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"Not to mention the huge chunks of silence at the beginning and end (and sometimes middle) of tracks"<br><br>Edmund Meinerts, Sessions without chunks of silence at the beginning and end was released on rutracker site about month agoGreat. Thx.<br><br>Score has much similarities with Sherlock, so there is many of Lorne's cues...Known credits are Runaway Train for Mazzaro (was on his website), for Andrew K : The Rangers, Cannibal, Dead Rangers & Finish Him (on his Soundcloud). Geoff is the only guy with Ann Marie Simpson that got the privilege of cuesheet credit.
<br>Battle of Aughrim arrangement (so everything lifted from "Silver") is Hans & Ann Marie.
<br>Geoff did a good part of the score, every other classical pieces arrangements are his (so, everywhere the William Tell Overture appears). Train Chase, the End Credits, This Is A Robbery.
<br>The stuff that sounds more or less like Sherlock have definitely Lorne. And I suspect a bit more epic drama have RGW.Hello there!<br>Hybrid, do we have some composer's credits on this score?<br>Or this is situation like on Transformers score?<br><br>Somewhere I read that Geoff Zanelli helped Hans on Train Chase (pts 1&2), Mazzaro did Runaway Train and Kawczynski did like 2 or 3 tracks (the rangers, finish him). Is that correct?<br><br>btw good score, not genius, but pretty good action score.<br><br>Made in Italy<br><br>Beautiful new score by Alex Belcher, check it out!
Oh, yes.<br><br>Maybe this month, right?The album is ready. Just waiting for legal to settle it... It'll happen.And about The Rhythm Section?, Mazzaro said the score is mastered...If there'd only been the first movie prior, I think I'd get it a bit more. But the 2nd film did have a proper score release, so the only reason at this point is that it just isn't on Nick's mind after all the delays.Whoa, why not? Every obscure random shit gets released these days but a Hans Zimmer score to a fairly big mainstream movie doesn't?
I doubt there'll be a score release.The Spongebob movie is being released next Friday here in Canada, could we see a release of the album soon? Assuming of course that there will be an album at all /:I gotta say that short film was spectacular even with I Phone 11, the score by Lorne Balfe fitted very well with the scenes introduced.I'd say that this anthem was pretty great for Zimmer to score a soccer team that has been alive for 25 years.Cheers guys, much appreciated!<br>In my mind I had some video interview though, as I always like watching those as well. I do wonder if there was an extra section on the home release of the movie where ideally there might be.
Hans Zimmer is one of the biggest film composers working in the industry today.  He won an Academy Award for his work on The Lion King, and has been nominated for six other films including Gladiator, The Thin Red Line, and As Good As It Gets. With The Last Samurai he celebrates his 100th film score, and SoundtrackNet had an opportunity to talk with Hans a few weeks ago during a rare break in his busy schedule working on Something's Gotta Give.<br><br>You've scored many projects during your career, and The Last Samurai is being touted as your 100th film score…<br><br>Well, I'm terrible with math, so I'm not doing the counting. It could be more, it could be less – but apparently it's the 100th.<br><br>So how did you get involved with the project?<br><br>If you're lucky enough to get nominated for an Oscar, you get invited to the Oscar nominee's luncheon where they hand out these little nomination certificates. There are usually 150 people standing there, and people are invited up in alphabetical order, starting with the As. By the time they get to the Cs, everybody's already back at their table chatting and eating, and while the first people called get thunderous applause, you can imagine what it's like when your name starts with Z!<br><br>So Ed Zwick and I were standing there, waiting at one of these luncheons about four years ago, and we started talking to each other. I asked him what he was working on and he told me about this movie called The Last Samurai, which I thought sounded interesting and I asked him to send me a script. After the script arrived, I didn't hear from him for a long time and I thought he'd forgotten about me, not thinking about how difficult it is to set up a samurai movie these days. The other thing I liked about the project was that Tom Cruise was involved, so it was like returning home, since I've scored a bunch of his movies – I knew we were going to have a good time.<br><br>Did it end up that way?<br><br>Ed and his editor Steve Rosenblum are such gentlemen, so together and professional, and they basically did one cut of the film, screened it, and everyone loved their work. So after this, they had plenty of time to come and hang with me, and while I usually love the re-cutting process because it's a diversionary tactic to keep the director and editor out of my life, these guys were great to have around. <br><br>Of course, my sense of paranoia made me think that something was going wrong all the time, waiting for the other shoe to drop, as it were, but it never happened. Ed phoned this morning and I thought, "Oh my god – rewrite!" It's just how my brain works. But I think he and I feel a bit odd now: we've been seeing each other every day for months, and suddenly we're done. I completely understand why people have a problem finishing a movie, because there's something really nice about the process – completion is far more boring.<br><br>For Samurai, you used Japanese percussions and ethnic woodwinds, without getting too 'Japanese'.<br><br>My problem is that I feel Japanese music is really inaccessible to Western ears, and I was really struggling with this film initially, trying to figure out what I was doing. This idea popped into my head for using Western-style themes, but applying a Japanese aesthetic to them, which sounds great of course, until I had to ask myself what I meant! Actually, I think it's just my way of not overloading certain things with too many colors, or being geometrically precise about my cues and not making them too flowery.<br><br>The Tom Cruise character is one of those nasty drunks at the beginning, who obviously has some serious problems he's trying to deal with, or not deal with. He's obnoxious and restless, suffering sleepless nights and is very un-Tom. For me, this character's journey was about his need to earn tranquility and peace, so within the score there's this very romantic, overblown and passionate theme. It's like a juvenile way of dealing with life and death – the pain and liebestod.