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I saw a few clips from the movie on youtube. The score sounded really good. Very unlike Djawadi and very beautiful fantasy music! Can't waitI saw a few clips from the movie on youtube. The score sounded really good. Very unlike Djawadi and very beautiful fantasy music! Can't waitHonestly, I do feel bad for Elfman, because for Chrissakes hes been doing 50 Shades of Grey these days, and the last memorable scores I have of him are from 2012. But I don't think Zimmer or even Elfman for that matter are done as yet. I predict by the end of this decade Zimmer will have a new wave in popularity wash in. I'm just waiting for Elfman's wave right now...not quite seeing it yet.Glad you caught it Rockhound. Think the others were too wound up to notice !!i was trying to be funny.Pete you are funny, although u demand from others to talk about the actual soundtrack from this page, you start to talk also about another soundtrack. but ok.... i think Forgotten is a very boring track and adds nothing to the actual scene. a variation of his theme from the track Hero would have been much more intense for the ending. sadly we got 9 boring minutes of thematic development and instrumentation. Lorne can do much better as the track Hero from the same soundtrack shows.
Zimmer got X-Men: Dark Phoenix this year. And I have a hard time believing he is only scoring that film this year. Zimmer always does more than 1 film a year.No need for petty cursing .<br><br>We can discuss the soundtrack instead ! <br><br>Forgotten is cool track.It’s definitely one of Bay’s best movies. Wish he would make more drama based film obvious with some action. Can’t cope with more robots ! The ending of the film is so emotional and this track gave goosebumps at the end. Did sound very similar to the end of The Last Knight"Boring . Talk about the actual soundtrack or change the subject."<br><br>Ok, so someone else gets us on this topic, an arguement occurs, and NOW, only when you've realized you're losing the arguement, do you decide that this page is only for 12 strong. Which it's not. This is a forum we talk about whatever we want here.<br><br>But what a childish and pathetic attempt at avoiding our points. Just dismissively saying "Boring! Change the subject! My ears can't handle this criticism!!! Wah, wah, wah!" I guarantee you the next step after this is going to be petty cursing.Boring . Talk about the actual soundtrack or change the subjectUpset about success? Sounds like someone doesn't know a thing about reasonable criticism. :p<br><br>If anyone likes Balfe, then good on them. I only get annoyed when people decide he's suddenly the most amazing thing ever, which he really isn't. Even on his most competent scores, it's unlikely many would recognize him as one of the greats. Respect him, sure, but not think he's out of this world. Especially if people are still gonna be excited about hearing the work of someone else when a different person is hired (i.e. what JL might've been).
Can we please change the subject !!!!!!!!it is so boring now.This page is ment to be about the sound track to 12 StrongThere you go again, accusing me of being upset about Balfe's success when I never said anything like that. Stop putting words in my mouth.AgreedThe point is Edmund and others  don’t need to keep getting upset about Balfes success.Dont reply and just focus on other conversations.No one here is interested in hearing anyone bashing any of the great composers on this site from Remote. Grow up or move on.Appreciate the voice of support. :)
Good god, this Balfe/Anonymous guys is wreaking havoc! Good thing Djawadi's fans are calmer than Balfe's.Jesus Christ, what a mess! What is wrong with you Balfe fanboys? Edmund comes in trying to settle down the situation and add some nuance and you just curse him out? He even admits to liking Lorne, basically states how the top comment is far too harsh, defends Balfe, and all he does against him is call out Michael for borderline bullying someone else into worshiping Balfe.<br><br>After all of that, all you can possibly say in response to him is "go away you John Powell fanboy"? For saying one thing against a guy basically being a mindless fanboy. Which by the way is an unbelievably poor argument because I've seen Edmund criticize Powell scores before. Is Edmund not aloud to prefer Powell? He didn't even bring his music up once in this discussion! Oh no I can see the responses now...<br><br>"superultramegoo go listen to Transformers 5 for the 50th time.we dont need youre stupidumb comments here !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Balfe has won many awardso tyou cant say any thing bad about him you Jablonsky fnaboy.stop with these demoralizing comments.!A Star Wars score that John Williams himself worked on, however briefly. An interesting time to be a film music fan indeed. <br><br>Hybrid, do you know if Powell was already hired before the director switch on Solo?Happy birthday Mr BalfeI have the same concern, but at the same time I'm really really excited and curious to hear what Williams' sensibilities filtered through Powell's voice will sound like. Those are two of my absolute favorite composers (like, honestly, those two and Hans, top three). I just hope Powell can figure out a way to make it sound natural and organic and not forced/awkward. And maybe if Powell doesn't have to worry about coming up with a main theme it leaves him more time to fine-tune the balance between the two composers' voices (or else write cool secondary material). Giacchino only had four weeks on Rogue One and while he did a decent job, it wasn't as smooth an adaptation as I'd have hoped, especially coming from the composer of Medal of Honor. My expectations are higher for Solo.<br><br>I couldn't give two shits about the movie itself but I'm grateful it exists if only because it will give us this exciting, one-of-a-kind score situation. :)<br><br>Also, there's gonna be a Star Wars score with a page on - who'd ever have thought?

