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ThxSeville, The Bait, Ambrose Welcomes Nyah, Chimera Myth, Beach Fight, Ambrose Dies.Can we stop? I agree with the other guy more in his points, but it's clear that this is gonna keep going nowhere if you're gonna be so overly defensive about something that you claim is merely subjective.But here we are, calling dog-humping, Decepticon testicles, and mommy-on-pot-brownies "challenging the viewer."<br>======================<br><br><br>Why do Bay naysayers pretend that Bay only directs TF movies? It's very interesting...... Pretty much all complaints against Bay are connected to the TF movies.<br><br>Newsflash: Bay was a proven and very successful action filmmaker wayyyyyyyyyyyyy before TF1. <br><br>So no, "challenging the viewer" is not about Transformers. You chose to focus on these movies. Not me. I was actually reffering to Bay movies like The Island and especially Pain and Gain. <br><br>But I guess you like to talk only about Transformers.....Good for you. But that's not how a discussion works. <br><br><br>===================<br>Instead of accepting that your love of Bay is nothing more than a opinion, just as my claim that he misses the point of what makes action movies fun is, you turn into an overly-defensive nut, desperately quoting every opinion piece under the sun to pretend your opinion is some statistically-backed fact. I've seen you do this every time someone talks shit about Bay around here. It's psychotic.<br>===================<br><br><br>So let me get this straight: trying to be as objective as possible, in a non-threating way, quoting people who actually know what they're talking about and certainly not treating my opinion as fact, makes me......psychotic? <br><br>Wow! Just wow!<br><br>Next time, I'll just act like a complete jerk, insulting everyone and everything. For you, that is apparently the normal behavior.<br><br><br>======<br>Bad movies make money. Everyone knows that, and everyone knows that's not proof of quality.<br>=======<br><br>Reviews, RT scores, and crappy film blog "think pieces" are also not proof of quality. Also, a "bad" movie to you is the greatest movie for the guy walking next to you on the street. As Kevin Smith said: "Every movie is someone's favorite movie". <br><br>Let's try to keep that in mind.<br><br><br>============<br>That's not just a domestic bomb, that's a bomb altogether.<br>============<br><br>Really?<br><br>Then what do you have to say about Pacific Rim 1. I present to you.......the pure numbers:<br><br>Budget: $200 million. And that doesn't include the marketing cost.<br>Worldwide gross: $411,002,906<br><br>So that flick, according to you, turned a profit.......but TLK - budget of also $200 million and with a worldwide gross of $605 a bomb?<br><br>Wow!!Yeah lol back then only Harold was confirmed.
Can you tell me a names of cues, that was been on Klaus website?Formality indeed. Complicated ! lol<br><br>You can bet Blake Neely didn't need anyone to "write" those 10 seconds !! lolI always found these credits to be a bit confusing. Klaus Badelt is credited on almost every cue, even when his themes don't appear and another additional composer is credited as well. I thought maybe it was just a formality that Zimmer and Badelt were credited everywhere (I mean, how much could they be involved on a cue like "Welcome to the Caribbean"?), but then "No real ship" and "Sword Fight Pt. 2" have no Badelt for some reason. Does someone know a bit more about this?well the composer confirmed he is working on it to be released very soon<br>"It's funny tho......people always complain how Hollywood plays it safe and how movies don't take chances..........but when a movie with tonal shifts that challenge the viewer and offer something bold shows up, people bitch and complain."<br><br>I didn't think it was possible for a Bay fan of all people to be this insufferably pretentious.<br><br>I thought that was more Snyder fanboy territory.<br><br>But here we are, calling dog-humping, Decepticon testicles, and mommy-on-pot-brownies "challenging the viewer."<br><br>Kudos, man.  Kudos.<br><br>You can hide behind however many fallacies you want.  If "Not to me" and "You do you" didn't give it away early on in this thread, I DIDN'T try to treat my opinions as fact.<br><br>But that doesn't mean I'm going to add a little "IMO" at the end of every goddamn sentence just to coddle you. <br><br>On the flip-side, consistently making appeals to authority and popularity, "B-b-but Spielberg said!", "B-b-but the Forbes poll said!" don't make you objective.<br><br>Y'know, it's funny.  When I listed off better blockbuster examples, you could've very easily just argued against them on the level of the films themselves, and everything would've been fine.<br><br>Sure, you would've just claimed you can't see the action at night sooner, which is rich when you praise the film series that puts the subjects of its action scenes OUT OF FOCUS every other shot, but hey, that's just honest opinions versus honest opinions.<br><br>But using two belated half-assed sequels from different, less talented directors that lost most of the appeal of the first movies, as some sorta litmus test for how well-liked the first movies were, is the biggest bunch of bullshit I've ever heard.  That's not objectivity, that's not even confusing correlation with causation, that's saying 1+2=4.<br><br>That's the real joke here.  Instead of accepting that your love of Bay is nothing more than a opinion, just as my claim that he misses the point of what makes action movies fun is, you turn into an overly-defensive nut, desperately quoting every opinion piece under the sun to pretend your opinion is some statistically-backed fact.  I've seen you do this every time someone talks shit about Bay around here.  It's psychotic.<br><br>Bad movies make money.  Everyone knows that, and everyone knows that's not proof of quality.  But if that's the kinda road you wanna go down, I guess movies like Avatar, The Force Awakens, or all the Avengers movies, are "objectively" better movies in every conceivable way than anything Bay has made in his entire career.  I mean, CLEARLY those films must have a bolder style and push more boundaries.<br><br>Why else would more people watch and rewatch them, right?<br><br>Reasonable causation is for those goshdarn geek journos.<br><br>And by the way, The Last Knight lost money.  Period.  Almost 100M according to Paramount themselves.<br><br>That's not just a domestic bomb, that's a bomb altogether.<br><br>Have a nice day.
Siding with the guy that lied through his teeth to feign objectivity seems like a bad call.<br>==================<br><br>Kinda ironic, coming from you....but I'll take it as a compliment. Thank you! <br><br>And yes, he sides with me because what I say is common sense. For whatever reason, you have these strong negative feelings toward Bay films and those feelings blind you to some pretty obvious truths. <br><br>Have to say tho - for a 'hater' you sure know A LOT about him, his style and his movies. <br><br>Just admit it - you are a huge Bay fan but you just want to score some points with the snobbish internet crowd. <br><br><br><br>============<br>In any case, modern Bay and Snyder don't deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Fury Road.<br>============<br><br>Oh, you're one of THOSE people......"Fury Roaaaaaaaaad is DA BEST FILM EVAAAAAAAA".<br><br>Let me guess: you also think that Nolan is the greatest director/person of all time. On par with Jesus himself. <br><br><br><br>==========<br>What DOES matter is scripts with razor focus, sharp pacing, witty and/or charming humor (if it wants humor, that is), and characters likable enough to carry us through the narrative.<br>==========<br><br>Which is what Transformers 1 is. <br><br>Which is why the movie connected with audiences. It was - at its heart - a story about a boy and his car. Even the most jaded critics enjoyed that aspect.