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I really hooe it will come out at the beginning of november and not the end!Where can I purchase this soundtrack?In a year with so few released, inject this STRAIGHT into my veinsMore than Zimmer?I honestly commend what Steve Jablonsky composed for the 2nd movie but I really have to say that Brian Tyler's theme was more heroic for me and I'm a big fan of orchestral music that's why I wanted to hear Tyler's Ninja turtles theme again.
Maulís Call, Empire Recruitment, End Credits Suite, etc. <br><br>This release looks amazing! :Othis is awesome!!!!Pemberton is probably the most obvious choice right now. I would definitely love to see Pemberton score this oneYep, I received the news too.<br>Antwerp Sportpaleis is now scheduled on 23rd February 2022, a Wednesday !<br>Tour postponed to 2022 :'(
Asides, Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy, dosen't sound like the two Jumanji written by Jackman, by anymeans, and in prefer those two scores over his Uncharted material, altough i like both.If you want a Silvestrian-type of action... Edmonson's action writting in the three Uncharted are terrific, specially Among the Thieves and Drake's Deception.i think Uncharted 4 and 2 have the best score. U2 is amazing in all regards but I hope Henry does the movie cause he's better at writing action musicIf is Paramount, expect a digital release, but this people is certainly very difficult to guess...A exclusive clip from the film where some of Zimmer's score can be heard<br><br>Loving the short synth part at the very start
It sounds a JP theme. But also sounds like HZ did arrangements of it. The beginning of "shifu's end" kind of sounds like one.  The HZ/Jackman cues for the "splits" and "battle for the scroll" which use it are good, fun cues - but they're kind of awkward and stop/start compared to JP's smoother, more confident arrangements. And they notably don't use the whole theme only fragmented bits where as the JP/Smith cues "prison", "the bridge", "shifu's end" make use of the entire theme and sound more comfortable with the frenetic orchestra material. Just my opinion though.<br>Jungleland is getting released in cinemas and on streaming Nov. 6 and 10 respectively. I hope Lorne's score gets a release alongside it, as the film sounds like it has some good scoring potential.Well, the two scores by Jackman are good, neither as good as Edmonson's previous work in the franchise, if Naughty Dog have to choose a composer, Edmonson is my choice.<br><br>As for comparations with Tom's Tomb Raider, remember, this franchise is a more classical adventure than a survival action.If he's one of Jackman's best,I hope naughty dog &#8203;&#8203;will hire him again. I just hope that the film does not present a score as loose as Tom's tomb raidervery excited!!!<br>@hybrid theme by hans and the rest david? :P

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Steve JablonskyJacob SheaGavin GreenawayPenka Kouneva
ComposerAdditional MusicConductorOrchestrator
Ender's Game
Label: Varese Sarabande
Length: 70'39 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (7948 votes)
  1. Ender's War (3:27)
  2. Stay Down (2:42)
  3. Battle School (1:55)
  4. Move It Launchies (:56)
  5. The Battle Room (3:03)
  6. Mind Game Part 1 (2:24)
  7. Salamander Battle (3:34)
  8. Mind Game Part 2 (3:55)
  9. Dragon Army (2:44)
  10. Dragons Win (3:53)
  11. Bonzo (1:37)
  12. Ender Quits (6:22)
  13. Mazer Rackham (2:34)
  14. Enemy Planet (3:50)
  15. Command School (2:42)
  16. Graduation Day (1:28)
  17. Final Test (6:02)
  18. Game Over (2:36)
  19. The Way We Win Matters (6:14)
  20. Ender's Promise (5:09)
  21. Commander (3:33)
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Russel reply Replies: 0 || 2013-12-27 16:27:17
Didn't know if any audiophiles or vinyl collectors would be interested to see this, if they didn't already hear about it. :) /ref=sr_1_172?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1388157955&sr=1-172&keywor ds=soundtrack

Adam Ross reply Replies: 4 || 2013-12-09 23:26:21
Is it possible that there will be a recording sessions??? I want it even better than the transformers ones. I NEED all the songs that was in the film, all the 2 hours...

Any news of that?

Edmund Meinerts2013-12-09 23:40:33
The album is repetitive enough as it is and I didn't notice a single second of music in the film that wasn't on the album.

