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You're right, matthew, but i'd said everyone here is used to this kind of album release with HZ/RCP, like The Thin Red Line or Inception with a lot of suites and not so much of the actual movie score. Personally i don't mind because I know the full score will be release some day and I really enjoy suites. However, I'm afraid there is nothing else to do that wait.<br><br>ps : i think Hans or RCP has no right to publish a full score (even they own), it's up to the studio--If they decide to release a proper FYC hopefully that will contain the film order/versions/unreleased/etc. <br><br>But I do agree, this is one of those scores that is tremendously improved by the film flow. Honestly I never understood the thinking behind putting out an album if you aren’t going to use the full 79 minutes it allows. Especially when you are missing cues which are vastly different from what’s presented. Why “Escape From Ship” or “No Time For Caution” weren’t there to begin with confuses me.Love Ocean Bloom. Hybrid, no release date yet for the album? The first episode is coming out in a a giant fucking fan of this movie, I can't put it into words just how lazy is this presentation of the actual music. <br><br>it annoys the shit out of me when I read comments on youtube, Itunes, Amazon and also here, like whats the opening music? and the stupid answer is from everybody: "oh yeah, you're looking for The Mole, thats the opening scene!" well, fuck, the movie opens with The Mole, but it goes on for only 2 minutes, and the rest 4 minutes is unused, and the actual 4 minutes after 2 minutes, from the opening is unreleased. it is a minor fact that seems 100% unnoticed by every person. because the music is non-stop in the film, I consider the opening from the logos, until we arrive to the beach.<br><br>Shivering Soldier is the first track that appears "as used in the film" form on the release.<br><br>Supermarine is a misleading action suite released before the premiere, because of marketing purposes, I think the studio was a bit scared, so they wanted to demonstrate that this is more of a summer blockbuster than a black and white war movie. <br><br>Home is the classic "different version in film" case, only to give Hybrid Soldier the chance to come here and give a defense speech about how Zimmer, Nolan, and every soul at warner bros, at water tower music, at remote control and every world-class star status earned professionals in hollywood couldn't make the "as used in film" presentation dream come true. the "no the time for caution" event is still comes hilariously amature from a creative business built on the words: "Make it happen" <br><br><br>include the bible and i agree
Balfe is with all this year. <br>Best tv score of the year: Genius<br>Best movie score of the year: Lego Batman<br>Best action score of the year: Geostorm<br>Best drama score of the year: Churchill<br>And best scifi score: Ghost in the shell<br>2017 has been a hell of a year for him<br>It really is an excellent soundtrack with cool action and big epic tunes .Thanks for reply. I asked Watertower Music and they said they did limited edition and that it may be sold out. I was looking if somebody got it from them or if it's just a mistake on their part.The Best Action Score of the Year??? Please hear more Score!Have had the album on constantly all weekend and it’s the best
"Rage and Serenity" can be heard again in Kingsman 2 when Harry remembersNew to this web site and came across it because of this score .can not wait to actually watch the movie but for the moment the score is the bestDefiantly the best action score his yearTake a look at top of this page<br>This is the reason why you can't find it in any shop and you will not get an answer here.Listened on friday to Professor Marston. Wonderful score! Really good best of the week. Also Marco Beltrami his work on The Snowman is spot on.
Does anyone know the musical instruments incorporated in Equation?This was recently added back onto Spotify. Just an FYI for those of us who actually wanted to listen to this soundtrack for the past 2 years.Yes yes yes yesBecause he's been working a lot with HGW & RGW...Howe is not Remote Control . Why create a page ?

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Hans ZimmerSteven KofskyStephanie McNallyDerrick Werlé
ComposerMusic ProducerTechnical Score EngineerTechnical Music Assistant
Hans Zimmer Live 2017 (Shows)
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Hans Zimmer’s interest in music began early when he moved to the UK and met established film composer Stanley Myers where they collaborated on films such as My Beautiful Laundrette. In 1988, Hans’ solo work for Rain Man earned him his first Academy Award Nomination for Best Original Score.

From this point Hans has scored more than 120 films which have, combined, grossed over 24 billion dollars at the worldwide box office. He has been honored with an Academy Award®, two Golden Globes®, three Grammys®, an American Music Award and a Tony® Award. His most recent Academy Award nomination for Interstellar marks his 10th career Oscar nomination. In 2003, ASCAP presented him with the prestigious Henry Mancini Award for Lifetime Achievement for his impressive and influential body of work. He also received his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2010. In 2014, Hans was honored with the Zurich Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award.


The 2017 tour comes back by popular demand from the 2016 shows across Europe. The sell out shows were rapturously received by critics and the public alike. Incredibly in a Hollywood career that has spanned decades, these were Hans’s first full shows and were made even more special by the appearance of two of Zimmer’s collaborators guitarist Johnny Marr and Pharrell Williams.