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Lorne BalfeHans ZimmerKelly JohnsonSteven Kofsky
ComposerExecutive Score ProducerMusic Production CoordinatorMusic Production Services
13 Hours - The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi
Label: Paramount Pictures (Digital Download Only)
Length: 52'23 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (13031 votes)


  1. Hero (4:21)
  2. Welcome To Benghazi (6:31)
  3. Downtime's The Worst (1:45)
  4. Burn Them Out (2:45)
  5. Calling Home (4:18)
  6. Engage Direct (4:02)
  7. The Last Resort (3:20)
  8. All The Gods (4:42)
  9. The Teams (3:32)
  10. Forgotten (9:11)
  11. All The Hells (3:49)
  12. Going Home (2:17)
  13. 13 Hours (2:09)
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Mike (OTM) reply Replies: 7 || 2017-11-26 21:07:42
"Forgotten" is some nice not-Zimmer Zimmer music. lol.

Bayhem2017-11-26 21:32:36
Maybe Zimmer did more than just being a producer of this

Andrew2017-11-26 22:05:32
Haha !!! Next people will be saying that Balfe is doing the new Season of the Crown !!!!!!

James2017-11-26 22:55:15
Well, his return or RGW is good news.

Off topic: Not wonder so many comments from me. I spent Sunday alone with nothing to do but sleep, walk in the park and watch TV.

Hybrid Soldier2017-11-26 23:03:53
Actually that score has one cue (not in the release) credited to Hans... He had some idea for it, so Lorne credited him... :)

Myles2017-11-27 07:36:20
Balfe is doing season 2 of the Crown ? Did he work on 1 ?

Bayhem2017-11-27 10:10:53
Actually that score has one cue (not in the release) credited to Hans

Not surprised. Aside from the Bad Boys movies, Hans was always involved, one way or another, with Michael's films. After all, when it comes to the "Bay sound", no one knows it better than Hans.

Mike (OTM)2018-01-25 18:26:14
Hybrid, interesting! Do you know if Hans did any cues in Terminator: Genisys?

Scorefan reply Replies: 2 || 2018-01-16 01:31:33
1. Hero (4:19)
2. Welcome To Benghazi (6:29)
3. Downtime’s the Worst (1:43)
4. Burn Them Out (2:44)
5. Calling Home (4:17)
6. Engage Direct (4:00)
7. The Last Resort (3:20)
8. All the Gods (4:41)
9. The Teams (3:30)
10. Forgotten (9:09)
11. All The Hells (3:47)
12. Going Home (2:15)
13. 13 Hours (2:09)
14. Tempest / Buy Back 1 (2:54) ( bonus track )
15. Dive To Oupost (1:34) ( bonus track )
16. First Wave Off The Tower (5:48) ( bonus track )
17. Morning Breaks (2:22) ( bonus track )
18. Preparations (2:40) ( bonus track )
19. Rooftop Conversation (2:00) ( bonus track )
20. Shootout Go Left (5:10) ( bonus track )
21. They’re Coming Back (3:20) ( bonus track )

Anyone know if those bonus tracks are from the score/movie??

Bayhem2018-01-16 10:34:14
Yes, I would like to know too......

1232018-01-16 15:01:54
yes of course they are...

123 reply Replies: 1 || 2018-01-08 22:34:00
any news about 12 strong score release?

Hybrid Soldier2018-01-08 23:03:33
WaterTower is gonna release it.

Scorefan reply Replies: 2 || 2017-12-23 02:23:22
@Hybrid, do you know why Lorne and not Steve wrote the score???
And how was the relation between Bay and Lorne, considering Bay is very special about the music of his movies?

Hybrid Soldier2017-12-23 08:56:37
Simple, Steve said that for this one Bay wanted Hans, plain & simple.

He got Hans producing & Lorne scoring.

Scorefan2017-12-23 17:22:18
@Hybrid, thanks. By the way, merry christmas and happy new year to you and all the team.

Compatto reply Replies: 1 || 2017-11-28 01:15:52
Dear Hybrid. Do you have any news about Lineage Eternal score by Lorne Balfe? Thank You

Pandro2017-11-30 04:25:20
I can seem some music for it on YouTube but no official release ?it sounds BIG

AndeMartin reply Replies: 10 || 2017-07-11 11:20:59
I think it is a tasteful score . The themes are subtle . If the themes were over the top it would have ruined it . Hope Bay and Balfe work again

Bayhem2017-07-11 11:57:27
I agree completely.