Hybrid Soldier2013-12-09 23:48:02
Me neither, just that "Ender's War" should be in the middle of it, not at the beginning... lol

Edmund Meinerts2013-12-10 00:01:28
It works well at the beginning, though!

MacArthur2013-12-10 07:08:50
Agreed! This score is Amazing. One of my all time fav's.

Macejko reply Replies: 14 || 2013-11-28 21:03:57
At first I didn't like it all that much, but now I must say - it kinda grows on me. It's still not worth of the story, but as a stand-alone album it's actually quite epic and it has a nice thematic diversity.

MacArthur2013-11-29 02:17:56
I thought it was great for the story just listen a little more. :)

Macejko2013-11-29 08:07:00
You don't know a thing about the real story.

Edmund Meinerts2013-11-29 14:57:51
It has some nice moments (I like the main theme in "Ender's War") but the biggest problem with it is the lack of diversity. The themes just repeat over and over with very little variation. And there's a lot of droning in-between-bits that just aren't musical whatsoever, like the "Mind Game" cues and "Bonzo". Maybe the fact that it's a replacement score explains how repetitive it is?

MacArthur2013-11-29 15:21:07
Says who. I saw the film.

It was great and it stayed pretty close to the book.

MacArthur2013-11-29 20:01:41
Indiana Jones Repeats itself in terms of a theme...How to train you dragon does to.

Hybrid Soldier2013-11-29 20:27:08
Yeah it's the purpose of a theme... you know... occurring many times... you know...

*taking his coat*

Edmund Meinerts2013-11-30 00:58:23
There's a difference between a recurring theme played in many different ways, different arrangements, moods etc., and a certain theme just being played over and over again almost exactly the same way. I can't believe I actually have to explain that. :/

Anonymous2013-11-30 04:39:34
You really didn't need to......

MacArthur2013-12-02 23:17:40
You didn't need to explain it. I know that, I compose you have to use themes. my question is why are you complaining about the use of the theme. It's going to happen. it happens in every film.

Mortifer V.2013-12-03 00:01:21
I feel you Edmund.

Edmund Meinerts2013-12-03 00:03:32
I'm complaining because the theme doesn't get developed. Imagine if in Fellowship of the Ring, the Fellowship theme was played exactly the same way every time we hear it, as a big victorious fanfare. That would completely ruin the end of the movie, when the Fellowship is broken. But Shore doesn't do that. He allows the renditions of the theme to grow smaller and smaller after Gandalf falls in Moria. It's the same theme, but manipulated to match the story and mood. And that's just one of dozens of theme that Howard Shore handles with the same care and diversity. It's what makes those scores modern masterpieces.

Jablonsky's themes - and I'm referring mostly to the cello thingy in "Salamander Battle," "Dragon Army," "Mazer Rackham," "Graduation Day" etc. - don't do this. Each rendition has the same orchestration, the same pacing, the same feel as the other. The other theme, the one in "Ender's War," does get some nice quieter development in "Ender Quits" - that's a bit more like it.

You say I didn't need to explain it and then go on to very clearly show that you still don't get it. :/

MacArthur2013-12-04 17:45:15
I thought that it developed just fine.

trent easton navarro2013-12-04 18:10:33
Of course you think that, MacArthur ;-) Wouldn't expect anything else from you

Brent2013-12-04 18:12:21
I totally agree with both sides. I think the theme was developed wonderfully. It was just way too overused in the exact same way.

MacArthur reply Replies: 6 || 2013-11-04 19:24:01
Went to see the Movie.


The Score...Wow Jablonsky did a heck of a job. The use of the music in the film was wonderful the theme was great. it was all good.

Great job Steve!

MacArthur2013-11-04 19:52:56
The 3 best tracks were

Ender's War.
The Battle Room.

Edmund Meinerts2013-11-04 20:19:49
But "Ender's War" and "Commander" are like practically the same track...and "The Battle Room" is Game of Thrones. :p

theeaglesfan0052013-11-04 20:24:37
the film should've been in 3D

MrZimmerFan2013-11-05 01:06:48

Ender's War isn't the same track like Commander, this track is more like The Battle Room, Salamander Battle or Dragon Army.

