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Seville, The Bait, Ambrose Welcomes Nyah, Chimera Myth, Beach Fight, Ambrose Dies.Can we stop? I agree with the other guy more in his points, but it's clear that this is gonna keep going nowhere if you're gonna be so overly defensive about something that you claim is merely subjective.But here we are, calling dog-humping, Decepticon testicles, and mommy-on-pot-brownies "challenging the viewer."<br>======================<br><br><br>Why do Bay naysayers pretend that Bay only directs TF movies? It's very interesting...... Pretty much all complaints against Bay are connected to the TF movies.<br><br>Newsflash: Bay was a proven and very successful action filmmaker wayyyyyyyyyyyyy before TF1. <br><br>So no, "challenging the viewer" is not about Transformers. You chose to focus on these movies. Not me. I was actually reffering to Bay movies like The Island and especially Pain and Gain. <br><br>But I guess you like to talk only about Transformers.....Good for you. But that's not how a discussion works. <br><br><br>===================<br>Instead of accepting that your love of Bay is nothing more than a opinion, just as my claim that he misses the point of what makes action movies fun is, you turn into an overly-defensive nut, desperately quoting every opinion piece under the sun to pretend your opinion is some statistically-backed fact. I've seen you do this every time someone talks shit about Bay around here. It's psychotic.<br>===================<br><br><br>So let me get this straight: trying to be as objective as possible, in a non-threating way, quoting people who actually know what they're talking about and certainly not treating my opinion as fact, makes me......psychotic? <br><br>Wow! Just wow!<br><br>Next time, I'll just act like a complete jerk, insulting everyone and everything. For you, that is apparently the normal behavior.<br><br><br>======<br>Bad movies make money. Everyone knows that, and everyone knows that's not proof of quality.<br>=======<br><br>Reviews, RT scores, and crappy film blog "think pieces" are also not proof of quality. Also, a "bad" movie to you is the greatest movie for the guy walking next to you on the street. As Kevin Smith said: "Every movie is someone's favorite movie". <br><br>Let's try to keep that in mind.<br><br><br>============<br>That's not just a domestic bomb, that's a bomb altogether.<br>============<br><br>Really?<br><br>Then what do you have to say about Pacific Rim 1. I present to you.......the pure numbers:<br><br>Budget: $200 million. And that doesn't include the marketing cost.<br>Worldwide gross: $411,002,906<br><br>So that flick, according to you, turned a profit.......but TLK - budget of also $200 million and with a worldwide gross of $605 a bomb?<br><br>Wow!!Yeah lol back then only Harold was confirmed.Can you tell me a names of cues, that was been on Klaus website?
Formality indeed. Complicated ! lol<br><br>You can bet Blake Neely didn't need anyone to "write" those 10 seconds !! lolI always found these credits to be a bit confusing. Klaus Badelt is credited on almost every cue, even when his themes don't appear and another additional composer is credited as well. I thought maybe it was just a formality that Zimmer and Badelt were credited everywhere (I mean, how much could they be involved on a cue like "Welcome to the Caribbean"?), but then "No real ship" and "Sword Fight Pt. 2" have no Badelt for some reason. Does someone know a bit more about this?well the composer confirmed he is working on it to be released very soon<br>"It's funny tho......people always complain how Hollywood plays it safe and how movies don't take chances..........but when a movie with tonal shifts that challenge the viewer and offer something bold shows up, people bitch and complain."<br><br>I didn't think it was possible for a Bay fan of all people to be this insufferably pretentious.<br><br>I thought that was more Snyder fanboy territory.<br><br>But here we are, calling dog-humping, Decepticon testicles, and mommy-on-pot-brownies "challenging the viewer."<br><br>Kudos, man.  Kudos.<br><br>You can hide behind however many fallacies you want.  If "Not to me" and "You do you" didn't give it away early on in this thread, I DIDN'T try to treat my opinions as fact.<br><br>But that doesn't mean I'm going to add a little "IMO" at the end of every goddamn sentence just to coddle you. <br><br>On the flip-side, consistently making appeals to authority and popularity, "B-b-but Spielberg said!", "B-b-but the Forbes poll said!" don't make you objective.<br><br>Y'know, it's funny.  When I listed off better blockbuster examples, you could've very easily just argued against them on the level of the films themselves, and everything would've been fine.<br><br>Sure, you would've just claimed you can't see the action at night sooner, which is rich when you praise the film series that puts the subjects of its action scenes OUT OF FOCUS every other shot, but hey, that's just honest opinions versus honest opinions.<br><br>But using two belated half-assed sequels from different, less talented directors that lost most of the appeal of the first movies, as some sorta litmus test for how well-liked the first movies were, is the biggest bunch of bullshit I've ever heard.  That's not objectivity, that's not even confusing correlation with causation, that's saying 1+2=4.<br><br>That's the real joke here.  Instead of accepting that your love of Bay is nothing more than a opinion, just as my claim that he misses the point of what makes action movies fun is, you turn into an overly-defensive nut, desperately quoting every opinion piece under the sun to pretend your opinion is some statistically-backed fact.  I've seen you do this every time someone talks shit about Bay around here.  It's psychotic.<br><br>Bad movies make money.  Everyone knows that, and everyone knows that's not proof of quality.  But if that's the kinda road you wanna go down, I guess movies like Avatar, The Force Awakens, or all the Avengers movies, are "objectively" better movies in every conceivable way than anything Bay has made in his entire career.  I mean, CLEARLY those films must have a bolder style and push more boundaries.<br><br>Why else would more people watch and rewatch them, right?<br><br>Reasonable causation is for those goshdarn geek journos.<br><br>And by the way, The Last Knight lost money.  Period.  Almost 100M according to Paramount themselves.<br><br>That's not just a domestic bomb, that's a bomb altogether.<br><br>Have a nice day.Siding with the guy that lied through his teeth to feign objectivity seems like a bad call.<br>==================<br><br>Kinda ironic, coming from you....but I'll take it as a compliment. Thank you! <br><br>And yes, he sides with me because what I say is common sense. For whatever reason, you have these strong negative feelings toward Bay films and those feelings blind you to some pretty obvious truths. <br><br>Have to say tho - for a 'hater' you sure know A LOT about him, his style and his movies. <br><br>Just admit it - you are a huge Bay fan but you just want to score some points with the snobbish internet crowd. <br><br><br><br>============<br>In any case, modern Bay and Snyder don't deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Fury Road.<br>============<br><br>Oh, you're one of THOSE people......"Fury Roaaaaaaaaad is DA BEST FILM EVAAAAAAAA".<br><br>Let me guess: you also think that Nolan is the greatest director/person of all time. On par with Jesus himself. <br><br><br><br>==========<br>What DOES matter is scripts with razor focus, sharp pacing, witty and/or charming humor (if it wants humor, that is), and characters likable enough to carry us through the narrative.<br>==========<br><br>Which is what Transformers 1 is. <br><br>Which is why the movie connected with audiences. It was - at its heart - a story about a boy and his car. Even the most jaded critics enjoyed that aspect.<br><br><br>=============<br>And again, the likes of Pacific Rim, or 300, or the first Pirates of the Caribbean, or the first Kingsmen, or John Wick, or most Guy Ritchie films, or the better fourth of superhero films, illustrate that Bay and Snyder have no excuse.<br>=============<br><br>Excuse? For what?<br><br>My friend, you do realize that Bay in particular is one of the most powerful and successful filmmakers of all time, right? He is the second highest-grossing director of all time (domestically), only behind Spielberg. You can dismiss box office success all you want but you don't get to where Bay is if you're not good at your job. <br><br>Snyder is nowhere near Bay, in terms of success and influence. Personally, I don't care much about him. <br><br><br>P.S. Guy Ritchie (and Edgar Wright) are huge Bay fans. Ask yourself why. <br><br><br>===============<br>They just aren't very good filmmakers on the whole<br>===============<br><br>Your opinion.<br><br>I disagree.