Philip2017-07-12 06:15:43
Not sure why Balfe gets a bashing ! 13 Hours proves why Bay used him . He didn't want something generic . I was just listening to Genius and see exactly why everyone is wanting to work with Balfe at the moment. He has matured and his music is unique to RCP. Probably the best composer single Powell to have come from Zimmer

JexMus82017-07-12 07:13:01
It was the first time a score felt real to me . Loved it and constantly listen to it whilst I work.

Edmund Meinerts2017-07-12 07:57:33
" the first time a score felt real to me"

What does that even mean?

JexMus82017-07-12 09:53:47
What that means is the soundtrack didn't make the visual experience seem over glorified like most Hollywood movies . If your a soundtrack fan then this may annoy you !! But in regards to the actual purpose , it was an equal part of the story telling .balfe has said in interviews that Bay did not want a big "Ra Ra" sounding score. Sorry you found that confusing Edmund. A subtle score was requested and it was achieved .

Andros2017-07-12 10:00:18
Totally agree with you . It has. It got BIG themes but then I'm glad it does not . If it did then it would be a bit old fashioned

rockhound2017-07-12 12:51:52
balfes score for 13 Hours is typical music for this kind of film. bay asked for nothing special. the action music is typical for bay and for this kind of war film. a unique score for this kind of film is Lone Survivor by Explosions In The Sky and Steve Jablonsky. EITS created a unique prominent sound for that film and steve delivered a prominent intense theme, that sounds not too hollywood. as i said, 13 Hours worked good in the film, but is nothing special on cd, at least for this kind of film. Lone Survivor is an interesting experience in the film and on cd, at least for my taste.

James2017-07-12 14:09:32
The goal of the score is overglorify the movie, even when it is subtle.

Peter2017-07-12 22:59:38
I really like this score and loved the film .

Bayhem2017-07-13 14:04:43
The goal of the score is overglorify the movie, even when it is subtle.

Not sure what you mean. You mean "overglorifying" the movie as a movie (a piece of mainstream art) or "overglorifying" the story the movie tells? Whatever the case, I personally don't see anything over-the-top. Both the movie and the score are quite contained and minimalistic. Direct, to the point. Nothing bloated.

MichaelB reply Replies: 1 || 2017-07-13 05:16:02
Anybody know about Balfe's' Oats ???????? Something to do with Neill Blomkamp.

Bayhem2017-07-13 13:57:38
What is that, a movie project? First time I'm hearing about it.

Bayhem reply Replies: 23 || 2017-07-07 21:12:18
For me, this was the moment when I realized that when it comes to Balfe there's certainly more than meets the eye. He absolutely nailed it with this score. At first, I admit, I was quite skeptical...I mean Jablonsky and Bay work so well together - and the results are always great - that the idea of another composer "breaking them up" was kind of a downer for me. But in this case I was happy to be wrong. I love not only the movie, but Balfe' score as well. "Forgotten" is a freakin' masterpice. Also, it's nice to see that the score is ALL Lorne Balfe. I don't think there were additional composers. But then again, it's MV/RC so who knows.....Bottom line is: the score is awesome. Well done, Balfe.

AndrewM2017-07-08 07:09:31
I have to agree - Bay took a risk and employed Balfe and it laid off . For once , he didn't end up with temp music . I hope Bay works with Balfe more often . They made a great soundtrack the same way zimmer and Nolan has done

LRusjas2017-07-08 10:21:16
I'm freshly listening to it again after a year and it was a pretty good score . bay should work with Balfe more often for an original score

Bayhem2017-07-09 09:28:43
I agree with both of you. Bay should indeed work more with Balfe. And I think he will, considering that he is officially done with Transformers (and according to recent interviews he wants to go back to more grounded, R-rated material). While we're at it, I just wanna say I still have hopes that we will see another Bay/Rabin collaboration. I know Rabin is touring and doesn't do much scoring these days, but it would be really, really cool if he gets to work with Bay at least one more time.

nfo2017-07-09 10:34:17
Bay and Jablonsky the better Team. Lorne Balfe is one of the worst composer. only good for additional music. a hans zimmer minion not more!

Hybrid Soldier2017-07-09 10:41:33
If you know what Lorne actually wrote for the Transformers movies, I wonder what you would say lol...

Bayhem2017-07-09 11:14:57
Lorne Balfe is one of the worst composer. only good for additional music

So, he's one of the worst, yet he's good for additional music. You do know that "additional music" might mean some amazing cues, right? Wouldn't surprise me if some of your favorite MV/RC tracks are actually done by Balfe and you don't even know it. Look, you have an opinion on Balfe and that's fine. You don't like him, that's fine. But learn to express your opinions properly. For example, I don't like Michael Giacchino as a composer, but I never just go 'He's a hack, one of the worst'. No, I can actually explain respectfully and in a normal way why I don't like his work. But simply spewing stuff like "He's da worst, he sucks..' without providing a more detailed explanation gets you really, really close to troll-land, my friend.