<br><br>However, to contrast with these very relentless themes, there are a number of stark, formal and sober pieces, because I wanted to take Tom's character on a journey. He comes from America and ends up in this foreign place where he doesn't speak the language or understand the culture. But at the end of the movie, I want the audience to think that there isn't a more beautiful place for him to be, that he is at home in Japan and finally at peace.<br><br>There are many useless acts of bravery we do out of misguided romanticism, and this movie is full of courageous and dignified acts of bravery. So I wanted to play off these acts, since both the American and Japanese cultures have a concept of heroism, and I just wanted to see if I could play with the nature of the two different concepts.<br><br>So you didn't want to do the stereotypical Japanese thing...<br><br>Absolutely not! Take Akira Kurosawa's Ran, for example, which has this brilliant score where Takemitsu writes Western music, but with an Eastern accent. Somebody asked me a few days ago why As Good As It Gets was European – why did I write a European score for a quintessentially American story? For me, it's because Jack Nicholson was crazy in the movie, and I felt one of the great things about America is how they always think we Europeans are crazy. So by writing a European-styled score, it's my way of saying that Jack is crazy, but it's alright!<br><br>How do you feel about people who criticize your work for not fitting into the time period, like Gladiator?<br><br>The reason I take these jobs is because I'm interested in foreign cultures, and every time I get to work on a movie I'm thrown into the adventure of whatever that culture is, the time, and wherever the story's taking place. So one of the things I'm very careful about is not to be historically correct to the culture, but, on the other hand, not to insult the underlying aesthetics of that culture either. I remember watching Chariots of Fire and thinking how brilliantly the music worked, never missing that it wasn't period instruments! I grew up listening to Bach played by a symphony orchestra – it's the wrong sized orchestra with the wrong instruments, but I don't think that's the point.<br><br>With Gladiator, Pietro Scalia brought in a CD saying "this is Ancient Roman music," and I said, "Says who? You went to the Ancient Roman music store and bought an Ancient Roman music CD? Bullshit!" We're not anthropologists. Look at he costumes Ridley Scott had: they were more Napoleonic than Roman, which was perhaps fitting since Napoleon had stolen all of his good ideas from the Romans regarding how to make his generals look cool – and so did Hitler! So I got criticized for making the "Entry into Rome" cue too Leni Riefenstahl – but that was the joke! I am allowed to have a sense of humor in my music!<br><br>Earlier this summer your credit on Pirates of the Caribbean was "Score Overproduced by". What was the deal with that?<br><br>Well, I thought honesty was a virtue! But seriously, Jerry Bruckheimer quite rightly asked me not to give him "that old-fashioned Pirate music," and Gore Verbinski, who I adore and did The Ring with, said, "Well, it is a pirate movie, so we have to disguise it." In the end, I spent a day and a half writing tunes, Klaus Badelt wrote a lot of stuff, and we rolled up our sleeves, got drunk, behaved in a debauched way, and produced a score!<br><br>There was a lot of criticism regarding that score, but in the end it had to serve the film - which it did. You seem to get a lot of criticism on any project you do.<br><br>I had the misfortune of going onto the Film Score Monthly web site recently to look something up and vanity made me type in my own name. I suddenly realized that you can't ever get it right. Who do people want me to be? The guy that writes Matchstick Men? Or the guy that writes The Rock? Or the guy that writes Driving Miss Daisy? My need is ultimately to write for myself. I mock myself and I'm ironic about the way I speak about it because if I take it too seriously, it would be a pompous and boring thing to do. But at the same time I take each note I write very seriously – none of them are random.<br><br>The Internet Movie Database always lists you as being attached to multiple projects, so I was curious, what's Sharktail?<br><br>I complained to Jeffrey Katzenberg that I couldn't cross any more Red Seas, or deal with any more horses that can't speak – I wanted to do one of the fun animated movies instead. There's also a hip-hop element in Sharktail, and I haven't been there yet, so it's new territory! King Arthur is still in production, and I literally just got the first bits of footage just before you came here.<br><br>Are you working on all of these projects simultaneously?<br><br>I'm thinking about them! I'm also working with Jim Brooks on his new comedy, Spanglish.<br><br>And speaking of comedies, you recently did Matchstick Men for Ridley, which had a very Nino Rota vibe to it....<br><br>And I gave him credit! I thought, what if Nino had written the theme and I was just doing the variations? But I bet I'm going to get criticized for that because it's not like Gladiator.<br><br>So when did you last have a vacation?<br><br>Well, I went to Japan for a couple of days at the end of November for the Japanese premiere of Samurai, but look, I love what I do! In January I'll travel to Morocco because Ridley will be shooting his next movie, Kingdom of Heaven, so that's like a holiday!<br><br>My family and I are going away at Christmas, and what we used to do would be to rent a house in the mountains and go on these skiing holidays. It would be a crappy house, not as nice as the one we live in, my wife was still going to the market, and we're still washing our plates – so it wasn't a vacation, it was a lot of work! It's taken us a long time, but we just figured it out: we're not practical with vacations – we're staying at hotels! But while the Zimmer family isn't talented when it comes to vacations, we're talented when it comes to work!<br><br>I sat through Samurai the other day, and for the first time watched the whole movie from top to tail with everything finished and completed. It felt really good, better than a vacation. But luckily there were enough things wrong for me to think that I learned something from the experience, and now I can't wait for the next project to try these new ideas out.<br><br>The soundtrack to The Last Samurai is available from Elektra Records, and the film is currently in theaters. Matchstick Men is available on Varese Sarabande Records.<br><br>With thanks to Chet Mehta at Chasen & Co, Jason Cienkus at Warner Brothers, and Nina Lynch and Mark Wherry at Media Ventures for helping with this interview. And, of course, special thanks to Hans.Mulan get his release... through Disney+, 4th September.Mulan is being released on sept 4th. Can't wait to hear Harry's score!!!!Here's an interview about Last Samurai from https: //www.soundtrack. net/content/article/?id=112You can find an interview with Hans on his process for TLS on somewhere, back in 2003 or 2004