Bay walks the lines between being self-serious and comical, but his films aren't well=written enough to serve the former, or witty enough to serve the latter, and the end-result is droll and annoying.<br>====================<br><br>You sure you're not a "writer" for one of those ridiculous geek sites like Collider, Screen Rant or Slash Film? Because you sound a lot like one of those "beloved" writers. <br><br>Anyway......Yes, Bay's movies always walk that line but whether that works or not is........Yes! a matter of opinion. For me, Pain and Gain is one of the best modern satires while for you it is - I'm guessing - "droll and annoying".<br><br>It's funny tho......people always complain how Hollywood plays it safe and how movies don't take chances..........but when a movie with tonal shifts that challenge the viewer and offer something bold shows up, people bitch and complain. <br><br>Some of you folks are indeed very hard to please. <br><br><br>===============<br>The first POTC earns it. The Bad Boys 2 doesn't. Infinity War earns it. TF 1/2/3/4/5 doesn't.<br>==============<br><br>Okay, now that statement is the best joke of the year! Thank you for the good laugh! Really! Oh, and I've definitely argued with you before, my friend. You are clearly one of those ten Bay haters from the IMDb forums who claim to hate everything the man does, yet they have seen EVERYTHING he had done. Why is that, I wonder?<br><br><br>===========<br>Fitting, as Synder and Bay are cut from a very similar cloth. Difference is, unless we're talking Man of Steel, I'd sooner rely on Snyder for consistently good action sequences<br>===========<br><br>Well, I would trust Spielberg on this. Because it was Spielberg who said, and I quote: "Michael (Bay) is one of the greatest action directors. He has the best eye in Hollywood." Spielberg works with a lot of directors. But he never said anything like that about any other director. So clearly he means what he says about Bay. know......unlike most people, Speilberg actually knows a thing or two about filmmaking. <br><br><br>================<br>300 didn't try to start a franchise. It was a one-off adaptation of a graphic novel in the same vein as Sin City, and was successful. They tried to make a cash-grab sequel almost a decade later, without Snyder, and it failed. That's hardly the first film's fault.<br>================<br><br>It is a clear proof that people weren't that excited to visit this world again. And mind you, that happened with the first sequel! Talk about a one-time thing, huh?<br><br>At the same time, Bay made FOUR Transformers movies - with different casts - before there were any signs of audience fatigue. <br><br>That speaks for itself.<br><br>===========<br>Pacific Rim suffered from lackluster marketing, and yet still managed to turn a profit and attract a strong following.<br>==========<br><br>Excuses, excuses, excuses.....So you can display all the excuses in the world for Pac Rim but when it comes to Transformers, you don't accept anything. <br><br>Double standard much?<br><br>P.S. That "strong following" is on the internet. The same following that was supposed to make Scott Pillgrim a huge hit. Everyone knows that internet hype is not real-world hype. I know very well the type of people who act as if Pac Rim is the best thing since sliced bread. Total geeks who are angry that Transformers is much more popular and much more successful than Del Toro's "let's shoot all the robot fights in pitch black so audiences can't see shit" movie.  <br><br>Also, let's not pretend that Pac Rim is a universally beloved film. You know very well that there are A LOT of detractors as well. That's what you get when people can't tell what's going on during the movie because you shot it all at night. Just like that Godzilla movie. <br><br><br>============<br>Versus something like Transformers, which has piggybacked on an established IP, relentless marketing campaigns and tie-ins, and a fairly consistent release schedule. And even then, recycling the same bullshit eventually took its toll.<br>============<br><br><br>Wrong.<br><br>Do you read Forbes? You should. Because it's a place where objective people write. It ain't a stupid militant film geek site like Ain't it Cool News or Screen Rant.<br><br>Forbes published multiple articles explaining in great detail why the Transformers movies were successful EXACTLY because they were directed by Bay. Whether you like it or not, my friend, Bay is a brand. He is an auteur. There were multiple polls before the first two Transformers movies and Bay being the director was one of the main reasons for people to watch the movies. <br><br>But I guess you missed all of that, huh?<br><br>How convenient.<br><br><br>==============<br>Friendly reminder that AoE also relied on China (more pathetically then even Pacific Rim did) to compensate for diminishing domestic returns. To say nothing of TLK outright bombing.<br>==============<br><br>First: according to ACTUAL real data, the only TF movie that was saved by China is.......Bumblebee! Yeah, you better believe it. Go to Deadline and Forbes and read it for yourself.<br><br>Second: TLK bombed domestically, yes. <br>But not internationally. No one with actual knowledge of the situation refers to that movie as an international "bomb". Besides, there were 4 super successful TF movies before TLK. So Bay got nothing to prove. He already created one of the biggfest film franchises in history. <br><br>How many directors can say that?<br><br><br><br>==================<br>I know you like debunking Bay naysayers with "facts and logic," but it helps to not be grossly disingenuous while doing it<br>==================<br><br><br>Goes both ways, my friend. But unlike most naysayers, I don't treat my own personal opinions as facts. And if I'm being "disingenuous" then I don't even know what to say about some Bay haters who refuse to accept even the most obvious facts and truths.nopeYou realize there is a very easy and free method to get the music from that site, dont you?Random thought but this got me thinking about Zanelli's history with fantasy.<br><br>Whatever happened to his score for Delgo?  I know it's been accused of being super derivative of his other works anyways but still, it's weird to see a RCP score just drop off the face of the Earth like that.There's just something really charming about seeing a prototype for a famous future theme showing up in an old score.<br><br>Or in PotC's case, SCORES.
The only ones I've seen properly confirmed are the cues Badelt had listed on his website. The issue with everything else is that there's certain themes that's been associated with certain people, but aren't credited for every appearance. Not to mention that I've never really seen much official credits elsewhere, so I take any that I've seen with a grain of salt.This comment was made before that was properly confirmed, so he was likely going to do it solo at the time.I thought Hans was collaborating with Faltermayer For Top Gun 2From both ASCAP and GEMACan these be accessed anywhere?

