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LLL made MI 1 Complete. So they are trying to make MI 2 Complete. That could move Varese to make MI 3 Complete. But studio (Disney) don't want it.Use the Wayback Machine on - it's all there! :)@Zimson<br>404 not found dudeWhy would a studio allow a vinyl release but no CD or digital release? That's utter nonsense. Almost like they're refusing to make money.Any clue on where to find this Complete Score?
.. and people wonder why there's "bootlegs" out there...Next time, we can expect a wax cylinder release... :(@Jerry<br><br>At the Film Score Monthly message board, MV said that La La Land has been trying to release this one for years but got shot down by the studio. So sadly, a CD release won't happen for nowNo.Any chance of a CD or Digital release?
Yes, is coming this Friday, confirmed by TomI really like this score performed by tom holkenborg of the netflix series "White Lines" and my favorite track is "Infinity" which it was awsome and great dance music i ever heard.<br><br>Btw are any news from the Scoob! Original score by tom holkenborg coming out this friday, right?Time to buy a record player guys!<br><br>Honestly couldn't be more happy about this.yes yes yes!!! the best MI Score :) can't wait!If I saw that cover art without the title text, the MI franchise would have been about the last thing that'd cross my mind. >_<
Thanks to the way certain cues have to correspond to their album titles instead, it's hard to tell currently if this actually has everything from the film. Doesn't help that certain album suites are most certainly not here, and there's likely alt mixes that could've been included. We'll just have to see.<br><br>I get the feeling the reason this is LP only for now is due to Disney (who own Hollywood Records) being allowed to fully oversee this specific release. Any digital and CD re-releases are probably in legal lingo with Paramount, hence why the OST isn't available for streaming currently.Why only expanded?<br><br>The product page says:<br>"Mondo Music, in conjunction with Hollywood Records, are proud to present the premiere vinyl pressing of Hans Zimmer’s complete score to MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 2."<br><br>So, it's the complete score... isn't it?So useless really, yeah... :(Cool release but... Vinyl only ! :/I don't think originally Hans planned it that way. <br><br>Wonder Woman 1984 was supposed to come out November 2019. That didn't happen. No Time to Die wasn't on the radar originally and was originally supposed to come November 2019 as well. He was probably on track to finish Top Gun: Maverick early this year if it wasn't for No Time to Die. <br><br>If you take out WW84 and No Time to Die, he would only have 4 major projects this year (Spongebob, Dune, Hillbilly, and Top Gun).

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Hans Zimmer Live On Tour (Shows)
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Hans Zimmer Live On Tour Merchandising Shop

Hans Zimmer has announced his very first tour in Europe in 2016.

It has now been announced that on selected dates the legendary guitarist Johnny Marr will be joining Zimmer’s studio band, orchestra and choir bringing the total number of musicians on stage to over 70.

Appearing on the whole tour, as featured performers will be Lebo M, the world famous voice from the score of The Lion King, and guitarist Mike Einziger from the band Incubus.

Marr has collaborated with Zimmer on the soundtracks for Inception, The Amazing Spiderman 2 and most recently the score for Freeheld. Johnny will be appearing at the following Hans Zimmer Live On Tour 2016 shows :

6th/7th April - London, The SSE Arena, Wembley
20th April - Berlin, Mercedes Benz Arena
26th May - Manchester, Manchester Arena
29th May - Dublin, 3 Arena
5th June - Orange, Theatre Antique d’Orange

The tour will kick off in London on April 6th, 2016 and will be taking in 32 cities in total before the finale in Dublin on May 26th.