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Beyond - Two Souls (VG)
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  1. Jodie's Suite (4:32)
  2. Dawkin's Suite (4:29)
  3. Beyond (3:43)
  4. Aiden's Theme (3:20)
  5. The Experiment (2:31)
  6. My Imaginary Friend (2:16)
  7. Childhood Memories (2:42)
  8. Homeless Life (1:17)
  9. The Party Revenge (2:09)
  10. Hunted (1:45)
  11. Treason (2:14)
  12. Norah (1:54)
  13. Lost Cause (1:40)
  14. Black Sun (2:49)
  15. Jodie's Story (3:14)
  16. The Infraworld (3:50)
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Radik reply Replies: 6 || 2018-03-28 10:28:43
Is Lorne still part of Detroit?

Hybrid Soldier2018-03-28 12:33:32

Felix2018-03-28 13:00:44

Radik2018-03-29 07:57:29
Dammit, I thougt si, when it's title dissapeared from Lorne's list here and threre weren't aby info about it. It's pity a have been excited to hear his next collaboration with David Cage. Do you know why he stoped or who is replacing him?

Radik2018-04-05 18:52:45
Well I already find out. John Paesano is replaced Lorne in DETROIT. I'm interested in what he composed. I hope it will worth it after his contributions to DEFENDERS' and Maze Runner but still I'd wish to hear Lorne :(

MrZimmerFan2018-04-05 18:55:37
Lorne replaces John in PRU

John replaces Lorne in Detroit

The circle is completed now ;P

Edmund Meinerts2018-04-05 22:43:17
Well that's weird. :p A straight-up composer swap? Has that ever happened before? I can only think of Hans and HGW swapping Madagascar and Kingdom of Heaven, but that was agreed between two colleagues, this feels like either a bizarre coincidence or some sort of strange inside deal.

Know anything about it, Hybrid?

Simon reply Replies: 11 || 2017-01-19 18:00:52
Any news about his score for Detroit . His music made Beyond

MusicfilmBh2017-01-19 18:18:31
Just found this link from his twitter . Music in it is cool

Miguel 2017-01-20 03:42:11
Does anyone know where I can get the music for the trailer ?and when is the album

Fan4music2017-01-20 17:09:13
I saw on his twitter that's he is still working on it . Can't wait to hear it. Beyond was a great soundtrack

AndreFM2017-01-22 01:46:37
Detroit has to be one of Balfe's best scores . Looking forward for Lego

Miguel 2017-01-22 02:23:15
I see on Balfe's Facebook he is being interviewed live on
line with lego director and crew.

kunda2017-01-22 18:45:02
post here a link please, I can´t find it :( :(

Sfmusic2017-01-23 00:08:14
The link on YouTube started then stopped after 15 minutes unfortunately . It was very funny and makes me want to wat h the film more than ever

Evan2017-01-25 04:30:34

peter2017-01-25 08:33:42
Lorne wrote on his twitter that he is working on it, so there should be some release

MrZimmerFan2017-01-25 11:06:20
The Lego Batman Movie is going to be released by WaterTower Music

Andrew4Musix2017-01-27 00:02:39
Detroit music is already on YouTube . Is it Lorne's ???

