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I believe him as I didn't hear anything from Kraemer.I asked Balfe on Facebook if he used any of Kraemers theme and he said noI Know, Hybrid, just sayin' that i a fan of Benjamin Wallfisch's music Scores since lights Out to Blade Runner 2049 and i say this is another excelent Work from WallfischOne-worded track titles! Reminds me of early days of Media Ventures!<br><br>They sure tried real hard to keep spoilers out of these, didn't they? I suppose I'd take this approach over Latin or irrelevant names, though a little bit of pun and flavor wouldn't have hurt.So you can't wait to hear the score but you already say it's a great score ?<br><br><br>#inception
Another great score from Benjamin Wallfisch can't wait to hear the score & see the movie <br><br>Music By Benjamin Wallfisch<br>Additional Music By John Paesano & Adam Hochstatter<br>Orchestra Conducted By Tim Williams<br>Orchestrations By Peter Bateman & David J. KrystalWhy is people saying that Balfe kept some original music from Kraemer? I have listened to the whole score and I didn't found any quotes. Maybe in The Syndicate there is some kind of reference to Kraemer's theme but I don't really know.<br><br>And I have to say that I was expecting Balfe to shine on this one, but I ended up disappointed. There are some great action cues, and I like some things he does with the main theme like the use of choir, but the score as a whole feels like a reuse of many things I have already heard and ends up feeling repetitive and a bit boring. <br>And note that this is my opinion so don't jump into my neck saying this is the best score in the saga, because I think Rogue Nation is a really big step above this. I hope that at least it works in the context of the movie, which I suppose it does really well...Re-listening the score again...….Have to say, Lisbeth Scott's beautiful vocals are definitely one of the highlights. She's amazing. On par with Lisa Gerrard.<br><br>Speaking of, what the hell happened to MV/RC guys incorporating female vocalists in their scores? I've always loved that approach. But it seems that it kinda went away......replaced by more and more sound design! So except for this score (and Steve's Your Highness) is there a recent big MV/RC score that actually features female vocals? Maybe I'm missing some...…..I was wondering that is there a Hans Zimmer library you need to license from Remote Control.<br><br>I kinda saw a composer's Cubase setup and he labeled one of his folders, HZ STR, HZ BRS, and HZ Choir.<br><br>Does Zimmer have a brass and choir sample library you need to have a license for?Easy now Mr. Anonymous, no need to be so superior. <br>I looked up that tracklist, and couldn't find 'Tai Lung Escapes' specifficaly listed, hence asking. Closest there is 'Shogun Mongol Prison', but it's too short to be the whole scene.   <br><br>But I'll try to get a hold of that complete version somehow, looks super interesting.
Its just three short bursts of sound, really.Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention there's also a short track that plays when K walks through Las Vegas past the statues and beehives, but is not listed on the cuesheetIt should be noted that I think a few tracks like 'new model' are put together with the track that came before it on the CD.<br><br>Ossuary<br>Return to Sappers<br>Must Protect the Child<br>Bomb<br>Like a Real Girl<br>Luv in Apartment<br>Mesa Hijack<br><br>I think are the only real missing tracks, and some of them are pretty short anyway.I keep listening to "The Syndicat", which is what I assume to be the theme for The Syndicate. Honestly one of the better villain themes i've heard in a whileFlight has a new Andrew Kawczynski credit...We're getting there!
Yeah, you're probably right. <br><br>I guess I thought of it as a Powell cue mostly because between the two main composers, it matched more with his style than Hans', but yeah it's probably Jackman's stuff. <br><br>Either way, I love that track.Yeah<br><br>BTW, John Paesano is credited as additional musicI'm pretty sure that the majority of it is Henry Jackman (maybe with a bit of Hans). I don't get much of a Powell vibe off that particular cue at all.This film and score are ten years old! The first seven minutes of Hans’ New Batman Theme (A Dark Knight) are still one of my favorite individual Zimmer themes. <br><br>And the movie itself is still one of my favorites, comic book or not.I'm curious, who do you think mostly wrote 'Tai Lung Escapes'? <br><br>I've always loved that track, and always felt that it was mostly a John Powell cue, although that very dark first part could easily be Hans' work. I could also see it being a Henry Jackman cue though... I don't know. :p

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Dr. Seuss' The Lorax (Complete Score)
Label: Unofficial Release
Length: 110'09 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (1139 votes)