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Henry JackmanDominic LewisMatthew MargesonVictor Chaga
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicAmbient Music Design
Captain America - The Winter Soldier
Label: Intrada / Hollywood Records
Length: 74'32 (Score: 67'22) rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (8756 votes)
  1. Lemurian Star (3:06)
    Henry Jackman, Matthew Margeson
  2. Project Insight (1:29)
    Henry Jackman, Dominic Lewis
  3. The Smithsonian (1:36)
    Henry Jackman, Dominic Lewis
  4. An Old Friend (3:05)
    Henry Jackman, Dominic Lewis
  5. Fury (4:07)
    Henry Jackman, Matthew Margeson, Al Clay
  6. The Winter Soldier (6:24)
    Henry Jackman
  7. Fallen (2:51)
    Henry Jackman
  8. Alexander Pierce (2:58)
    Henry Jackman, Dominic Lewis
  9. Taking A Stand (2:07)
    Henry Jackman, Dominic Lewis
  10. Frozen In Time (3:52)
    Henry Jackman, Dominic Lewis, Jack Dolman
  11. Hydra (6:46)
    Henry Jackman
  12. Natasha (1:12)
    Henry Jackman
  13. The Causeway (2:41)
    Henry Jackman, Matthew Margeson
  14. Time To Suit Up (2:05)
    Henry Jackman, Jack Dolman
  15. Into The Fray (6:05)
    Henry Jackman, Dominic Lewis, Matthew Margeson, Al Clay
  16. Countdown (4:26)
    Henry Jackman
  17. End Of The Line (2:51)
    Henry Jackman
  18. Captain America (9:41)
    Henry Jackman
  19. It's Been A Long, Long Time - Harry James (3:23)
  20. Trouble Man - Marving Gaye (3:47)
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Brent reply Replies: 0 || 2019-12-03 11:09:45
So... Marvel Studios just released the trailer for Black Widow. I heard some faint rumors out there that Henry Jackman has been tapped to score this one. Hybrid, any validity to these reports, or is it still to early to tell? :)