Like the Hammersmith shows, ‘Hans Zimmer Live On Tour’ will be a visual spectacular designed and lit by the world-renowned lighting designer Marc Brickman. Marc has worked with everyone from Pink Floyd to Nine Inch Nails to Barbra Streisand and is responsible for the lighting of the Empire State Building in New York. The Hans Zimmer show will not only sound unlike any other it will also look unlike any other

14 April 2017 - Los Angeles, CA (United States) - Microsoft Theater
16 April 2017 - Indio, CA (United States) - Coachella
19 April 2017 - San Francisco (United States) - Bill Graham Civic
21 April 2017 - Las Vegas (United States) - Park Theater
23 April 2017 - Indio, CA (United States) - Coachella
29 April 2017 - Auckland (New Zealand) - Vector Arena
02 May 2017 - Sydney (Australia) - Qudos Bank Arena
04 May 2017 - Melbourne (Australia) - Rod Laver Arena
06 May 2017 - Brisbane (Australia) - Brisbane Entertainment Centre
10 May 2017 - Perth (Australia) - Perth Arena

16 May 2017 - Helsinki (Finland) - Hartwall Arena
18 May 2017 - Stockholm (Sweden) - Ericsson Globe
20 May 2017 - Oslo (Norway) - Telenor Arena
22 May 2017 - Copenhagen (Denmark) - Forum Copenhagen
24 May 2017 - Leipzig (Germany) - Leipzig Arena
26 May 2017 - Gdansk (Poland) - Ergo Arena
28 May 2017 - Lodz (Poland) - Atlas Arena
30 May 2017 - Krakow (Poland) - Tauron Arena
01 June 2017 - Budapest (Hungary) - Papp Laszlo Sports Arena
02 June 2017 - Bratislava (Slovakia) - Ondrej Nepela Arena
04 June 2017 - Prague (Czech Republic) - O2 Arena
06 June 2017 - Vienna (Austria) - Stadthalle D
09 June 2017 - Frankfurt (Germany) - Commerzbank-Arena
11 June 2017 - Paris (France) - AccorHotels Arena
13 June 2017 - Dublin (Ireland) - 3Arena
15 June 2017 - London (United Kingdom) - The SSE Arena, Wembley
16 June 2017 - London (United Kingdom) - The SSE Arena, Wembley
17 June 2017 - Liverpool (United Kingdom) - Echo Arena
18 June 2017 - Glasgow (United Kingdom) - SSE Hydro Arena
20 June 2017 - Antwerp (Belgium) - Sportpaleis
21 June 2017 - Amsterdam (Netherland) - Ziggo Dome
23 June 2017 - Vienne (France) - Theatre Antique
24 June 2017 - Nîmes (France) - Arenes
26 June 2017 - Zurich (Switzerland) - Hallenstadion
27 June 2017 - Zurich (Switzerland) - Hallenstadion
29 June 2017 - Milan (Italy) - Mediolanum Forum
13 July 2017 - Dallas (United States) - Verizon Theater
14 July 2017 - Houston (United States) - Smart Financial Center
16 July 2017 - Nashville (United States) - Ascend Amphitheater
18 July 2017 - Atlanta (United States) - Verizon Amphitheater
21 July 2017 - Columbia (United States) - Merriweather Post Pavilion
22 July 2017 - Philadelphia (United States) - Wells Fargo Center
23 July 2017 - Mashantucket (United States) - Foxwoods
25 July 2017 - New York City (United States) - Radio City Music Hall
26 July 2017 - New York City (United States) - Radio City Music Hall
28 July 2017 - Canandaigua (United States) - Constellation Brands PAC
29 July 2017 - Boston (United States) - Boch Center
30 July 2017 - Montreal (Canada) - Bell Center
01 August 2017 - Toronto (Canada) - Air Canada Center
03 August 2017 - Cincinnati (United States) - US Bank Arena
04 August 2017 - Chicago (United States) - Allstate Arena
06 August 2017 - Denver (United States) - 1STBANK Center
09 August 2017 - Berkeley (United States) - Greek Theater
11 August 2017 - Los Angeles (United States) - Shrine Auditorium
12 August 2017 - San Diego (United States) - Viejas Arena
13 August 2017 - Santa Barbara (United States) - Santa Barbara County Bowl

7 October 2017 - Seoul (South Korea) - Olympic Stadium

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HzlGOD reply Replies: 0 || 2017-10-06 19:43:54
OFC I’m getting blu-ray. But i just to let you know the 2016 concert is available in iTunes Hans Zimmer: Live In Prague' van Hans Zimmer 1280283786

Andi reply Replies: 1 || 2017-09-28 00:10:20
There has been lots of talk about the band, but who are the amazing guys, who played in the orchestra? I couldn't even count them, because they were barely visible. Unfortunately the horns were also barely audible, but I guess this was due to Hans being more interested in writing for strings than for horns.

How many orchestra players were there in total? What instruments did they play exactly? And were they a steady crew or were they hired locally?

Meze2017-10-05 21:10:19
You could read All of your questions If you bought a program at the concert > all the information is in it! It’s mostly local orchestra’s and choirs. 14 different orchestra’s + choirs in Total in the whole world! Buy a program. Lol

Alexander reply Replies: 1 || 2017-06-30 00:57:13
Last night I was on a Robbie Williams concert and for sure I looked a bit after it in the internet for some footage. As I watched the legendary Knebworth concert I noticed that Yolanda Charles was part of his Band. Very interesting career from Robbie Williams Band to Hans Zimmer Band :D

Andi2017-09-27 23:59:01
Ist mir auch schon aufgefallen!

geheim reply Replies: 9 || 2017-08-03 18:28:35
Yes, BluRay/DVD/CD Set on November 3th!! Can't wait for it :)
Source: Official Facebook page of the tour.