<br><br><br>=============<br>And again, the likes of Pacific Rim, or 300, or the first Pirates of the Caribbean, or the first Kingsmen, or John Wick, or most Guy Ritchie films, or the better fourth of superhero films, illustrate that Bay and Snyder have no excuse.<br>=============<br><br>Excuse? For what?<br><br>My friend, you do realize that Bay in particular is one of the most powerful and successful filmmakers of all time, right? He is the second highest-grossing director of all time (domestically), only behind Spielberg. You can dismiss box office success all you want but you don't get to where Bay is if you're not good at your job. <br><br>Snyder is nowhere near Bay, in terms of success and influence. Personally, I don't care much about him. <br><br><br>P.S. Guy Ritchie (and Edgar Wright) are huge Bay fans. Ask yourself why. <br><br><br>===============<br>They just aren't very good filmmakers on the whole<br>===============<br><br>Your opinion.<br><br>I disagree.Bay walks the lines between being self-serious and comical, but his films aren't well=written enough to serve the former, or witty enough to serve the latter, and the end-result is droll and annoying.<br>====================<br><br>You sure you're not a "writer" for one of those ridiculous geek sites like Collider, Screen Rant or Slash Film? Because you sound a lot like one of those "beloved" writers. <br><br>Anyway......Yes, Bay's movies always walk that line but whether that works or not is........Yes! a matter of opinion. For me, Pain and Gain is one of the best modern satires while for you it is - I'm guessing - "droll and annoying".<br><br>It's funny tho......people always complain how Hollywood plays it safe and how movies don't take chances..........but when a movie with tonal shifts that challenge the viewer and offer something bold shows up, people bitch and complain. <br><br>Some of you folks are indeed very hard to please. <br><br><br>===============<br>The first POTC earns it. The Bad Boys 2 doesn't. Infinity War earns it. TF 1/2/3/4/5 doesn't.<br>==============<br><br>Okay, now that statement is the best joke of the year! Thank you for the good laugh! Really! Oh, and I've definitely argued with you before, my friend. You are clearly one of those ten Bay haters from the IMDb forums who claim to hate everything the man does, yet they have seen EVERYTHING he had done. Why is that, I wonder?<br><br><br>===========<br>Fitting, as Synder and Bay are cut from a very similar cloth. Difference is, unless we're talking Man of Steel, I'd sooner rely on Snyder for consistently good action sequences<br>===========<br><br>Well, I would trust Spielberg on this. Because it was Spielberg who said, and I quote: "Michael (Bay) is one of the greatest action directors. He has the best eye in Hollywood." Spielberg works with a lot of directors. But he never said anything like that about any other director. So clearly he means what he says about Bay. know......unlike most people, Speilberg actually knows a thing or two about filmmaking. <br><br><br>================<br>300 didn't try to start a franchise. It was a one-off adaptation of a graphic novel in the same vein as Sin City, and was successful. They tried to make a cash-grab sequel almost a decade later, without Snyder, and it failed. That's hardly the first film's fault.<br>================<br><br>It is a clear proof that people weren't that excited to visit this world again. And mind you, that happened with the first sequel! Talk about a one-time thing, huh?<br><br>At the same time, Bay made FOUR Transformers movies - with different casts - before there were any signs of audience fatigue. <br><br>That speaks for itself.<br><br>===========<br>Pacific Rim suffered from lackluster marketing, and yet still managed to turn a profit and attract a strong following.<br>==========<br><br>Excuses, excuses, excuses.....So you can display all the excuses in the world for Pac Rim but when it comes to Transformers, you don't accept anything. <br><br>Double standard much?<br><br>P.S. That "strong following" is on the internet. The same following that was supposed to make Scott Pillgrim a huge hit. Everyone knows that internet hype is not real-world hype. I know very well the type of people who act as if Pac Rim is the best thing since sliced bread. Total geeks who are angry that Transformers is much more popular and much more successful than Del Toro's "let's shoot all the robot fights in pitch black so audiences can't see shit" movie.  <br><br>Also, let's not pretend that Pac Rim is a universally beloved film. You know very well that there are A LOT of detractors as well. That's what you get when people can't tell what's going on during the movie because you shot it all at night. Just like that Godzilla movie. <br><br><br>============<br>Versus something like Transformers, which has piggybacked on an established IP, relentless marketing campaigns and tie-ins, and a fairly consistent release schedule. And even then, recycling the same bullshit eventually took its toll.<br>============<br><br><br>Wrong.<br><br>Do you read Forbes? You should. Because it's a place where objective people write. It ain't a stupid militant film geek site like Ain't it Cool News or Screen Rant.<br><br>Forbes published multiple articles explaining in great detail why the Transformers movies were successful EXACTLY because they were directed by Bay. Whether you like it or not, my friend, Bay is a brand. He is an auteur. There were multiple polls before the first two Transformers movies and Bay being the director was one of the main reasons for people to watch the movies. <br><br>But I guess you missed all of that, huh?<br><br>How convenient.<br><br><br>==============<br>Friendly reminder that AoE also relied on China (more pathetically then even Pacific Rim did) to compensate for diminishing domestic returns. To say nothing of TLK outright bombing.<br>==============<br><br>First: according to ACTUAL real data, the only TF movie that was saved by China is.......Bumblebee! Yeah, you better believe it. Go to Deadline and Forbes and read it for yourself.<br><br>Second: TLK bombed domestically, yes. <br>But not internationally. No one with actual knowledge of the situation refers to that movie as an international "bomb". Besides, there were 4 super successful TF movies before TLK. So Bay got nothing to prove. He already created one of the biggfest film franchises in history. <br><br>How many directors can say that?<br><br><br><br>==================<br>I know you like debunking Bay naysayers with "facts and logic," but it helps to not be grossly disingenuous while doing it<br>==================<br><br><br>Goes both ways, my friend. But unlike most naysayers, I don't treat my own personal opinions as facts. And if I'm being "disingenuous" then I don't even know what to say about some Bay haters who refuse to accept even the most obvious facts and truths.nopeYou realize there is a very easy and free method to get the music from that site, dont you?Random thought but this got me thinking about Zanelli's history with fantasy.<br><br>Whatever happened to his score for Delgo?  I know it's been accused of being super derivative of his other works anyways but still, it's weird to see a RCP score just drop off the face of the Earth like that.
There's just something really charming about seeing a prototype for a famous future theme showing up in an old score.<br><br>Or in PotC's case, SCORES.The only ones I've seen properly confirmed are the cues Badelt had listed on his website. The issue with everything else is that there's certain themes that's been associated with certain people, but aren't credited for every appearance. Not to mention that I've never really seen much official credits elsewhere, so I take any that I've seen with a grain of salt.This comment was made before that was properly confirmed, so he was likely going to do it solo at the time.I thought Hans was collaborating with Faltermayer For Top Gun 2From both ASCAP and GEMA

