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I'm with Edmund in that I'd love for Hans to win more Oscars, but not this score. I feel like even Blade Runner 2049 is more deserving of an award than this. Sure, it works great in the film, but that shouldn't be reason enough for an Oscar. I feel like Desplat's nominated score is more deserving than this one. <br><br>"But this one has a unique sound and recording!"<br><br>Okay... a lot of scores have that. A lot of Zimmer's work has that. Doesn't make them all masterpieces.<br><br>"But we have to spite those evil reviewers who hate this score!"<br><br>Why do you let their opinion get in the way of your enjoyment? If you love it enough, the critics' opinions should only make you enjoy it more because you see something in it they don't. <br><br>I agree with George in that Hans needs to go back to a melodic sound. I don't think whether this score wins or not will change Hans' mind on that, but I do want his next Oscar winner to mean something other than, "Oh cool! I won this award because I made weird sounds!" (Which by the way, involves things like programming and a lot of other technical adjustments that have nothing to do with Hans' composing ability)."The thing that I'm proudest about Dunkirk is you can't separate it from the film."<br>- Hans Zimmer, GQI understand, but it does not make sense.<br>You're arguing that the score for a movie released in January this year was produced before of the score of a movie that went to theaters in July. If Balfe started working on "12 strong" a year before the movie release, the same can be said of Dunkirk. It is easy to infer that the Dunkirk's score has been working since the middle of 2016! Or even before, because of the tours that Zimmer has done.<br>The music/sound design, even being simple, was not made and recorded between January and May of last year.Olive  that is when it was announced !!! Not when he did itBalfe's hiring came out in May, when Dunkirk's production was already at the end. No contest.<br><br><br>filmmusicreporter.  com/ <br> 2017/05/24/lorne-balfe-to-score-horse-soldiers/
Hans finished the bulk of the score before he went on tour, you could find an interview where he himself says so. <br>Ben worked solely on Variation 15. <br>Scroll down on this page and you'll find the full cuesheet with the credits. <br>Edmund - how do you think Zimmer wrote Dunkirk when he was on a world tour !!!Congratulations to Ben, Lorne also .Edmund - the release dates do not matter . Check out Balfe’s Facebook page and you will see he was recording 12 Strong early last year .I've only heard the suite Hybrid made. The only similarity I was aware of is the siren-like sound. <br><br>People don't realize how difficult scoring Dunkirk was. Just because you love Interstellar (I do too - it's my favorite HZ score) but that doesn't mean Dunkirk doesn't deserve to win. <br>Edmund, in all honesty what are the similarities between 12 Strong and Dunkirk? I know both scores and fail to see how they connect.
Doesn't deserve an Oscar. Hans Zimmer is my favorite composer but if he didn't win for Interstellar, he shouldn't win for this. <br><br>I can seriously say that I object this score winning based on that principle. This winning over Interstellar just isn't right.Well, the credits say that Supermarine or the oil are pure Zimmer, and also the 3 first track I think. So Balfe helped him to develop some ideas during his tour but the majority of the score is Hans' work.<br>And it does deserve an Oscar. I never heard a score like that.. If you have a problem with the score I think it comes from the script. A classical melodical music wouldn t work for this film i think.Source? I find that hard to believe considering the release dates. Even if it is true, Balfe might have been concurrently working on Dunkirk and brought over some of the ideas. I find it spectacularly improbably that he and Hans just HAPPENED to come up with the same ideas at the same time.Edmund - gets you facts right please . 12 Strong was written before DunkirkHere's an interesting opinion: I want Hans to win this one so that he DOESN'T continue making music like this. Sure its functional, but if he could reinvent the melodic score again and get back to writing memorable melodies I'd be pretty happy. He won for Lion King and then essentially abandoned that tone of music which transitioned into the Crimson Tide/The Rock sound... so maybe, just maybe, if he wins this year he'll completely reinvent his sound again and give us something both melodically memorable but also be a total game changer in terms of modern scores.
I hope it doesn't win if for no other reason than so we don't have to go through 5 years of Dunkirk temp tracks (although if 12 Strong is anything to go by, too late).@Ahmad i only need "The Oil (Film Version)" :D Then i'll be happy :D*That was a thumbs up but it didn't work :D<br><br>^This how I feel lol.I hope Dunkirk wins just to make the so-called "reviewers" and those who say it isn't music, more frustrated and annoyed.@badbu &#128077;<br><br>I honestly don't know how a complete score is going to work. They weren't kidding when they said the music is done like one long track. <br><br>What I understood from a Q&A with Nolan is that they didn't do it the usual way which means there are cues that are cut together / exist as segments. This was done in a different way where to create such cues, they used automation graphs to bring the layers in and out. Very complex. <br><br>One of the reasons why I think this deserves to win so many awards.

