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I can't decide whether or not some of the things I want to hear from him should be in his new show or a new World of Hans Zimmer show.@Ds Omar is saying that this was the direction Tom went with / what the score sounded like not that he was fired because he didnít deliver the sound heís known for :) <br>Of course he was replaced after Snyder left the project. <br><br>And yeah citation is needed.Desperately hoping we'll hear something from Dune. He's said himself how excited he is to finally work on music for a Dune movie and turned down Nolan for it, and it will be out a few months before these shows begin.The FYC came out for this. Unfortunately, it's missing two entire tracks from the film. An extended "Busy, Busy Berk", and the film version of "Furies Captured" (which at least had a YouTube upload of the alternate version). <br><br>Guess we'll have to hope for a complete/recording sessions leak for everything else.Will he come to Sthlm / Gothenburg sweden???
https://www. ves-112620<br><br>Why they never release this?!....Omar: Well tried, but Junkie XL was replaced after Snyder was fired and Whedon came in.<br>And just in case Snyder actually wanted another sound, he would just have told Junkie at the beginning instead of firing him after he departed himself :-pCitation neededZimmer and Djawadi are nominated for Grammys this year along with Hildur,Alan Silvestri,Marc ShiecmanTom's score for Justice League was basically a mix of Mad Max and Deadpool. Zack wanted to go with a different approach for the score and make it more "fun" than serious. He didn't want a Zimmer sound for the movie.
I noticed that the other day as well on IMDB. I know thatís not always reliable, but that would be awesome if he was involved. Iíve missed the ďfunĒ side of Zimmer for awhile. The next couple of years hopefully produce a number of Zimmer classics.Whoah Whoah Whoah Whoah Whoah.  Whoah. Space Jam2?! You arenít serious.I hope this one will leak very soon! A lot of great music that isnt releasedHybrid, is Zimmer really attached to Space Jam 2?<br><br>Will Hans Zimmer be coming to London in 2021 pls? Thanks Monica
Why won't concert in Poland?! I love Hans Zimmer and his music and I was really waiting for it!! Last time in Cracow it was the best time ever for me! :(Isn't anyone except me wondering what kind of sound that 2-tone-pattern is? Is that something like ring-modulated strings? Or even FM? Sure it is something layered.Anyone own the 24bit FLAC version? I bought it expecting to here a difference between that and the mp3 version and they kinda sound the same to me. Just curious on if anyone else had the same observation.Upon revisit, this score is by far the best of the entire Call of Duty franchise. A wonderful main theme, exciting, varied, and climactic action music for the British missions, and a strong amount of atmosphere. <br><br>The only annoying part is the American missions' action music is on-the-nose and terrible until the nuke cue, and there's a little too much reused tracks for my taste.donít worry about it @Eobard <br>With the timing, I wouldíve thought the same if I didnít already know about the brass library :)

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Harry Gregson-WilliamsDavid BuckleyStephen BartonHalli Cauthery
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Gone Baby Gone (Complete Score)
Label: Unofficial Release
Length: 75'08 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (1794 votes)
  1. Opening Montage (2:57)
  2. Media Circus (0:54)
  3. Beatrice's Plea (1:02)
  4. Amanda's Room (1:01)
  5. Fillmore Turns Ugly (1:24)
  6. Interlude (0:42)
  7. Grilling Helene (1:32)
  8. Drive To Chelsea (0:40)
  9. Ray (0:52)
  10. Return From Chelsea (1:15)
  11. Drive To Cheese's (1:06)
  12. Gone Baby Gone (2:53)
  13. Guilt Trip - Phone Call (1:36)
  14. Ransom (3:02)
  15. The Quarry (0:54)
  16. Jump - Hospital (2:08)
  17. More Depression (4:04)
  18. Trett's Standoff (1:55)
  19. Trett Raid (1:46)
  20. Corwin Earle (2:26)
  21. Remy Lied - Nick's Funeral (2:35)
  22. Charthouse Lunch (1:16)
  23. Lionel (1:32)
  24. Shots Of Makers (3:27)
  25. Stickup At Murphy's Law (1:29)
  26. Remy Dies (1:05)
  27. Patrick Puts It Together (1:10)
  28. Confronting Doyle (3:37)
  29. Sake Of The Child (2:19)
  30. Staties (1:38)
  31. Reunited - Breakup (3:27)
  32. End Scene (2:38)
  33. The Depression Theme - Lisbeth Scott (3:56)
  34. Gone Baby Gone Theme (3:08)
  35. Opening Montage (Alternate) (2:58)
  36. Remy Lied - Nick's Funeral (Alternate) (2:36)
  37. Charthouse Lunch (Alternate) (1:15)
  38. Remy Dies (Alternate) (1:05)
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Gone Baby Gone (Complete Score) soundtrack - Harry Gregson-Williams 2007