MrZimmerFan reply Replies: 0 || 2017-01-26 12:02:15
Tracklist for Lego Batman Movie:
1. Black
2. Your Greatest Enemy
3. The Arrival of Robin
4. Joker Crashes the Party
5. No Seat Belts Required
6. To Cage the Joker
7. The Phantom Zone
8. Open for Business
9. Chaos in Gotham
10. Lava Attack
11. For Your Own Good
12. Joker Manor
13. Batman’s in the Zone
14. The Babs Signal
15. Battle Royale
16. A Long Farewell

htt p:// filmmusicr lego-batman-movie- soundtrack-details /

Bruno reply Replies: 0 || 2016-05-03 20:23:47
Hello. Is the CD release scheduled please? if so, how long and where it get it?

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 23 || 2016-02-20 23:36:42
This score is finally going to be released properly by Lakeshore Records next month.

Luffy2016-02-20 23:57:28
Yes yes yes, this is great news :)
THanks hybrid

Everan2016-02-21 00:16:44
Took a while

mpolonest1232016-02-21 00:33:18
Awesome! IMO one of Lorne's best scores. So much great unreleased material as well...

JamesT2016-02-21 04:45:35
Great news! Thx Hybrid!

JamesT2016-02-21 04:50:11
Hybrid, Tori is listed as one of the vocalists on B vs S, which is great! Anything you can share about that? Do her vocals relate, perhaps, to Wonder Woman?

Macejko2016-02-21 11:51:10
Best Lorne by far, I need the CD!

Hybrid Soldier2016-02-21 16:35:18
The CD's supposed to come out on march 11 !

Everan2016-02-21 17:52:47
Is it like this tracklist on CD or will it have more?

Anonymous2016-03-21 21:02:59
Any updates on this? It isn't listed on their website. And it's 21/03

Hybrid Soldier2016-03-21 22:43:49
Got pushed to april 1st !

Anonymous2016-03-22 01:28:54
"Got pushed to april 1st !"

You're kidding, right?

DavidS2016-03-23 03:20:48
Yees! What great news =) I'll defenitely buy the CD!

DavidS2016-04-02 16:30:12
*waiting* 1th April is over^^

Meh2016-04-06 19:59:51
Still nothing. This will probably never be released...

Lorned tweeted me years ago he was gonna upload the full score on his site and he also never did.

Probably Sony...

Shame since it is still one of his best scores to date.

DavidS2016-04-07 03:57:12
Yes they are late, but we still can be optimistic: I asked them at facebook if they want to release it. The answer: "Hi David, yep, we are!" So let's see =)

Anonymous2016-04-07 09:41:18
Hey David.
Maybe you can ask them if this is an extented version. Cause if it is just the PSN version there isn't much reason for excitemen

DavidS2016-04-08 15:58:21
Album will be out on April 15. But things look bad for the extended soundtrack. The tracklist of their preview video contains only 11 tracks :/
htt ps://

DavidS2016-04-08 16:01:55
ok maybe I was wrong: if you check the picture at 5:11 min there is a tracklist with 16 tracks...

DavidS2016-04-09 00:16:15
LakeshoreRecords: "There are 16 tracks. The video is just a preview of some tracks. Pre-order out today: ht tp://"

rockhound2016-04-09 10:05:53
the clips on itunes sound so beautiful.

Anonymous2016-04-09 12:04:04
No new tracks. shame. hoped it would be a more complete release. with the training suite and all.

Shame. We have had this music for years now.

pajtas2016-04-09 18:46:44
guys, lorne uploaded few unreleased track on his youtube channel

01 Jodie's Theme Variation
02 Hunted
03 Hard Training

about 5 minutes of music...

Prott2016-04-10 23:32:57
Yes, some nice theme variations are still missing. Like the "Foreboding News" cue or complete version of Treason - fortunately both can be found on YT as well. :)

Macejko reply Replies: 3 || 2013-12-01 14:02:39
Wow, this is a nice suprise for me. Very good score, kudos to Lorne.

Macejko2013-12-01 14:21:06
And I say this as a guy who usually doesn't like his attempts.

Edmund Meinerts2013-12-01 14:36:45
Yeah, I'd say it's his best (solo) score so far. Balfe for me has so far been a consistently "okay" composer, but this shows that there could be more to him than I previously thought. :)

Alex Torres2014-09-15 05:34:14
hey guys am trying to found the song fire from the soundtrack game beyond Two Souls and I hear that PlayStation 4 is going to make beyond Two Souls for remastered I never play this game on ps3

isildur reply Replies: 0 || 2014-03-12 13:03:08
Congrats to Lorne for BAFTA Games Awards nomination and All the Very Best. I hope he wins this.