MacArthur2013-11-05 05:36:59
Um...Anyway my point was Jablonsky did Ender's Character very well music fit the story @ Ed so what if the Battle room sounded like Game of thrones as long as it's good and fits well. A lot of RCP guys stuff sounds similar, That's probably cause they work off each other. similar chord progressions don't mean that it's the same thing.

(And I didn't mean that in a rude way)

MacArthur2013-11-11 22:58:46
Battle room and ender's war are totally different in terms of where they lead and chord patterns.

Mike reply Replies: 5 || 2013-11-05 17:35:54
I would argue that Battleship and Ender's Game do the BRAAAAAAAHM noise as much, if not more than, Inception. :P

MacArthur2013-11-05 17:49:40
I don't think so at least not in the movie for ender's game

Edmund Meinerts2013-11-05 18:52:59
Battleship for sure. Ender's Game mercifully doesn't do it quite as much, but it's there.

MacArthur2013-11-05 19:44:26
Battleship does but I didn't hear it much in Ender's game

Edmund Meinerts2013-11-05 20:04:34
An Example from Ender's Game is at 1:05 of "Final Test", although there's some downward slurring over the top that does make it a bit more interesting.

I'd say the biggest problem with this score is not the BRAAAAHHM or anything, but rather how often it reuses the same music. Especially the little cello theme from the second half of "Salamander Battle".

MacArthur2013-11-05 20:58:45
Ok. I see

But I think for the film and how the music was used in it I think Jablonsky did a great job. It fit the story very well. This one and MoS had the best music to fit the film so far this year.

El Baradei reply Replies: 1 || 2013-11-05 10:56:43
Final Test and Dragons Win are amazing.

MacArthur2013-11-05 17:11:59
Yep, they are

MacArthur reply Replies: 4 || 2013-10-24 18:40:05
Listened to some samples

Good Stuff!

Brent2013-10-24 20:06:42
Even though the "main theme" is somewhat generic and extremely overused, I thoroughly enjoyed this. It had the same magical quality as the first Transformers (something all his scores, even if enjoyable, have been lacking). 4 out of 5!

MacArthur2013-10-24 20:30:40
I thought that Transformers 2 was good as well Matrix of Leadership brought out the best of that score.

Brent2013-10-24 21:28:12
I agree. Even though there's entire Jablonsky scores that have been somewhat lacking, there are always cues of his that are brilliant.

Steamboy: The entire thing.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Main Title

The Island: Agnate Ukuleles and My Name is Lincoln*

Transformers: Autobots, Decepticons*, the All Spark*, Arrival to Earth, Optimus, Bumblebee, and No Sacrifice No Victory

Transformers 2: Prime, The Fallen, Heed Our Warning, Infinite White* and Matrix of Leadership

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Main Title, Boo and Like It Used to Be*

Your Highness: Let Us Quest*, Isabel the Strong and Thadeous

Transformers 3: Sentinel Prime, There is No Plan, The Fight Will Be Your Own* and Our Final Hope

Battleship: Transmission and The Art of War*

Gangster Squad: Welcome to Los Angeles and Light 'Em Up

Ender's Game: Ender's War*, Salamander Battle, Ender Quits and Ender's Promise

*special favorites

MacArthur2013-10-24 21:35:47
Nest Isn't Bad and Forrest Battle From TF2.

Everan reply Replies: 7 || 2013-10-13 04:50:40
I'm really loving this too much. Too bad you guys didn't like it, but I guess it's not your cup of tea, or you expected something else.
Loving it, thouugh I still wonder what James Horner would've done, besides his typical 4 note thrumpet thing.

MacArthur2013-10-13 04:52:11
James Horner instead of 4 chords uses 6 chords their's the difference.

Edmund Meinerts2013-10-13 14:07:53
Fail, MacArthur.

Lars2013-10-13 14:24:41
MacArthur just continues to bright the day with some laugh...

eXe2013-10-13 14:26:08
@Everan: Oh there are a lot of people who like it, I promise you that ;)

Phil2013-10-13 14:42:23
i love it

MrZimmerFan2013-10-13 14:45:37
For me, is better than Gangster Squad and Battleship

Everan2013-10-14 05:09:09
I like it when he uses it right, and not in every single track. I loved it in Avatar, and liked it in Spider-Man. But I do feel he uses it too much sometimes.
It's not bad, just might be overused from time to time.

