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So I've finally decided to give this a listen today, and it was a lot of fun! The general quirkiness, source cues that actually benefit the score, and one of the best themes that I've heard from Zimmer in Moriarty certainly make this one a keeper. A lot of people barp on the OST, but it certainly made me interested to hear the music in a better form. I'll probably have to listen to it again before forming a definitive opinion, but as is, it managed to actually live up to the hype.Music By Harry Gregson-Williams<br>Additional Music By Stephanie Economou<br>Music Supervisor By Jabari AliTotally phoned in...I got nothing from this...Y'know, up until recently, I also thought Lorne was one of the least interesting RCP composer next to Junkie XL. Then I listened to Genius: Picasso (because of that one Balfe troll's recommendation interestingly enough), and now I see enormous potential in him. That is one of the most interesting television scores I've heard so far. The orchestrations and overall complexity is an enormous achievement for Lorne and shows that he can do much more than generic sample composition. <br><br>I'll probably skip this score because I have no interest in Mission Impossible, but I have a lot more interest in Balfe's career now thanks to his work on Genius: Picasso. If he continues on that level of composing, he may actually get some notoriety.Um.....guys, why are we acting like Kraemer doesn't have the skill to do a different sort of score? I'm fairly positive Jack Reacher doesn't sound anything like RN. Really, the reason he wasn't brought in was because, apparently, McQuarrie was pissed that he was overruled in how he wanted the film to sound, so be deliberately chose not to hire him this time. Purely a thing of spite. And a lot of the disappointment lies in those who normally don't pay attention to film music, which shows just how special that particular score was.<br><br>Really, I'm confident that had McQ had his way this time, and with Kraemer on board, he would've made something that did fit the new tone of the film. Composers should be able to challenge themselves to do something that is out of their comfort. Which is likely why a lot of Zimmer scores are the way they are, since he's allowed to differentiate every once and a while.<br><br>As is, with this logic, Cruise should not have hired McQ again if he wanted a different kind of movie for Fallout.
Hot take: Cruise saying that Fallout is the best score in the franchise is the equivalent of Danny Elfman saying there is only one Batman theme. Just marketing tricks to get one more excited.<br><br>Me personally, the general M:I sound isn't something I tend to get excited for, though I definitely acknowledge it's objectively well done. With M:I-2 though, while it's technically dated and incredibly cheesy, I admire it for those reasons, and is incredibly fun for me. Not to mention that the Spanish guitar is a lovely touch, and Injection is proof that there is more to Zimmer than some might think.<br><br>Balfe as a composer, to me, seems like tbe sort of guy who's told to get synth that fit the film well enough, and call it a day. Sure, there's one or two scores that go above and beyond to actually be something of note, but otherwise he's among the least interesting of the RCP bunch. Feel free to feel however you want, but that's my two cents.<br><br>It's frustrating that you have to deal with some of the touchier fans Edmund, but I'll admit that I do get a laugh everytime it happens. I love music, but I don't feel the need to get overly defensive about. I would just enjoy it and leave it like that.Meh on this one...Listening to it doesn't really do much for me. Maybe because I dont care for Cruise, or MIssion Impossible, or maybe because I already heard better from Inception and Fury Road....Even on last year's Dunkirk Hans wrote 90% of it. Unless you are born in the last few months there is plenty of music which Hans wrote and many can remember.Interstellar is barely 3 years old.SamualPF - there people go again misconstruing my comments about some of the posters here as negative comments against Balfe or his music. I didn't say anything about the score. But sure, keep pushing that agenda.<br><br>George, you make fair, well-articulated points and for what it's worth, I never included you among those who have, shall we say, aroused my suspicions. I'm looking forward to checking out the score for myself and rest assured I'll give it a fair shake when I do. I've liked plenty of Balfe scores in the past, I swear I'm not a hater! :p
None of Kraemerís music is reused! Thematic consistency says what?I actually always listen to a new score with an open mind. If I start expecting something and the score doesn't sound like it or doesn't have a certain thing in it I will always be dissappointed. If I don't expect anything and it turns out a score is a dissappointment, it's not such a big deal.<br><br>For example:<br>A lot of people wanted/expected a lot of individual hero themes in Infinity War. I didn't think it was necessary and I'm absolutely in love with the score.<br><br>And in the cause of reprising themes from 30+ different character in a score of 2 hours would have been chaos. If you're talking about LOTR and themes, that's different story. Those scores were almost all 3 or 4 hours.<br><br>But all and all. I don't think this is a better score than RN, but I don't think it's a bad score. It fits the movie, and I think that's what a score is all aboutEdmund ........<br><br>Yet again another negative comment about Balfe based on no fact . Sums you up really . The fact Tom Cruise who has produced the franchise has said he thinks is the best means something .we all get it that you donít like his music but simply contain yourself for always wanting to make pointless comments about him .<br><br>The reviews have been amazing for he filmmand Balfes scores . This may irritate you but at least watch the film and listen to the score then give a proper opinion.give it a goNo offense, Edmund, but if you havenít listened to it then donít make a judgement call on those of us that like it. Fallout in my opinion is the only really good RCP blockbuster score this year, and Iím going to voice my opinion on that. Pacific Rim, Tomb Raider, wrinkle in time, and Skyscraper have all been disappointments for me so when this surprisingly came out two weeks early, and I surprisingly liked it, then of course Iím going to ďflock overĒ and tell you all about how I feel. <br><br>Reviewers liking it is fun for those of us that like it. Tom cruise, who actually IS known to like film scores and has been to concerts for film scores (like Brian Tyler, even though Iím not crazy about him), liking it is also exciting for those of us that like this score and also for us who were excited to hear an updated RCP take on Mission Impossible. I root for all the RCP composers to succeed and create something memorable, and when others seem to like that too then Iím going to comment on it.<br><br>Whether it was Lorne Balfe, Henry Jackman, Ramin Djawadi, or Hans himself who scored this I would have been one of the first to tell you all if I liked it. And if I hated it I would also have voiced my disappointment... but simply put I was not disappointed and Iím glad that others are liking it, including reviewers and Tom Cruise.Once again, and not for the first time on this site, I can't help get the feeling that a Lorne Balfe score page is getting brigaded. Seems like every time he puts a new score out, a bunch of people flock to the page with glowingly positive comments (and brooking not even the slightest criticism), frequently from irregular users with very generic names who don't ever post in threads by other composers. And then using weak, tired arguments like "the reviewers love it" (I trust film reviewers on scores about as far as I can throw them) or "Tom Cruise said it's the best" (and since when is Cruise an authority on film scoring?) or "this is a new/modern/DARK M:I movie" (no excuse for a bad score). It feels, quite frankly, like shilling.<br><br>Disclaimer: haven't actually heard the score, I'm making no judgment on the music itself here. This is merely an observation of the posting patterns here.
Iím right there with you. I definitely think Balfe is very talented, although heís far from one of the best composers out there. Especially compared to Zimmer.<br><br>That being said, Iím not crazy about MI:2. The highlights are solid (Injection and Bare Island especially) but I find most of the score either schizophrenic or just not as developed as the scores that influence it. Sorta like how everybody loves ďThe RingĒ but I canít personally canít help but hear it as a lesser version of Hannibal.Right, which is why Iím ok with this. Look, I love the score for Rogue Nation as much as everyone else, but I still kept an open mind and was surprised that I enjoyed Fallout as much as I did, regardless of the influences.Thank you, Alex.  I appreciate it...Ohhh, nothing......Just here to remind folks what is the best M:I score. *cough*Balfe is not Zimmer*cough*<br><br>Seriously now.......Balfe seems to be turning into a film score version of Christopher Nolan. There are people who think he's the best thing since sliced bread, the next Jesus, and there are people who hate his guts. Personally, I don't mind him and I'm glad he gets to work on these big movies. But on the other hand, his score for the new MI movie is not even close to the greatness of Zimmer's MI2 score. At least in my opinion.I think most people listen to this score with a Rogue Nation kind of movie in their heads. But it's a very different kind of movie en the score works perfectly in the movie i.m.o.