Noname reply Replies: 3 || 2013-11-25 20:23:05
Is this ever coming to iTunes or amazon?

luky5552013-11-25 23:22:51
Doesn´t looks like it. But it is a shame. Maybe someday it will. Who knows? :(

Tim2013-11-26 21:47:24
There is nothing we can do but pray and hope :/

luky5552013-11-27 01:53:43
It´s sad, but you are right. We can only pray and wait... But hey, miracles happens everyday, so why not in this case?! The World Beyond will maybe act to let Beyond Two Souls soundtrack be available in our world and even the complete version with all tracks, even those which weren´t actually officially released... ;) They´ll make Hans Zimmer change his mind and "influence" him... :D

Prometheus reply Replies: 14 || 2013-11-01 13:03:15
Lorne Balfe composed Killzone Shadow Fall with Tyler Bates?

cody2013-11-01 15:08:20

Edmund Meinerts2013-11-01 15:51:57
Nothing about Tyler Bates can ever be considered "epic".

cody2013-11-02 03:56:59
maybe not to you but i love tyler bates' music

Edmund Meinerts2013-11-02 11:51:28
I can think of few composers I have less respect for than Bates. The man has no talent to speak of and is a thief to boot.

Evenstar2013-11-02 14:05:01
also not a fan of Tyler Bates...

trent easton navarro2013-11-02 14:22:34
@Edmund, name me a film composer who hasn't borrowed from someone else? Why should Bates get all the blame and Horner, Williams and Zimmer a pass? And have you heard Bates' The Way? A lovely score, so Bates does have some talent.

Mike2013-11-02 14:33:13
I'm not familiar with Tyler Bates, but I do remember liking the score in The Way when I saw it.

Macejko2013-11-02 14:56:13
Once I had the same opinion as Edmund does. But nowadays, I can see some potential in Bates (thanks to "The Way"). Although he DID piss all over memory of Basil Poledouris with his terrible "Conan the Barbarian" score in 2011.
"Guradians of The Galaxy" will be a deal-breaker for him, a chance to prove himself. If he ruins it... he's finished.

Edmund Meinerts2013-11-02 15:18:07
The only score of his I heard that wasn't completely awful is the recent God of War: Ascension videogame he did, and even that was mostly just generic. Although I haven't heard The Way or Doomsday, which people say are better. What I have heard besides God of War is 300 (the best parts of which are by Elliot Goldenthal...about the whole theft thing, I know other composers do it too, but other composers have also proven themselves capable of writing great ORIGINAL music), Conan (just terrible) and The Darkest Hour (absolutely ear-bleeding). I haven't bothered to explore him further than that so I know I'm not really giving him a fair chance but there are just so many better composers who I need to explore first.

Macejko, yup, Guardians of the Galaxy will either make or break him. Although I really don't see why he keeps getting chances at big movies at all.

MacArthur2013-11-02 17:59:28
Trent you are forgetting that Williams and Zimmer & even Horner I are kinda the pioneer's of film score music. Listened to about three seconds of 300 and hated it answer this. Is Tyler Bates a pioneer no Zimmer's music is so much better.

MacArthur2013-11-02 18:02:18
Agreed with ed most other composer's are a little more creative each have their own style. and as much as everyone slams Zimmer he has developed his own style and not stolen from anyone else.

Mike2013-11-02 18:03:23
MacArthur, I'm not saying this to be a jerk, but please try to punctuate future comments. :) That was difficult to read.

MacArthur2013-11-02 18:30:37
Yeah, I know...Just noticed that after I posted it. I was hoping no one would notice. lol.

cody2013-11-16 17:40:19
its actually not Lorne Balfe its someone named DJ Lorn

dosseret reply Replies: 0 || 2013-11-11 18:39:33
there will be an output it in cd?

MacArthur reply Replies: 8 || 2013-11-03 16:36:03
Is this going to ever be released?

Phil2013-11-03 19:46:16

Evenstar2013-11-03 20:10:22
it has been released on the sony store

Edmund Meinerts2013-11-03 21:01:52
anyone? anyone? bueller? bueller?

MacArthur2013-11-03 21:30:37

Hybrid Soldier2013-11-04 22:57:34
I just talked to Lorne about it and they don't really know what Sony is up to...

So far it's available through the PSN only apparently... Not sure it's ever gonna come on regular stores. Sony did the same with Jim Dooley's Infamous 2 The Red Soundtrack... -_-

Anonymous2013-11-05 14:46:36
Lorne said to me that he was gonna upload the full ost like he did with AC3 when the game was a month out. So that's only a few days if he keeps his promise :)

Also there isn't a page yet for the new Call Of Duty soundtrack by Buckley. Isn't he RCP? It sure sounds like it :)

Edmund Meinerts2013-11-05 15:26:13
Dood...the link to the Call of Duty page is right on the front page. Just click the big skull. :p

ElionD2013-11-06 05:12:43
They're losing a fortune if they don't put this out.

Greed inevitably leads to poverty.

Phil reply Replies: 0 || 2013-11-01 16:27:44
is this ever going to be released?

theeaglesfan005 reply Replies: 0 || 2013-11-01 16:21:57
"Release date : 10/22/2013"

Um... no...

badbu reply Replies: 0 || 2013-10-26 14:07:45
oh my gosh!amazing score!!!

jyj reply Replies: 3 || 2013-10-24 04:02:31
anyone know if a cd or web flac release is in the works

Hybrid Soldier2013-10-24 08:49:13
It will be released eventually. It's still in the works. I'll let you know when I have more news

jyj2013-10-24 12:43:52
thank you very much for the answer

Evenstar2013-10-24 13:24:31
Would love a CD

Frank reply Replies: 0 || 2013-10-24 03:19:29
Am I the only one thought that the first track is really similar to The Promise?