Mike reply Replies: 0 || 2018-08-07 19:53:34
Ya know, I hated this score at first, and it still isn't my favorite. But Henry and his guys managed to address all my criticisms with Civil War, and I really like that score. lol.

Felix reply Replies: 9 || 2015-10-29 18:05:52
Now I'm listen to the Demos of Captain America: The Winter Soldier 2:

1M2 Pick Up A Fossil
1M3 French Pirates
1M4 Full Pirate Dispatchment
1M5 SHIELD Headquarters
1M6 Impressive Hardware
2M7 Smithsonian
2M8 Peggy
2M9 World Security Council
2M10 Sam's Support Group
2M11A Fury SUV Ambush
2M11B WS Reveal
2M12 Unwanted Apartment Guests
3M13 Don't Do This to Me Nick
3M14 Somebody Murdered My Friend
3M15A Elevator Brew
3M15B Elevator Munch
3M16 Single-Handed Jet Sabotage
3M17 New Set of Orders
3M18 50-Years Old Ghost Story
3M19 Reactivate Project Insight
3M20 Mall Tension
4M21/22 Frozen in Time
4M23A Zola Pt.1
4M23B Zola Pt.2
4M24 Housekeeper Dismissal
4M25 Falcon Wants In
4M26 Zola's Algorithm
5M27 Winter Soldier Causeway Battle
5M28 Best Doctor Ever
5M29 Winter Soldier Reboot
5M30/31 Time to Suit Up
6M32 Cap's Big Speech
6M33A Initiate the Launch
6M33B Rise of the Helicarriers
6M34 Facelift
6M35 Cap & Falcon Make It to Girl
6M36 Winter Soldier Jet Hijack
6M37 Fury & Pierce Face Off
6M38 Cap & WS Standoff
7M40B Target Redirect
7M41 Falcon's Narrow Escape
7M42 Till the End of the Line
7M43A Epilogue Biscuits
7M44 Main On End
7M45 Twin Freaks

131 min Runtime

Anonymous2015-10-29 20:16:19
6M35 Cap & Falcon Make It to **Girl**? Seriously?

Bou2015-10-29 20:32:04
Cool story bro'

Felix2015-10-29 21:20:48
@Anonymous yes it is so, I have it from Disney

Hybrid Soldier2015-10-29 21:30:29
Actually it's Make It To The Grid ! lol

Anonymous2015-10-30 06:37:06
Only at Disney can you turn the word Grid to Girl. haha

Anonymous2015-10-31 06:32:06
Any chance to upload in lossless this reliq?

GR72016-06-07 12:49:02
Ok, so I get the track names "6m37" or "2m12" are production track names, and I noticed that kind of names for many complete score albums.
Can someone explain the meaning of such names, how to understand the letters and numbers.

Anonymous2016-06-07 14:49:45
They're called slates. The first number represents the reel that the slate is on. "M" stands for music/cue. The last number represents the number cue on that reel/in the film. So 2m12 = reel 2, cue 12.

The slates are how the composers write the music.

GR72016-06-07 19:52:14
Thank you Anonymous ;)

mpolonest123 reply Replies: 6 || 2015-03-18 16:52:22
I'm surprised that no one talks about the amazing end credits piece. It's basically Cap's new theme Silvestri styled. Wonder why it was left off the album?

Edmund Meinerts2015-03-18 17:03:20
Hybrid's mentioned it a couple times (it's a Dom Lewis arrangement), and you can find it on YouTube. It is by FAR the best cue from this score that I have heard. The only explanations I can think of as to why it isn't on the album are a) it was recorded after the album was pressed, or, more facepalmingly, b) they decided to minimize the orchestral music in favor of the electronica and Winter Soldier-related stuff on album.

Odd, isn't it, that both Silvestri and Jackman's score albums have lacked the best cue from either score. At least Silvestri's (Captain America March) was available on iTunes...

mpolonest1232015-03-18 17:21:36
Huh, that is bizarre, same case with Falcon's theme. Maybe it was a last minute piece (it's honestly the best arrangement of the theme).

It seems that the score in context of the film is all around more orchestral than the album presents itself. Even "Fury" has an interesting insert.

JMason2015-09-21 15:48:32
@Edmund... Where on YouTube can you find it? been searching frantically, still no luck

Edmund Meinerts2015-09-21 16:12:59
Here: https:// com/watch?v=1Nrh0n6NIMM

JMason2015-09-21 16:31:25
@Edmund... You are the best bro. Thank you so much!! Exactly what I was looking for. Damn, I love this score.

Mike2016-04-27 01:46:00
Late to this party, but I'm pretty sure the four-note repeating figure in that end credits cue on the trumpet is straight from the Silvestri score (I recall it playing when Steve jumped onto the grenade).

Scarecrow9 reply Replies: 0 || 2016-03-02 16:45:49
Hey Hybrid, do you have any idea or news abour Jackman´s Captain America Civil War score? :-)

bilbo baggins reply Replies: 0 || 2015-09-11 00:24:37
i like hobbit music

Frank reply Replies: 3 || 2015-03-24 02:00:34
So Russo Brothers gonna direct Avengers 3, any chance for Henry to score that film?

...2015-03-24 10:57:32
Possibly...imagine him soing it and Zimmer doing the spidey part of the score!

Scarecrow92015-03-24 15:21:15
I love Jackman's score for Winter Soldier and I can't wait for Civil War, but I think that Infinity War is beyond him. I cant wait for Tyler's Avengers score, and I would really love to see Jablonsky on these films.

Mike2015-03-24 20:20:42
I really hope Henry does not do it, if it will follow the techniques of Winter Soldier... :/

Macarenox reply Replies: 5 || 2015-03-13 16:10:44
I read that soon will be the complete score. Yes, another.

Edmund Meinerts2015-03-13 16:26:52
You "read"? Where? Is there some trashy film score tabloid that has all the good dirt on potential complete score leaks that I've never heard of?

Anonymous2015-03-13 16:53:35
Edmund, you are right, This constant posting of alleged "complete scores" by Hybrid is getting ridiculous. These aren't, haven't been nor will they ever be released where we can actually hear them or buy them. I ask Hybrid again,,,, WHAT IS THE POINT???

