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Hybrid, is Zimmer's Scoring the Drive going to be available on itunes/Amazon, etc.?<br><br>"Thief & A Forger" and "An Idea is Like a Virus" are two other good cues. The latter is a powerful rendition of the Time theme.@thedicksqueezer eres malévolo jajajajaYou know this score can be quite good sometimes. i find myself getting really into the new themes and ideas and thinking this score really had potential.. but then the track awkwardly switches to a painfully obvious temp from AWE that doesn't make any sense any way you think about it and my eyes roll so hard it hurts.<br><br>Fantastic score, very much in the vein of Chicken Run and his other animated scores at that time
One of the few Powell scores I still haven't heard. I remember the music working well in the movie, but I really need to listen to the whole thing separately. Any opinions on it from Powell fans?I agree. Though the album selection is pretty solid, those tracks you mentioned are definitely missing!It's criminal that Mr Charles, Strategy, and It's a Trap weren't included on the OST. I guess we did get It's a Trap as a bonus track, but it wasn't the film version.Well with that score we got pretty lucky in term of theme suites being released, with 5 of them. I don't know for sure if there's more but I think we have it covered.Hybrid, do you know if any suites were written besides the ones that they released?
“Our World” is a pretty amazing track, the “Murph” suite is also incredible just in how it gradually builds to that finale...Dust, Who's They, and Our World are other favorites, for sure. Our World is some fantastic ambient music. Before the film was released, I expected most of the score to sound like "Our World."Mountains too... The Tick Tock suite.<br><br>"Our World" is a fav' of mine too, how could they not release it ?Coward is amazing. Ntfc is overratedDon’t forget Coward! :D
I don't think Cornfield Chase is underappreciated because that is the cue everyone is talking about besides No Time for Caution and Mountains. The most underappreciated cue to me is Dust. The amount of mystery, wonder, and curiosity from that cue is amazing.The development of the music in season 2 is great.<br>Love the Westworld suite, a lot of Person of Interest in this cue :)<br>Listening With A Million Ears In the West :)Mike, I definitely agree with you. I think that Cornfield Chase is an excellent example of Zimmer's diversity in music. It shows that He can compose themes that are adventurous and light-hearted rather than being so dark, which is quite different from a lot of his works including his other collaborations with Nolan.So everybody talks about No Time for Caution, and that is a great cue, but I think an underappreciated track from this score is Cornfield Chase. It sounds so whimsical and uplifting. It captures the wonder and fun of childhood really well. The fact that it's so driven by the pipe organ makes it even better. I love how Hans incorporated the organ into most of the tracks.

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John PowellJames McKee SmithJohn Ashton ThomasAlan Meyerson
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicMusic Scoring Mixer
Rat Race
Label: Beyond Records
Length: 35'32 rating:        3/5
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (3736 votes)


  1. Let's Meet Our Contestants (1:46)
    John Powell
  2. A Very Special Reception (0:47)
    John Powell
  3. I'll Take The Stairs (0:23)
    John Powell, James McKee Smith
  4. The Chase Begins (3:29)
    John Powell
  5. Flights Cancelled (1:16)
    John Powell, James McKee Smith
  6. Roswell‚ New Mexico? (0:47)
    John Powell, James McKee Smith
  7. The Cabbie Dumps Owen (0:52)
    John Powell, James McKee Smith
  8. The Squirrel Lady (0:33)
    John Powell
  9. Helicopter Dance (2:18)
    John Powell, John Ashton Thomas
  10. Switch Keys And Should Have Bought A Squirrel (0:56)
    John Powell, James McKee Smith
  11. Pollini Wakes And Owen Gets Some Clothes (0:50)
    John Powell, James McKee Smith, John Ashton Thomas
  12. Wanna See A Heart? (1:12)
    John Powell
  13. Stealing Some Gas (0:32)
    John Powell, James McKee Smith
  14. Chase To The Balloons (0:59)
    John Powell
  15. I Lost My Heart To A Dog (0:41)
    John Powell
  16. Bike Dyke Attack (0:41)
    John Powell
  17. All Alone In The World (0:46)
    John Powell
  18. From A Rocket Car To A Nut Bus (1:51)
    John Powell
  19. A Family On Drugs! (0:45)
    John Powell, James McKee Smith
  20. The Lucys Chase Owen And Third Reich In The Parking Lot (1:36)
    John Powell, James McKee Smith
  21. Arrival At Silver City (3:47)
    John Powell
  22. Grisham Runs Off With The Hooker (1:05)
    John Powell
  23. Tour Bus Crash (0:29)
    John Powell, James McKee Smith
  24. All The Little Children (3:20)
    John Powell, John Ashton Thomas
  25. La Habanera Loca (1:57)
    John Powell
  26. Before We Were Russian (1:46)
    John Powell
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John reply Replies: 0 || 2010-09-10 00:00:00
No comments?? No way! You just can't not love the Elfmanish theme. Slapstick scoring at its best!

Dakota reply Replies: 0 || 2010-09-10 00:00:00
I LOVE this score, one of my favorites© 2001-2017 OST 
Rat Race soundtrack - John Powell 2001