Lutz reply Replies: 8 || 2013-10-11 21:53:30
I have the soundtrack get today. Heīs amazing. One of the best by Steve Jablonsky. Three thumps up!!!

Edmund Meinerts2013-10-11 23:55:31
I heard it today as well, and I'd like to give three thumps onto Mr. Jablonsky's head for writing such a meh score. And it started out so promisingly with the opening cue too...

MrZimmerFan2013-10-12 00:06:08
Not bad, not best, not meh, i like it, not the best of Jablonsky: 3'5/5

Macejko2013-10-12 12:44:07
Yeah, pretty mediocre score in my opinion. It has only one great cue ("The Battle Room"), and the rest is pretty usual RCP stuff with many Transformers resemblances. What a shame, it had a great potential.

Edmund Meinerts2013-10-12 13:21:08
"Ender's War" and "The Battle Room" are the best cues. I don't really mind the Transformers similarities, but it doesn't have the memorable themes of Transformers at all. And at no point does it get under the skin of the Ender character. It doesn't even try. It's a purely surface level score with no depth to it whatsoever, and that kind of approach is fine for Transformers where there is no character development to address in the first place. But Ender's Game is a very different kind of story. Say what you want about Horner and originality, at least he would have tried to address Ender's CHARACTER.

Ds2013-10-12 13:23:12
Agree with Macejko and Edmund, i'm really disappointed. This is basically between TF3 and Battleship, but much closer to Battleship and without any fun. Some tracks look like they were actually ripped straight from Battleship. This is a boring generic action/suspense score, Jablonsky could've done so much better. But i won't blame him, maybe it's just what the producers asked for.

trent easton navarro2013-10-12 13:59:26
Jablonsky is kinda hit and miss with me. Loved The Island, Transformers and Pain & Gain, hated Battleship and Gangster Squad left me indifferent. Hope to give this one a listen today. I am still disappointed that Horner didn't score this one though. Second time this year Jablonsky replaced a far more original choice of composer.

Macejko2013-10-12 14:07:38
I'm surprised that they didn't approach Clint Mansell with this. I haven't read the book, but for all I know about it's plot and overall style, it would be a perfect match for him.

Pierre2013-10-12 19:57:09
Haha. The Battle Room. Ender's Game of Thrones.

Andy reply Replies: 0 || 2013-10-12 07:20:41
I have it since Wednesday!... And I love it! Great guests from a great composer... Thank you Steve Jablonsky. For this beautiful, epic and atmospheric score!

T-Mann036 reply Replies: 0 || 2013-10-12 00:35:25
Best soundtrack since New Line Cinema/Warner Bros. Pictures' A Nightmare on Elm Street!

isildur reply Replies: 1 || 2013-10-10 20:01:05
When is it going to release?

MacArthur2013-10-10 20:04:07
October 22

MrZimmerFan reply Replies: 0 || 2013-10-08 19:45:35
Happy Birthday!

Phil reply Replies: 0 || 2013-10-08 19:35:27
Happy Birthday Steve! :)

Evenstar reply Replies: 0 || 2013-10-08 19:01:00
Happy Birthday, Steve!

Andy reply Replies: 0 || 2013-10-04 22:16:24
Great Score!

I Love it... can not wait to hear it complete!!!

MrZimmerFan reply Replies: 13 || 2013-09-30 21:10:18
Samples from Ender's Game (OMG)

h t t p: // --Das-gro--e-Spiel--Steve-Jablonsky-.html/XTCsid/penjpchutnk postj8ro0a8g4h3

My favorites for now: The Battle Room, Salamander Battle, Dragon Army, Ender's War, Mazer Rackham, Ender's Promise.

eXe2013-09-30 21:23:30
Here u go a shorter link:
It sounds epic!

Evenstar2013-09-30 21:40:50
damn this score sounds awesome! Like a mix of Transformers, The Island and Battleship. Very well done!

MrZimmerFan2013-09-30 21:45:03

I not noted anything about Battleship in this samples, and i think is very cool

Evenstar2013-09-30 22:01:30
"Mind Game part 2" and "Bonzo" sounds a bit like Battleship to me ;)

Ds2013-09-30 22:25:47
The Battle Room reminds me of the Game of Thrones main theme!

