 19 tracks from the score. Can wait to hear the score and see the movie tomorrow<br><br>1.Point of Extraction   2:24<br>2.Ghosts  3:22<br>3.Welcome To Florence   3:54 <br>4.Lose The Chopper      1:54<br>5.Haunt The Living      2:06<br>6.One Rule              2:07<br>7.I Am The Danger       3:17<br>8.You Can Change The World  2:15<br>9.Thrones             3:22<br>10.Memories           1:58<br>11.Beautiful Sunday   1:17<br>12.The Past            0:51<br>13.Shit Ton Of Blood   2:35<br>14.Leave No Man Behind  1:50<br>15.A Million Battles    4:18<br>16.Day Of The Dead      4:08<br>17.Sabotage             3:16<br>18.Live Or Die          1:56<br>19.One, But Not Done    3:08Trailer music<br> Ukraine!
Ho visto il concerto a Berlino The World of Hans Zimmer il 29 aprile 2018. Vorrei vedere lui con la sua orchestra a Napoli.A Napoli non &#232; possibile?sound clips<br><br>https:// -music-from-the-netflix-film/ 1490017912lateYou came to this conversation two years later :P

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Rupert Gregson-WilliamsChristopher Willis
ComposerAdditional Music
Zookeeper (Complete Score)
Label: Unofficial Release
Length: 43'45 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (163 votes)
  1. Proposal (1:10)
  2. The Zookeeper (1:12)
  3. Meet Bernie (0:41)
  4. Lioness Save (1:26)
  5. To Robin & Dave (0:50)
  6. Animals Eves Drop (1:12)
  7. I Won't Bite (0:15)
  8. Gotta Get Outta This Zoo (1:58)
  9. Animals Plot - Meeting (1:09)
  10. Ball For Bernie (0:41)
  11. Lion On The Loose (1:29)
  12. Me Time (0:50)
  13. Trying To Make Joe Talk (0:49)
  14. Joe Confronts Griffin (0:48)
  15. Bernie Speaks (0:40)
  16. Kid In Bear Pit (0:34)
  17. The Bear Walk (1:41)
  18. Shane Warns (2:04)
  19. Wolf Advice (0:16)
  20. Mark Your Territory (0:42)
  21. For His Health (0:35)
  22. Cut Her From The Herd (0:15)
  23. I'm Going With Gale (0:34)
  24. Never Make It In The Wild (0:19)
  25. Find A Date (0:21)
  26. Birthday Cake (0:24)
  27. Sneaking Out (1:01)
  28. Take Me With You (0:21)
  29. I'm Glad You Asked Me Out (0:16)
  30. Griff Leaves With Steph (0:42)
  31. Car Dealership (0:51)
  32. Speed Walk #1 (0:19)
  33. Mate For Life (0:46)
  34. Look Me In The Eye (0:55)
  35. All People Lie (0:30)
  36. Dealership Transition (0:13)
  37. Eagle On Bus (1:23)
  38. Griffin Reflects (1:02)
  39. Speed Walk #2 (0:14)
  40. Steph Proposes (1:09)
  41. You're My Best Friend (1:07)
  42. It's My Fault (2:24)
  43. To The River (1:14)
  44. Bernie Kong (2:06)
  45. Cartwheel For Kate (1:13)
  46. Lioness Save (Alternate) (1:26)
  47. Car Dealership (Alternate) (0:51)
  48. You're My Best Friend (Alternate) (1:05)
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Zookeeper (Complete Score) soundtrack - Rupert Gregson-Williams 2011