F1-TARS2017-08-03 22:04:28
Yeah saw that on there, happy that it's FINALLY coming out, look forward to watching and listening to this again

Ff2017-08-04 00:42:27
Yes, but its only the show from 2016.... they have more recorded material from 2017, they should release that as well. Just Like andr&#279; riool has hundreds of outdated dvd's. Lot of ppl like that.....

Mephariel2017-08-04 02:47:35
Is this confirmed to be the 2016 show and not the 2017 show?

Patrick2017-08-04 08:12:34
I prefer the 2016 show more, but... just a little complaint... why not the very first Hans Zimmer Revealed Show in London with Pharrell Williams etc? However, glad it will finally be released and Tina Guo is part of it!! :-)

Patrick2017-08-04 08:27:41
... and even better: Hans Zimmer in Prague on cinemas around the world, starting on October 3rd

XinHong2017-08-04 20:46:17

1) Medley: Driving (Driving Miss Daisy) / Discombobulate (Sherlock Holmes) / Zoosters Breakout (Madagascar)
2) Medley: Crimson Tide / 160 BPM (Angels And Demons)
3) Gladiator Medley: The Wheat / The Battle / Elysium / Now We Are Free
4) Chevaliers De Sangreal (The Da Vinci Code)
5) The Lion King Medley: Circle Of Life (Prelude) / King Of Pride Rock
6) Pirates Of The Caribbean Medley: Captain Jack Sparrow / One Day / Up Is Down / He’s A Pirate
7) You’re So Cool (True Romance) 8) Rain Man: Main Theme
9) What Are You Going To Do When You Are Not Saving The World (Man Of Steel)
10) Journey To The Line (The Thin Red Line)
11) The Electro Suite (themes from The Amazing Spider Man 2)
12) The Dark Knight Medley: Why So Serious? / Like A Dog Chasing Cars / Why Do We Fall / Introduce A Little Anarchy / The Fire Rises
13) Aurora 14) Interstellar Medley: Day One / Cornfield Chase / No Time For Caution / Stay
15) Inception Medley: Half Remembered Dream / Dream Is Collapsing / Mombasa / Time

I don't remember, is it the 2016 or 2017 tour ?

XinHong2017-08-04 20:48:57
UHD Blu-Ray seems to be possible:

The spectacle was captured using the highest quality Dolby technology and is available in 4K with Dolby Atmos sound mix (2K and 5.1 surrounds sound formats also available).

As an added bonus for cinemas, a 10min interview was shot with Hans giving the viewer an insight into the man behind the score of many of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters.

Mephariel2017-08-05 01:02:44

That is the 2016 tour since there is no Wonder Women also no Thelma and Louise.

Jacob2017-09-03 12:25:45
Did you guys see this video ? Its a trailer from the show.

Johnny reply Replies: 0 || 2017-08-09 05:55:33
Hi there!
I would like Hans Zimmer come to Mexico, specially to Guadalajara maybe at the "Telmex Auditorium" or "Diana Theather" it would be so great and special enjoy his live music.
Thank you so much for reading and considering my petition :)

Bob W. reply Replies: 1 || 2017-07-26 19:21:49
Ich habe die show gestern abends mit meinem sohn im Radio City Music Hall gesehen. Was kann man da sagen - die show war FANTASTISCH. Die band, das Orchester, und die Saenger waren nicht zu fassen. Die show war 3 stunden lang - genau richtig in laenge. Und als ein Muenchner Yid, der schon 50 jahre in NY wohnt, muss ich sagen das es wirklich klasse ist das ein andere Deutscher Yid so ein konzert, das die ganze welt liebt, in New York macht und uns d

amit geehrt hat. Sei mir gesund Hansi - bitte komm nach NY schnell zurueck.

Ahmad2017-07-29 13:51:59
Seems like the Blu-ray is coming out soon.

Dave Smith reply Replies: 0 || 2017-07-23 03:42:18
Heard Hans Zimmer at Merriweather Post Pavilion. What a mind bowing performance.

Eddie Valvaneda reply Replies: 0 || 2017-07-17 22:11:47
I finally got to experience Hans and his amazing orchrestra last Friday here in Houston Texas. It was awesome, powerful and beautiful!! I am glad I was able to experience it and mark it off my bucket list.

lee from france reply Replies: 1 || 2017-07-03 18:46:30
Happy and a bit upset by the Arena in Nimes (France).
Good sound, but i expected a special energy in this mystic place, surly i expected too much!!
I thought also that maybe Hans was bored to play and play again the same tracks?! Big challenge to be involved every night for someone creative!!
However...Huge Satnam (my master!!), specials emotions with Czarina, Pedro, Guthrie, Mary, and all the percussionists, the choir,... Tina...Nile...
NB : I miss Ann Marie!
Bye Bye

Melaen2017-07-10 16:39:09
Yea, ann Marie and her sister Marie simpson, honorable mention also to Rusanda panfili and aleksey igudesman ! where great last year! This year Molly rogers and leah zeger where awesome aswell, bit different but its Nice that are changes in line up! Leah & Molly> Also very high level!

