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Out in NZ<br><br>https:/ / -motion-picture-soundtrack/1 490342758Paul: Where did you find Jusids score?<br>Hybrid: Really? Where did you hear that?Snyder got Junkie in. He was absolutely displeased with what Noam Murro was doing so he took over directing and basically did the movie uncredited. He asked Junkie for a quick rescore...Oh snap, I found out about replaced by Federico Jusid's rejected score from 300 rise of an empire is available, I think Junkie XL with is better fit for this soundtrack.just saw No Time to Die trailer and the music sounds so much like its Junkie, or somebody just stole his drum sample libraries
So... Marvel Studios just released the trailer for Black Widow. I heard some faint rumors out there that Henry Jackman has been tapped to score this one. Hybrid, any validity to these reports, or is it still to early to tell?  :)The Hero theme is so simplistic that it'd be hard to somewhat forget if you hear it enough times. I always assumed the MoS Launch temp track from the Anti-Hero theme was supposed to be the villain motif, but having not seen the film doesn't give me a sense on how its utilized.<br><br>I think the Flash motif is pretty good as a "running" theme of sorts. And the titular JL theme is fine, if not really strong enough to carry a whole score (though I do like it appearing once the team is presumably fully formed). I haven't any other themes, even though I'm told there's others.What sucks is the composition and orchestration is really good, but there's no memorable new themes! I can't tell you the difference between the Hero and Anti-Hero themes, and I don't think Steppenwolf even has a consistent motif. None that I can hear.I think WaterTower Music.I'm looking to choreograph a work to the sections of the soundtrack. Do you know who owns the copyright or who to contact for theatrical permission?
Its ashamed some Williams can be heard in this. I like Elfman but this was just him reusing old themes from the 80s and reworking the Avengers theme for the entire score. Should have brought Junkie or Balfe or Giacchino.Jumanji: The Next Level by Jackman, is going to be released by Sony Classical@Hybrid, Marc is still with RCP? I dont hear from him anymoreDo I want to get this score, huh?no it wasn't included
Does anybody know, is "The Rock" included in past shows? I really need to know that or even possibility to hear that breathtaking theme, before I buy the ticket...Clearly the most wonderful thing would have been to get the whole Snyder vision, with Justice League Part 1 having Superman resurrected on the wrong side, and Part 2 ending with Batman's death. Plus lots of exciting and bold ideas.<br>But Snyder didn't shoot that because of WB's panic. So this Snyder cut was already a truncated, hybrid thing. However, I'm absolutely positive it was miles better than what Whedon did with it. There's a fanmade cut floating around, with less Whedon jokes, snippets from MoS added as flashbacks and the whole score replaced by HZ/JXL tracks from MoS, BvS, King Arthur, Mad Max, etc. These changes alone made the movie significantly better, especially some action scenes which still had plenty of Snyder material. It's tragic how Elfman's score and Whedon's reshoots removed any kind of suspense of excitement from that movie.<br><br>On another topic, I find it surprising to read that Suicide Squad tested better with Steven Price's score. I wonder how test audiences even managed to distinguish a score in that movie - undermixed and polluted by songs.@Hybrid Its so nice to read your thoughts on Snyders cinema and support of the Snyder Cut. Cant imagine anyone saying it better and Im really glad you are sharing the same thoughts as most of us. <br><br>Fingers crossed it will happen and we will finally hear Junkies score too!<br><br>For Zack! :)<br><br>#ReleaseTheSnyderCutHello Mr.Hans Zimmer,<br><br>Big fan, I love your work. I saw you April 2017 at the Microsoft Theater, dream come true. Is there a chance you can please come again to Los Angeles?'WB thought MOS did not do much money along with all the bad reviews with all those "critics" and starteg to get interference in the next movies. Remember when Snyder shows in a comic con all the movies in the DCEU?'<br><br>Snyder dosen't show any movie, in July of 2013, the only movie annunced was BvS