Anonymous2015-03-13 17:46:05
As far as this site is concerned, they're for information—information about the score, who did what, what all the cues are beyond the album release... Because some people like to know that stuff.

ggctuk2015-03-14 12:03:02
Given how things have been going in this last week alone, I wouldn't say that this will remain hidden for very long. You'll get to hear it soon enough.

Edmund Meinerts2015-03-14 12:46:29
Anonymous, I wasn't talking about what Hybrid does on this site - that has a purpose and is based in fact. What I was talking about is the OP's pointless pseudo-cryptic rumormongering. So don't agree with things I haven't even said. :p

Mike reply Replies: 7 || 2014-10-09 15:01:17
I can't believe I'm saying this, but...I no longer find this score terrible. Would it have benefited from more of Silvestri's theme? Without a doubt. Does it sound way too generic and action movie-like, and not really call to mind a comic book superhero? Absolutely. But having seen the film a few times, I feel like despite its heavy flaws it really does work onscreen and carries the film pretty well.

Still, here's hoping Jackman listens to criticism with CA3. ;)

thejok3rrules2014-10-09 15:29:19
Same here. I hated it in the first place, but then I ''forced'' myself to listen to it, and it's quite enjoyable, indeed.

Felix 2014-10-09 17:41:10
I love them from the first time!

Edmund Meinerts2014-10-09 19:38:21
The score isn't terrible in the movie, I'll admit (although "it works in the movie" is the same excuse used to defend every single bad score).

The one moment in the film where I felt like the score DID fail - utterly - is the mid-credits scene, with (spoilers?) the Winter Soldier at the Smithsonian reading about his past. That seemed like a moment where he was gaining back a shred of his humanity, but it's just scored with more electronic screeching. In general, Jackman's Winter Soldier theme fails not because it sounds like nails on a chalkboard (Zimmer's Joker theme does too and that works perfectly), but because it completely neglects the Bucky half of his character. The Winter Soldier isn't an agent of chaos like the Joker. He's a once-noble human being who's been transformed against his will into a weapon. The theme covers the weapon part, but ignores the human part.

The rest of the score is just generic drum loops and/or ostinatos that could be from any modern action movie. And a really really basic heroic theme that any RCP guy could have written (if you're going to replace Silvestri's theme, at least replace it with something worthwhile). Yeah, no, I'm still at "terrible" with this one.

Mike2014-10-09 23:05:49
I agree it's really lame outside of the movie. All I'm saying is, having watched the movie a few times now, the score "in context" isn't as awful as I initially thought it was, and a few times (Captain America beating up dudes after infiltrating the ship, the Smithsonian scene, and the Project Insight scene) it was actually mildly enjoyable.

Regarding the mid-credits scene, that could have been an interesting part to go full-on WW2 style (not to a campy or exaggerated extent, but with the same tone as, say, the Smithsonian cue from earlier).

And I do agree about the generic quality of the theme...I was at least hoping the new one would be something more memorable. But again, I'm simply saying that in context, it could have been a lot worse. :P And it appears Brian Tyler will be using the Silvestri theme in his Avengers 2 score, so there's some good news.

Mike2014-10-09 23:15:50
(I actually must say, I REALLY like the Smithsonian cue....every time I hear it I think of how much potential the score could have had if that cue's tone were employed more.)

Anonymous2015-01-31 19:21:59
And I can't help but wonder how great this score would have been if all the tracks had been as strong as 'Taking a Stand'! This one is truly epic.

Anonymous2015-02-24 09:18:33
Was "Taking A Stand" used anywhere in the movie besides the credits roll intro?

Anonymous reply Replies: 2 || 2014-09-02 00:20:11
If only Henry had modeled his new theme off the style of the Smithsonian cue....AND kept Silvestri's theme more often. :( I get wanting to make a more modern score but they could definitely have used the other theme's notes in a modern style.

Mike2014-09-02 00:23:04
I agree. Wanna make a modern score? Fine. But the first movie's theme could have been worked in somehow, beyond just the opening scene. The score is serviceable; I don't hate it. But it could have been so much better IMO.

Anonymous2014-09-16 00:10:31
I will say the music was really cool along with the ship scene, as Cap was running around and taking guys down a-la post-Conviction Sam Fisher :P

Mike reply Replies: 1 || 2014-09-14 00:09:28
If Hans Zimmer were to score a film for Captain America (not saying I'd want that, lol), what do you think it would sound like? Closer to Man of Steel or Spider-Man (I doubt he would make him sound like Batman)? Or would he do something totally unexpected in order to be original? I'm guessing the last one.

Adam2014-09-14 03:13:01
Similar to TASM2. Epic horns and trumpets. Better Zimmer than Jackman, Winter Soldier's score was appalling

Anonymous reply Replies: 1 || 2014-09-12 02:05:04
Sorry if this is the wrong place for this, but Brian Tyler supposedly said that his Avengers 2 score was going to reference the scores for Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. Some Marvel thematic continuity finally? And which Captain America will he use, Jackman's or Silvestri's? Presumably Silvestri's, but maybe Jackman's too. And I assume he means his own Iron Man and Thor themes. :P Exciting news anyway! :D

Mike2014-09-12 02:07:06
That IS exciting...It might mean that there will finally be lasting themes for the various characters in this universe. I wonder whether he'll use Silvestri's Avengers theme or not.