James2017-07-09 14:45:25
"Back up" of Batman Begins and maybe Inception's "Dream within a dream" are my faves.

Mike (OTM)2017-07-09 16:15:57
The Moody Bruce suites from TDKR tell me Back Up wasn't really Lorne Balfe...not in any substantial way. Hans re-used the entire cue in those suites, telling me that one was 99% him.

James2017-07-09 17:25:29
Yes. I know.
All these ideas are primarily by Hans. Only the new arranges and some or many additions are provided by Balfe. But it's half still his.

rockhound2017-07-09 18:34:23
even if jablonsky would have composed the score for this movie, the final result would have been the same, just with a typical jablonsky theme instead of a balfe theme. this music style is typical michael bay style since Bad Boys II. it doesnt matter which rcp composer he hires, the score would sound as always. the score was effective and the theme was nice, but all in all a cliché melody. bay should hire marco beltrami next time, just to see how this music will work with bays visual style and action direction. i can imagine, the Die Hard 5 sound would work perfectly.

Meta2017-07-09 19:34:24
Decent score. Bay should do war films instead of Transformers films from now on...

Bayhem2017-07-10 09:05:18
it doesnt matter which rcp composer he hires, the score would sound as always.

Not true. The Pain and Gain score certainly doesn't sound like previous Bay-MV/RC collaborations. It is quite experimental, and I bet that some people will never even guess that it's done by an MV/RC composer.

bay should hire marco beltrami

I was a huge fan of Beltrami when he started with Scream in '96. His first few scores were amazing. But after that I honestly lost interest. With few exceptions - like Logan - I find his newer scores quite bland and certainly not memorable. But that's me.

Miguel2017-07-10 14:14:49
Bayhem I don't agree with the versatile comment. I have not heard Steve write anything like Churchill, Penguins or Genius ?

Bayhem2017-07-10 16:02:52
Miguel, I respectfully disagree. I have the entire Jablonsky-composed Desperate Housewives score. Play any track from that score right after a Transformers track for example, and you will never guess that both scores are done by the same composer. That says a lot, and Jablonsky deserves major credit for these types of accomplishments. And that's what I meant by a "versatile composer". It's a fact, not my opinion. People often make the mistake of focusing only on his big, blockbuster scores, while he displays his talent in other, smaller, but equally effective scores. Also, Steve did The Sims 3 score which is a lovely album that really has nothing to do with his bigger, more popular scores. So the fact that he jumps so successfuly from smaller-scale, more intimate and experimental scores to some of the biggest, most bombastic scores in Hollywood......well, there's nothing else to add really. It all speaks for itself. And I get it, Balfe is the "hot composer" right now, it's cool to like him (and hate him, judging by some of the comments here), but at the same time we have to be realistic and we don't have to knock other composers down just because we want to pimp out the "hottest" composer at the moment. Besides, Jablonsky's got nothing to prove. He's much more experienced than Balfe, he works a lot, he has a pretty solid fanbase, his music is everywhere (Olympics, trailers, 4th of July celebrations...) and for some people, incuding me, he is without a doubt the new Hans Zimmer. So he's doing just fine. And when people talk about a certain composer - doesn't matter who - they have to take into consideration all of his scores, not just the biggest and most popular ones. Because very often it's the smallest creation that really displays the talent.

Miguel2017-07-10 16:16:52
Bayhem, you make some good points . BUT The fact you can play transformers track then a Despirate housewife's track and not know it was the same composer isn't actually a good thing !!! Shows that there is no connecting tissue. Balfe's music definatly has a style and class . Churchill and Genius have been some of the best scores this year . Regarding steve being the new Hans Zimmer.... not sure about that....there is ONLY ONE Hans Zimmer !!!

Bayhem2017-07-10 16:59:20
BUT The fact you can play transformers track then a Despirate housewife's track and not know it was the same composer isn't actually a good thing !!! Shows that there is no connecting tissue

Well, I don't know...on one hand there are people who say that it is certainly not good when a composer sounds the same. Some are harsher and call these composers "hacks". On the other hand, there are people like you, who say that there is nothing wrong with having a "connectiong tissue", a similar sound. I guess it's true: we people, are hard to please. Still, fact is that Jablonsky is not just Mister Big, Bombastic Score. He's just as good with smaller, more contained scores. And that was my point. By the way, just for the record I'm saying it yet again, I like Lorne Balfe and I like him a lot. Just because I like Jablonsky more doesn't mean I'm underestimating Balfe and his talent.

Regarding steve being the new Hans Zimmer.... not sure about that....there is ONLY ONE Hans Zimmer !!!