Andi reply Replies: 4 || 2017-06-23 14:06:54
Was at the Frankfurt show and don't know if there are words to say how awesome it was.

First, what's better than having a concert featuring an extended band, an orchestra and a choir? Only if it's Hans Zimmer leading the concert playing his music. So could it get any better than this? Yes, it actually could, namely this taking place in Hans' homestate Hessen (in Germany), which happens to be my homestate, too. It was so much fun listening to him talking to us "friends" in German and seeing him wearing an Eintracht Frankfurt shirt troughout the first set. But it still got even one more step better with having so many special guests performing this night: Romani Band Kokavakere Lavutára - Sendreiovci (who worked with Hans on "A Game of Shadows") doing the opening, Lisa Gerrard performing "Gladiator" and the premiere of Trevor Horn performing "Video killed the radio star" with Hans live, on which Trevor did a special rap part in German! I hope some of these things end up on the official DVD release. Also Hans' daugher Zoe happened to be in the audience that night.

I personally wish to thank all the amazing musicians, who all played so beautifully and the crew, who made this happen.

Now I'm listening to the pieces they played on and on, liking them more each time.

Of course, my personal highlight was listening to the great Lebo M doing the "Lion King" music.
QUESTION: The "Lea Halalela" part which was sung by his daughter Refi, wasn't this just an instrumental piece in the original film? I could only find renditions from the musical, where it has vocals on it, but on all releases of the film's soundtrack it hasn't. Or did I miss something? Hope you can help me out.

Thanks again,

PS: @Satnam Rangotra "Haben Sie einen Termin?" ;-)

Alexander 2017-06-23 14:15:03
Du hast absolut recht ! Aber sind dir Kameras aufgefallen ? Mir nicht obwohl ich natürlich auch hoffe dass das ganze einen Teil der DVD/Blu ray einnehmen wird.

Pit2017-06-24 22:32:04
Lea Halalela on CD “RHYTHM of the PRIDE LANDS“ from 1995;...
Frankfurt show was amazing, Leipzig too

Andi2017-06-30 00:44:49
@Alexander: Naja gefilmt wurde auf jeden Fall, sonst hätten wir ja nichts auf den Bildschirmen links und rechts gesehen. Übrigens war das der einzige Kritikpunkt des abends: Die Bildregie war grottenschlecht. Viel zu oft kam das wichtigste Bühnengeschehen zu spät auf die Bildschirme und die Übergänge waren mies. Wahrscheinlich war das örtliche Kamerateam nicht gut auf die Show vorbereitet gewesen.

Auch klebten an den Tribüneneingängen Hinweiszettel, auf denen stand, das aufgenommen wurde.

@Pit: Thanks! So maybe lyrics were intended but never used in the final film.

Alexander2017-06-30 00:51:11
Naja das stimmt natürlich. Sehe ich genau so wie Du der einzig gute Effekt meiner Meinung nach war das die Rote Linie in journey to the line durch die Seitenbildschirme vergrößert wurde. Hoffen wir mal dass falls etwas auf der DVD/Blu-ray landen sollte das ganze etwas besser aussieht.

FS reply Replies: 0 || 2017-06-28 16:41:43
Short bits from the zurich concert:

--> the e-guitar mixed with percussion is too loud. During the Dark Knight and Crimson Tide you could barely hear the melody lines played by the strings which is my biggest complain (the only one actually)
--> choir is amazing and can luckily beat the loud drums.
--> music selection is good and most of the time nice medleys
--> live singer are a lot better (on the stage !) than i expected. Especially the lion king and gladiator pieces are well done with the voices.
--> surprisingly long concert with over 3 hours (including 20 minutes break)
--> First half of the concert is perfect ! Good mix of classic and modern pieces/styles. Second half is a bit too much with spiderman, inception, interstellar, man of steel as they are all very percussion heavy. At that point you may get tired of it. Still i was impressed until the last minute and most people in the crowd too i guess.
--> hans said zurich is his 38th show on the tour and he showed no lack of energy. He was quite entertaining during his talk bits.

I hope in some years he will do another tour with some new pieces :)

Joyce Sousa reply Replies: 0 || 2017-06-26 05:02:32
Is there any chance to Brazilian fans to see Zimmer's concert in Brazil ???? :)

Cyberpunk88 reply Replies: 0 || 2017-06-25 19:42:40
Thank god they did an additional intro in the Interstellar section with heavy organ, just like in the movie. I kind of missed this the previous year, and brought me right back to when I saw Interstellar Live in London.. And with the addition of the Wonder Woman theme, this was the best show ever. Hope he does another tour somewhere in the near future!