06 April 2016 - London (United Kingdom) - The SSE Arena, Wembley
07 April 2016 - London (United Kingdom) - The SSE Arena, Wembley
12 April 2016 - Birmingham (United Kingdom) - Barclaycard Arena
14 April 2016 - Brussels (Belgium) - Palais 12
16 April 2016 - Mannheim (Germany) - SAP Arena
18 April 2016 - Hamburg (Germany) - Barclaycard Arena
20 April 2016 - Berlin (Germany) - Mercedes-Benz Arena
22 April 2016 - Oberhausen (Germany) - König Pilsener Arena
23 April 2016 - Paris (France) - Palais Des Congres
24 April 2016 - Paris (France) - Palais Des Congres (Matinee)
24 April 2016 - Paris (France) - Palais Des Congres
26 April 2016 - Munich (Germany) - Olympiahalle
28 April 2016 - Cologne (Germany) - Lanxess Arena
30 April 2016 - Gdansk (Poland) - Ergo Arena
01 May 2016 - Lodz (Poland) - Atlas Arena
03 May 2016 - Krakow (Poland) - Tauron Arena
05 May 2016 - Bratislava (Slovakia) - Ondrej Nepala Arena
07 May 2016 - Prague (Czech Republic) - O2 Arena
09 May 2016 - Zurich (Switzerland) - Hallenstadion
11 May 2016 - Budapest (Hungary) - Papp Laszlo Budapest Sportarena
12 May 2016 - Graz (Austria) - Stadthalle Graz
13 May 2016 - Vienna (Austria) - Stadthalle
16 May 2016 - Sofia (Bulgaria) - Arena Armeec Sofia
18 May 2016 - Geneva (Switzerland) - Geneva Arena
19 May 2016 - Geneva (Switzerland) - Geneva Arena
21 May 2016 - Luxembourg (Luxembourg) - Rockhal
22 May 2016 - Luxembourg (Luxembourg) - Rockhal
23 May 2016 - Luxembourg (Luxembourg) - Rockhal
24 May 2016 - Rotterdam (Netherland) - Ahoy Rotterdam
26 May 2016 - Dublin (Ireland) - 3Arena
28 May 2016 - Bournemouth (United Kingdom) - Bournemouth Centre
29 May 2016 - Manchester (United Kingdom) - Manchester Arena
31 May 2016 - Lille (France) - Zénith
01 June 2016 - Rouen (France) - Zénith
02 June 2016 - Nantes (France) - Zénith
03 June 2016 - Bordeaux (France) - Patinoire Mériadeck
04 June 2016 - Toulouse (France) - Zénith
05 June 2016 - Orange (France) - Théâtre Antique d'Orange

Tickets HERE

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theodore reply Replies: 4 || 2016-09-23 01:25:08
Next stop GREECE!! You have many fans here who love your work! It would be great!

kostas2016-09-26 02:09:54
Next stop GREECE!! You have many fans here who love your work! It would be great!

Eva2016-10-06 22:52:52
Yes please come to Greece Hansssss

Andrew2016-10-17 16:35:29
Come to athens!

Anonymous2016-10-18 11:15:35
I don't get it... Are you people really that stupid? The tour is OVER. Hybrid, maybe someone from your team should add ''OVER'' somewhere, or just close the comment section until there are news of blu-ray release?

Ivo reply Replies: 0 || 2016-10-11 07:29:41
Guys, the tour is over. There won't be more dates and there is no announcement regarding another tour next year.

All we can do right now is sit and wait for the Bluray/DVD release of the show in Prague.

André reply Replies: 0 || 2016-10-11 01:23:44
Hans!! Tour to Brazil please!!!! =D Brazil Hans!!! Go! =D

Vivien reply Replies: 0 || 2016-10-10 09:54:44
Please come to DVD! :D

Filipe reply Replies: 0 || 2016-10-10 01:11:50
I realy hope Hans Zimmer comes to Portugal to play at the beautiful Lisbon Coliseum.

Alfredo reply Replies: 0 || 2016-10-08 18:20:57

fork reply Replies: 0 || 2016-10-08 07:25:15
Does anyone know when the stream on spinnable is finally going to happen? first they said it was going to be live, then they moved it to sep. 1st but nothing happend...