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Hans ZimmerGeoff ZanelliRupert Gregson-WilliamsLorne Balfe
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicAdditional Music
The Lone Ranger
Label: Walt Disney Records / Intrada
Length: 49'36 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (19459 votes)
  1. Never Take Off The Mask (1:08)
  2. Absurdity (4:58)
  3. Silver (4:00)
  4. Ride (4:17)
  5. You've Looked Better (3:09)
  6. Red's Theater Of The Absurd - Pokey LaFarge & The South City Three (3:02)
  7. The Railroad Waits For No One (3:09)
  8. You're Just A Man In A Mask (4:14)
  9. For God And For Country (4:53)
  10. Finale (9:51)
  11. Home (6:55)
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Felix reply Replies: 3 || 2013-06-24 22:48:48
we can listen to some music:

http: // en-in-lone-ranger-122949

Meta2013-06-25 03:34:22
The music specifically during the scene with the mask sounds very similar to Rango/Broken Arrow. I also understand Zimmer will be using some of the percussion instruments from Sherlock Holmes as well...

Prott2013-06-25 12:20:23
To me it actually sounds much more similar to AwE than Rango or Broken Arrow - and that's really not a bad thing! :)

Meta2013-06-26 08:21:34
The arrested clip of the film floating around has a score that is very reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes...