Alexander reply Replies: 4 || 2017-06-11 21:29:26
I was at the concert in Frankfurt and you really felt that this was THE BIGGEST Film-music concert ever !!! The scale was amazing ! The crew was very open to the audience and you felt that they had fun too. I had a chat with Satnam (The drummer) during the break and got a nice photo with nile marr, son of johnny marr, and you really felt that they have as much fun as the audience. I hope that a DVD/Blu-ray will come soon ! But everyone here should go to one of hans's concerts. I was on three now and it feels like chilling with friends because the entire band is so open and it doesn't feel like they are untouchable gods of music ! Best experience you can get as a fan !!!

Daniel2017-06-12 07:51:27
How did you manage to have a chat with Satnam?

He definately is one of the best drummers out there, never seen such a talented live playing drummer before.

All of his crew were amazing.

Alexander2017-06-12 19:21:09
It was kinda funny. In the Break some Crew guy was checking somethin on the drums and a few minutes later ( I guess there was a Little problem ) satnam came out and checked something by hisself. To my big surprise Nobody Said something. I wrote with him once After a concert and I sended him a Message "up tomorrow" but it was Short before the concert so he didn't wrote back. I just told him that I am still waiting for a reply. But also Nile marr was very opened. Yea they are all very talented and i Hope there will be backstage Passes one day for Hans Zimmer :)

Jasmine2017-06-22 18:57:36
How long is the concert?

Alexander2017-06-23 00:33:48
It's quite Long ! :) he started at 20:15/08:15pm and they finished Inception at 23:30/11:30pm so You get a 3 Hours Event but I have to say that there is a 20mimutes Long Break but it's still a very Great Time compared to other concerts and it feels very Short !

Alexander reply Replies: 1 || 2017-06-13 21:58:47
Does anyone here have some informations about a DVD/Blu-ray release date ? The trailer for the 2017 Tour was very good and in a very high quality when it comes to picture and sound. They can't keep it just for a twitter or YouTube post !

Kristoff2017-06-14 22:04:38
I asked Eagle Rock Films and they replied it should be released by the end of this year. I hope it will finally happen!

lee from france reply Replies: 0 || 2017-06-12 01:08:35
I'm so so happy. 'Fantasmagorique' concert in Paris!!!!
Thanks to all the musicians and the choir.
Thanks to Hans.
Next : Nîmes antic arena in 13 days (gladiators were there!)

Bri reply Replies: 0 || 2017-06-11 16:05:31
I was at the show in Frankfurt and it was A+mazing! It really makes all the difference to hear Lisa Gerrard sing Gladiator live - her voice is even more amazing live. She also joined the others for Aurora, which was short yet incredible.
I also loved that Hans was talking so much and all in German haha. Good to know he remembers.

But can I just say: Some people are such idiots. I was seated next to the most stupid couple ever. First of all, they went to the loo in the middle of Journey to the Line. I'd rather wet myself than miss that one, hellooooo??!!!

Even worse - they left the show when Stay way playing.... why would you get up during Stay, and miss the whole Inception suite on top of it??!! My only guess is that they believed the programme in which the setlist ends after Interstellar, and I guess they wanted to be the first in the car park and avoid traffic. Imagine missing Stay Inception because of traffic considerations.

Back to the positive things: They also did Video Killed the Radio Star with the old band, which is not my kind of music, but was really fun. And I loved that Hans' daughter Zoe was there, too! :)

lee from france reply Replies: 0 || 2017-06-11 00:28:06
Tomorrow evening,in Paris....Can't wait!!
Hoping for new feelings and excitement,...
Good night everybody.

Heifelmeifel reply Replies: 0 || 2017-06-08 19:47:56
See you tomorrow in Frankfurt!

Brian reply Replies: 4 || 2017-05-26 15:36:46
I was at the concert in Forum in Copenhagen, it was a spectacular experience. Normally the sound is therrible there, last experienced with Ennio Morricone, that concert was destroyed by bad sound, but with your concert it worked out to perfection as the sound was turned up loud and took the roof of LOL... my question is, is there a DVD or CD with the set, some of the tunes were fantastic with the small and big modifications, and cant be found in superb quality anywhere...

Bill Koufo2017-05-26 19:50:12
A CD/DVD release was planned for earlier this year, but it was cancelled possibly because of the new tour. I suppose that when this tour is over we 're gonna have news on the release. In the meantime you can check the video recordings from Coachella, the quality is quite good.

F1-TARS2017-06-03 01:02:19
would be good if any information could be given on this, anytime recently have asked the social channels, get no answer what so ever, just ignored.

i was told in an email a year ago regarding the audio recording
'We're currently waiting to the final release date from our team in the US, which we're hoping will be soon. They're working really hard to get it finished for everyone as soon as they can, as we can't wait to share it with all the fans across the globe. As soon as we have further information or a release date we'll be posting about it on our social channels'

Obliviously not working that hard and they can wait to share it with fans lol

F1-TARS2017-06-03 01:06:41
*Obviously (thanks autocorrect)

CineMan2017-06-06 20:06:36
I work in a cinema and one of the distributors who deals with theatre and concert films sent us a plan of their 2017 premieres. One of them is "Hans Zimmer Live in Prague"

Probably this is the concert they will also release on DVD/BRD?
I wonder if this was recorded this year or last year.

Carlos reply Replies: 0 || 2017-05-25 02:04:09
My teenager daugther and I are looking forward to seing you in Barcelona. It would be the nicest gift I could ever give to her for her 18th birthday.

