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Bear McCreary is a good composer but all he did for Godzilla KOTM was modernize the original Godzilla theme, which isnt super creative. Junkie, on the other hand, may give us a really creative score based on his eagerness to do the project.Yeah besides the massive disappointment that is the movie Godzilla: King of the Monsters, the even bigger disappointment is that Bear McCreary won't be back for fool.... its impossible ! everybody knows that there is only one batman theme.... (joke)In a recent interview, Junkie mentioned that he's bringing back themes for Superman and Wonder Woman, while everything else is new. I wonder if he's gonna make a new Batman theme.It's true, there is completely different team from composer to director in crossover :)
But the film was particularly bad...<br><br>So I rather have a whole other team do something ELSE lol...Yeah... McCreary's score is one of the best from last year so I'd rather have him again.I open to ANY composer in this movies.<br><br>To answer the question, YES, i'm ready<br><br>Specially to a guy, who loves G14, KSi and KOTMNo way. After what Bear McCreary did on King of the Monsters last year I definitely want him back.Atli still has his studio at Remote but mostly works from home in Iceland.<br><br>Guillaume game back to settle to Remote a couple of years ago (before he was splitting time between RCP & France).<br><br>Heitor still is at RCP as far as I know, haven't heard anything in a while.<br><br>Nathan Stornetta left Remote in 2015 (against Hans' will !! :)) cause he didn't fancy much that whole Hollywood business. He is home in Switzerland doing his own projects, but also touring with Hans...
Atli Örvarsson, Heitor Pereira, Guillaume Roussel and Nathan Stornetta ?Marc left RCP in like... 2003 ? lol<br><br><br>And yes he is, check his page, he just doesn't have much going on anyway.But Marc is no longer with RCP I am assuming. His scores are not advertised here.If the Snyder Cut comes out, who's ready to hear Junkie XL score Godzilla vs. Kong? business-zack-snyder-justice-league-junkie-xl-tom-holkenborg -dcu-snyder-cut/ business-zack-snyder-justice-league-junkie-xl-tom-holkenborg -dcu-snyder-cut/Marc just reunited with Ridley on the amazing Raised By Wolves series.<br><br>Klaus is more worried about his other businesses rather than film scoring, I think...Will any tracks from Man of Steel be played on the Live2021 tour? It is a life ambition of mine to experience a live performance of it!I missed Jasha Klebe. I thought he did some really good stuff at Bleeding Fingers. I am looking forward to hearing more from Kara Talve. I think she is a really good talent.<br><br>What happened to Marc Streitenfeld? I was going to ask about Klaus Badelt, but I am pretty sure I am not going to get that story.<br>Tom's more recent work has received more love, but I personally love the Fury Road and Rise of an Empire type soundtrack more. I'm looking forward to this and I hope it's close to what Man of Steel and Dawn of Justice sounded like. Although, the snippet he shared doesn't really sound like it. We'll see.

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Rupert Gregson-WilliamsTony ClarkeSteve MazzaroThomas Farnon
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Hacksaw Ridge (Complete Score)
Label: Unofficial Release
Length: 76'42 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (574 votes)
  1. Okinawa Battlefield - Childhood (3:59)
  2. I Could Have Killed Him (2:20)
  3. He Hates Himself (1:05)
  4. A Calling & A Lovely Girl (2:15)
  5. Pretty Corny (1:47)
  6. Climbing For A Kiss (3:48)
  7. To Basic Training (0:54)
  8. Throw Hell At Him (1:59)
  9. I Sleep Pretty Hard (2:19)
  10. Dorothy Waits - Desmond's Rage (1:12)
  11. Dorothy Pleads (3:17)
  12. Court Martial (1:53)
  13. Charges Withdrawn - Small Victory (1:15)
  14. A Night Together (0:54)
  15. Kill Joy Is Here (1:29)
  16. Hacksaw Ridge (4:20)
  17. Dug In For The Night (0:24)
  18. I Killed Him In My Heart (1:04)
  19. Japanese Retake The Ridge (4:37)
  20. Smitty Is Gone - I Can't Hear You (2:55)
  21. One Man At A Time (3:42)
  22. Playing Dead (2:35)
  23. Into The Rat Hole (2:41)
  24. Rescue Continues - I Thought I Was Blind (3:47)
  25. Morning Patrol - Hollywood (1:12)
  26. Sniper (1:18)
  27. Rescuing Howe (2:48)
  28. A Miraculous Return (1:49)
  29. Praying - Let's Go To Work (5:49)
  30. Historica Footage (5:00)
  31. End Titles (2:31)
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Hacksaw Ridge (Complete Score) soundtrack - Rupert Gregson-Williams 2016