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Lorne BalfeMax ArujQueenie LiJohn Witt Chapman
ComposerScore ProducerMusic Production CoordinatorMusic Scoring Mixer
12 Strong
Label: WaterTower Music
Length: 70'52 rating:        Not yet rated
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  1. Generations (2:06)
  2. 20,000 Feet Above (3:01)
  3. Soldier's Wife (5:06)
  4. Waiting For Dostum (3:05)
  5. Drop Bombs (7:25)
  6. Writing Letters (2:41)
  7. Dostum's Cave (5:15)
  8. First Attack (3:27)
  9. 12 Strong (3:02)
  10. Fight Like You Ride (3:12)
  11. Ambush (4:18)
  12. Prayers (4:37)
  13. Warlord (3:35)
  14. Najib (3:00)
  15. The Tangi Gap Assault (2:53)
  16. EVAC (3:29)
  17. Rescue (3:45)
  18. Handshake (2:27)
  19. Special Forces (4:21)
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Michael reply Replies: 1 || 2018-01-21 09:30:36
Fantastic soundtrack for an amazing film.

Patrick2018-01-21 17:56:47
So digging this score

Kevin reply Replies: 0 || 2018-01-19 16:50:05
We watched the film last night and is a good solid movie with great action but a big score from Balfe .there seems to be much more thematic material in the film than was is on the soundtrack .agreat start to the year for scores

Some Guy reply Replies: 3 || 2018-01-14 06:18:05
My alternative cover design to this (since I liked "Rescue" so much):

Michael2018-01-14 07:39:10
Love the your album cover idea

Frank2018-01-14 07:56:36
Great music and managed to see a preview of the film and the score is so good with the movie.just the right amount of themes and powerful action music

JackP2018-01-14 12:32:55
Prayers and 12 Strong are really good tracks.does anyone know when the film is released

Andreas reply Replies: 25 || 2018-01-11 16:05:57
It will have 19 tracks.

Sounds like a non theme based score. The emotional tracks will stand out more than the the action based music which sounds mostly atmospheric.

MrZimmerFan2018-01-11 17:32:33

https: // /lk/album/12-strong-original-motion-picture-soundtrack/13328 55005

Hybrid Soldier2018-01-11 19:15:51
Extract added !

George2018-01-11 19:40:32
Pretty cool, you can hear a lot of references to his 2017 scores like The Crown, and I'm 100% okay with that. Thanks!

Ahmad2018-01-11 19:45:22
Interesting... The first 3 minutes seem to be influenced by "Duck Shoot" from The Crown. Also, Dunkirk influence at 5:20.

George2018-01-11 20:01:06
I definitely heard the Duck Shoot and Dunkirk reference too, Ahmad! Again, not opposed to it. You can hear a little bit of Geostorm action in there too.

Peter2018-01-11 20:22:58
Well he did write the duck shoot !!! The sample sounds fantastic

Ahmad2018-01-11 20:49:00
Oh! I didn't know he worked on Duck Shoot/The Crown S1.
By the way, I wasn't criticising. I was just pointing out the references :)

...2018-01-11 21:08:49
I hear a lot of Oblivion in 20.000 Feet Above...
the first track sounded interesting

Olive2018-01-11 21:27:24
Holkenborg's 300 at 10:22


Andres2018-01-12 06:02:09
300 !!!! More like listen to Balfes Assasins Creed !What a great action score to start the year off with.Love Balfes work at the moment

Antonio2018-01-12 09:15:45
After listening to the album I can’t wait to watch the film. Nice to hear hard action music but with some melodies . It always seems to be one or the other these days

Mike2018-01-12 11:50:39
Balfe going back to his Call of Duty style of music which is cool

Kalman2018-01-12 12:19:43
Will there be a CD release as well?