Nicolai, Denmark reply Replies: 0 || 2017-05-23 13:50:41
Do not be late, make sure u come early... concert starts precisely!
Many people was still in line to get inside the arena, when music kicked off!
As a longtime fan since the early nineties with DOT, BOAW, BR, RM I wouldn't miss HZ visiting Copenhagen.

This concert is a in your face tour de force of the best known themes that have made Hans world famous. Since Ridley Scott's Gladiator.
But if you're looking for orchestral work with somber melodic themes, I recommend you stay away. Since this is very HEAVY on the loud side with multiple guitars making your eardrums bleed... I loved every minute of it, in my opinion they could easily have turned the volume up another notch.
I only wished Zimmer could have played more of his older stuff, especially since(mentioned earlier) it was very heavy on guitars. He could easily have put in the likes of: Days of Thunder, K2, MI3, Drop Zone, The Rock, Broken Arrow or Bird on a Wire... scores that are heavy on guitar as well.
Witnessed in forum Copenhagen. Unfortunately not the right venue, this concert demands great acoustics. And I hope he will fixed the issue with the awesome instrument "the Duduk" you could barely hear it playin..

Hedon reply Replies: 2 || 2017-05-10 11:18:31
What is the set list this time?

Any changes from last year's concerts?

Hedon2017-05-21 02:07:23
Ok, since no one bothered to answer I'll do it myself after I have now watched the show in Europe:

Driving Miss Daisy - Sherlock Holmes - Madagascar
Crisom Tide - Angels & Demons
The Da Vinci Code (More like Inferno actually)
The Lion King
Pirates of the caribbean

- Intermission -

True Romance
Rain Man
Thelma & Louise
Man of Steel - Batman vs Superman (Is She With You)
The Thin Red Line
The Amazing Spiderman 2 (Electro suite)
The Dark Knight
Inception (Bonus)

Compared to last year's concert there are minor changes in the arrangements. Flutes and percussion are more present, in particular. We love hi-hats and bass drums, don't we?

My personal highlight was the Electro suite from TASM2. Real badass! Heavy on bass, drums and choirs, perhaps the loudest track of the show. It sounds like Satan himself is making his entrance and tearing the walls apart, which is pretty cool. This track should appeal to any rocker or heavy metal fan.

Hedon2017-05-21 02:21:59
Oh, I forgot to add. As a long time follower/fan of Hans' music, I have to say this: Every lurker on this page, the real fans, should go and see the show. Even if you have to travel abroad. Even if you are afraid of getting out of the house. It's worth it. Watching video clips online is one thing, being there is an experience on a completely different level, you'll have to go experience it for yourself. Or you may very well regret it for the rest of your life.

Mk reply Replies: 17 || 2017-04-22 04:34:04
So, what it looks like there's No Rain Man in the set, please bring Richard harvey back and rain man, please... so this new eustache Guy, known for Yanni performances and annoying waving in the air alot, i hope it's a temporary thing, why does he want to participate in every part. I got nervous.... If you seen the new opening: driving miss daisy, with a modified saxophone or something, you get something like: englishman in new york jazzy notes,..... i dont like iT, U see from everybody's body language That he is not accepted yet, Thx ...

Joshua 2017-04-22 06:57:36
He played Rain Man in L.A. and it was fantastic. Pedro is phenomenal.

Mk2017-04-22 18:01:35
Ok Thx for the info!

Pedro EUSTACHE2017-04-23 07:49:05
Hi Mk... I truly have no idea what you are talking about... Sorry you don't like me, but I am the winds soloist for the 2017 world tour. It is amazing that you do not find ANYTHING good in what I do [?]... just makes me wonder. And concerning "the band has not accepted him yet" you could not be more wrong [please ask the band members... they will tell you how they feel about me]. I see you have your preferences & I respect that, yet many others differ from your opinion. Anyhow, sorry, but I'm not "temporary thing" & I'm in for the whole tour... God bless you!

Michael Poleschuck2017-04-23 15:49:02
Mr. Eustache, it's really you? It's your first grand concert tour? What the difference between studio work and live shows?

Pedro EUSTACHE2017-04-23 20:34:36

Hi Michael,, this is not my first "grand tour"... I did 11 years with Yanni [1995->2006], & beg. 2017 --before coming with Hans-- I did all six weeks of international tour with Ramin Djawadi's "Game of Thrones-Live"... I have toured with other artists from the international community [diva Persian super-star Googoosh, Alex Acu&#241;a, and others...] & as a guest to many other artists [Riadh Fehri-Tunisia; Ara Gevorgyan-Armenia; Michel Fadel-Lebanon, etc.]. In live performance we have a direct connection with the audience... recording in the studio is a completely different dynamic... yet my reality is the same in both: I play with all my heart for the Creator of the universe--live or in the studio--that remains the same!

Mk2017-04-23 23:27:41
Well, you always get a second chance of course. Good luck!