Vyacheslav reply Replies: 0 || 2016-09-26 10:55:11
I regret I missed that tour. I actually don't see any info on upcoming tours/events. Is anything like that planned at all?

yasmin reply Replies: 3 || 2016-08-05 12:29:51
hey, can u come to Malaysia ? If u will let me know when and where. it'll be nice to see u here.

El Moe2016-09-05 11:07:03
Please do! We might be a small dot on the map but you got tonnes of souls who are in dire need of your music.

Lee2016-09-16 19:05:49
Yes! Please come!

zapp2016-09-16 19:59:46
my goodness, concerts are OVER and DONE! -.-

geheim reply Replies: 2 || 2016-09-03 17:50:53
Well, now it's September and the Audio still wasn't released... I don't understand such Marketing strategy. People were really hyped by the concerts and wanted to have a release so badly, but now months later the hype is gone.

I don't understand why it takes so long to release an audio recording (the opening was there 2 weeks in the concert tour!)I understand for the bluray to have a longer postproduction because of video editing etc. but not for the audio...

I just want to say that you lost me as a customer. I would have bought the CD for any price in June, but now I can wait for the bluray to be released. And I think I'm not the only lost customer. Strange release strategy, really...

Laurens2016-09-04 15:33:54
Totally agree... It's such a shame because I (and I'm sure I wasn't the only one) used to search for recordings of this show on a daily basis when the tour was happening and right after. I think a lot of people would've bought the cd if it was out during or right after the tour. But now... only the hard core remains and though I'm pretty sure I will buy it as it comes out (in this life or the next ;) ) but it really feels like a lost opportunity. It's very strange because in July F1-TARS gave an update when he contacted the Harvey Goldsmith website, and we would hear a release date 'soon.' But ever since there has been radio silence, which does not help to keep the hype going. Perhaps they are planning to coincide the cd with the blu ray release? Which would be poor marketing as well, because they could've cashed twice if they released the cd right after the concert and then come out with the blu ray six months later (why is that coming in February by the way and not around Christmas or something?). So yeah, I'm a bit confused...

Ds2016-09-04 16:31:18
Or maybe they are not fully satisfied with the Wembley recording. It was opening night, and I think they improved their game over the tour. Maybe they thought the Wembley recording doesn't do the tour justice, and will release only the Prague concert in a nice DVD+DVD/Bluray packaging.

That's a lot of "maybe", but to me it's the only rational explanation.

And by the way, that February release date has never been confirmed officially. A release for Christmas makes a lot more sense.

Paul reply Replies: 3 || 2016-08-30 21:11:15
Any news on audio/video release? Seems like right after the tour Hans just disappeared and went straight back to his Batcave to do the next project. Though I'm pretty sure that's exactly what happened. And what about those cards, received with merchandise? Will there be any new material available for download anytime soon? Hybrid?

GR72016-08-31 22:18:35
- Hybrid soldier : "as soon as there is news, you'll know it here !"

... one week later ...

- random people : "hey, any news on the album?"

- Hybrid soldier : "as soon as there is news, you'll know it here !"

... two weeks later...

- another random fan : "Any release date on this? any news? im so excited ! Ho, and can you come soon with your orchestra in my little town, in the middle of nowhere in central Europe, soon please, just a few months after tou already did a 2 months tour in Europe with 25 concerts?

Cyberpunk882016-09-01 00:26:23
We must go deeper..

Paul2016-09-01 15:30:48
@GR7 Wow... I'm so sorry for not having time to scroll down and read every single comment. It's not like I revisit this page every two hours or so. You know, you don't have to be a d**k about it, okay? There are far worse comments/questions than the ones you mentioned.

Elena reply Replies: 0 || 2016-08-21 14:38:25
Any plans to visit Russia? Please!..