  1. Thneedville (3:00)
    John Powell, Cinco Paul
  2. Ted's Plane - Audrey (2:35)
    John Powell
  3. Grammy Norma - To The Edge (2:37)
    John Powell
  4. Wasteland - The Tale Begins (5:09)
    John Powell, Paul Mounsey
  5. Once-ler's Journey (0:22)
    Ed Helms, John Powell, Cinco Paul
  6. Truffula Valley (0:58)
    John Powell
  7. These Trees (1:12)
    Ed Helms, John Powell, Cinco Paul
  8. Marshmallows (0:59)
    John Powell, Victor Chaga
  9. Chop - Lorax Appears (1:43)
    John Powell
  10. Tree Funeral (1:01)
    John Powell
  11. J'Accuse! (2:44)
    John Powell
  12. Come Back Tomorrow (0:56)
    John Powell, Paul Mounsey
  13. Ted Fantasizes (1:23)
    John Powell, Paul Mounsey
  14. O'Hare Leans On Ted (2:39)
    John Powell
  15. River Bed Chase (4:21)
    John Powell, Beth Caucci (Lalo Schifrin, Frederic Chopin)
  16. The Oath - Houseguests (Part 1) (2:49)
    John Powell, Paul Mounsey, Beth Caucci
  17. The Oath - Houseguests (Part 2) (0:27)
    John Powell, Beth Caucci
  18. Selling The Thneed (1:15)
    Ed Helms, John Powell
  19. Everybody Needs A Thneed (1:23)
    Ed Helms, John Powell, Cinco Paul
  20. Defaced Rooftops RV (Part 1) (1:16)
    John Powell
  21. Defaced Rooftops RV (Part 2) (0:36)
    John Powell, Paul Mounsey
  22. RV Deployment (0:27)
    John Powell
  23. A Little Problem (1:01)
    John Powell
  24. Truffula Massacre (1:10)
    John Powell, Victor Chaga
  25. How Bad Can I Be? (2:58)
    Ed Helms, John Powell, Allan Peter Grigg, Cinco Paul
  26. Valley Exodus (5:08)
    John Powell
  27. The Last Seed (4:54)
    John Powell
  28. Thneedville Car Chase (4:20)
    John Powell
  29. Thneedville Elevator Muzak (0:27)
    John Powell
  30. At The Park (4:13)
    John Powell, Paul Mounsey
  31. Let It Grow (3:19)
    John Powell, Cinco Paul
  32. The Lorax Returns (1:24)
    John Powell
  33. End Credits (Let It Grow) (3:38)
    Ester Dean, John Powell, Christopher Stewart, Cinco Paul, Aaron Pearce
  34. Thneedville (Original Demo) (3:59)
    Fletcher Sheridan, John Powell, Cinco Paul
  35. Once-ler's Journey (Alternate) (0:22)
    Ed Helms, John Powell, Cinco Paul
  36. The Once-ler's Traveling Madness (Original Demo) (1:36)
    Ed Helms, John Powell, Cinco Paul
  37. This Is The Place (Tricky Version) (2:25)
    Ed Helms, John Powell, Cinco Paul
  38. Marshmallows (Alternate I) (0:59)
    John Powell, Victor Chaga
  39. Marshmallows (Alternate II) (0:58)
    John Powell, Victor Chaga
  40. I Love Nature (Original Demo) (2:44)
    Randy Crenshaw, John Powell, Cinco Paul
  41. Tree Funeral (Alternate) (1:00)
    John Powell
  42. The Oath - Houseguests (Part 2) (Alternate) (0:28)
    John Powell, Beth Caucci
  43. You Need A Thneed (1:32)
    Keith Slettedahl, The 88, John Powell, Cinco Paul
  44. Nobody Needs A Thneed (Original Demo) (1:53)
    Fletcher Sheridan, Randy Crenshaw, John Powell, Cinco Paul
  45. Biggering (Original Demo) (5:01)
    Gabriel Hann, Randy Crenshaw, The 88, John Powell, Cinco Paul
  46. At The Park (Alternate) (4:16)
    John Powell, Paul Mounsey
  47. Let It Grow Gospel Ending (Original Demo) (0:53)
    Jenny Slate, John Powell, Cinco Paul
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mpolonest123 reply Replies: 0 || 2018-01-08 20:39:47
One thing I love about John Powell is his ability to write secondary themes/motifs that somehow work better than the primary ones (the “Alien” theme in Happy Feet/the “Fairy” theme in Pan). Here is the “Seedling” motif that honestly steals the show, even if the rest of the score is pretty basic Powell animation music...

liamdude5 reply Replies: 0 || 2018-01-08 20:10:12
Anybody know where I can find this?© 2001-2017 OST 
Dr. Seuss' The Lorax (Complete Score) soundtrack - John Powell 2012