I didn't mean it literally of course. You know what I mean. Let's put it this way: the guy, aside from Hans, who very successfuly provides the classic MV/RC sound we all love, the guy who can develop that sound even more in the future, and the guy who can best represent Remote Control if Hans, in my opinion, Steve Jablonsky. Hell, on this very site Steve has more Facebook likes than any other MV/RC composer (aside from Hans of course). Not that this is the most important thing, but still, the guy is without a doubt one of the biggest and most well-known MV/RC composers. And even if most people don't agree that he is "the next Zimmer" I'm sure they can agree that he is, at least, a strong candidate.

rockhound2017-07-10 18:19:12
my opinion still is, that it doesnt matter, which rcp composer would have scored this specific movie. its an michael bay action movie and these movies have the same sound since Bad Boys II. Pain And Gain is no action movie and no typical bay movie, although it has some typical bay aspects like cinematography. 13 Hours could have been also composed by jablonsky. except the theme there would have been no difference between balfe and jablonsky. i like balfe and jablonsky, but this score is no masterpiece. its a functional score in the movie, but nothing more. the theme could have been way more intense and dramatic. listen to zimmers Leave No Behind Theme and djawadis Medal Of Honor Theme or elfmans The Kingdom theme. these are themes, which have an impact to the audience. these themes move me as an audience and these themes are the heart of Black Hawk Down, Medal Of Honor and The Kingdom. 13 Hours has no such strong theme. it doesnt move me. i dont need a tear jerker theme, but the theme should at least tell something. also the action is not exciting enough. its functional, but adds not much to the scenes. for me its an ok score, but i find scores like Black Hawk Down, Medal Of Honor (i know its a game) and also The Kingdom are way more interesting and intense than 13 Hours.

Bayhem2017-07-10 18:49:06
rockhound, fair enough. I see your point. Yes, the 13 Hours score could've been more intense and dramatic, but from what I've seen and read about the movie as a whole, Bay went out with a different approach. He kept it all real, raw, street-level, to the point. And it's the same thing with the score. He could've easily said: "I want an epic, sweeping score", but clearly he wanted something much more subtle and contained. Kinda like the Bourne franchise. And I like that they did that. Plus, Bay already did a big war movie with a big, sweeping score - Pearl Harbor. I love the Pearl Harbor score, I think it's one of Hans' best scores - and it's certainly intense and dramatic. There are some great themes that definitely move (emotionally) the audience. But clearly he didn't want to do the same thing with 13 Hours. That's why we have a much more measured and subtle score. So it's not that Balfe can't create a military score with really powerful and strong themes, it's just what Bay wanted. And the composer listens to the director.

rockhound2017-07-10 19:29:41
i agree with you, that we got a score, which michael bay wanted and balfe had to deliver, although i also know, that balfe can do better. especially themes. in my opinion a more prominent, intense theme could have made a better connection between audience and characters, at least for my taste. because that helped in BHD and The Kingdom. i know bay wanted to focus on the attack, but a more intense music could have made the audience to care more about the characters. thats what made elfmans guitar theme in The Kingdom so great. i think bay made a good choice with not using a patriotic hollywood score, but a better theme could have made the difference and could have also hide bays lack of characterization.

James2017-07-10 22:12:22
Since you mentioned...

Jablonsky 27,000 likes
Balfe 30,000 likes
Zimmer 2,000,000 likes


James2017-07-10 22:15:48
Junkie Xl 125,000
Ramin 46,000

Xl is the next Hans Zimmer

*Just kidding*

Bayhem2017-07-11 08:55:40
James, I said "on this very site Steve has more Facebook likes than any other MV/RC composer (aside from Hans of course)." Clearly I meant the site, not the actual Facebook site. Look at the composers profiles here. Steve has 40 likes, Lorne has 26. I used this site as an examples, because its users are MV/RC fans and, as one could expect, they more or less represent what the entire MV/RC fandom thinks. Again, this was just an example that I used in connection to my opinion about Steve's popularity among fans. No one is forced to agree with my opinion. By the way, just for the record, Steve has more likes on IMDb as well. Junkie XL has 51 likes, Balfe has 34 likes and Jablonsky has 213 likes. And IMDb is actually a film-related site. Just like is a film score/film composer site. While Facebook is a social media and in many cases being popular there has little to do with actual talent. Example: Kim Kardashian has 30 million likes.

Bayhem2017-07-11 09:03:46
rockhound, fair enough. But hey, better theme or not, people seem to like the 13 Hours score overall. Which is what matters at the end of the day. Come to think of it, I haven't heard or read a strictly negative opinion on that score. Which is good news for Balfe and his fans.