Kristo762017-04-23 23:28:07
No in my opinion it's not the true pedro eustache just a person behind his screen :) but I like the style of pedro and I hate to hear it live in Paris because I like what it does :)

Mk2017-04-24 03:23:58
Less = more, Hans doesn't need improvised jazz notes added in driving miss daisy and so on.. they we're never there in the first place, this player feels most of the time as a fall by the wayside......

Pirates. Has gone Well in las Vegas, Ok it Will go better and better in time...

i do like the Dudok, Thats not what i Sa&#239;d ... the point is always trying to find More notes in the theme/ part he must play, You can't. Push iT to much...... Thats not Hans zimmer's philosophy, A. Fifth wheel on. A car. We shall see it's not easy to do a new tour........ "creator of the universe. God". There's No such thing. As god, Or. Actually H&#232; is standing on the podium. Called. Hans!

Pedro EUSTACHE2017-04-27 12:02:59
Well here is my last response... this is beyond absurd... & I feel Mr MK is somebody with a weird agenda posing as a fan. Yes, I AM THE REAL PEDRO EUSTACHE [not somebody "posing" for me] & I truly think this is useless... specially with people impossible to exchange honest, constructive opinions with... Please, whoever MK is, please, before you "tear me down" do your homework, & check out what God has blessed me with [yes, even if you don't believe in him, he is real tome... WHEN I ALMOST COMMITTED SUICIDED AFTER MY DAUGHTER—THREE-YEARS OF AGE— DIED OF BRAIN CANCER, JESUS SAVED MY LIVE, SIR!! YES, HE IS THAT REAL TO ME... IN SPITE OF YOUR MOCKERY & DISRESPECTFUL SARCASM... you might be surprised… I have composed & performed a 47 minute long, 12 movement concerto for 21 solo wind instruments of the world with Mtro. Gustavo Dudamel & his extraordinary orchestra, for example, in which I perform Raga Todi in a unique 15-hole bansuri built by myself, or when I mix a fugue Bach-style with Spanish “Bulería” Flamenca, or use a “mirror-form” in the Armenian piece in which the actual musical orchestral score—literally!—‘draws’ the silhouette of mount Ararat, the symbol of Armenia, or a 21/8 piece for the Easter-European section that starts with 12 upright basses slapping & doing ‘pizzicato Bartok’, or etc… you get the picture!!…] or recording three times with Mtro John Williams [missed the fourth time just now: “Star Wars VIII” due to being in world tour w Hans,,, (recordings where in May 2 & 4)—besides MANY other movie scores with Hans, John Powell, John Debney, James-Newton Howard, etc... or building more than 100 instruments, including unique instruments that nobody else in the world has, after doing research in acoustics with highly specialized Ph, D’s in flute & wind acoustics like Dr. John Coltman & Dr. Peter Hoekje, for example… & etc, ETC… My point: this is ridiculous!! I do not have to defend myself from such absurdity... Ah, forgot to mention: I just finished a 242 pages long book on "How to Write our Own Cadenzas in Mozart Style", or my studies of “Musical Phenomenology” with Mtro Markand Thakar--disciple of the genius Sergiu Celibidache--or that I have more than 7 years of Symphonic experience, studied Indian classical music with luminaries like Pnd Ravi Shankar—yes, THE legendary, iconic, irreplaceable & historic Ravi Shankar!— & Pndt. Hariprasad Chaurasia... but wait... I'm wasting my time!!… Mr MK might not even know who these geniuses are!… He just thinks I am a "jazz player”… such rubbish!! …And concerning your mockery of the Creator, please do not make public your ignorance in such an obvious way... THE GREATEST MUSICIAN IN ALL HISTORY: J.S. BACH SAID THAT MUSIC EXISTS TO "GLORIFY GOD & TO SUBLIMATE THE HUMAN SOUL'... but of course, you might not even know who J. S. Bach is… So, I will refrain from honoring your absurdly useless, empty, & strangely biased criticism... And no, sorry, I love Hans, BUT HE IS NOT GOD... He is a wonderful human being with great talent & wonderful heart... Only God is GOD--whether you believe on Him or not--May GOD BLESS YOU sir!! I will not waist more of my time in this... Blessings to all!!

Mk2017-04-28 02:06:35
Well i'm sorry for your loss,........ Mr Eustache, there's nothing you could do.

i Don't know If your real or not real, anyone with any name can write whatever he wants... on this forum..... I Don't know why you want to confront yourself with fans, it's something i would never do. Also this looks like a copy paste situation from

I never known you had a impressive career, cheers for that...... i Will gladly take in an in depth look......surely the talent is there.....

But as a hans zimmer fan i would n't take a quick tempered character who believes in god, i'm sorry... i wish you good luck though, i'll c u soon,..

Mk2017-04-28 05:01:29
So everybody can see> this person writing as Pedro eustache is mentally ill. This is not normal. Behaviour. I would say, ....

Pedro EUSTACHE2017-04-28 09:17:10
MK, on top of all, now you even insult me!!! wow!! are you OK, sir? least I put my real name... not hiding behind two letters like you do!... Indeed this is me--whether you believe or not, I truly don't care!... & there is no "copy paste" on my activities/credits... I just happen to know about myself, sir... You see? I still treat you with respect... what is not your case at all... Be blessed sir... Will definitely not waste anymore of my time in this absurd, useless & negative conversation... GOD BLESS YOU!! --Pedro [the real one... I have nothing to hide!!!] Cheers!!