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Henry JackmanHalli CautheryPaul MounseyMatthew K. Justmann
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicMusic Production Services
Jumanji - Welcome To The Jungle
Label: Sony Masterworks
Length: 60:23 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (919 votes)
  1. The Jumanji Overture (3:20)
    Henry Jackman
  2. Digging Up The Past (1:43)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery
  3. Brantfort High (1:09)
    Henry Jackman
  4. Into The Jungle (1:23)
    Henry Jackman, Maverick Dugger
  5. Out Of Character (2:31)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery
  6. The Legend Of The Jewel (2:23)
    Henry Jackman
  7. The Adventure Begins (1:40)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery
  8. Special Abilities (1:16)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery
  9. The Bikers (3:44)
    Henry Jackman
  10. Van Pelt (1:00)
    Henry Jackman
  11. A Test Of Friendship (1:22)
    Henry Jackman
  12. The Bazaar (1:16)
    Henry Jackman
  13. Snake Charmer (3:41)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery, Paul Mounsey
  14. The Power Of Bravestone (1:04)
    Henry Jackman
  15. Seaplane McDonough (2:17)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery
  16. The Missing Piece (1:46)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery
  17. Lost In Time (1:18)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery
  18. Flirting With Danger (1:36)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery
  19. Albino Rhinos (3:44)
    Henry Jackman
  20. Retrieving The Emerald (1:54)
    Henry Jackman
  21. Out Of Lives (1:49)
    Henry Jackman, Paul Mounsey, Halli Cauthery
  22. First Kiss (1:22)
    Henry Jackman, Paul Mounsey
  23. The Jaguars (3:03)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery
  24. Ring Of Fire (2:07)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery
  25. Begin The Climb (1:56)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery
  26. Call Out Its Name (2:23)
    Henry Jackman
  27. Leaving Jumanji (3:03)
    Henry Jackman, Halli Cauthery
  28. An Older Friend (2:40)
    Henry Jackman, Paul Mounsey, Halli Cauthery
  29. Back To School (1:53)
    Henry Jackman
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Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 1 || 2018-04-01 17:54:20
Composer credits !