PedMendos reply Replies: 1 || 2017-07-10 05:59:26
Rockhound - no offensive - but this score is far more intellectual and sophisticated than anything Jablonsky has ever written. I totally see why Bat used used Balfe. He doesn't want the usual generic music. Really hope they work together on more movies

Bayhem2017-07-10 08:54:54
Can't say I agree with that. Balfe is good and I like his work. But in my opinion Steve is overall a better, and certainly more established composer. He's been in the business for a longer period of time, he's more experienced, he actually has a distinctive style of his own, and we should be thanking him for using Balfe as an additional composer on the first two Transformers films, which in turn introduced him to Bay. Now, as I already said, I like the 13 Hours score and I like it a lot. But come on: it's not exactly, as you put it, "intellectual". That is praising it a bit too much. And again, I'm saying that as a huge fan of the score. Balfe is delivering and I'm glad he gets to work on projects with big directors like Bay. But I don't think he's better than Jablonsky. For one, Jablonsky is - at least at this point - a more versatile composer: he scores horror films, broad comedies, documentaries, TV shows and huge blockbusters. Even Zimmer pointed that out in an interview from few years ago. Not a lot composers can so easily score both Desperate Housewives and Transformers. But Jablonsky did it and he did great. And by the way, I still think that his Pain and Gain score is one of the best MV/RC scores of the last few years. Yes, it's not a popular opinion, but that's how I feel. Steve clearly wanted to do something different and he was willing to experiment. And he did a solid job. reply Replies: 7 || 2016-01-20 21:46:33
Just all the titles on Youtube belongs. I really have to say: Waste of time! Lorne Balfe copies only! The worst RC Composer! I hope this loser not composed the music for Transformers 5 or another movie. This man can do nothing! A title sounds good the rest is crap!

Hybrid Soldier2016-01-20 21:53:21
"A title sounds good" !


-O.so2016-01-20 21:55:43
Shut Up! Website Loserboy

Solidsnoke2016-01-20 22:17:36

-O.so2016-01-20 22:22:19
Thank You *-*

Brent2016-01-21 03:36:16
Okay, this is now just down right getting ridiculous. You really don't have anything else to do but waste time complaining on a website without giving any reason as to why said composer is the "worst?" Get a life bro...

Prott2016-01-21 23:38:17
Obvious troll is obvious. Let's not feed it ... :-)

Bayhem2017-07-09 09:20:25
It eventually happens to all successful artists. Once you reach a certain level of success, the haters and the trolls show up. It's inevitable. Whether you are director, actor, composer, writer, it doesn't matter. If you succeed and you succeed big, you gonna attract haters and trolls. Good news is that most of the people who hate and troll are really not that smart or educated. As is the case with this Balfe "hater" here.

Scorefan reply Replies: 4 || 2017-01-31 16:24:06
@Hybrid, how was the work between Michael Bay and Lorne Balfe? I mean, for what i read before, Bay is hard in terms of music. Lorne knew how to create the music? Or Bay gave him directions about the musical direction? Thanks

Trumus2017-02-01 07:47:51
@Hybrid also - why did he use Lorne and not Steve? Either way it was a great choice and ended up not be generic

David2017-02-01 08:19:44
Probably busy with Ninja Turtles 2 and Deepwater Horizon?

Andres2017-02-01 09:57:09
Glad he didn't use Steve: the music was better and better fitting the film
Than generic music

Bayhem2017-07-09 09:11:52
Steve was indeed busy with a couple of other projects. If he was available I'm 100% sure that Bay would've used him instead of Balfe. Having said that, Balfe did an awesome job with the score, so it's a win-win for all.

Clint reply Replies: 2 || 2016-05-30 03:39:03
The soundtrack is missing the main theme.
In the movie, GRS is fastly approaching the embassy while this song plays in the background.
That song is also played at other key moments, but it's not on the soundtrack.
It's a huge disappointment that this soundtrack is incomplete.

Kevin2016-09-02 08:46:13
Thank you!! Someone else who noticed this

Bioscope2016-09-04 06:07:58
i am starting to worry that lorne is becoming a lazy jingle writer and refraining from tying strings together thematically, and it's a pity.

Mathew89 reply Replies: 0 || 2016-04-12 18:11:33
When will you update Lorne´s site here? I would like to know on what he is working

vin reply Replies: 2 || 2016-03-24 16:52:22
I cannot find the trailer (#2) track, maybe is it unreleased or made for the trailer only?

Ds2016-03-24 17:43:46
The track is a bit different, but the main theme is heard in the middle section of "Forgotten" :-)

vin2016-03-24 20:44:32
As i imagined... many thanks!

jjluffy reply Replies: 1 || 2016-01-29 10:39:00
Hello, can we hope a CD version?

Hybrid Soldier2016-01-29 10:44:03

Paul reply Replies: 1 || 2016-01-26 10:10:19
On Lorne's website there is some unreleased music from this score...

Lejti2016-01-26 16:31:19
Thanks for the tip! reply Replies: 8 || 2016-01-16 11:43:30
As you all noticed! No one wants to publish this poor score.