This score looks on par with the 1st TF: great :-)

MrZimmerFan2013-09-30 22:29:43
Me too, Ds!

Macejko2013-09-30 22:58:02
I listened to "The Battle Room" sample. Two notes:
1) It sounds wonderful.
2) If Ds hadn't written that it reminds him of GoT theme, I would probably never notice that. And I'm the guy who considers Game of Thrones scores to be the soundtracks of my life :)

al bundy2013-09-30 23:20:07
wow "Battle Room" sounds indeed like Game of Thrones... thanks Ds, wouldn't have noticed it as well :D

Brent2013-10-01 01:30:55
I am pleasantly surprised by this. Jablonsky, plus Powell and Gregson-Williams, is one of my favorites out of the Zimmer camp. This sounds like a genuine good time.

Hybrid Soldier2013-10-03 23:25:40
Where some people hear Game of Throne, I say, you haven't heard Jablonsky enough. It's total Nightmare on Elm Street ! ;)

MrZimmerFan2013-10-03 23:45:08
Well, Hybrid, i think is same solo ;)

MrZimmerFan2013-10-04 15:33:46
And also, i love A Nightmare on Elm Street!, one of my favorites

Anon2013-10-04 21:55:58
On an orchestral level, I wish they had kept with Horner, but I do quite like Jablonsky's scores for their electronics (he always has some great programming going on). Samples certainly make me want to check it out for the later than the former, but at least the former is better than some of his previous work.

JamesT reply Replies: 28 || 2013-10-01 04:54:17
Very impressed with the clips -- this sounds to be one of Jablonsky's best in my book. Love the theme and the variations. Excited!

JamesT2013-10-01 04:55:10
Wonder if Varese will go early with a digital release?

MacArthur2013-10-01 06:48:35
In your opinion do you think that this is better than Transformers 1

Phil B2013-10-01 09:00:14
woow, this is so epic!


Pierre2013-10-01 20:44:40
To be honest I think this is terrible. I have never heard a good score from Jablonsky yet. There are a few tracks here and there in Transformers which aren't so bad, but generally never outstanding. He doesn't orchestrate well, his harmonic writing is hopelessly generic and predictable, same goes for his melodies. Rhythmically he is very monotonous, endless 4/4 rhythms with no expression or rubato. There is no sense of structure, just a wall of ostinatos, basic major/minor progressions, and simplistic melodies in low brass and choir. How people enjoy listening to him or directors keep hiring him is beyond me.

Ender's Game is even worse than Transformers from the sounds. There are no memorable motifs, and that theme from the Salamander track is just irritating, with the endlessly monotonous 3 note motif that plays over and over and then goes up a minor third to sound "epic".

Terrible terrible music. A great story like Ender's Game deserved better. So sad that James Horner (a talented guy who can actually compose, and come up with something fresh and picture-specific) was replaced. I guess that's representative of the state of film scoring today.

Hybrid Soldier2013-10-01 20:46:33
Your opinion was valid until you stated that Horner could do "fresh & picture-specitif"... lol

MrZimmerFan2013-10-01 20:52:44
Horner has no replanced, never been hired for this, people dosen't matter.

Pierre2013-10-01 21:05:06
I stand by what I said. Listen to the Spiderman. It doesn't sound like any other Horner, or any other score. Completely fresh sound, with loads of interesting instrumentation and sounds. Likewise Titanic, Braveheart, A Beautiful Mind, Patriot Games, Avatar. I can listen to a cue and tell you what score they're from. People complain about JH reusing some themes from other scores. Yeah I get it. It's annoying. But I think it's much worse to have all your scores sound indiscernible from each other with the same droning soundscape.

Phil2013-10-01 21:13:31
Steve Jablonsky is a master in what he is doing!
it's quite disrespectful what you say about him here
i think he did a really great job on Ender's Game

MacArthur2013-10-01 21:33:50
Never was a huge Horner fan. Though his American Tail scores where good I love those and his star trek scores where great. didn't like Titanic or Braveheart. His Spider-man score was ok didn't care for it to much. to me it kinda sounded to classical. (Like what John Williams is doing now) Haven't care for his recent scores. (Aside from war horse).