Kaya reply Replies: 3 || 2013-06-25 20:21:01
Very small taste on the official site.

http: //

Tonto2013-06-25 20:58:16
I like what I hear. I clicked the "music" link thinking it would take me to the film's score along with samples but NOPE. Just fucking Disney trying to make as much money as they can. I present: "Music Inspired By":

1.) Ben Kweller, "Holy Water"
2.) Grace Potter and The Nocturnals, "Devil's Train"
3.) Shane MacGowan, "Poor Paddy on the Railway"
4.) Pete Molinari, "So Long Gone"
5.) Sara Watkins, "Central and Union"
6.) The White Buffalo, "The American Dream"
7.) Dave Alvin, "Lonesome Whistle"
8.) Iggy Pop, "Sweet Betsy from Pike"
9.) Iron and Wine, "Rattling Bone"
10.) The Rubens, "Cowboy"
11.) Lucinda Williams, "Everything but the Truth"
12.) The Aggrolites, "The Truth Lives On"
13.) Gomez, "Butch's Ballad"
14.) John Grant, "Saddle the Wind"

Dimitris Krommidas2013-06-25 22:26:01
They will put the score album on the official site once the sambles will be releast.

meta2013-06-26 07:19:11
Well they better hurry up with those samples cuz the score is coming out on Tuesday....

Mike reply Replies: 2 || 2013-06-23 02:31:39
Hybrid, do you know if this score was at all like Curse of the Black Pearl (that is, rushed schedule where Hans writes some demo themes and everyone goes to work to quickly arrange it for the film)?

Mike2013-06-23 02:32:05
arrange them*

lp2013-06-25 23:26:37
The score wasn't rushed. Though Hans was not a part of production like he was with MOS.

Dimitris Krommidas reply Replies: 0 || 2013-06-25 22:25:17
They will put the score album on the official site once the sambles will be releast.

aldan reply Replies: 3 || 2013-06-23 06:55:34
music in this clip

h t t p://

well, it tends to be POTC-esque, which is more orchestratic, which ultimately means, gonna be great....

Edmund Meinerts2013-06-23 10:30:52
"orchestratic"? :D

Meta2013-06-23 17:04:25

The proper term is "orchestrategic"

Edmund Meinerts2013-06-24 22:54:33

anon reply Replies: 2 || 2013-06-24 02:33:45
Film Music Reporter says the digital release is set for June 25th via Amazon. Can anyone confirm?

meta2013-06-24 03:41:02
"The soundtrack will be released digitally on July 2, 2013 and is now available for pre-order on Amazon."

Are you sure you're reading the right entry? This is what they wrote...

anon2013-06-24 05:16:58
must have read an earlier entry then. Thanks!

Brent reply Replies: 3 || 2013-06-23 08:27:49
You can here some score material from the Lone Ranger premiere video.

youtube. com/watch?v=v4Z0ojv9Oy4

Brent2013-06-23 08:30:34
*Pirates + Sherlock Holmes + Rango = Lone Ranger

Ds2013-06-23 11:40:10
I was hoping for a more "old school western" sound, with guitars etc. This looks like another PotC. Wait and see, though.

0-cool2013-06-23 12:55:50
there's plenty of guitars.
I like the use of the Wilhelm Tell overture.
The score seems very enjoyable

Anonymous reply Replies: 13 || 2013-06-19 10:30:19
Tracklist is out!
1. Never Take Off the Mask (1:08)
2. Absurdity (4:58)
3. Silver (4:00)
4. Ride (4:17)
5. Youíve Looked Better (3:09)
6. Redís Theater of the Absurd Ė Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three (3:02)
7. The Railroad Waits for No One (3:09)
8. Youíre Just a Man in a Mask (4:14)
9. For God and for Country (4:53)
10. Finale (9:51)
11. Home (6:55)

Dimitris Krommidas2013-06-19 11:17:07
Mr Hybrid, is this the correct tracklist??

Antas, Webmaster2013-06-19 11:25:42
Yes, it's the official tracklist

Ds2013-06-19 11:50:23
Track lengths are satisfying :) i expect something very epic in "Finale" and "Home" :)

...2013-06-19 12:15:01
The last tracks look good, but 11 tracks seems to little.

Ds2013-06-19 13:16:32
Total time is 49'36", with exactly 46'34" of score. What i like is that the tracks are all pretty long, instead of the very short tracks of Pirates 4 or Rango.

Meta2013-06-20 18:58:29
6. Redís Theater of the Absurd Ė Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three (3:02)

Well...That's 3 minutes of score you can chip away, considering this is a song....

Ds2013-06-20 20:14:08
I took that into account, re-read my post :)

meta2013-06-21 06:43:25
i know you did...i made a rumination about it.

Disney cant go ONE Hans Zimmer OST without throwing a song in there....

Mike2013-06-21 07:29:49
Curse of the Black Pearl? That is just score, no remixes or songs. Dead Man's Chest had a remix, At World's End had a whole album of remixes, and On Stranger Tides was half remixes.