Pierre2017-04-28 12:05:21
Dear Pedro, I'm sorry that you had to deal with this ignorant hateful person. I just wanted to say that I really respect and love your music, and the great things you have achieved. Your playing for Hans' tour is awesome, and you add such fantastic colour and beauty and passion to the arrangements. Keep on playing to God's glory with the gifts he has given you!

Kristo762017-04-28 18:11:01
i like style music of pedro in hans zimmer show ;) soon paris ;)

Stephen Hawking2017-04-29 05:19:51
God did not create the universe, Stephen Hawking revealed yesterday. In the flurry of publicity preceding his new book, The Grand Design, to be published next week, he does some serious dissing of the Almighty, declaring him/her/it irrelevant. The point is, he says, that our universe followed inevitably from the laws of nature. But, we might ask, where did they come from?

It is perhaps a bit rich for Hawking to make God redundant after granting him/her/it a celebrity cameo at the end of his multi-million selling A Brief History of Time. In his famous conclusion to the book, Hawking wrote that if scientists could find the most fundamental laws of nature “then we should know the mind of God”. To be fair, he was writing metaphorically – we all know what he meant.

He now suggests that the search for this particular Holy Grail is over, now that scientists have come up with a type of theory, known as M-theory, that may describe the behaviour of all the fundamental particles and force, and even account for the very birth of the universe. If this theory is backed up by experiment, it might perhaps replace all religious accounts of creation – in Hawking’s capacious mind, it already has.

Read more: -debate/#ixzz4fbZF2cQ3

Eric2017-04-30 19:32:51
Must we not argue if this is Pedro Eustache or not and the existince of God let us just enjoy Hans Zimmer's beautiful melodies.The Dark Knight,Pirates of the Caribbean,Inception,The Lion King and tons more we must put our pointless buffering away and enjoy why we are all on this website.Brothers and Sisters may we all just have peace.

mk2017-05-07 05:33:23
I would like to give a COMPLIMENT now to Pedro, He Seems to have slowed down more and fits better in the group, so Well done and Thanks for listening... keep the good vibe up..... yes Thx ,..keep listening to Hans Ok. Thanks Pedro .

lee from france reply Replies: 4 || 2017-04-29 13:06:34
Hello to the community!
Pedro, thanks! I do receive the emotions you give!
To compare seams so unappropriate in the dimension of music and creativity! We're all different in transmitting and receiving! Every body has his own place in infinity, don't you think? So why do human should give opinion that reduce the potential of beauty?

We live a special time here in France, hopping my country will choose "fraternity"!

.... I'm so, so happy to go to "Nîmes" next June (24th)! "Orange" last year was an unforgettable night for my first and so long awaited concert of Hans!
Have a nice day all!... and be happy!!

Eric2017-04-29 23:40:57
Pedr Eustache is it really you? And if it is did you help make the score for Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales

Eric2017-04-29 23:44:42
Pedr Eustache is it really you? And if it is did you help make the score for Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales and don't let these people get to you mate keep using the gift God gave you for his glory.

Eric2017-04-29 23:46:11
Pedr Eustache is it really you? And if it is did you help make the score for Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales and don't let these people get to you mate keep using the gift God gave you for his glory.

mk2017-05-04 19:37:54
The new pirates movie "Dead Men tell No Tales" is not a score from Hans unfortunately, but Tina Guo is in it...

Megalith reply Replies: 1 || 2017-04-30 00:33:32
Does anyone know the name of the violist who played with Hans at Coachella? She wore a flower headband.

Dfault2017-04-30 11:34:57
I quote:

Hybrid Soldier 2017-04-17 20:09:54
Brunette is Leah Zeger, and the redhead is Molly Rodgers.

If you want the band setting :

On the back : Aicha Djidjelli - Nathan Stornetta - Nick Glennie-Smith - Satnam Ramgotra - Gary Kettel - Steve Mazzaro - Czarina Russell - Holly Madge

Front : Andy Pask - Leah Zeger - Molly Rodgers - Tina Guo - Nile Marr - Hans Zimmer - Yolanda Charles - Guthrie Govan - Pedro Eustache - Andy Page (and singers : Lebo M & Refi Sings)

guineapirate reply Replies: 1 || 2017-03-02 17:22:14
No NYC? wtf?

Pedr EUSTACHE2017-04-28 09:19:28
25 July 2017 - New York City (United States) - Radio City Music Hall
26 July 2017 - New York City (United States) - Radio City Music Hall

0-cool reply Replies: 3 || 2017-04-23 20:36:55
has Thelma & Louise with Guthrie Govan been played yet? Or was that a one off thing at the Orange stadium in France last year?

Mk2017-04-23 22:54:54
Rainman fades over in Thelma and Louise...

Mk2017-04-24 02:16:17
*****Warning Spoiler alert*****

0-cool2017-04-24 21:28:27
nice thanks

Hedon reply Replies: 0 || 2017-04-23 16:07:27
What is the play list for the show this time?

Anyone who have been on the concerts who can comment on this? Was it the same as last year?

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