Edmund Meinerts2018-04-02 10:25:05
Who the heck is Maverick Dugger, and why does he have such a stupidly awesome name?

A surprising amount of solo Jackman credits, at least for these days.

Jean-Luc reply Replies: 2 || 2018-03-29 22:44:30
Good news about Henry Jackman is currently scoring the upcoming by The Predator 2018. I'm really excited to hear about his score for the predator, but I think his score might be like from Kong Skull Island or Jumanji welcome to the jungle or something new things about the jungle. I hope Henry Jackman should use for 1987 predator theme for Alan Silvestri it would be amazing news.

ThePhantasm2018-03-30 07:22:39
I'm pretty sure he will use it, he's a huge fan of alan silvestri. And also Predator was the first soundtrack he heard so I'm certain he will. He talks about it all in an interview with hans, thomas newman, and steven price

Jean-Luc2018-03-30 18:38:07
Awesome, that's great news!

Michael Fields reply Replies: 0 || 2018-01-04 06:54:18
Here are the booklet credits:

Original Score Composed And Produced by

Executive In Charge Of Music For Sony Pictures:

Additional music by

Score recorded and mixed by

Music Editor

Score Technical Engineers

Assistant To Henry Jackman

Music Contractor

Score Conducted By

Digital Score Recordist

Score Orchestrations By

Music Preparation By

Score Mix Assistant

Score Choir Conducted And Contracted By

Score Recorded At

Overdub Musicians

Score Mixed At

Stage Manager

GREG DENNEN (Scoring Stagehand)
DAVID MARQUETTE (Scoring Stagehand)
GREG LOSKORN (Scoring Stage Manager)

Booklet Editing & Design


SONY CLASSICAL Product Development

Score Published By
Admin. By

Henry Jackman would like to thank:

JBSO99 reply Replies: 2 || 2017-12-14 14:32:32
Tracklist with track duration:
01. The Jumanji Overture (03:20)
02. Digging Up The Past (01:43)
03. Brantfort High (01:09)
04. Into The Jungle (01:23)
05. Out of Character (02:31)
06. The Legend of the Jewel (02:23)
07. The Adventure Begins (01:40)
08. Special Abilities (01:16)
09. The Bikers (03:44)
10. Van Pelt (01:00)
11. A Test Of Friendship (01:22)
12. The Bazaar (01:16)
13. Snake Charmer (03:41)
14. The Power of Bravestone (01:04)
15. Seaplane McDonough (02:17)
16. The Missing Piece (01:46)
17. Lost In Time (01:18)
18. Flirting With Danger (01:36)
19. Albino Rhinos (03:44)
20. Retrieving the Emerald (01:54)
21. Out of Lives (01:49)
22. First Kiss (01:22)
23. The Jaguars (03:03)
24. Ring of Fire (02:07)
25. Begin The Climb (01:56)
26. Call Out Its Name (02:23)
27. leaving Jumanji (03:03)
28. An Older Friend (02:40)
29. Back To School (01:53)

JBSO992017-12-14 14:33:55
I have already listened to The Jumanji Overture and I must say it sounds really great. Let's see how the rest of the score sounds.