Edmund Meinerts2013-10-01 21:50:26
@MacArthur, why the hell is it a problem if a score sounds "too classical"? What does that even mean? There were tons of electronics in The Amazing Spider-Man.

@Pierre, you should give Jablonsky's Steamboy score a listen. Very different and easily superior to anything else he's done, a whole lot more interesting rhythmically and orchestrally. It's actually one of my favorite scores. I agree with some of your points, but while Jablonsky can be very predictable and simplistic at times, he can also write some really enjoyable music within that particular mold, and he's got a good thematic sense (when he's allowed to use it, which has been not very often lately).

@Phil, nice lame knee-jerk reaction. A lot of Pierre's points are valid. And how do you defend Jablonsky's work on Ender's Game without having heard more than the samples?

Phil2013-10-01 22:02:10
for me 1min. of each song was enougj to decide to buy this score! i mean it's definitely my taste of music Jablonsky did on this!
love those simple powerful sounds
just my point of view

Macejko2013-10-01 22:41:07
I have nothing against Horner, but it fascinates me how someone could use word "fresh" in the same sentence as his name. The man rips himself off everytime he has a chance (I've heard his "danger theme" more times than I've heard my national anthem).

Pierre2013-10-01 23:07:30
@MacArthur I have no idea what you mean by "too classical". I assume you mean classical in the broad sense of the word, and not the strict sense, ie mozart/haydn etc. And Spiderman? Really? Because it used a solo trumpet for the main theme, and not 12 french horns and synthy-sounding choir blasting away in unison?

If you say "as John Williams' latest have been" but then qualify that with "apart from War Horse" you're left with Tintin, which has a jazz influence, and Lincoln, which is Americana. Of the three War Horse is the one in a "classical" or more strictly speaking, late romantic idiom.

MacArthur2013-10-01 23:28:19
I'm talking 20th Century style music, Polyphonic music makes me sick. I like Tintin's score. What I'm trying to say is that a lot of his scores are chaotic. in terms of the flutes that lead to nowhere. they just play from the top of the scale and then, come down to basically nothing. (I'm Generally referring to scores like Harry Potter or War of the Worlds and some of his others that I know of). Not of Mozart/Haydn I'm Talking Stravinsky/Bartok. Make sense.

Edmund Meinerts2013-10-01 23:49:32
"Polyphonic music makes me sick" "I like Tintin's score"

I'm surprised enough you know the word "polyphonic" but you clearly have no clue what it actually means because those two statements are completely incompatible. And what is wrong with polyphonic writing? I guess it's just too complex for ears bred on Zimmer. :p

On one point I will agree with you and that's the fact that Williams' action music of the last decade or so has occasionally been rather directionless and chaotic. But that has nothing to do with whether it's polyphonic or not.

MacArthur2013-10-02 00:09:42
Polyphonic to me is to chaotic, and how are the two statements incompatible cause you haven't told me why they are "Incompatible". Some of the stuff in Tintin is not Polyphonic (Like the track "Sir Francis and the Unicorn" great action in that track and not polyphonic).

And Edmund Listen too Finale From Harry Potter 3 the first 2 minutes are horrible. but the last 1:30 is amazing!

Mike2013-10-02 00:14:46
John Williams is a god. The end.

In all seriousness, though, I will concede that some of his action material is uninspiring.

Edmund Meinerts2013-10-02 00:21:04
They're incompatible because Tintin, like practically every John Williams score, is absolutely chock full of polyphonic writing. "The Adventure Continues" is practically a fugue for crying out loud and it don't get more polyphonic than that!

Again I fail to see how "polyphonic" and "chaotic" are the same thing...and I fail to see how the first two minutes of that Harry Potter clip are "horrible". Very complex, a little dissonant and without an obvious rhythmic core...I'll admit it's rather challenging and, as I said before, directionless. But certainly not horrible. "Planet G" and "Full Attack" from Battleship are horrible. The score to The Social Network is horrible. This is not.

Mike2013-10-02 00:26:15
"Full Attack" made my ears bleed.