Simon reply Replies: 4 || 2016-08-09 03:45:13
Hans, Please come to Australia and bless our land with your masterpieces

Mark2016-08-09 07:18:03
Just came looking to find out the same information. Australia please

Sotiris2016-08-11 00:37:03
Another one here asking kindly to include Australia in your next tour! Cheers!

Katie2016-08-15 08:18:10
And another also asking kindly to include a tour down under, please!

wang2016-08-20 03:21:38
I really hope you can come to China one day.

Fabio reply Replies: 0 || 2016-07-29 18:48:12
Hello! Are you planning to come to Spain? If yes where and when?

geheim reply Replies: 4 || 2016-07-09 11:29:14
Any news about the release of the wembley audio??

I don't think it is a good idea to wait much longer for releasing it, cause the hype will decrease. Now they would sell more I think.

Kristoff2016-07-09 18:23:47
I keep wondering about it myself..! And I'm getting worried that it will not happen. Why can't they give us anything about Wembley Audio release???

F1-TARS2016-07-09 19:58:32
I contacted the Harvey Goldsmith's website to see if they had any information, I received a reply which stated,

"We are currently waiting on the final release date from our team in the US, which we're hoping will be soon. They're working really hard to get it finished for everyone as soon as they can, as we can't wait to share it with all the fans across the globe. As soon as we have further information or a release date we'll be posting about it on our social channels. So keep an eye out.

So sounds like is going happen just a matter of when, really looking forward to listening to the whole show again.

Hybrid Soldier2016-07-09 20:43:36
I repeated that it was on the way OVER & OVER AGAIN...

Be patient... When there's news you'll know...

philip2016-07-12 18:02:54
@Hybrid Soldier
Do you know if it will be released as FLAC?

Hunglikeadonkey reply Replies: 0 || 2016-07-03 22:21:36
Loved the show Hans
Top drawer my old compadre

Unicorn reply Replies: 1 || 2016-06-30 18:49:32
Hello! It's me! I was wondering if there is any interview or statement of Hans Zimmer after his tour? He disappeared so quickly. I know there are upcoming projects like the CD and Blu-ray of his concert and the CD with artists who perform his music. But is there anything he said about his tour? How he felt during and after his tour. If he could imagine doing it again or does he prefer using the time for composing instead?
I read that he wanted to do some holidays in Germany after his tour. Is that the case now or is he already busy with new projects?
Thank you in advance you lovely Zimmerlisteners

Ds2016-06-30 20:19:41
I think at least we can expect some interviews about that on the bluray release!

Marcus reply Replies: 0 || 2016-06-30 10:53:45
Are there any plans for tour in sweden during 2017?
Best regards Marcus

Liam reply Replies: 2 || 2016-06-29 11:28:08
Are there any plans for a 2017 tour in UK? The dates for my location conflicted with my Dad's 60th birthday so I was completely gutted that I couldn't go. Hans dominates my playlist on a daily basis!

Ds2016-06-29 15:43:30
What kind of dad celebrates his birthday 5 times in 2 months? :o :o :o

Anonymous2016-06-29 23:29:49
The awesome one :D On the other hand, UK is pretty big, so maybe for some people it's a struggle to go to another city if it's pretty far. I did not stop me to go to the neighbour country though (about 600 km). :D

Mk reply Replies: 0 || 2016-06-29 14:01:49
As long as we dont have A dvd/blu ray:
Look up: public-6bf172a2.html

philip reply Replies: 8 || 2016-06-24 18:04:37
Does anybody know something about the Live-CD? I mean the tour is over now it's time to publish the Wembley record. :)

Anonymous2016-06-24 20:29:40
This fall - audio. Sometime in 2017 - video.

Laurens2016-06-25 10:50:14
That's the first time in weeks I see a somewhat specific release date of the Wembly audio... Do you have a source by any chance?