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Harry Gregson-WilliamsStephanie EconomouAlastair KingAndy Page
ComposerAdditional ArrangementsOrchestratorAdditional Music Programmer
The Martian (Complete Score)
Label: Unofficial Release
Length: 101'17 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (2696 votes)
  1. Mars (1:53)
  2. Storm Warning (1:30)
  3. Emergency Launch (3:54)
  4. Stomach Op (4:05)
  5. Memories (2:13)
  6. Fertilizer (2:06)
  7. Planting Seed Potatoes (1:09)
  8. Making Water (1:31)
  9. Sprouting (0:41)
  10. Spotting Movement (1:22)
  11. Science The Shit Out Of This (1:49)
  12. Potatoe Harvest (1:36)
  13. Pathfinder (3:20)
  14. Building An Alphabet (2:08)
  15. What Did The Crew Say? (3:24)
  16. Data Dump (1:30)
  17. He's Alive (1:13)
  18. Crops Are Dead (4:17)
  19. Messages From Hermes (3:31)
  20. Failed Launch (4:39)
  21. C.N.S.A. Beijing (1:33)
  22. Project Elrond (1:54)
  23. Goddamn Coward (1:07)
  24. Going Against NASA (0:57)
  25. Unanimous (1:16)
  26. New Plan Of Action (1:44)
  27. Leaving The HAB & Crossing Mars (6:18)
  28. Arriving At Schiaparelli (1:37)
  29. Prep For Take-Off (4:43)
  30. Work The Problem (3:26)
  31. Build A Bomb (5:14)
  32. Hook Me Up (4:41)
  33. Planting Seed Potatoes (Alternate) (1:39)
  34. Making Water (Alternate) (2:38)
  35. Science The Shit Out Of This (Alternate) (2:17)
  36. Potatoe Harvest (Alternate) (2:21)
  37. Crops Are Dead (Alternate) (3:26)
  38. Crossing Mars (Alternate) (1:43)
  39. Prep For Take-Off (Alternate) (5:12)
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Scorefan reply Replies: 2 || 2018-07-03 01:09:47
01. Mars (1:54)
02. Mars (Alternate) (2:25)
03. Storm Warning (1:31)
04. Emergency Launch (3:56)
05. Emergengy Launch (Alternate) (3:10)
06. Stomach Op (4:06)
07. Turn the Beat Around (3:24)
08. Memories (2:14)
09. Fertilizer (2:06)
10. Planting Seed Potatoes (1:11)
11. Making Water (1:33)
12. Making Water (Alternate) (2:38)
13. Sprouting (0:41)
14. Sprouting (Alternate) (1:39)
15. Happy Days (2:36)
16. Spotting Movement (1:23)
17. Spotting Movement (Alternate) (1:50)
18. Science the Shit Out of This (1:51)
19. Science the Shit Out of This (Alternate) (2:17)
20. Hot Stuff (5:12)
21. Potatoe Harvest (1:36)
22. Potatoe Harvest (Alternate) (2:21)
23. Pathfinder (3:21)
24. Pathfinder (Alternate) (2:33)
25. Building an Alphabet (2:09)
26. Building an Alphabet (Alternate) (2:34)
27. What Did the Crew Say_ (3:24)
28. Data Dump (1:30)
29. Hes Alive (1:14)
30. Hes Alive (Alternate) (2:46)
31. Rock the Boat (3:20)
32. Crops Are Dead (4:17)
33. Crops Are Dead (Alternate) (3:26)
34. Messages from Hermes (3:31)
35. Messages From Hermes (Alternate) (3:31)
36. Dont Leave Me This Way (3:37)
37. Failed Launch (4:40)
38. C.N.S.A. Beijing (1:24)
39. Starman (4:15)
40. Project Elrond (1:55)
41. Goddamn Coward (1:08)
42. Going Against NASA (0:59)
43. Unanimous (1:17)
44. New Plan of Action (1:44)
45. Leaving the HAB Crossing Mars (6:20)
46. Crossing Mars (Alternate) (3:37)
47. Arriving at Schriaparelli (1:39)
48. Waterloo (2:46)
49. Prep For Take-Off (4:44)
50. Prep For Take-Off (Alternate) (5:12)
51. Work the Problem (3:27)
52. Work the Problem (Alternate) (1:58)
53. Build a Bomb (5:16)
54. Build a Bomb (Alternate) (5:06)
55. Hook Me Up (4:41)
56. Hook Me Up (Alternate) (4:46)
57. Love Train (2:59)
58. I Will Survive (3:18)
59. The Martian Score Suite (4:20)

Is it true or fan edition?

Anonymous2018-07-03 07:56:22
Don't know what it really is but a quick comparison of the two albums available for this title makes me believe that track list is a combo of commercial album and the awards' FYC promo submission, along with stuff from the composer's soundcloud page added for extra flare.

Per2019-01-31 16:17:47
It seems to be the FYC material, and ALL the OST tracks as "alts" (for whatever reason), and 9 songs. And just a montage I suppose. The alternate/demo of the Crossing March that's on the composers Soundcloud is not on it it seems...

Knight reply Replies: 0 || 2019-01-30 02:18:41
According to ASCAP and Stephanie's website she co-wrote these cues:
Storm Warning
Planting Seed Potatoes
Arriving at Schiaparelli

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2017-06-05 20:56:55
Any word on the slates, and/or the ASCAP credits? 2001-2018 OST 
The Martian (Complete Score) soundtrack - Harry Gregson-Williams 2015