Mike reply Replies: 27 || 2013-10-05 18:37:40
Perhaps I'm over-thinking this, but am I the only one slightly aggravated by the fact that "Produced by Hans Zimmer" comes BEFORE "Music by Lorne Balfe" in the booklet? That makes it sound like Zimmer actually wrote some of music, and besides, everyone knows about Zimmer, while not many know about Lorne in comparison, so they'd probably focus on him anyway.

Edmund Meinerts2013-10-05 21:00:35
Hans Zimmer is a name that sells units. Lorne Balfe is not. There's your answer. It's the same with Crysis 2...Zimmer and Balfe wrote 15 minutes of music, Slavov and Sillescu over 75, and yet Zimmer's name has the biggest font on the front cover. Marketing, dear boy.

Mike2013-10-05 21:18:19
Oh, absolutely, but it's unfair to Lorne all the same.

MacArthur2013-10-05 23:44:34
Agreed But Slavov and sillescu's stuff ain't bad

Macejko2013-10-05 23:59:41
Lorne should be happy he gets to work this much, no matter what the credits are.

MacArthur2013-10-06 00:40:19
Agreed with Macejko

Evenstar2013-10-06 12:00:15
Damn, Lorne should be a known name by now...

Mike2013-10-06 21:38:51
I know. Every time something by Hans comes out, you're bound to hear Lorne somewhere in there.

Ds2013-10-07 15:24:01
I just read an official promotional thing for the game, and it says "a true cinematic experience (the music was composed by Hans Zimmer) ...."

Mike2013-10-07 16:30:33

Mike2013-10-07 22:55:03
All the commenters on various sites are going, "OMG HANS ZIMMER IS SO AMAZING I'M SO EXCITED". Well, if you're looking for a Zimmer score, prepare to be disappointed. I can't count the number of people who, to this day, think Hans Zimmer wrote all the music in Modern Warfare 2. He did what, 5 minutes? Lorne Balfe did an hour or more, and no one gives him any attention.

Mike2013-10-07 22:58:52
Heck, one guy thought Zimmer scored Assassin's Creed III. Is his named attached to that one at all?

Edmund Meinerts2013-10-08 00:54:24
Well I saw a YouTube comment once that said Enya did the scores to all three Lord of the Rings movies so never underestimate the idiocy of fanboys. And the people marketing these scores know exactly how to play said fanboys. ;)

MacArthur2013-10-08 02:56:42
Exactly. Now Zimmer might have helped on this score (Maybe like in CoDmw2) but I think that you guys are dead on this is a balfe score (unlike the Bible) I don't know why Zimmer is Credited.

lori2013-10-08 04:22:45

MacArthur2013-10-08 06:05:53
My bad I meant Dead right. sorry

Edmund Meinerts2013-10-08 12:52:26
MacArthur, you seem to have this weird beef about proving that everything with Zimmer's name on it is, in fact, by Zimmer...even though more often than not his contribution is fairly minimal. I remain skeptical about his involvement with The Bible and am much more inclined to believe that Balfe did most of the heavy lifting. It's probably a similar situation to Henri IV, which is a Henry Jackman score from beginning to end, but has Zimmer's name on the front presumably to try and sell a few extra units. Although with The Bible at least it seems Zimmer provided a couple themes/cues.

Mike2013-10-08 14:05:46
MacArthur, do you see Zimmer credited here with any kind of real composition? He's neither credited as "composer" nor as a guy who wrote "additional music". He's the producer. He might give the general idea of a sound to go for, he might do some mixing, but the actual writing was up to Lorne and the four additional guys. Now I honestly wouldn't be surprised if we were to learn that Zimmer did write SOMETHING for this score, but until we hear otherwise, don't assume he did.

Now, there was indeed a video of Hans and Lorne discussing it, and all the news sites are indeed giving Hans lots of credit, but as Edmund said, that's because Zimmer's name will sell titles. Lorne's won't.

Mike2013-10-08 14:07:40
Though to be fair, you didn't say, "I'm sure Zimmer helped on this score", you said, "Zimmer may have", which is essentially what I hypothesized just above.

Anonymous2013-10-08 15:23:13
Over at Audio Media there's this:

"We believe that with the addition of Ellen Page, Willem Dafoe, and now Hans Zimmer with the soundtrack – we were really looking for the best, most talented people out there to create the emotion in Beyond, and we have a beautiful soundtrack in the game," said Beyond creator and Quantic Dream CEO David Cage.