MacArthur2013-10-02 00:46:59
Agreed about the Social network YUkkkk! Horrible. Inception should have won that year shows hollywood can't rate scores right. Anyway I get what you are saying to me it kinda sounds chaotic and doesn't lead anywhere. and my bad it's not horrible that was just my way off saying I don't care for it to much. and that's not saying I don't like John williams scores. I just think his older ones have more direction (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, The Cowboys, etc.) they have more of a melody throughout the score and follow some sort of pattern. you follow me.

btw. I do mean Horrible with the social network ;)

Edmund Meinerts2013-10-02 00:56:18
Inception? Hell no! That should have been Powell's Oscar.

MacArthur2013-10-02 01:39:39
Yeah one of those 2 should have won. (I'm guessing you mean How to Train Your Dragon). Yeah that one could have won to both of those are really good

Phil2013-10-02 13:11:32
they're all awesome composers!
otherwise they wouldn't write music for Hollywood films
it's just everyone's different taste of music
respect that!

Pierre2013-10-02 13:52:30
MacArthur you obviously don't know anything about music. Sir Francis and the Unicorn IS polyphonic. Listen to the passage at 2.55 where the two motifs play against each other. The remainder of the track has loads of ideas combining and colliding polyphonically. And thank you for pointing out the Finale from Prisoner of Azkaban, which is a stupendously beautiful, emotional, dramatic piece of music from beginning to end.

Edmund, The Adventure Continues isn't a very good example, it's certainly nothing like a fugue, and has very little polyphony or counterpoint for that matter. It's mostly a single melody accompanied by chords. But what wonderful inventive harmonic twists and turns and rhythms! Great piece.

Edmund Meinerts2013-10-02 15:19:26
Yeah, you're right. I think I got the words "fugue" and "scherzo" mixed up in my brain somehow. There is a bit of call-and-response type stuff in that cue though, and the way the different strings finish each others' phrases, that's what I was referring to. It's been a few years since my high school music days... ^^

But at least I know what polyphony means, unlike our friend the general.

MacArthur2013-10-02 17:25:30
Pierre I do know stuff about music I take classes on it. But you may be right. polyphonic was the way I was trying to say it sounds like modern classical music (Which doesn't lead anywhere; no resolve). And the section that I really like in Sir Francis and the Unicorn which is not Chaotic (Or like Modern Classical) 2:15 to the end of it and Agreed it is polyphonic but this leads to somewhere whereas in war of the worlds it really leads to nowhere.

Thomas2013-10-03 11:44:51
What are u even talking about?

MacArthur2013-10-03 17:20:28
Read the Conversation

kara reply Replies: 2 || 2013-10-02 02:01:15
you people do realize that steve has to write/compose what ever the composer/produser wants right? Its not as if they say, hey do what every you want, we will make it work. If composer is allowed creative freedom then you can see the composers work, but allot of time they just temp the music to what they want. Have you forgotten, wolverine by harry, you honestly think that the cd is the best he can do, the movies was temped to rambo, transformers mostly, and he had to mimic that, same with zimmers pirates 4, how can he write when all they want is temp/old rehash.

Dont blame the composer as in they cant write, Steve has allready proven that he can write great music if you let him. The latest gow was not good in my opinion, but that dosent mean he cant compose, he did what was asked of him.

MacArthur2013-10-02 06:32:53
Funny I think full attack and planet G are good rhythmic songs. I kinda like those. But that's just me.

Phil2013-10-02 13:10:04
they are all awesome composers! otherwise they wouldn't compose for Hollywood!
it's just everyone's different taste of music
respect that

Phil reply Replies: 9 || 2013-09-25 11:37:42
think this will be a very epic score ;)

0-cool2013-09-25 12:21:01
I think Zimmer worked on this one. Hybrid won't confirm but I'm sure it's this movie where he helped out :)

Phil2013-09-25 14:26:02
would be great news :)

Hybrid Soldier2013-09-25 14:40:25
I don't know where you got your information but he did not.

MrZimmerFan2013-09-25 14:45:14
Hybrid, are you listen some samples from the score?

0-cool2013-09-25 18:55:28
Captain Philips then

Hybrid Soldier2013-09-25 19:01:15
Be careful with the undocumented rumors you might read at f*cking Filmtracks ! ;)

Edmund Meinerts2013-09-25 23:56:22
The guy who mentioned that "undocumented rumor" is a bit of an insider, like yourself Hybrid, so I trust it. He did say he has it from Hans himself. And Ender's Game does seem like the most likely candidate (it wouldn't be the first time, see Iron Man, TF2, Armageddon etc.). So maybe it's just possible that you haven't heard this particular tidbit of information yet? ;)

Hybrid Soldier2013-09-25 23:59:53
Pawel, an insider ?