Dimitris Krommidas2013-06-21 11:58:32
At Worlds End, the score album, was great!!! the best of all 4!!!

Meta2013-06-21 17:24:28
So in other words, Disney has been sneaking songs into their Hans Zimmer soundtracks since Black Pearl...

Pirates 4 being the biggest culprit.

Richard2013-06-21 19:39:02
POTC 4 was the worst release ever. So glad for the Demo Score!

Cabox2013-06-23 02:57:25
I wonder when we'll hear some samples, digital release date is 10 days away

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2013-06-21 03:59:26
I hope this score is a good one!

Dimitris Krommidas reply Replies: 0 || 2013-06-19 21:30:58
Great Tracklist!!! "Finale" and "Home", running 9:51 and 6:55!!Absolutely epic and bombastic Hans Zimmer again!!

Brent reply Replies: 7 || 2013-06-18 21:59:17
Here is a short clip of the movie (fast forward toward the end). Included is a short snippet of Zimmer's score. fansites/BatFreak/news/?a=81817

Brent2013-06-18 22:00:08
OOPS! It's this one... :) fansites/nailbiter111/news/?a=81808

Ds2013-06-18 22:24:11
Okay this has definitely a PotC vibe, with a little bit of Rango at the end.

Dimitris Krommidas2013-06-18 23:13:13
Epic track!!!!!! Hans Zimmer!! God!!

Mike2013-06-18 23:37:39
Indeed, there is a "previous Verbinski" vibe to it. I'm looking forward to this score. I just wish we knew more about it!

Anonymous2013-06-19 02:29:23
Who wants to bet Zanelli composed some subthemes and arranged most of the cues? :P

Mike2013-06-19 02:30:27
I do. He had quite a hand in POTC and Rango. I doubt this will be different.

Meta2013-06-19 07:24:25
Sounds more like a mix between both Rango and Sherlock Holmes, to be honest....

Ds reply Replies: 7 || 2013-06-15 11:39:31
Any news? I heard the realease date for the physical album (handled by Intradata) was pushed back to July 23rd. But what about digitally?

Ds2013-06-18 00:05:39
The movie opens in 2 weeks. I really don't understand how there's still absolutely NOTHING about the score...

Mike2013-06-18 00:36:38
I agree! I don't suppose the score release is going to be pushed back, is it?

JamesT2013-06-18 00:38:15
Digital release is 6/25, I believe

Meta2013-06-18 06:38:50
Probably nothing about this score because Zimmer doesn't wanna take away from the Man of Steel Hype?

Dont know...

Hybrid Soldier2013-06-18 08:43:21
The Intrada release will be out in late July, maybe that's why...

Ds2013-06-18 10:00:32
Yeah but digitally it's still Disney, isn't it?

Anonymous2013-06-18 17:33:33
Yeah everybody is still talking about Man Of Steel. It's old new already. On to the Lone Ranger :)

Ds reply Replies: 2 || 2013-06-13 18:28:46
Another interview about The Lone Ranger: makes-the-man-of-steel-soar/?mod=WSJBlog

The way Hans Zimmer describes this score is really exciting! It's cool to get two BIG Zimmer scores nearly at the same time.

Brent2013-06-13 22:26:34
Okay, now I'm really interested in hearing Zimmer's "expanded" Overture.

...2013-06-14 00:28:27
My god, I want to hear this score!!!

Ds reply Replies: 0 || 2013-06-07 12:39:47
HZ interview with Collider, about The Lone Ranger:

"Lone Ranger, I finished yesterday. So Iím still reeling from it. Itís my friend Gore Verbinski. I have absolutely no perspective on it other than itís an honorable and honest piece of work. There are the comic books, and there are the Westerns, and those are what I grew up with. Itís a magnificent movie."

Full interview: rview/

Jasper reply Replies: 2 || 2013-05-23 12:13:35
So apparantly the score release will be done by Intrada, which is great news, seeing how Intrada releases are usually very well done!

h ttp://

Anonymous2013-05-23 15:09:12
Can't help but wonder if Disney is not confident about the score to press a CD at its own plants.

Brent2013-05-24 10:46:12
No, I doubt that's the reason. They did the same with Danny Elfman's Oz score.

... reply Replies: 0 || 2013-05-21 21:09:45
Is the music in trailer 4 composed by zimmer?

Brent reply Replies: 4 || 2013-05-16 06:22:11
This is a super (and I mean super) short snippet, but do you think this is from the official score?

  Your name :   

Please enter number: 1154 

Ds2013-05-16 12:38:58
Yeah i think it is :)

MrZimmerFan2013-05-16 13:46:10
Sounds Good

Mike2013-05-16 18:55:50
Indeed, I would guess it contains elements of the final score.

meta2013-05-16 19:09:44's got the that's a good start....

Anonymous reply Replies: 7 || 2013-05-13 23:42:24
When will we get a tracklist?

Ds2013-05-14 00:14:02
This is a very intriguing one, because actually we absolutely have NO clue how it'll sound. Western-like? I don't think so, Zimmer's already done that with Rango. Rock'n'roll? It's possible because Jack White was previously attached, maybe Verbinski wants to go that way. The first trailers were all rock-based.