Edmund Meinerts2016-01-16 12:55:51

Hybrid Soldier2016-01-16 16:16:34
Yeah you see he says he's objective & all, but he has never ever commented on something that wasn't a LB score... :D

Filip2016-01-16 16:29:22
Are you serious? stop with that shit. You probably don´t have ears, did you listen at least one track from Lorne? Go and listen AC 3 score now or get out

-O.so2016-01-17 00:34:52
I know for what L.B. still stands!
Loser Boy

The truth hurts, Lorne Balfe


rtiger2016-01-17 05:45:32
I loved the score. Saw the movie.
Gives honor where honor is due,
AND the Score is perfect.

-O.so2016-01-17 16:02:53
The Score is perfect????

Please clean out the ears

Edmund Meinerts2016-01-17 22:26:12's an idea...why don't you tell us WHY you don't like the music? That way you're actually contributing to the discussion and don't come across as quite so much of a petulant child.

Solidsnoke2016-01-20 22:20:10 this is an Hans Zimmer fansite and not Kanye West's fansite, don't click anywhere dude ;)

unnamed reply Replies: 1 || 2016-01-20 02:44:28
And Spotify too.

Hybrid Soldier2016-01-20 16:58:37
And Amazon !

zclub3 reply Replies: 1 || 2016-01-19 15:46:12
Where can you actually buy the soundtrack?

Hybrid Soldier2016-01-19 19:49:14
It's on iTunes now !

marty reply Replies: 0 || 2016-01-18 15:56:20
wonderful score, good job, Lorne! 4 stars

Frenchans reply Replies: 1 || 2016-01-18 12:40:42
Good job from Lorne Balfe even if he has still a lack of inspiration. Maybe he should take a break :D

Best tracks in my opinion:
-Hero (similar to "The Burning Bush")
-Calling Home
-Going Home

Hybrid, what does it mean that Hans Zimmer is the score producer? I thought he has overseen everything.

Hero2016-01-18 14:46:02
my thought aswell. but i have to say, that the "action" cues are truly horrible. sorry to say, but it's just noises. action cues can have some melodies aswell.

the other tracks, which are silent, are very beautiful and emotional. best tracks for me:

- Hero
- Downtime's The Worst
- Calling Home
- Forgotten
- All The Hells
- Going Home

The cue "Hero" is really a shameful copy of "Burning Bush" ^^. That's why i can enjoy it as a melody, but copying it in that way is not a good move.

CardosoNaval reply Replies: 0 || 2016-01-18 12:34:15

I didn't identify the song playing at the beginning of the trailer. Anyone know if it is part of the soundtrack or is like Dean Vallentine or something like that? ountPicturesInternational

mac reply Replies: 6 || 2016-01-18 03:15:34
Sooooo...When does this come out on iTunes?

JamesT2016-01-18 04:21:03
Have not seen the film yet. Despite the ongoing exhausting, unwelcome, and continuous rating on another individual, this score is two things:

1) One of Lorne's best, period
2) One of my favorites

Can only image how well it serves the film! Curious how much stuff is absent from the release.

JamesT2016-01-18 04:21:42
I meant ranting, lol

Hybrid Soldier2016-01-18 08:46:49
A lot, there's basically around 2 hours of music in the film, plus like half an hour of suites, which are featured in this release...

Hybrid Soldier2016-01-18 08:49:13
As for the big retailers like iTunes, Amazon & co, it'll come...

Brent2016-01-18 08:50:40
Just came back from a showing. The score actually serves the film very well, much better than I anticipated. Other than the final action scene (which in this case, could be a short film in of itself, as it's extremely long), is more suspenseful and emotional than typical Michael Bay bombast. Don't get me wrong, though. There is still giant drums and brass, which in this case, is a good thing. ;)

Brent2016-01-18 08:59:44
And, I will add, even though I still wish Jablonsky had gotten the job, Lorne did a fantastic job!

Ds reply Replies: 0 || 2016-01-17 16:26:35
I'm impressed by this soundtrack. Very detailed, subtle even in the mayhem tracks. Beautiful mix as well. I feel I'll be listening to that one for a long time. Congrats to Lorne Balfe!

Munchowsky reply Replies: 0 || 2016-01-17 09:50:17
After 2 listenings on Deezer, I find this score very pleasant. Nice themes. Nice Sounds. It seems to fit well with the kind of motion pictures Michael Bay did. Isn't that the main point of a motion picture soundtrack ?