Who do you think he gets most of his information from ? ;)

MacArthur2013-09-26 00:01:19
Who exactly Is this insider.

Edmund Meinerts reply Replies: 9 || 2013-09-22 18:40:29
Am I the only one in the world who hopes this sounds like Steamboy?

Probably, because there is exactly as much hope of this sounding like Steamboy as there is of Ennio Morricone doing Avengers 2. The best I can hope for is Transformers 1, and not Battleship/Pain and Gain.

MrZimmerFan2013-09-22 18:53:53
Well, i think something like Transformers style fit in this, not a Battleship or Pain & Gain.

Drunkenmunkey2013-09-22 19:03:14
I want to see something like a mix of transformers and a touch of battleship. Anyways I have faith

Edmund Meinerts2013-09-22 22:17:47
No! No touches of Battleship. >:(


Brent2013-09-22 23:23:55
I do agree that the Battleship score as a whole was very underwhelming (too much sound fx). However, you have to admit "Transmission" and "The Art of War" were pretty awesome! If this has a slight touch of Battleship, I'll be fine with it. I do wish Steve would go back to the first Transformers sound, though.

MacArthur2013-09-23 01:27:55
The Second Transformers wasn't bad either

Brent2013-09-23 05:31:03
^It wasn't bad, but it was the weakest of the trilogy IMO. It'll be interesting how Age of Extinction sounds.

MacArthur2013-09-23 06:14:20
Wow if that was the weakest that's good cause I love that one now granted the 1st one is better. but the first score that got me into Steve Jablonsky was transformers 2

Ds2013-09-23 11:28:53
TF2 has maybe the weakest album release of the trilogy, but i think the actual score is maybe the best of the three!

MrZimmerFan2013-09-23 11:38:54
-TF 1
-TF 3
-TF 2

Macejko reply Replies: 9 || 2013-09-21 18:04:14
I would be careful with this one. Jablonsky's recent scores were awful. I hope this will be purely orchestral, not some electro-techno-bullshit. Steve really needs to get back to his roots.

Prime2013-09-21 18:38:41
Disagree ;)

MacArthur2013-09-21 21:20:36
Yep I disagree too Transformers wasn't bad at all

Macejko2013-09-21 21:42:06
Transformers isn't a recent score. I was referring to Battleship, Gangster Squad and Pain and Gain. Transformers 3 and Your Highness were his last good scores.

Hybrid Soldier2013-09-21 22:46:57
Pain & Gain a bad score ? Are you serious ?

Macejko2013-09-21 23:15:21
Well, that one is tricky for me. I didn't actually listen to it separately, but I saw the movie, and - as I always do - I paid attention to the music. Result? I couldn't notice a single theme or even separate the score from the pop-songs.

Prime2013-09-21 23:40:36
"Electro-techno" that's why i keep listening to Jablonsky all time!! and Battleship and Pain &Gain is so great and good as TSF, for me Steve is "TSF, Batleship & POP" ;) electro-orchestral

MrZimmerFan2013-09-22 00:35:38
Macjeko don't think well, about Jablonsky, Gangster Squad is a entertaing score, Battleship has a great action moments and Pain & Gain works very well in the movie

MacArthur2013-09-22 02:32:03
I thought Battleship was good.

Ronald2013-09-22 02:36:24
Can't wait.... ;) ;)

Mike reply Replies: 0 || 2013-09-21 18:44:07
Here's to hoping it's not another Battleship. :)

cody reply Replies: 1 || 2013-09-21 16:20:35
love what they chose for cover art the Lens flare looks awesome, also cannot wait to hear what Steve Jablonsly came up with for this :D :D

cody2013-09-21 16:21:24

Felix reply Replies: 0 || 2013-09-21 11:57:59
can't wait for it!!!

Ds reply Replies: 0 || 2013-09-21 11:46:42
Oh yeah! Impatient to hear it.

MrZimmerFan reply Replies: 0 || 2013-09-21 10:56:39
This promising

Adriaan reply Replies: 0 || 2013-09-21 09:25:24

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