Anonymous2016-06-25 12:48:56
Yes, the source is the booklet I bought in Zimmer's concert. It says "Coming this autumn - the recording event of the year! / The Landmark new album with stunning new arrangements". I'm not a 100% sure this is THE Wembley record, but I don't think they would release two albums that would be basically identical - the best of (live)... This one's also available for the pre-order now. The album is titled ''Hans Zimmer - The Classics" however, but the artwork is to be changed (it's what was written on the booklet I have) so maybe the title will be changed as well... Oh, there you go, just checked the date on Amazon - 14th of October. ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1466851410&sr=8-4&keywords=hans+zimme r

Oh, and the source for the video (blu-ray) release is basically IMDb.

Ds2016-06-25 13:05:37
Aaaaah, this is a totally different album! This is just a compilation of HZ greatest hits performed by different artists. Nothing to do with the concert recording itself.

Anonymous2016-06-25 14:57:00
Oh, okay then. It still seems strange to me though - why release ''The Classics'' album at all, when there will be a live concert CD? By the way, I just checked on IMDb that the realease for the blu-ray (if I understand correctly) is 14th of February, 2017. So maybe the audio will come together, or a bit sooner. I still hope for the autumn of this year.

Laurens2016-06-26 17:21:10
Yeah, it's also pretty strange that they would advertise an album by other artists in the live show booklet (or did HZ work on that album as well?) and not mention the live recording itself. It really feels like they're letting this slide... I sincerely hope I'm wrong but just a message to clarify things wouldn't hurt them right? Judging by this website, and the Twitter and Facebook-page of HZLive, a LOT of people are begging for this release and the Blu-ray as well. So what's all this radio silence about?

lanlan2016-06-26 17:37:55
increase the hype, so they can charge you a higher price for it, when they're going to release it and everybody is soooooo happy that they indeed released it. nothing but marketing bs.

Laurens2016-06-27 13:30:10
Yeah, you're probably right... Maybe the whole thing worked out better than they expected and after releasing the first track they thought 'wait a minute, let's have them craving for this a bit longer'? I mean, it does work, but they also risk that people start to wander off because the 'OMG that show was so amazing'-ecstasy doesn't last forever... Not that I didn't love it -totally did-, but I think that if they were selling the cd at the concert or directly after the last show, I would've been more hyped to buy it than say 3 months afterwards... But that's just how I feel about these things...

Frank reply Replies: 11 || 2016-05-15 20:23:25
Will there be later a Bluray disc available of the concert?
The one in Budapest was truly an incredible experience and I'd like to "relive" it at home over and over again.

Hybrid Soldier2016-05-15 20:42:07
It's planned. Don't ask me when... lol

Ds2016-05-15 21:03:24
So I guess the iTunes release of the Wembley show is purely and simply cancelled, and we'll get something together with the blu-ray? Or is the Wembley release still planned?

Hybrid Soldier2016-05-15 21:37:22
Wembley is for audio, Prague is for video.

Tom2016-05-15 21:42:03
hybrid any idea when audio is gonna get released?
I got the first track through the code, wonder when rest
will show up

DavidS2016-05-15 21:46:57
Audio - any idea when they release it? ;)

Petr Dudek2016-05-26 07:38:08
Yeah, truth. Prague is for video. And i Am absolutelly happy I was i am from Czech republic, Prague. And having standing ovation already before break after Pirates of the Caribbean....that is gonna be great atmosphere for DVD !

BennyJ2016-05-26 15:51:56
According to IMDB, the blu-ray might get released in feb 2017. But I wouldn't bet money on it ;)

Mk2016-05-26 17:05:35
imdb /title/tt5732482/

Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! 14 februari 2017

F1-TARS2016-05-30 23:18:18
Any news when the audio is going to be released PLEASE

Dan2016-06-08 00:59:59
I also am looking for when the Wembley audio will be released, is there any information you can give us Hybrid Soldier,

I have the opening medley from the dropcard and the quality is amazing, looking forward to when can get the rest

Dan2016-06-20 16:45:58
Any information at all about the Wembley audio

Dandan reply Replies: 0 || 2016-06-15 14:21:20
Does anybody know if there will be a blue ray of this tour! I need it so bad! Can't stop watching it!