Anonymous reply Replies: 7 || 2016-01-15 08:33:49
why isnt it on itunes yet

Ds2016-01-15 18:16:04
Yeah, where is it? :-(

JamesT2016-01-15 18:22:38
Looks like the song by Chris Cornell from the movie got released, but not the score? I can't seem to find it either :(

ProgPariah772016-01-16 02:42:30
If you have iMusic, the individual tracks in this release can be searched and saved to your library; however, for those who wish to PURCHASE (like myself), that will have to wait until whomever is responsible for failing to list this in the Store gets his/her head out of his/her nether cavity and adds it.

rockhound2016-01-16 07:43:42
it is at least on spotify

Ds2016-01-16 11:08:01
I downloaded Spotify just to listen to this one, and I like it a lot, great work!! I hope it's available for purchase soon.

CardosoNaval2016-01-16 11:20:41
Yes, the soundtrack is already in Spotify... Awesome! The film has not been released here in Brazil, so the soundtrack and the book will decrease anxiety.

MrZimmerFan2016-01-16 12:58:26
Listening now... great work, Lorne!

MrZimmerFan reply Replies: 17 || 2016-01-12 21:33:31
Another preview, this time... Action!

htt ps: //

-O.so2016-01-12 23:30:09
Still not better! Terrible Score!

Hybrid Soldier2016-01-12 23:32:30
You're quite something, aren't you ? ;)

Tell us the truth now, you're some guy who did internship with Lorne and got fired ? lol

-O.so2016-01-12 23:35:51
Nobody has fired me!
Simply I do not like the music. What is missing is the 'wow' factor. Do not come here with their negative opinions clear or what's going on?

Hybrid Soldier2016-01-12 23:38:10
Well we got your point the first time. No need to act like a 12 years old hater. If you don't like, no one forces you to listen, and even less to vomit your hatred on this site ! Move on sir, get a life !

-O.so2016-01-12 23:43:39
I have the right to express my opinion! If I want to listen to the music to still like to see it turn. Then I'll do it! Since I did not ask you. Have no problem with Remote Control but many composers are good only as additional composer.

Hybrid Soldier2016-01-12 23:45:44
And as I said, we heard you the first time... ;)

-O.so2016-01-12 23:48:12
Since I can continue to give my opinion

Prott2016-01-13 02:08:38
Nice preview. It has that kind of "Bad Boys 2" feeling to it. Maybe that's what the director was aiming for... Can't wait to see how it works with the picture (and the rest of the material, which is - as opposed to Bad Boys 2 - sometimes very emotional). :-)

By the way, if anybody knows - Lorne shared a footage from a string recording session that took place at Air Studios. However as far as I hear there are no live strings in the suite. Is this the final version from the album/movie or a mockup? It would be awesome to hear this beautiful theme with live orchestra. :-) Thanks

MaCarthur2016-01-13 05:43:26
really sounds good looking forward to hearing the rest.

Hybrid Soldier2016-01-13 08:39:41
Prott that string section is the last album track !

I originally put it in a 12 min suite, but Lorne thought it was too long I had to cut things down !! :D

Adam2016-01-13 08:45:37
Hey Hybrid was Steve Jablonsky involved in this at all? Any additional music like when a lot of the RCP guys work together?

I am looking forward to this one.

Hybrid Soldier2016-01-13 09:11:03
No he was not involved, and from what Lorne told me he did that one pretty much alone...

Prott2016-01-13 22:52:23
Thanks Hybrid. I will definitely watch the movie "just" because of the score. :-) By the way, judging from the track lengths it seems like there are no suites this time around. Did Lorne left them out?

Hybrid Soldier2016-01-13 23:16:01
Actually Prott, the OST IS the suites, mostly... lol

Anonymous2016-01-14 03:41:19
typical with RCP. that's diappointing

Prott2016-01-14 16:06:59
Oh, ok. Thanks Hybrid! Didn't expect that. :-)

Everan2016-01-15 07:52:10
Nice, very nice! Looking forward to this one!

RC-Fan reply Replies: 0 || 2016-01-14 09:53:25
No CD Release? -,- reply Replies: 9 || 2016-01-11 02:01:39
Over 6 minutes Inspiration looseness!
Lorne Balfe one of the worst composers of Remote Control!

Amazed2016-01-11 12:33:19
With all due respect, are you a retard ?

meta2016-01-11 17:21:17
when is the score coming out again?

Hybrid Soldier2016-01-11 18:47:19
This Friday !

JamesT2016-01-11 20:42:10
Love what I'm hearing - very nice - Excited for Friday!
Thanks for the suite Hybrid!

-O.so2016-01-11 23:40:26
Lorne Balfe One of the worst Zimmer-Minions

JamesT2016-01-12 02:59:43, go away pls.......

Meta2016-01-12 06:19:39
Sorry I meant the OST....

Does that have a release date yet?

MrZimmerFan2016-01-12 10:59:45
&#191;This Friday, like said by Hybrid?

Meta2016-01-13 06:06:25
I hadn't seen it advertised on Itunes or Amazon as yet, that's why I asked...

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