Thomas reply Replies: 2 || 2014-08-30 03:31:57
Does Anyone know the chronological Order of this Album

Mike2014-08-30 03:33:46
It appears not. :P

Thomas2014-08-30 05:13:27
What you mean It Appears Not

Drunkenmunkey reply Replies: 1 || 2014-02-19 21:53:54
Wooooo! Perfect choice for this movie!

Thomas2014-08-29 16:20:59
Does anyone know the chronological order of this soundtrack?

Mike reply Replies: 0 || 2014-08-29 16:05:25
Hope Henry uses more of Silvestri's theme in Cap 3 than he did here....

Kardo reply Replies: 0 || 2014-08-29 06:17:29
Where is the other part of "The Causeway" when they're on the over pass and Flacon and Cap are fight the Winter Soldier's goons?

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2014-07-29 21:32:05
is the silvestri theme used anywhere besides the opening running scene?

Saurabh reply Replies: 3 || 2014-04-05 09:10:42
Been hearing a lot of positive stuff about the end credits music. Which of the cues on the soundtrack form this part? Or is it different version of any cue in the official release?

Brent2014-04-05 20:19:54
The first part of the credits (the main sequence) is "Taking a Stand" from the album. The rest of the credits is a suite of the film's themes not provided on album.

Hybrid Soldier2014-04-05 20:20:55
Yep done by Dom Lewis... :(

MK12014-04-20 04:15:39
What determines a Recording Sessions can out? TRON Legacy RS for example had many tracks that were not on the main CD, like the music at the beginning with Flynn and Sam.

Adrian reply Replies: 0 || 2014-04-05 21:01:19
I love this movie! The Winter Soldier is an unstoppable killer and i saw an Steve Rogers more powerful. The action is brutal with very emotional times. The music works very well.
This is one of my favorites soundtracks.

... reply Replies: 2 || 2014-04-02 21:06:43
Is it only me or is this album really bad?

The music in the movie is awesome while I think that the album is badly put together, even though I rather like the OST...

Hector2014-04-03 02:01:38
You are right a lot. The album is horrible, but the music on the movie is excelent. Is strange and stupid. The recording sessions will be sure better than the OST.

Lambegue2014-04-04 13:29:55
It works well in the movie. But still, i'm disappointed (even if I don't hate it)

Brent reply Replies: 0 || 2014-04-04 11:23:39
When seeing the film, stay for the credits just to listen to Jackman's score. The suite that plays during those credits is amazing! It's a pretty fantastic blend of Jackman and Silvestri. Why that's not on the album, I have no idea...

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 1 || 2014-03-27 20:28:51
I added the credits for this infamous score... :)

Edmund Meinerts2014-03-27 22:07:04
Thanks. Seems like Dom Lewis was involved with most of the score's better parts, except for that last track.

Hector reply Replies: 15 || 2014-03-26 14:55:37
I listened all the score. The heroic theme is very nice. Maybe if Jackman replace in the near future, electronic noises for percussions, the scores will be great. Is only my idea, but hope than he will listen it.

Saurabh2014-03-26 16:58:41
Jackman won't be doing the next one.

Mike2014-03-26 18:28:21
It's probably be Brian Tyler.....He's taking over the Marvel universe at the same rate Zimmer is taking over comic book scores as

Mike2014-03-26 18:31:51
gonna* be

Edmund Meinerts2014-03-26 18:40:58
And you know this how?

Saurabh2014-03-26 18:45:27
Yeah. Tyler has a good rapport with Marvel. I can see him handling most, if not all of their future projects.

Lambegue2014-03-26 20:57:16
That's not a problem to me, I like what he did on Thor and Iron Man 3.

Saurabh2014-03-26 22:30:48
I loved Tyler's themes for IM, Mandarin, Thor and Loki. I find the Mandarin theme quite funny even though it's serious thanks to the context. It will be interesting to see how he ties up all these themes while introducing new ones ( hopefully for Cap) in the next Avengers.

Brent2014-03-27 06:41:40
We seriously don't know who will be doing Cap 3. It could very well be Jackman... the Russos are returning to direct after all.

...2014-03-27 07:50:01
Hackman should return. Even though the pet is a bit weird, the score works really well in the movie and of course there's missing music...

Btw, the Silverstein theme is used once in the first scene.

...2014-03-27 10:03:06
Jackman i mean...

Edmund Meinerts2014-03-27 11:53:35
And Silvestri you mean.

...2014-03-27 13:41:35
Lol yes. Damn auto correction...

isildur2014-03-27 16:57:32
If Tyler does return to Marvel again, I sincerely hope he writes new themes which are not just variation of Iron Man 3's theme.

RealFfingMusic2014-03-27 19:30:37

Nemanja2014-03-27 21:05:24
Brian Tyler returns for "Avengers: Age of Ultron". It has been confirmed :)

Adrian reply Replies: 8 || 2014-03-22 08:11:58
Best track for me is "Captain America"... epic

cody2014-03-22 14:59:18
The Winter Soldier is the best track for me!!!

it fits the character pefectly!!

Adrian2014-03-23 07:54:20
Yes my friend, it fits perfectly :)

MK12014-03-23 14:23:02
Track 06 "The Winter Soldier" is my favorite too. Intro is brutal and produces limitless euphoria. A perfect destruction track, is AWESOME.

My congrats to Henry Jackman, I love this score.

Edmund Meinerts2014-03-23 14:37:05
I find it fascinating how anyone could enjoy that collection of screeching noise. Bizarre.

Lambegue2014-03-23 15:01:34
It's an interesting track IMO. I won't say that I completly enjoy it, but it seems to fit the character rather correctly. It's efficient, even if nothing near from excellent...