Hedon reply Replies: 1 || 2016-06-07 09:51:15
As a long time fan an follower of Hans Zimmer's music, I am wondering, did everyone who's visiting this page get to see this concert?

I can tell you that you missed out big time if you didn't. I watched the concert in London in 2014 and it was even better this time when I watched it in Manchester. THIS is the way to experience Hans Zimmer's music - played out LOUD at BIG arenas, and it was arranged in such a way that fans will enjoy it to the max. Compared to the album versions the music in the show is more driven by percussion (drums and cymbals more present) and will appeal especially to those who like the "rock side" of Hans. I was afraid that his music would not sound good live due to it's nature of lots of digital processing, but they sure proved me wrong. There was never a dull moment in this concert.

The stage was filled with brilliant musicians who did a show on their own, like Tina Guo, Ann Marie Simpson, Aleksey Igudesman and many more. Satnam Ramgotra kicked ass on the drums. The musicality and energy they brought out on this show was nothing short of amazing.

The biggest highlight for me was Electro, with Johnny Marr playing it with the exact right sound. If you thought it rocked on the album, well, let me put it this way; I challenge any heavy metal band to do that one better, it lifted the roof off the arena.

Other highlights that has to be mentioned is Crimson Tide, The Pirates Suite and The Dark Knight. It's like they've watched all the clips on YouTube where other bands have covered these melodies and decided let's make an arrangement so awesome that no one will ever manage to make it more awesome!

I really hope this tour will continue. I am sure there will be no problem filling up the arenas again.

Alex2016-06-15 05:58:35
I really hope he does another tour as i was unable to make his 2016 tour. I do feel like i missed out big time. The videos on you-tube of the concert are amazing and i plan to see him live one day. Wondering if he would visit and perform in Australia.

Lauree from France reply Replies: 0 || 2016-06-09 23:35:44
Hi to all the Hans's community,
I and my husband were on Orange France last Sunday for the final concert.
Wahooo!! we're still intensely touched by that so special night and in a so special place. Thanks to all of you ! I have to say that imperfections were perfect and what you give to us unforgettable!
Interstellar under the stars was so, so emotional … and Inception,..., there's no word to express my feelings!!
Mister Zimmer. your music may be composed in a dark studio but must be heard outside in the nature !
During the concert Birds and wind were dancing with the vibrations of your music ....and me too !
Thank you so much for your creative channel, blessed and inspiring.
Nb : we waited till 3:30 am to thank you, in vain... so i do it now! Thank you to give what you receive.

Ds reply Replies: 3 || 2016-06-08 00:52:09
That last show in Orange really was for the fans! Extended runtime, with so much more anecdotes and stories from Hans, more music (Thelma & Louise, such a nice addition), a unique location, and a great and shining friendship uniting all these people on the stage. Everyone was having fun, and the whole thing felt like a celebration, full of joy and sadness at the same time.

The outstanding performance of The Da Vinci Code gave me my biggest goosebumps ever, I thought my arms were going to explode! And the last few notes of Time... felt like Hans was playing them for the very last time. Incredibly pure and beautiful.

I spent 20 hours in my car this weekend, but it was worth every single second of it. I feel so grateful for attending this concert. Sorry for the long post, I'm still in a dream... very hard to get back to the reality after such a night! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU Hans Zimmer!

Hedon2016-06-08 12:50:23
I wanted to go to the concert in Orange but was sold out :( Which seemed a bit strange as I looked at some pictures from the concert online where there was a number of empty seats/spaces.

Do you remember which other tracks they played that was outside the regular program?