MacArthur2013-10-08 17:35:14
One thing I never said Zimmer did it I said (like Mike said) he may have had a hand in it.
The thing with the Bible score is for one don't trust the media. But For the Bible score not only did the media praise Zimmer for his score but the Director's said that his score made the series better, plus Zimmer did a bunch interviews about "his" score. Now for this one I have no doubt in my mind that this is a Balfe score Like I said before Zimmer Might have done like a main theme or something but until told otherwise Balfe will bring the cows home with this one. (with the Media saying Zimmer did it lol)

Casey2013-10-08 20:33:12
In a book about John Woo, there is a quotation from Zimmer along the lines of how people said Face/Off worked so well with "his score". As we know, Powell was the composer!

MacArthur2013-10-08 23:14:29
Your Point?

Mike2013-10-08 23:24:15
Casey's point is that as soon as Zimmer's name is attached to something, people think he wrote it (Zimmer was the score producer for "Face/Off" by John Powell).

MacArthur2013-10-09 01:39:12
I see. Face off is known as a John Powell score though.

T-Mann0362013-10-12 00:38:39
And "Chill Factor" was scored mostly by John Powell as well.

Hybrid Soldier2013-10-12 00:47:27
Chill Factor was almost equally scored by John Powell, Klaus Badelt & Jeff Rona, with help by McKee Smith, Zanelli & Jimmy Levine.

HZ did 2 cues... :P

Mike2013-10-12 19:51:12
Yeah, Wikipedia says Zimmer was the principal composer on Chill Factor...How reliable that site is!

Radik reply Replies: 0 || 2013-10-12 09:47:41
Just played. Awesome game and story & Beatiful music :)

al bundy reply Replies: 10 || 2013-10-09 12:44:58
@Hybrid: This cover was associated with the special edition soundtrack from ps3 store, maybe you want to add it:

Hybrid Soldier2013-10-09 13:12:12
Well Lorne just told me the score should hit the digital stores in a couple of weeks (another nightmare in terms of logistics lol)...

Still no official artwork, so I'll just wait... But thanks... :)

Anonymous2013-10-09 15:31:32
First of all: you can buy it here:!/cid=EP9000-NPE A00504_00-GBEYONDTWO000001

Second of all: "Lorne Told me...". He already posted this PUBLICLY on Twitter.

theeaglesfan0052013-10-09 21:03:55
44'26 for length... i read it was going to be 2 hours

Anonymous2013-10-10 01:04:25
Have been playing the game. I don't think it has more than 45 minutes of real music. Rest is ambiance and whole looooooong scenes have no music at all

Phil2013-10-10 12:41:08
are there any samples already?

Evenstar2013-10-10 13:36:33
@Anonymous: Thanks for the link. Just bought it.

theeaglesfan0052013-10-10 14:26:27
i removed the space between E & A... link doesnt work

al bundy2013-10-10 16:38:34
Thanks Anonymous

Leo2013-10-11 18:33:58
Is the game worth getting? I've been reading reviews and it's been very polarized... Great score by Balfe by the way, even though I miss Corbeil.

al bundy2013-10-12 00:08:43
If you liked Heavy Rain you will love this one, watch some gameplay / let's play videos

Leo reply Replies: 3 || 2013-10-09 05:38:46
It seems that not a single cue by Normand Corbeil is in the album... sad news. I love his music in Heavy Rain..

eXe2013-10-09 12:43:36
Well this is Beyond Two Souls and not Heavy Rain.

FunnyML2013-10-09 13:43:28
At least you can hear some of his stuff in the game.

Additional music credits not listed above but taken from the end credits cutscene:

Additional Music by NORMAND CORBEIL
Music Supervisor: MARY LOCKWOOD

VIOLIN I: Stephanie Gonley, John Mills, Magnus Johnston, Ofer Falk, Amyn Merchant, Alexandra Wood, Melissa Forshaw, Helen Cox, Victoria Irish, Darragh Morgan, Robbie Gibbs, Shlomy Dobrinsky, Annabelle Meare
VIOLIN II: Philippe Honore, Ian Belton, Gareth Griffiths, Mila Mustakova, Ben Buckton, Miranda Dale, Maya Bikel, Sarah Sew, Emanuella Buta, Andrew Storey, Emily Davis, James Dickenson, Alexandra Reid, Dominic Moore, Sarah Sew (credited twice or different person)
VIOLA: James Boyd, Carmen Flores, Amelie Roussel, Natasha Wright, Robin Ashwell, Carol Ella, Simone van der Geissen, Melanie Martin, Max Baillie, Cheryl Law, Nancy Johnson
CELLO I: Tim Hugh, Karen Stephenson, Ben Hughes, Victoria Simonsen, Nick Roberts, Reinoud Ford, Vanessa Lucas-Smith, Anna Beryl
CELLO II: Kristine Blaumane, Alastair Blayden, Katherine Wood, Alexei Sarkisov, Jessica Hayes, Tom Roff, Gabriella Swallow, Sally Alexander
BASS: Mary Scully, Anthony Alcock, Colin Paris, Tom Walley, Ben Griffiths, Anthony Williams
© 2013 by 14th Street Music LLC

watch music samples on

ROB2013-10-11 03:41:40
This from vgdb

MacArthur reply Replies: 2 || 2013-10-10 20:06:44
I wonder if this score when it hits iTunes if it will have Hans Zimmer's name on it like Codmw2 or if will actually be Lorne Balfe.

eXe2013-10-11 00:45:02
it will probably just have the cover from the sony store

Anonymous2013-10-11 03:40:48
FOR GOD SAKE, hans is only a Music Producer.