MK12014-03-23 21:18:25

For "noise" listen Devil May Cry 5 soundtrack by Noisia, is terrible.

Concentration. Imagine yourself being Winter Soldier while the track is playing. Imagine you have superhuman might with bionic-arm.

Really, listening this soundtrack I'm feeling powerful, drums are simply amazing.

(Sorry if I make grammar errors, I'm not native speaker)

Edmund Meinerts2014-03-23 21:46:56
If I was the Winter Soldier I'd be insulted that I didn't get better musical representation, or else ashamed that I apparently wasn't able to inspire it. I want to feel like as much of a badass as Darth Vader does when he walks around to the tune of the Imperial March. THAT's a villain theme. Not something that sounds like a distorted screaming kid.

MK12014-03-23 22:12:04
Well, at the end everyone to his own taste. I personally don't usually like this kind of music (in the case above, Devil May Cry 5, for example, I hated the score), it's a type of music that causes headaches, but with the tracklist of "The Winter Soldier" for me is different, it's not just noise, makes an electronic tones mixed with symphonic.

Maybe it's because I have seen the trailer many times and I had already formed an idea of a metallic and percussive tone regarding the "brutality" appearance of the character, I can't imagine Bucky in the middle of the action with a "The First Avenger" track, it's not for him, Winter Soldier requires a new darkest tune like "Fury", "Taking A Stand", "The Causeway" or "Countdown".

After all are perspectives. All in this life are perspectives.

Saurabh reply Replies: 0 || 2014-03-23 15:31:21
It may fit the character, but it's an assault on the ears. I listened to it just once. I thought Why So Serious was extreme oveload on the ears, but this is Trent Reznor level of twisted music/noise.

... reply Replies: 2 || 2014-03-23 12:28:31
Cap 3 will be called Captain america the hybrid soldier lol

Hybrid Soldier2014-03-23 12:37:52
You have no idea ! :)

...2014-03-23 13:47:11

Brent reply Replies: 12 || 2014-03-20 06:15:21
Am I the only one who got any enjoyment from this score? Sure, the main theme is highly generic (I'm just glad Jackman used parts of Silvestri's theme in the film) and there are cues on the album that are downright awful (Fury and Hydra). However, there are many bright spots that I have enjoyed listening to over and over again (Smithsonian, Taking a Stand, End of Line, Captain America). If anything, I feel it's more "Oblivion" than "Tron".

Saurabh2014-03-20 08:35:30
You're not alone. The generic main theme has grown over me. Especially in Lemurian Star, Taking a Stand. But the thing I hate about the release is that you have some good tracks (ones you mentioned), but the awful ones distract the attention from those few good ones and dampen the listening experience.

And I don't think it deserves the kind of hatred it's getting. Is it underwhelming? Definitely yes. But outright garbage? Nope. This kind of reaction is outright garbage.

Edmund Meinerts2014-03-20 11:13:18
There's maybe ten minutes of three-star material in here. That's it. So no, it's not ENTIRELY devoid of redeeming features...but when that's pretty much the nicest thing I can say about a score for a $150+ million blockbuster, something must have gone wrong somewhere.

Last year, Jackman did a score where he took over from Silvestri. That was bad. He did a score about a captain. That was bad. I guess it follows that when you put the two together, what comes out is even worse.

Hybrid Soldier2014-03-20 11:30:00
You're not alone I've listened this score constantly in the past 3 days and totally dig it...

And I'll add some who did what soon, have to deceipher one of the composers first, but I have almost all... :)

Hybrid Soldier2014-03-20 12:17:12
And btw the stupid reviewers telling the score lacks continuity : Silvestri's theme is in the score... It's just not on the OST (probably for legal reasons)...

But once again we're back at my initial point, you have big mouth reviewing CDs instead of reviewing SCORES (and who generally have no idea about the film itself)...

tomPoland2014-03-20 13:53:15
Marvel needs someone to take control over their music. So we would have continuity in their projects.

Let's hope it will be Brian Tyler who's been announced to score Avengers 2 :)

Ds2014-03-20 15:04:41
Hybrid, this page concerns the official soundtrack release of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" by Henry Jackman, and yet we cannot give our opinion about it? Are we supposed to wait until we've seen the movie and then only speak about the score as heard in the movie? Come on, you're being ridiculous.

Anonymous2014-03-20 17:30:31
I think this album on the whole would have been somewhat better had the Silvestri theme been put on it....

trent easton navarro2014-03-20 22:20:28
Haven't you heard Ds, we aren't allowed to say anything negative about Zimmer and the other composers at RC. That's Hybrid's first law here. Break it and he'll throw a tantrum ;)

Hybrid Soldier2014-03-20 23:02:56
Ds you misunderstood, I'm talking about people telling about the "current state" of film scoring giving their "final truth" on a score they haven't FULLY heard and out of context...

Then, I don't care, I don't want the scores to be liked, and I don't care about anyone's opinion but mine...

You all hate everything ? Fine, dig up some vinyls and enjoy yourselves. But don't try to act like your opinions matter.

I have never ever posted a score review on, and I never will, this place is not for that... I am not payed for this, and I don't have a gun on my head forcing me to do or like anything. I defend these people, which are mostly the coolests, because I simply love their music. Just for the fun of it. For more than 6 years. As simple as that.

If that upsets you, if RCP, Hans, & their current scores upset you, just go vomit somewhere else, there are so many places eagerly waiting to welcome you, where you can praise your love for OTHER kinds of film scoring & trash RCP. Filmtracks, MainTitles, FSM... & I don't know what shit, you have plenty of room !