In Manchester they played

- Opening Medley (Driving Miss Daisy (Theme) / Sherlock Holmes (Discombobulate) / Madagascar 2 (Rescue))
- Crimson Tide + Angels & Demons (Roll Tide / 160 BPM)
- Gladiator (Progeny / The Wheat / The Battle / Honor Him / Now We Are Free)
- The Da Vinci Code (Chevalier de Sangreal/503)
- The Lion King (Circle Of Life opening / Lea Halalela / King Of The Pride Rock)
- POTC Medley (Jack Sparrow / Love Suite / Up is Down / He’s A Pirate)


- True Romance (Theme)
- Medley Rain Man (End Titles)
- Man Of Steel (What Are You Going To Do)
- The Thin Red Line (Journey to the Line)
- Spider Man 2 (Electro)
- The Dark Knight Medley (Joker / Like A Dog Chasing Cars / Moody Bruce / The End/Aurora)
- Interstellar (Day One / Cornfield Chase / No Time For Caution / Stay)
- Inception Medley (Dream Is Collapsing / Mombasa / Time)

Ds2016-06-08 14:20:35
There were indeed free seats at the right and left, I think they didn't put them for sale, maybe because the view was too limited? Don't know.

The setlist was ordered slightly differently, and there was one extra track:

- Opening Medley (Driving Miss Daisy (Theme) / Sherlock Holmes (Discombobulate) / Madagascar 2 (Rescue))
- Gladiator (Progeny / The Wheat / The Battle / Honor Him / Now We Are Free)
- Thelma & Louise (Thunderbird)
- Medley Rain Man (End Titles)
- True Romance (Theme)
- The Da Vinci Code (Chevalier de Sangreal/503)
- The Lion King (Circle Of Life opening / Lea Halalela / King Of The Pride Rock)
- POTC Medley (Jack Sparrow / Love Suite / Up is Down / He’s A Pirate)


- The Thin Red Line (Journey to the Line)
- Crimson Tide + Angels & Demons (Roll Tide / 160 BPM)
- Man Of Steel (What Are You Going To Do)
- Spider Man 2 (Electro)
- The Dark Knight Medley (Joker / Like A Dog Chasing Cars / Moody Bruce / The End/Aurora)
- Interstellar (Day One / Cornfield Chase / No Time For Caution / Stay)
- Inception Medley (Half Remembered Dream / Dream Is Collapsing / Mombasa / Time)

Mr Tweedy2016-06-08 14:53:58
I don't think they played "Progeny" from Gladiator. They started straight with The Wheat.

MOUGENEL Yannick reply Replies: 0 || 2016-06-08 09:43:08
Un grand merci pour le concert du zénith de ROUEN ,je suis venu du DOUBS pour vous voir et vous avez réaliser une prestation de grande qualité....Merci Mr ZIMMER et a bientôt en concert en FRANCE j'esp&#232;re???

MK reply Replies: 1 || 2016-06-07 18:21:30
So the Spinnable app concert streaming now takes place on 1 september 2016 ???????????

Hybrid Soldier2016-06-07 18:30:17
There was no possibily to do it live because of the shitty Internet in Orange !

Patrak reply Replies: 0 || 2016-06-06 20:24:55
Hi everyone,

I saw the concert twice, in Brussels and in Luxembourg.
I was hoping to see it a third time, in Lille, but I couldn't, eventually.

Something struck me during the Luxembourg concert, they all seemed to have so much fun !

Brussels was the 4th concert, the show was already musically impressive but you could guess they were all a bit nervous.

After a month and a half of touring, they all seemed to really enjoy playing and being together.

I can't imagine what the Orange concert was like !

So, after two intense months playing almost every two days, in massive and sold-out arenas, living and sharing all those amazing moments with each others,
I'm wondering : how do they end this ?

Were they all on planes this Monday, back to the US or the UK already ?

Or are there some kind of post-tour activities where they can all spend more time together to properly end this amazing experience ?
If so, this should be filmed as well.

Just curious...

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