I just hope this will be very different from PotC. Disney's marketing is trying so hard to link The Lone Ranger to the Pirates movies that i have to say i'm a bit worried for the soundtrack...

Mike2013-05-14 00:16:16
We don't know, strictly speaking, what Man of Steel will sound like either! It's the year of truly original Hans Zimmer scores!

Ds2013-05-14 00:20:19
Hum... for now we have 3 full tracks of Man of Steel + 1min of all the other ones. So we have at least a little idea of how it'll sound like :p

Hybrid Soldier2013-05-14 00:21:08
And from HZ, TLR won't sound anything like MOS either...

Mike2013-05-14 00:21:19
Hence the addition of the words, "strictly speaking". ;)

Mike2013-05-14 00:22:53
Wait a minute, Ds, what is the third track? I know we've heard DNA, Ignition, and then also the Trailer 3 music.

Ds2013-05-14 00:29:12
Yep. Hans said the track from trailer #3 was part of the score (the original piece is a bit longer). So basically we've heard 3 full tracks. Ok, 2.8 tracks, if you insist :p

Dimitris Krommidas reply Replies: 9 || 2013-04-30 09:44:13
The score for Pirates 4 was great and epic, in the film and in the album. As a fan of Hans Zimmer I love all his scores. He is my favorite composer with the best style in composition.No other has it. I believe that Pirates 4 score was an honor for the old themes and that was great. There is new themes, like Angelica, Blackbeard, The Spanish Empire and is all incredible work. Even the album for Pirates 4 with the so much negative reviews is good because Mr Zimmer wanted to make a different job on it from the other Pirates albums. All the tracks is great and some of them lenghty like "Mermaids"
Even the remixes is good, and I believed Mr Zimmer when he said, that the remixes works good with the tunes. Anyway, I appreciate Pirates 4 score. Sorry for my english. Greetings from Greece!! :)

Hybrid Soldier2013-04-30 09:48:04
Don't get me wrong, I like POTC 4 (despite the heavy temptrack problems). You can just feel while listening to it they didn't have (apart from Geoff's work, maybe) fun at all doing it... It sounds nothing like the previous entries...

It's hard to describe, just a feeling...

Mike2013-04-30 09:54:14
I can't deny I enjoy listening to POTC4. Angelica and Mermaids are both very good. Even the rehashed stuff like Palm Tree Escape is enjoyable, but that's because Pirates of the Caribbean music is good in and of itself, rehashed or not. But it's a shame that the final score had to turn out the way it did.

Dimitris Krommidas2013-04-30 10:41:08
Mr Hybrid Soldier I dont get you wrong. I appreciate all your comments and replies. I agree with you.

Edmund Meinerts2013-04-30 11:51:28
The score to Pirates 4 was an enormous, stinking mess. Yes, the new themes are good...but that's about it. 90% of it is direct lifts out of the old scores, and if I wanted to hear that, I'd listen to the old scores. The temptracking is so blatant that you even get theme statements that make ABSOLUTELY no sense at all - either that or I must have missed Davy Jones' cameo in the London chase.

As for the remixes...That sort of thing isn't for me, but I wouldn't have minded if they had released a bunch of remixes on a separate album (like Tron Reconfigured). Slapped onto the regular album like that makes it very apparent their true purpose: to cover up the lack of new material in the actual score. Same with the Rodrigo y Gabriela stuff...I liked it when the guitars were integrated into the score (Palm Tree Escape, despite being mostly old material, was made to feel at least a little fresh that way), but the jam sessions? Totally unnecessary.

In my opinion, Hans is right on the money when he claims Pirates 4 to be his worst score. IMO, Pirates 3 is his best. That's why you can just imagine how disappointed I was when I heard it. And Dimitris, being a fan is OK, but you have to be at least a little objective. Not everything HZ does is "great and epic".

Johnson2013-04-30 18:38:20
well, Zimmer pretty much DID blow his wad with Pirates 3 completing a trilogy...Pirates 4 seems more of an afterthought, musically speaking.

Mike2013-04-30 19:16:44
Perfectly said, Edmund.

Aragorn2013-04-30 19:19:19
POTC3 was one of Zimmer's finest scores, though. That and the Last Samurai if you ask me.

Anonymous2013-05-03 09:09:30
The thing I find ironic is that one of the best parts of the score, the Spanish theme, wasn't even by Zimmer. It was by Geoff Zanelli. The mermaid music was really nice, though.

Mike2013-05-03 09:12:04
You sure it was composed by Geoff Zanelli, and not simply arranged by Geoff Zanelli from a pre-existing theme?

Aragorn reply Replies: 4 || 2013-04-30 01:08:37
It seems like Geoff Zanelli's working a lot with Hans again...Did he work on Rush, too?

Hybrid Soldier2013-04-30 09:01:05
Geoff just helped a bit on MOS. For TLR, he really is the "number 2" guy, like on the last HZ / Verbinski (Rango, POTC 1, 2 & 3)...

