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The film's existence really went dark on me, found out today because of the trailer. Always wanted a horror score by Hans, oh well. Let's see how Ben<br><br>Well ok that was more than a year ago lol.<br><br>I'm so very sad Hans dropped it, it looks amazing and it's a genre he almost never does... I'd take that over a Boss Baby any time... Still curious what Ben cooked, Hans praised his work on it...I just assumed he'd be back, they were working for a while, I didn't knwo a thing about the film till now. I'm sorry, I won't ask anything anymoreFacepalm... I'm really disappointed in you Everan... Not YOU ! :( ;)<br><br>No Hans was signed to score it but score production happened exactly during the tour era so Hans let Benjamin Wallfisch score it. It was completed a few months ago.So, kinda off topic of Inferno, will Hans work again with Gore Verbinsky for Cure for Wellness?
Making the connection and Checking in are my favorite tracks2nd yes :)I think some tiny bits of Desert and Post Apocalypse are used in the extended cut, just to add those few seconds of cut content. Wreckage is definetely new, and the start of Post Apocalypse sounds a bit different in the film due to the World Engine sound effect.Oh yes! :)They removed the beginning of Logic of Tyrants?<br>but that was one of the better parts of the OST<br>lunacy
He did the score before the tour.Actually the first 30 or so seconds of Post Apocalypse are unreleased, although it's nothing substantial.As usual with HZ it complements the movie perfectly. It gives a continuous pulse, a modern edge, and it's in sync with the quick and sharp editing. Actually I think the score plays a very important role in maintaining a sense of urgency; a classical score like TDVC probably wouldn't have fitted; this is a completely different kind of filmmaking, with shaky-cam, quick cuts, weird camera angles, etc. The most hardcore sound design plays very well with the disturbing hallucination scenes. And the few bombastic cues are even more impressive, I was litterally wowed by The Cistern. And Elizabeth made for a really beautiful, haunting scene. Another very nice job by Hans!To me the only unreleased cue is "Wreckage"! The rest were actually released. "The Desert" is just edited "Blood Of My Blood", "Post Apocalypse" is "Must There Be A Superman?", "Thug Fight" is "Fight Night", "Underground Torture" is an edited part of "New Rules". In case anyone didn't know that already. <br><br>Some of the cues I wish were released are: <br>Bruce checking the drive (Meta humans)<br>Bruce training <br>Variations of "Day Of The Dead" (when superman arrives at the capitol building, when he fights doomsday, the cue right after "Black and Blue" when he flight to go fight Lex, Supes statue vandalism) <br>Variations of Lex's theme (Lex Corp Helipad scene - choir parts) <br><br>Does the score fit the film? Is it annoying or complement the film well?
So I just saw the movie... and of course the soundtrack album is quite out of order! But a significant detail is that all tracks seemed to be entire cues. I was afraid Elizabeth would be a suite, but it's not!<br><br>From what I remember, the order was similar to this:<br><br>Maybe Pain Can Save Us<br>Seek And Find<br>Via Dolorosa #12 Apartment 3C<br>A Minute To Midnight<br>Cerca Trova<br>Professor<br>Remove Langdon<br>Vayentha<br>I'm Feeling A Tad Vulnerable<br>Venice<br>Beauty Awakens The Soul To Act<br>Our Own Hell On Earth<br>Elizabeth<br>The Cistern<br>The Logic Of Tyrants<br>Life Must Have Its Mysteries<br><br><br>I don't know where to place Doing Nothing Terrifies Me.<br><br>There's some unreleased material with a motif similar to All Out War from TDKR.<br>And I'm pretty sure the first 1'30" of The Logic Of Tyrants is replaced by some really awful insert temptracked from Angels & Demons, I really don't know what they were thinking in the edit suite! :-DVivien :D<br><br>But really i missed <br>GLADIATOR <br>Lion King<br>Thin red line<br>Last samurai <br>And even interstellar was great score<br>But BVS and inferno big drop, big disspoitment.<br>I'm huge fan of Hans but sorry last 2 years Joe Hisaishi is my deal.He's also pitched the audio down by approx 10% using a program like audacity, which cannot be reversed without severe defects/distortion/artifacts in the audio. Which kills it for me.*sigh* I don't mean to sound like a bitter curmudgeon, but here goes, for everybody... :) <br><br>Hans *did* compose the final battle sequence! The entire "If You Love These People" / "Battle Continues" cue is written 90% of the way in the MoS Sketchbook suite. Even the final product may be 98% Zimmer. We don't know what Andrew Kawcynski contributed, but it may or may not have been substantial. A<br><br>nd even if he made all the changes from the suite version to the cue version, we need to remember a point that has been made several times here: Hans co-writes most of the cues! So even if someone else contributed, *he* still wrote it, too. It's not like he just sits back while everyone else goes to work on things.ah man... i am late to comment.<br><br>Hybrid do you know if the tour was in preparation when this was composed?

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Jim Dooley
Epic Mickey 2 - The Power Of Two (VG)
Label: Walt Disney Records
Length: 56'37 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (1754 votes)
  1. Yen Sid's Lab (3:03)
  2. Opening (4:29)
  3. Mean Street (3:43)
  4. Building A Building (0:54)
  5. Floats (1:33)
  6. Meet Daisy (2:12)
  7. Disney Gulch (2:07)
  8. Music Land (0:49)
  9. I'm Falling Apart (2:13)
  10. Skeleton Dance (0:51)
  11. Blot Dragon (2:30)
  12. Prescott And The Pumps (2:45)
  13. Floatyard (3:50)
  14. Intro To Blot Alley (2:06)
  15. The Mad Doctor Isn't Mad (0:58)
  16. Dioramas (1:50)
  17. Prescott's Machine (2:03)
  18. The Fall Of Prescott (1:46)
  19. Ventureland Combat (1:30)
  20. Autotopia Exploration (4:01)
  21. The Mad Doctor's Plan (1:07)
  22. The Mad Doctor's Attic (2:03)
  23. That's What Heroes Do (3:44)
  24. A Hero's 2nd Chance (4:30)
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New Jim coming ! :) 2001-2015 OST 
Epic Mickey 2 - The Power Of Two (VG) soundtrack - Jim Dooley 2012