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There’s this channel on Youtube who uploaded most of the score called “The Ring Soundtracks” he’s got all 40 of the tracks...<br>I also found a bootleg album with 8 tracks but sadly when I pressed play I couldn’t hear all 8 beta tracks but that was after I managed to receive a 6 of the 8...I found the beta album which was labeled by the uploader “Hamilcaris Filius” as “The Ring (Music From The Motion Picture” I downloaded them from youtube via mp3 converter, the track listing for the tracks: 01. Seven Days To Die (1:57)  02. Aiden (0:45) 03. Drawing [Investigation] (2:33) 04. Lighthouse Music (2:32) 05. Floating Minds (6:09), 06. Overboard (1:54), 07. Under The Rug (1:23) & 08. End Credits (7:44) (Which Lacks The Samara Vocals as Well as The Music Box)...It was apparently released in 2004, under TIL Music Group and is formatted on a Compact Disk, there’s also an Agentina Release that was released in 2018 of The Ring (2002)’s Original Score...I recommend going to “Hamilcaris’s” channel and listen to the 6 of 8 tracks yourself.“natural tendency to put light on the role of others” hahahah...I'm sure he felt very foolish two years ago.Ask Hybrid@pegasus yes, 10 years later :-)
Tom Holkenborg and David Buckley ?Also Heitor Pereira, Guillaume Roussel, John Powell, Steve Jablonsky, HGW, Atli Örvarsson no ?Neely is no longer with HansTrevor said in a recent interview, that he scored Renny Harlins new movie The Misfits. Im really looking forward to this movie and score. Loved every Harlin/Rabin collaboration so far.Need some page for the new "Greyhound" film scored by Blake
u ask "is it from the sessions?" and you know thats rips whith sfx? :D hahah. made my dayI think we were all clear that both Snyder and Tom intended to use material from Hans. I don’t think he’s writing new music, but I do think Tom will use a lot of Hans.Is it true that Hans Zimmer is working on the Snyder Cut? That would be spectacular!Lol it’s probably low quality rips from the filmwhaaat? the complete score?? where??
where did you find it? what is it called on youtube?i found a complete album on YouTube, but the audio quality is not good as I thought. Is it from the recording session? Where can I find a high quality audio of this album to listen?just going to leave this here: el matador del mar, a great character, killed so easily because sparrow needed to be the great hero.<br><br>i disapprove, long life salazar!!What is the name of the song playing when Maggie leaves it’s beautiful and haunting.  The music from this movie is sheer genius a mix of heavy metal, jazz, and rock and roll!  Awesome...!Yes! Finally someone else who has heard it to! I am a HUGE fan of both trilogy's, do you like POTC?

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Atli ÖrvarssonDavid FlemingJörg HüttnerHilda (Thórhildur) Örvarsdóttir
ComposerAdditional MusicSynth ProgrammerVocals
The Mortal Instruments - City Of Bones (Complete Score)
Label: Unofficial Release
Length: 119'17 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (2851 votes)
  1. It's My Birthday (3:32)
  2. Let's Go In There (0:39)
  3. Killing In The Club (1:06)
  4. Charcoal On Hand (0:43)
  5. The Symbol Is Everywhere (0:46)
  6. Something I Want To Tell You (0:29)
  7. Jace At The Window (0:38)
  8. Where's The Cup? (3:47)
  9. Demon Dog (1:37)
  10. Reanimating Demon Dog (2:16)
  11. Dorothea (2:59)
  12. Fire Extinguisher (0:36)
  13. Find Luke (3:29)
  14. Discovered (1:35)
  15. Clary Passes Out (1:28)
  16. Institute (2:26)
  17. Meet Hodge (2:32)
  18. The Legend Of The Mortal Cup (3:36)
  19. City Of Bones (3:54)
  20. Inverted Image (1:03)
  21. Go See Bane (0:53)
  22. Every Year She Brought You Here (2:51)
  23. I Believe In Myself (2:47)
  24. Hotel Du Mort (Part 1) (1:51)
  25. Hotel Du Mort (Part 2) (2:10)
  26. Vampire Fight (2:14)
  27. Daylight (2:27)
  28. Dead Weight (0:50)
  29. Recovering (1:22)
  30. The Portal (2:22)
  31. The Garden (2:15)
  32. Heart By Heart - Demi Lovato (2:33)
  33. The Friend Zone (1:32)
  34. Finding Her Power (2:28)
  35. Tarot Cards (1:15)
  36. Demon Seeking Dust (2:02)
  37. Found The Cup (1:17)
  38. It's Not Really Her (2:15)
  39. Valentine (4:33)
  40. Creepy Girl (2:38)
  41. In Your Head (2:19)
  42. Summoning (2:00)
  43. Valentine's Truth (2:52)
  44. Jocelyn Found (1:03)
  45. Breaking The Accords (1:04)
  46. Invaded (1:56)
  47. Run (1:25)
  48. New Rune (4:06)
  49. Brother & Sister (2:53)
  50. Close The Dome (2:54)
  51. Ruff Day (1:09)
  52. Battle (2:05)
  53. You're Not My Dad (2:24)
  54. Secret Is Safe (2:52)
  55. Clary Mystery Theme (3:22)
  56. Institute (Alternate) (2:25)
  57. Vampire Fight (Alternate) (1:05)
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The Mortal Instruments - City Of Bones (Complete Score) soundtrack - Atli Örvarsson 2013