BaronP2018-01-12 12:28:16
Great soundtrack with great mix of orchestra and electronics

rockhound2018-01-12 12:33:00
this score sounds like a mix of Dunkirk, Sicario, some Man of Steel drum parts and sadly a very uninspired main theme. the title track is the stand out cue and 2-3 other tracks sound also nice. the rest is maybe effective in the movie, but as a stand alone listening experience not very convincing. the least enjoyable score for a bruckheimer movie. lorne can do much better.

PeterM2018-01-12 12:43:06
Not many big themes but some really interesting textures and action.the rare times there are a theme it’s classic Jerry Bruickheimer with big epic orchestra.hints of 13 Hours and ghost in the Shell.lookong forward to watching the film

andyfilm72018-01-12 12:46:52
Favorite tracks are 12 Strong ,Prayers and EVAC. Evac is BRILLIANT

CalendarMan2018-01-12 13:51:56
Happy for everyone who likes this score. But for me unfortunately... i screamed out loud that I'm sick and tired of all these ambient scores while hearing at it. This can't be the right way, when you play 2-3 repeating notes with a piano and it's THE main theme and the ONLY melodical cue or a piece of it in the whole score. while everyone likes this (for which i'm happy for you guys), it frustrates me, that i haven't heard to a rcp score for a long long long time, that was a really good score.

rockhound2018-01-12 18:58:11
because the story is based on true events, i can understand, why lorne didn't go for the big epic patriotic hollywood sound, but something like Black Hawk Down or djawadis Medal of Honor scores must have been possible. even the last 3 tracks are just ok, because of the weak theme. and for this kind of sound the album is way too long.

Olive2018-01-12 20:35:05
Private Rian is partly based in true facts.

superultramegaa2018-01-12 21:14:14
CalendarMan - TF5 was pretty melodic for the most part. The Crown Season 2 (while I'm not a fan of it) seemed pretty melodic. Blue Planet II was basically a more epic Thomas Newman score (at least aesthetically). There wasn't much interesting stuff from Zimmer, but there's been some good scores this year.

Alberto2018-01-13 00:21:57
Why does it have to be melodic?maybe the film did not fit having old traditional score.I think Balfe’s has done a great mix of both worlds with this score and we will see when the film is released

Olive2018-01-13 00:32:55
Already released? Where to listen?

olive2018-01-13 00:39:05
Ok, I see it on Spotify.

rockhound2018-01-13 07:22:19
Geostorm is also very melodic, but not an old traditional score. so of course it was possible to compose at least a more melodic intense theme than we have here now and im sure it would have fit.

FaresTdkr reply Replies: 1 || 2018-01-12 20:23:19
Well,well,well. I just finished listening to this score the first I've noticed is the Atmospheric mode that you'll find in almost every track except 17.rescue which I think just some tweak of duck shoot from the crown season one. I dont like the score in general except rescue track. And yes there is some little cues from Dunkirk.

Oliver2018-01-12 20:36:23
After all it is a Bruckheimer movie.

Edmund Meinerts reply Replies: 2 || 2018-01-11 13:12:16
Is this a prequel to 13 Hours?

George2018-01-11 15:23:51

Brian2018-01-11 16:03:27
It was based after the twin towers

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 3 || 2018-01-10 19:51:07
So this will come out on the 12th !

FaresTdkr2018-01-10 21:04:51
Please hybrid any thing about next film for Hans.

olive2018-01-10 22:49:37
2018's The Lion King. xD

Mephariel2018-01-11 00:20:47
The Lion King is 2019.

123 reply Replies: 0 || 2018-01-10 20:41:47
Amazing!!© 2001-2017 OST 
12 Strong soundtrack - Lorne Balfe 2018