MacArthur reply Replies: 0 || 2013-10-09 01:40:11
When does the album come out It's not on iTunes

Phil reply Replies: 3 || 2013-10-08 12:06:29
release date.... anyone? :)

Mike2013-10-08 14:08:38
The details say today's the day. Funny, there's no info on this page.

Evenstar2013-10-08 14:28:14
click "see details"

Phil2013-10-08 15:49:40
@Evenstar yeah, but has i been released yet?

Phil reply Replies: 5 || 2013-10-07 08:32:56
will there be a physical and a digital release or just digital?

0-cool2013-10-07 09:24:51
I ordered the special edition and apparently it contains a soundtrack cd

Phil B2013-10-07 10:02:04
@0-cool thanks! where did you order it?

Phil B2013-10-07 10:02:05
@0-cool thanks! where did you order it?

0-cool2013-10-07 10:37:03
amazon UK but it's not there anymore. It was only 32 pounds lol

Phil2013-10-07 10:38:04
this is why i couldn't find it :)

Ds reply Replies: 14 || 2013-09-27 14:43:10
1. Jodie's Suite 4:32
2. Dawkin's Suite 4:29
3. Beyond 3:43
4. Aiden's Theme 3:20
5. The Experiment 2:31
6. My Imaginary Friend 2:16
7. Childhood Memories 2:42
8. Homeless Life 1:17
9. The Party Revenge 2:09
10. Hunted 1:45
11. Treason 2:14
12. Norah 1:54
13. Lost Cause 1:40
14. Black Sun 2:49
15. Jodie's Story 3:14
16. The Infraworld 3:50

SamFisher2013-09-27 15:49:55
is it real?

Ds2013-09-28 01:45:38
Yeah at least it's what i have!

Hybrid Soldier2013-09-28 08:57:53
Careful Ds when you post things and you're not allowed to. Feels probably great to show off but think twice before you do that. Just a warning for the future, cause trust me it's not supposed to be out just yet, and might not even be the definitive one...

Ds2013-09-28 12:05:05
Ouch i'm really sorry about that... I was just thinking the page hasn't been updated yet. Just delete my post?

JackieStewart2013-09-28 12:07:07
Come on, it's just a tracklist... nobody will care outside of this website...

Hybrid Soldier2013-09-28 15:31:02
Yeah it's no big deal, I just know how you got it and asked permission myself from LB's team to put it out, and they didn't want it out yet (even if it's supposed to be out in like 2 weeks lol).

Anyway... Great score btw. Weird to hear LB with a real orchestra once in a while... ;)

Mike2013-09-28 20:55:15
Funny you mention the real orchestra thing, because I was just thinking about how Lorne's scores can sound so cheap--even if the music itself is good. Skylanders, Crysis 2, and Assassin's Creed 3 all sound overly synthy and fake.

MacArthur2013-09-28 21:39:29
Crysis 2 Is mainly Zimmer.

Mike2013-09-29 00:22:40
Okay, but Lorne is involved with it, and it still has the problem. ;)

Mike2013-09-29 00:22:40
Okay, but Lorne is involved with it, and it still has the problem. ;)

Edmund Meinerts2013-09-29 00:49:38
Huh? I was under the impression that Crysis 2 was mainly Borislav Slavov and Tilman Sillescu!

MacArthur2013-09-29 01:57:46
No, I know It is mainly The Other 2 But the Theme Stuff is Mainly Zimmer.

Such as
Crysis Intro
Under Siege
Prophet Journey

MacArthur2013-09-29 05:52:59
Agreed With you Mike the synth sound was there a little to much. But Epilogue And The Intro weren't too bad of all of them those sounded real. Especially the end of epilogue

Casey2013-10-04 05:47:59
"Careful Ds when you post things and you're not allowed to. Feels probably great to show off but think twice before you do that."

Wise advice(!) :P

Drunkenmunkey reply Replies: 3 || 2013-10-03 16:25:37
Any news on a release date?

MacArthur2013-10-03 17:25:40
Check See details

Drunkenmunkey2013-10-04 03:14:41
Thanks bud. Should have checked that first.

MacArthur2013-10-04 03:27:39
No problem.

Radik reply Replies: 4 || 2013-09-27 17:23:03
Awesome! :)

Radik2013-09-27 18:20:39
and possibly cover :)

cody2013-09-27 18:34:42
LOVE IT!!!!! :D

Evenstar2013-09-28 00:21:59
damn I can't belive Ellen Page is 26 already... she looks like 15.

Evenstar2013-09-28 00:22:12
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