And to me, the natural choice for a POTC without Hans is SO obviously Geoff, who's written a lot of the whole saga already... :)

Mike2013-04-30 09:03:38
I agree, Hybrid. Zanelli would be a good choice, since he's had so much experience with the films.

Aragorn2013-04-30 19:26:08
Are the additional composers on a given page listed in the order of how much work they did? So on Man of Steel, if Geoff Zanelli is listed as the first additional composer, does that mean he did the most additional work? Because if that's the case, and he only did "a bit", does that mean Man of Steel was mostly Hans and only Hans? Doesn't really matter as long as the score is good, just curious.

Hybrid Soldier2013-04-30 20:16:57
Nope... :)

Dimitris Krommidas reply Replies: 7 || 2013-04-29 11:22:50
That is sad news, about Mr Zimmer not scoring Pirates 5.
And for Pirates 4 he said the same and hopefully for us he score it. I was very very happy to read the news at that time about him scoring Pirates 4. I just wish now that he will score Pirates 5, because there is no Pirates of the Caribbean without Mr. Zimmer or any other member of the anthology. For instance, Johnny Depp. As for Mr. Depp, he confirmed that he will do Pirates 5 and 6 and probably 7 because he is Captain Jack.

Bioscope2013-04-29 12:21:08
Well.....there is that ex-MV/RCP dude who got a full composer's credit on TCOTBP. Klaus could do with an international AAA title movie again :)
I wonder if he still has a patent on Jack Sparrow's theme?

Blu2013-04-29 12:46:14
Henry Jackman or Harry Gregson-Williams could do a fine job too.

NM2013-04-29 13:09:11
Would LOVE to see what HGW could do with POTC. Prince of Persia was an awesome score.

Macejko2013-04-29 15:15:36
Ramin Djawadi would do an awesome job. Jackman is everywhere these days and HGW lost his touch.

Edmund Meinerts2013-04-30 01:19:53
Jackman seems to me one of the best choices for a potential Pirates 5, his stuff on At World's End was brilliant and his orchestral style in e.g. Gulliver's Travels is a pretty good match for Pirates. Geoff Zanelli wouldn't be a bad choice either since he has so much experience working with HZ's themes in this series - or else maybe Jim Dooley. Ramin Djawadi...meh. Haven't really heard anything "adventurous" from him, so he doesn't strike me as a good pick. HGW would be an interesting one, hopefully it would be the score to put him back on the map (another Sinbad-level score would be amazing), but he's more miss than hit these days (Prince of Persia was good though). Steve Jablonsky in Steamboy mode would be even more amazing, but that's a pipe dream if ever I saw one.

A part of me is still curious about Silvestri's rejected score but PotC ought really to stay with an RCP composer. Preferably one who worked on the originals at some point.

Although if I'm totally honest I kind of hope the franchise is over, it doesn't seem like they can do much with it, musically or film-wise.

Mike2013-04-30 01:33:47
I hate to sound cynical, but the only reason I was even remotely interested in POTC5 was because of a possible score by Zimmer to redeem his work in #4. Now that he's not attached, they should just forget this movie. It's a cash-in.

Scorefan2013-04-30 04:39:01
Maybe Henry Jackman will be a good choice.
But i want to hear Alan Silvestri or Maybe John Debney in this movie.
John Debney made an amazing work in Cutthroat Island and maybe we can hear what Silvestri had in mind before he was fired by Bruckheimer.

Radik reply Replies: 14 || 2013-04-28 16:24:14
Well.. cd cover could be more interesting :D

Hybrid Soldier2013-04-28 16:45:58
This is of course NOT the final one... :P

johnson2013-04-28 17:53:05
I get a feeling this soundtrack will be like Rango....I say this because it seems Zimmer employed himself more on Man of Steel than this score...And Disney soundtrack releases have been pretty crapola with regards to his work, so....

I expect short score as well.

Hybrid Soldier2013-04-28 18:07:23
Why would you all say that regarding HZ's commitment to Lone Ranger ?

Guys, Hans finished Man of Steel a long time ago, and started LR after MOS was completed. Sure the schedule is a little more complicated to handle (and they currently are rushing to finish and record it).

But it's a Verbinski project, who's very close to HZ, just like Nolan. Hans told me LR & MOS "couldn't be more different scores from each other". I clearly don't see why LR would be a "lesser" one. :)

johnson2013-04-28 22:31:21
I say lesser because after seeing the Man of Steel treatment we will essentially get lesser just like we did with Pirates 4 and Rango on cd...

Hopefully not, but we've already see what Disney does with their score releases, sadly. I wasn't a fan of the Pirates 4 release...Nor the Rango release. Both left me wanting.

In other words my hope is floating like a fart in the wind.

Oh well, at least the Man of Steel camp is getting the full monty...

Ds2013-04-28 23:33:29

Jasper2013-04-28 23:56:45
I'm just hoping this one will have a cool western vibe to it, as well as same exciting action cues and good themes.

Mike2013-04-29 01:21:32
Hybrid, the news about Hans not wanting to score POTC4 is really interesting. Do you know why he didn't want to?