But you know what ? Most of these places, they wish they had's traffic...

Ds2014-03-20 23:26:01
Hybrid, I really agree with you. But on the other hand this is a forum board, it is meant to allow people to post their opinion, their enthusiasm, their disappointment...

And from what I've read on this particular page, most people are just giving their opinion about this soundtrack album - because nobody has seen the movie yet. They have the right to tell they are disappointed, they expected better for this soundtrack.

Btw RCP doesn't upset me, they produce my favourite kind of music and I listen to it all day long.

Lambegue2014-03-21 10:08:46
Hybrid, It's precisely because we all love RCP here that we can be disappointed by some scores coming from them...We always expect a lot from Zimmer, Jackman, Gregson-Williams, Powell and all of them...Nobody says that his own opinion is an absolute truth, but as RCP lovers, everyone can say when he is disappointed and when his "great expectations" aren't fullfilled...

RealFfingMusic2014-03-22 06:18:09
As Ds and Lambegue stated above, all of us here love RCP. That's why we constantly expect a lot from everybody. RCP set our bar so high, (and they're still raising it) that we always want much greater and a lot more spellbinding scores, and we're dissapointed whenever we listen to a score less than 5-10 times a day.

They are they best, and they're getting better ;)

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2014-03-20 18:42:51
I haven't seen the movie, so how often do we hear the silvestri theme in there?

Macejko reply Replies: 10 || 2014-03-19 15:45:08
Does anyone else have a feeling that this was heavily temped with TRON: Legacy?

  Your name :   

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MEOW2014-03-19 16:50:14
However it was temped, it's just so boring and void of any life or true thematic material and interesting orchestration. Jackman has the ability to do some very good stuff, however he hasn't done anything that I want to revisit. Puss In Boots is the only score from him I have listened to more then once. There's this composer named Zaalen Tallis i've been following for a while now and he has that old school RCP sound, but more orchestral, kick-ass themes and really cool orchestrations and I can just imagine what he could write if given the chance to score a big hollywood film... You should listen to his stuff on soundcloud and you'll get way more enjoyment out of listening to his stuff then the last few years of scores by RCP composers.

I cannot wait for Spiderman as I think it will be an awsome thematic throwback to Zimmer's writing of the 90s.. I hope so!

Hybrid Soldier2014-03-19 17:02:54
What a lame attempt to do some (self ?) promotion... lol

MEOW2014-03-19 17:16:18
Hybrid, you should be positive about people finding cool tunes that they feel are worth checking out and you shouldn't be so quick to say something offensive about a fellow person trying to make it. I'm sorry for being a lame fan and helping share someone's good music.

You have to admit that these last couple years, a part from Zimmer's Batman trilogy which is friggen brilliant has been quite disappointing? Anyway each to their own and its great by yourself Hybrid and the others who run such a cool site to make it possible for people to voice opinions on here and I suggest to everyone if you hear something that RCP fans or any score fan might like, share it!


Hybrid Soldier2014-03-19 17:28:12
I'll never admit that because I basically think the opposite, you have no idea how many times I have listened to MOS & Rush...

Ds2014-03-19 17:47:34
MEOW, thanks for sharing. I think it's great to share music that's similar to RCP, because if there's one place where people might enjoy it, it's here.

But for the rest I think Hybrid is right, there were a lot of insanely good RCP scores in the last few years.

MEOW2014-03-19 17:50:23
Well yes Zimmer stuff... Rush is fantastic, The Lone Ranger is so much fun and MOS for me has moments of Zimmer greatness but not his best by a long shot. The score itself in MOS the film are so much better than what made it on album and hopefully we can get our hands on them soon. I previously should have said that the guys Mr. Zimmer is giving a chance to make a name for themselves aren't delivering and their music and talent is just becoming so stale and it's tarnishing Zimmer's scores when they come out. Junkie XL's 300 has some cool parts though, Divergent I'm yet to hear except for the opening cue you posted and that sounds quite good. But Captain America, Ender's Game, The Lone Survivor, Battleship... I want these guys to do really well, but I feel they need to find their own true voice. They all just sound the same and write the same. Zimmer's early crew who he helped - HGW, JP and MAncina all had distinct styles and sound and I think thats the missing recipe for these new guys... That flavor that's all their own. Sorry to ramble on a bit Hybrid but I'm just so passionate about films and film music and I want these guys to succeed and be remembered, not just heard and forgotten. Thanks for the chance to share with you Hybrid.

MacArthur2014-03-19 17:56:21
MEOW are you kidding Ender's game was fantastic and Lone Survivor was great. Battle ship I really liked as well what are you talking about, those are all great scores. This one I'm liking as well.

MEOW2014-03-19 18:16:36
McArthur, I'm happy you enjoy them but for me they are just all the same with very undeveloped themes and they suffer from not having a unique sound from one another and the orchestration is all exactly the same and very uninteresting. I'm a huge fan of old school RCP and when you listen to the 90s and early 2000s, that RCP stuff leaves this new era of RCP scores for dead! However Beyond Two Souls was one of my favorite scores of last year along with Game of Thrones S3. I'm just hoping Spidey blows us away and so far I'm loving the little snippet we have been lucky enough to hear. :D

Edmund Meinerts2014-03-19 18:40:10
MacArthur demonstrating his stunningly low standards once again.

Man Well2014-03-19 23:26:52
There should be a newspaper comic dedicated to the conversations between MacArthur and Edmund.

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