Waymman2017-12-15 16:56:12
Great score! Lots of fun.

Iamtommie reply Replies: 1 || 2017-12-09 10:01:11
I read one or two reviews of the movie and they said that Jackman's score is actually really good. Especially the drums in the score.
I'm exitied!!

JBSO992017-12-10 12:18:41
I really hope so because the movie itself looks really dull, but at least it's a great score. But I would have prefered James Newton Howard to do it as was set before Jackman.

mouseny reply Replies: 1 || 2017-11-30 19:35:06
Is Paul Mounsey secretly composing everything these days?!

Olive2017-12-01 01:37:36
Secretly I do not know, as long as his name appears on the credits. But he's done a lot of stuff on many projects. It is a reflection on the pause that Powell has taken in recent years

Ijnamuj reply Replies: 13 || 2017-11-29 02:01:25
Why does Henry always score the worst movies? Man on a Ledge, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Pixels, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, Kong: Skull Island, and now Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle! His scores are all great and accompany each film well, it's just that he's not the best at choosing good movies to score.

Edmund Meinerts2017-11-29 10:13:27
I liked Kong! And the trailer for this made me laugh a couple times, which I usually don't at dumb shticky comedy like this...

Brent2017-11-29 10:51:39
I wouldnít say thatís fair. Each composer has had no shortage of terrible movies. Lol!

This should be a fun list:

Jablonsky: Last Witch Hunter, Battleship, Gangster Squad, give or take Transformers
Djawadi: Great Wall, Warcraft, Dracula, Red Dawn, Fright Night
HGW: Cowboys & Aliens, X-Men Origins, Number 23, Flushed Away, Phone Booth
Powell: Knight & Day, Rio, Mars Needs Moms, Robots, Paycheck, Gigli, Evolution
Junkie: Run All Night, Brimstone, Point Break, Kill Your Friends, Paranoia
Zanelli: Disturbia, Masterminds, Mortdecai, Scorpion King 4, Ghost Town

And, letís not forget Zimmer himself: Shark Tale, Itís Complicated, Inferno, Amazing Spider-Man 2, Madagascar (gosh, I HATE those movies), On Stranger Tides, The Dilemma, The Weather Man, Thunderbirds, Pearl Harbor

Olive2017-11-29 11:02:19
Shark Tale, The Fan, Muppets: The Island Treasure, Point of no return, Calendar Girl, Riding in Cars with Boys, Jow Do You No, etc, etc.

Olive2017-11-29 11:02:58
How Do You Know* lol

Simba2017-11-29 11:55:35
"The Fan" is a great movie! What are you talking about?!

Andreas2017-11-29 12:30:46
I've read that this movie got great reviews and an advernture score from Jackman sounds fun to me.

Olive2017-11-29 17:00:41
Maybe you think so, but it was a worldwide failure.

olive2017-11-29 17:01:48
The above response was addressed to @Simba

rockhound2017-11-29 17:38:39
The Fan was not a successful movie, but for me it is also a great movie. great acting, nice cinematography, good suspense and an amazing effective score by zimmer. i think this movie is the first tony scott movie, which showed the typical tony scott music style, that he prefered in his followed movies. some parts has already a bit from Enemy of the State. maybe these are harrys cues.

mpolonest123 2017-11-29 19:02:54
Ehhh The Fan is ok as a film. Itís a good idea that goes overboard in the third act. My problem with Tony Scott is that he wasnít a bad director, but sometimes went more for style over substance (Crimson Tide/Pelham are pretty good though)

As for the score, one of Zimmerís best!

Olive2017-11-29 19:42:14
Yeah, sometimes, by the style, I feel "The Fan" more like a HGW score than Zimmer.

Ds2017-11-30 07:50:11
Is it just me or do the above lists of "terrible movies" actually contain a lot of very nice and enjoyable movies? :-D

Olive2017-11-30 13:12:01
Hehe© 2001-2017 OST 
Jumanji - Welcome To The Jungle soundtrack - Henry Jackman 2017