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I agree guys. Yhis album and parts of the experiments are vey enjoyable. I tend to listen to OST prriodically, and each year there is one or severall scores that replace what I listen the most, and so on... but Dark phoenix is one I can listen every time. <br>I made personal suites assembling music from the OST and mixing it with expremients, and it results in a 50 min suites album, I really like it.Same for me. I'm so happy ! :DA Celebration? It's actually on youtube now.Got it. I assumed as much for the first 3. Thanks.hahahaha ... crack, sorry. Well so far there is no news of anything. Only the video that one track and one with Dave, but it's a preview.<br>I'm not sure how to get news on this, I really would like to get it hahaha.
Isabel Suite = Isabel the Strong<br>Thadeous Suite = Thadeous<br>The Quest Suite = Let Us Quest!<br><br>End credits is probably ripped from the film.> Fair enough, but I know for a fact that Steve was inspired by Harry Potter because of the complete score track "Tavern Fighting (Part 1)". The end of that track has a direct reference to The Chamber of Secrets theme from the second film.<br><br>Nice catch. Those are very similar.<br><br>Btw, I have some "expanded" version of the score, which seems to be identical to the complete score on this site, aside from the fact that it's missing the last 4 tracks. Do those have equivalents in the regular release?Yes, I was referring to A Celebration. "It's out there" as in "it can be obtained unofficially". Were you referring to the Sia track? That is on Bleeding Fingers', but you can find it on the bleeding fingers page.<br>it also doesn't look like planet eart: a celebration has a release :(Well, it's out there. Looks like no official release?
> He's just posted in his Instagram story that in 9 days he has more interesting stuff coming.<br><br>Today's status says it's his "first published film score". That sounds like awesome news. I really hope this starts a trend...<br><br>I imagine having your own label-thing helps for stuff like expanded releases and sheet music?can you produce track for me?How do I become your apprentice? tremblayliam@yahoo.comGreenland is so good!<br><br>Nice mix between kids choir, electronics and orchestra, remind me to San Andreas a little.Never listen the complete score, so i can't comment about that
Fair enough, but I know for a fact that Steve was inspired by Harry Potter because of the complete score track "Tavern Fighting (Part 1)". The end of that track has a direct reference to The Chamber of Secrets theme from the second film.I GOT HIS AUTOGRAPH!!!!!!Dark Phoneix is more playable than Dunkirk, more thematic in my opinion, and don't agree with that opinions saying are the same, specially when Dark Phoenix has more in common with the early 2010s and some of the 90s score by Zimmer.I don't find the similarities between Playful Secrets and Home Alone, mostly the track (and the most part of the score) reminds more to Danny Elfman than John Williams, even Goldsmith, which his synthesizers sounds, are pretty unique, much more than Jablonsky in this score, but i give that sounds like a 80s synthesizer.Please Inception be next!!<br>There are tons of music in the film that didn't make it to the soundtrack.

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Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL)Christian VorlanderStephen PeroneBob Badami
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional ArrangementsMusic Supervisor
Mad Max - Fury Road (Complete Score)
Label: Unofficial Release
Length: 152'35 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (893 votes)
  1. Logo - Opening (1:40)
    Tom Holkenborg
  2. Attempted Escape (3:29)
    Tom Holkenborg
  3. Preparations (3:03)
    Tom Holkenborg
  4. Citadel Left Turn (6:13)
    Tom Holkenborg
  5. Blood Bag (3:40)
    Tom Holkenborg, Christian Vorländer
  6. Buzzards Arrive (1:26)
    Tom Holkenborg
  7. Spikey Car Attack (4:08)
    Tom Holkenborg
  8. Into The Storm (6:16)
    Tom Holkenborg
  9. Water (7:13)
    Tom Holkenborg
  10. This Rig Goes Nowhere Without Me (6:32)
    Tom Holkenborg
  11. Into The Canyon (2:49)
    Tom Holkenborg
  12. Rock Riders (6:24)
    Tom Holkenborg
  13. Immortan Gives Chase (3:17)
    Tom Holkenborg
  14. Immortan Suite (2:18)
    Tom Holkenborg
  15. Keep Moving (3:18)
    Tom Holkenborg (Eleni Karaindrou)
  16. On The Go Vault (12:32)
    Tom Holkenborg, Christian Vorländer
  17. Redemption - Many Mothers - No Green Place (8:58)
    Tom Holkenborg (Eleni Karaindrou)
  18. Hallucinations - We Return (5:18)
    Tom Holkenborg
  19. War Party Gives Chase (1:25)
    Tom Holkenborg
  20. Action (Part 1) (6:03)
    Tom Holkenborg, Christian Vorländer
  21. Action (Part 2) (1:06)
    Tom Holkenborg
  22. Action (Part 3) (6:49)
    Tom Holkenborg, Christian Vorländer
  23. Action (Part 4) (2:40)
    Tom Holkenborg
  24. Blood Transfusion (2:23)
    Tom Holkenborg
  25. Return To The Canyon (2:37)
    Tom Holkenborg
  26. Rock Riders Theme Suite (4:28)
    Tom Holkenborg
  27. Immortan Theme Suite (11:11)
    Tom Holkenborg
  28. Valkyrie Theme Suite (2:26)
    Tom Holkenborg
  29. Five Wives Theme Suite (1:43)
    Tom Holkenborg
  30. Many Mothers Theme Suite (4:43)
    Tom Holkenborg
  31. Music Box Source (0:16)
    Tom Holkenborg
  32. Preparations - Citadel Left Turn (Alternate) (8:58)
    Tom Holkenborg
  33. Redemption (Alternate) (1:46)
    Tom Holkenborg
  34. Action (Part 1) (Alternate) (5:44)
    Tom Holkenborg, Christian Vorländer
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Bondo reply Replies: 4 || 2019-08-02 01:03:14
Are the suites on the OST?

mpolonest123 2019-08-02 01:42:17

“Valkyrie” = “Mary Jo Bossa”
“Immortan” = “Immortan”
“Five Wives” = “We Are Not Things”
“Many Mothers” = “Coda”

Not sure about “Rock Riders”.

David2019-08-02 01:54:30
Rock Rider is the film version of Brothers In Arms!

Bondo2019-08-02 20:02:08
Thanks for the clarification!

BC2019-09-13 06:05:55
Is "Preparations - Citadel Left Turn (Alternate)" the extended version of Many Mothers on the OST? Noticed I'm missing a track and the times on both match up perfectly.

Hans Zimmer reply Replies: 1 || 2019-08-15 00:18:20
@Hybrid, Junkie is with Kraft-Engel Agency. Is this a good or bad thing in terms of working with RCP?

Knight2019-08-15 00:39:49
Irrelevant, there are quite a few RCP composers represented by them, for instance Geoff Zanelli, John Powell, Henry Jackman and Heitor Pereira.

DT-2017 reply Replies: 0 || 2019-08-02 17:50:45
Funny, when I mentioned the IT Chapter 1 unofficial expanded score it got removed and the implication from what I was told was that bootlegs were no longer being talked about here.

tilibro reply Replies: 0 || 2019-07-15 07:35:45
Didn't think there was more unreleased tracks from this score, aside from some suites, considering how much there was on the Deluxe Edition.© 2001-2018 OST 
Mad Max - Fury Road (Complete Score) soundtrack - Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL) 2015