Johnson2013-04-29 03:20:22


Jesus Christ...

Areozz2013-04-29 04:50:01
It's not of the same kind of record label...

Hybrid Soldier2013-04-29 08:47:18
No I didn't say didn't want to do it...

It's how it happened who made HZ regret it (temptrack, no freedom, every original idea rejected...). He considers that score being the low point of his career, no less ! He already told Disney he won't score POTC 5.

Even most of the team who worked on it confirmed to me it was a terrible experience...

Ds2013-04-29 09:59:36
So Disney are f*cked for the 5th. Maybe a good time to call Alan Silvestri back and finally use his rejected score. And see the movie flop hard.

JOhnson2013-04-29 17:18:29
Um no. The kind I refer to is the kind of release where you have minimal score, followed by remixes and or songs on the cd....


Mike2013-04-29 21:07:49
Oh, I see. Thanks for clarifying. If Hans' name won't be attached to POTC5, which would probably be a lame movie anyway, Disney should cancel all plans for it NOW.

Edmund Meinerts2013-04-30 00:56:22
Very interesting, Hybrid. I'm glad that Hans feels that way about the score and it's good to know that On Stranger Tides was mostly not his fault...that score took away a good chunk of my faith for him.

Blu reply Replies: 0 || 2013-04-29 15:45:27
It is obvious that the current cover is only a placeholder, but looking back, I remember I read a comment on Geoff Zanelli's website regarding his work on the first Pirates of the Caribbean, and how their very tight schedule had them choose cue titles for the CD before the music was even written. This placeholder cover makes me wonder if a similar scenario is about to happen to Lone Ranger!

Jasper reply Replies: 9 || 2013-04-27 20:24:35
Here's hoping that The Lone Ranger will be released with a decent release. I felt Disney has been slacking a bit in that department lately, P4 and Rango were awful releases. But I'm hoping for the best!

Ds2013-04-27 21:12:07
Rango isn't from Disney!! But yeah i fear we'll only get 50' of music.

Richard2013-04-28 18:27:35
Yea, P4 was a terrible release, and P3 was missing some key pieces. Hoping they step it up and give us more score! I mean look at movies like Star Wars, they give you just about the ENTIRE score ( Aside from Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith )! Another example is Ice Age 3 or How to Train Your Dragon. Don't see why they can't do that with Zimmer scores, unless maybe it's THAT valuable haha

Edmund Meinerts2013-04-28 18:34:56
Well, with Ice Age 3 and How to Train Your Dragon, the complete score isn't all that long, and the vast majority of it is able to fit on one CD (the complete HTTYD only added about 10 minutes). On the other hand, a movie like Man of Steel or (probably) The Lone Ranger requires at least two hours of score, and for Zimmer these days you have to add another half hour or so because of the inevitable theme suites and such. And the casual moviegoer (who still constitute the majority of soundtrack purchases) probably isn't interested in sitting through 2-3 CDs of music.

As for Star Wars, well, those movies are considerably older and have gone through a lot of album releases of varying completeness, and I don't think it was until '97 that they were available for the original trilogy. We still haven't seen satisfactory complete releases for the prequels (the Ultimate Edition of Phantom Menace is a mess).

P4 was a terrible release, but don't forget that it was also a terrible score, and there was simply no way to disguise it.

Richard2013-04-28 18:45:30
You make good points, Edmund. Zimmer just has to put out the score suites in the album ( I love those, don't get me wrong ), which makes it longer xD
I also doubt the average moviegoer would want to listen to that much - which is why they should STILL release these dismal-like albums. But they should at least make the complete score available, even if it's only by ordering it online. They don't have to force stores to carry it, just make it available on Amazon. That way, they can charge MORE money for those, and the hardcore fans like us would still pay, hence, more money for the producers/composers/moviemakers/etc!

Hybrid Soldier2013-04-28 19:10:51
You guys don't seem really aware of the term "reuse fees" for LA recorded scores...

And stop complaining about the POTC 4 release, it's a particular one, Hans wishes he had never scored that film.

NM2013-04-28 19:17:26
Why's that?

Edmund Meinerts2013-04-28 19:20:57
Yeah, forgot about the reuse fee issue as well. That's probably the real reason why 2-CD releases are the exception rather than the rule.

Edmund Meinerts2013-04-28 19:21:39
And I wish Hans hadn't scored Pirates 4 either. At least he's honest about it. ^^

Johnson2013-04-28 22:27:18
Didn't Hans Zimmer NOT score Pirates 4?

all I recall from that score are Rodrigo and Gabriella jam sessions, and Lorne Balfe and co. doing most the legwork, anyway...

... reply Replies: 1 || 2013-03-31 14:29:41
God I hope this score will be something new and not a score ala pirates!

Richard2013-04-28 18:30:50
I don't think Zimmer would copy Pirates a whole lot for this. He's smart and knows how special the POTC music is. I would hope he wouldn't re-use it on another score. I'm afraid it might sound like a copy of Rango though, but then again this movie should be more serious than that, which was more of a joke-like movie ( Not trying to bash Rango, I loved it ).

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