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Back in 2003/2004 some guy made his own fan-made "expanded score". <br>Some tracks were actually OST tracks looped, with some drums added in the mix, some were from an unknown source. I only remember some badly-mixed synth cues that sounded like home-made, experimental material.would love to help out, but the video/track is blocked :/Think about Gemini Man, the score come out the same day as the movie (in that case, 11th October), and the details come the same week.<br><br>We'll likely get final details towards the end of the week or early next week. I guess I'm just a little surprised that it's taken this long. The movie had surprise screenings either yesterday or the day before, so it seems like everything's pretty final.Sorry, that is the wrong link above (film version)<br><br>This is the track I'm talking about. Does anyone recognize this version.<br><br>
There is an expanded score album with the track called "Sniper/Border Post". It is different from the piece used in the film. Does anyone know the true identity of that track. I like the synth sound and the male vocal singing/wailing/crying in this cue.<br><br> the scores comes out in 1th NovemberThe movie is out this Wednesday in some territories."In the third one he writes the "father and son" theme, it's okay but it's harmonically basic and the melody is UNMEMORABLE"<br><br><br>Aaaaaaaaaaaaand your whole analysis falls flat right there ! :PThanks Edmund.<br><br>@PaulH I am not meaning to say that Balfe cannot compose good music. There are compositions that I like: the Picasso theme is creative and well-written. Just that I find his arrangements of others more compelling usually than his own material.<br><br>An example that is good of this is kung fu panda. His arrangements of themes are really fun and energetic. In the third one he writes the "father and son" theme, it's okay but it's harmonically basic and the melody is unmemorable. Contrast to Hans: the Po theme and Spirit theme are precise, fun, harmonically clever, and memorable. But his score cues sometimes feel lacking: his transitions are clunky, the bridge material is uncreative and basic. <br><br>It must be so much fun to work on those projects together. Coming up with idea and hearing what someone can turn it into, or getting to play with someone's idea without the pressure of starting from scratch.
And also, be prepared for more Studio Time for the scoreTom said in his Twitter: 'Details very soon'<br><br>Altough, is only a week awayThe Nils Frahm track was released years agoNo one is mentioning "Says" from Nils Frahm. What a masterpiece of music. Love how it develops and getting so emotional even with that futuristic sound-effect. One of the highlights of this score, with those tracks Cerbei mentioned.Balfe is a great arranger but an even better composer.Beyond Two Souls is still one of the best game soundtracks.<br><br>
I must have watched another movie in regards to Balfe filling in the gaps - that makes no sense?The soundtrack released seems not to relate to what was actually used in the film.Balfe “gap” music is featured much more and works brilliantly<br>Last night I was talking to Lorne, and he told me that in principle there is intention to release the full score.I'd be very interested to hear the supposed Balfe complete score to picture where he apparently sought to elevate it, as someone here put it. The Richter is pitch-perfect and works massively well to picture and, not dissing Balfe at all, his stuff is literally 'additional music' to fill the gaps.Aplusle, that's really well put actually.Don't feel bad. You've just summed up why Hans and Lorne make a good team. Lorne is by all accounts a fantastic arranger and can bring out the best in others' ideas but I sometimes find his own compositions are a bit basic or leave me cold. Hans on the other hand always nails the theme and the concept but his scoring to picture to me feels clunky and a bit amateurish, especially when the music is dense. <br><br>Both super talented in their own ways. :-)

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Justin Burnett
Label: Metropolis Movie Music Ltd (Digital Download Only)
Length: 34'24 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (3347 votes)
  1. Boob Tube (0:10)
  2. Hoorah (0:48)
  3. R-Division (0:52)
  4. It's Good For You (0:28)
  5. And Now We Return (0:06)
  6. Chevalier Square (1:01)
  7. Bitten (0:27)
  8. Re-An Attack (1:47)
  9. Gibson's Post Trauma Clinic (0:43)
  10. To Re-Kill (0:06)
  11. Burning Bodies (0:56)
  12. Deploy (1:10)
  13. The Attic (1:26)
  14. Remembering Tom (1:23)
  15. The Outbreak News Channel (0:07)
  16. Heroes Of The Outbreak (0:20)
  17. RPG (0:48)
  18. Smoke (0:32)
  19. R-Division Special Edition (1:40)
  20. The Zone (0:59)
  21. Restricted (0:55)
  22. Manoevering The Corridor (3:12)
  23. Remembering Grizzly (0:51)
  24. R-Division: Join Up (0:43)
  25. It's Good For Her (0:30)
  26. And Now A Word (0:06)
  27. Flak Jacket (1:18)
  28. He's Turning (1:19)
  29. Cornered (0:50)
  30. Armed (2:35)
  31. The Warehouse (1:11)
  32. The Army (3:28)
  33. Bombardment (0:58)
  34. It's For The Children (0:39)
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Scorefan reply Replies: 0 || 2019-07-21 00:30:47
After Original Score

1. Opening (1:33)
2. Class Start (0:51)
3. Tessa Meets Hardin (1:40)
4. Hardin in the Cafe (0:47)
5. Party Kiss (1:10)
6. Text in Bed (1:30)
7. Sotto’s Class (1:08)
8. The Lake Kiss (4:18)
9. Touched on the Dock (1:46)
10. What Are You Dreaming About (0:37)
11. Pool House (2:45)
12. Pool (2:18)
13. Noah Breakup (1:24)
14. You’re My Drug (1:25)
15. Planetarium (0:57)
16. Apartment (1:23)
17. Hardin’s Story (1:44)
18. Bath (1:02)
19. The Truth Comes Out (2:00)
20. Going Home (1:21)
21. The Letter (2:46)
22. After – Coffee Shop (1:29)
23. Poolside alt (2:26)
24. Main Theme (2:20)

Hybrid this score is good?

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2016-03-20 05:35:03
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