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Balfe confirmed that the score is coming the next Friday.where's the score? Thought it was gonna release the same day as the movieSpectacular job on Bad Boys 3! Honestly, in my opinion, it's one of the best Lorne scores. Just got back from the movie and both the music and the movie were terrific.<br><br>Lorne and his team have my respect!;)I have made a mistake.Although you should have more mercy with people.
The same "journalists" who said Hans was hired a week ago ?<br><br><br><br><br><br><br>LOLJournalists say he will act as a composer.If some time down line it gets revealed that all of these Lornanists were on someone’s payroll, you heard it here first.Confirmed by Lorne, the score album for Bad Boys 3 is coming... the next FrridayMarr is probably performing the James Bond know, on the electric guitar? Which is the instrument he's famous for?<br><br>Jesus, I swear there are some people who won't be happy until Lorne Balfe is singlehandedly both composing and performing the score to every film that is ever made.
I can't say that I am happy.  I love Marr, but I don't want Marr in Lorne's position.  #BalfeforBondJohnny Marr has been confirmed to be performing on the score...<br><br>Is there going to be a separate discussion thread for this btw?Dark Materials was anything but "a pure orchestral sound" lolIt largely has to do with the types of films he scores.Meh, you're not alone. Not a big fan of Desplat, especially when it comes to his contributions to pre-established franchises.
Track 9. Stop The Crane and 11. Burn Or Jump<br><br>Excellent.One of the most elite scores produced.I might get hate for this and Desplat might be a cool guy, but I have no idea why he gets so many Oscar nominations... please don´t kill meMan, I am actually excited to hear Balfe's score for Bad Boys for Life - the clips he's posted on his Facebook page sound awesome and like they could truly honour Mancina. The Balfe components sound epic and the Mancina integrations dynamic. What's to fear, right?  <br><br><br>I do fear that someone makes Alan Myerson to distill these 100s of performers, choral and orchestral, to make the whole score sound like an 80s casio synth again - please don't!! Balfe's had huge success with Dark Materials and Gemini Man with a pure orchestral sound - don't fuck it up, PLEASE.meh to desplat. this score needs jackman...

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Atli ÖrvarssonDavid FlemingJörg HüttnerHilda (Thórhildur) Örvarsdóttir
ComposerAdditional MusicSynth ProgrammerVocals
The Mortal Instruments - City Of Bones (Complete Score)
Label: Unofficial Release
Length: 119'17 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (2667 votes)
  1. It's My Birthday (3:32)
  2. Let's Go In There (0:39)
  3. Killing In The Club (1:06)
  4. Charcoal On Hand (0:43)
  5. The Symbol Is Everywhere (0:46)
  6. Something I Want To Tell You (0:29)
  7. Jace At The Window (0:38)
  8. Where's The Cup? (3:47)
  9. Demon Dog (1:37)
  10. Reanimating Demon Dog (2:16)
  11. Dorothea (2:59)
  12. Fire Extinguisher (0:36)
  13. Find Luke (3:29)
  14. Discovered (1:35)
  15. Clary Passes Out (1:28)
  16. Institute (2:26)
  17. Meet Hodge (2:32)
  18. The Legend Of The Mortal Cup (3:36)
  19. City Of Bones (3:54)
  20. Inverted Image (1:03)
  21. Go See Bane (0:53)
  22. Every Year She Brought You Here (2:51)
  23. I Believe In Myself (2:47)
  24. Hotel Du Mort (Part 1) (1:51)
  25. Hotel Du Mort (Part 2) (2:10)
  26. Vampire Fight (2:14)
  27. Daylight (2:27)
  28. Dead Weight (0:50)
  29. Recovering (1:22)
  30. The Portal (2:22)
  31. The Garden (2:15)
  32. Heart By Heart - Demi Lovato (2:33)
  33. The Friend Zone (1:32)
  34. Finding Her Power (2:28)
  35. Tarot Cards (1:15)
  36. Demon Seeking Dust (2:02)
  37. Found The Cup (1:17)
  38. It's Not Really Her (2:15)
  39. Valentine (4:33)
  40. Creepy Girl (2:38)
  41. In Your Head (2:19)
  42. Summoning (2:00)
  43. Valentine's Truth (2:52)
  44. Jocelyn Found (1:03)
  45. Breaking The Accords (1:04)
  46. Invaded (1:56)
  47. Run (1:25)
  48. New Rune (4:06)
  49. Brother & Sister (2:53)
  50. Close The Dome (2:54)
  51. Ruff Day (1:09)
  52. Battle (2:05)
  53. You're Not My Dad (2:24)
  54. Secret Is Safe (2:52)
  55. Clary Mystery Theme (3:22)
  56. Institute (Alternate) (2:25)
  57. Vampire Fight (Alternate) (1:05)
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The Mortal Instruments - City Of Bones (Complete Score) soundtrack - Atli Örvarsson 2013