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Why was there the change of composers?...wouldn't being really busy be an argument *for* him possibly being replaced? When you're signed on to 10 movies and release schedules are being constantly pushed around because nobody has a clue when theaters are going to open again, you shouldn't be surprised if eventually you might run into some conflicts.Jackman is not replacing Balfe! <br>Balfe is the most busiest composer at the moment so he isn’t going to get replaced last minute!!!!!Thank you for your replies. On IMDB she is listed.Alright, after re-listening to the score, I've made a few educated guesses of what the additional composers did, based on what we know about the score and their previous work. Note that none of this is confirmed by Hybrid, just my opinion.<br><br>Lorne Balfe: Seems to practically be a co-composer here. I hear a lot of him in this score. It seems he did Invasion (as he's known for contributing trailer music to films he works on) seemingly the suites "Brooding", "Deciphering the Signal", "Battle", and the one we know he cowrote, "Journey Suite". Based on this here's my guess as to what he contributed. <br><br>Soccent Attack - Sounds like his style, probably him arranging AllSpark and Decepticon material. <br><br>Keller's Briefing - Arrangement of "Deciphering the Signal"<br><br>Deciphering the Signal - Obviously another arrangement of "Deciphering the Signal" with Batman Begins-like action at the end.<br><br>Sam's Pink Bike Ride (Part 2) - Sounds like an arrangement of "Brooding" material. <br><br>(Possibly?) Are You LadiesMan217? - Some arrangement of "Brooding" and "Journey Suite" material, although hard to say whether the theme at 1:10 is Steve's or Lorne's. Could be Steve arranging Lorne material, as it sounds more Jablonsky-esque to me. <br><br>Autobots to the Rescue - Could be Steve imitating Batman Begins style, but sounds far too Lorne for me to not consider it a co-written track. <br><br>Sector 7 Chase - Part 1 sounds more Jablonsky than Lorne, but there's no question to me that part 2 has a lot of Balfe in there. <br><br>Where Is My Car? - Batman Begins-like again, probably Lorne solo, or Lorne and Steve<br><br>Decepticons Mobilize (Part 2) - Arrangement of "Brooding"<br><br>Freeway Fight - Battle version of Decepticon theme from "Brooding"<br><br>Stumble Bumble (Part 1) & (Part 2 Alternate) - Arrangement of "Journey Suite", second part not used in the film sounds like Steve & Lorne Combo to me. Film version of part 2 sounds pure Steve to me. <br><br>You're A Soldier Now (Parts 1 & 3) - Lorne being heavily involved in the final battle is known, and Parts 1 and 3 have arrangements of Lorne material. I'm also fairly certain that Lorne wrote the Optimus vs Megatron theme from Part 3 and "Optimus vs Megatron".<br><br>Optimus vs Megatron - Finale of theme introduced in "You're A Soldier Now (Part 3)" as well as the "Journey / AllSpark" theme which could be Lorne's or Steve's. <br><br>Trevor Morris: I can infer from his work on Pirates 2, The Island, and the one track we know he worked on. <br><br>Soldiers Arrive - Not sure why, but I've always assumed this military theme was Morris'.<br><br>Arctic 1897 - Dark theme that reminds me a lot of his work from Pirates 2. <br><br>Scorponok - Known fact that he co-wrote this. <br><br>Hoover Dam - Arrangement of military theme<br><br>Transforming -  Same theme from Arctic 1897<br><br>Sam on the Roof (Part 2) - Arrangement of theme from Scorponok, though could be Steve or Lorne arranging it.<br><br>Optimus vs Megatron - A slight hint to the Military theme when they begin attacking Blackout, and Scorponok theme reprisal, once again could be Steve or Lorne arranging these themes. <br><br>Creeper Suite / A Call to Arms (Unused) - Original music for Optimus' Epilogue, contains arrangement of military theme. <br><br>Jay Flood: Can be inferred from his work on Transformers: The Game, his overall more orchestral writing, and his contributions to Nightmare on Elm Street, Sims 3, and Desperate Housewives. <br><br>Camaro on the Run - Definitely has a TF: The Game sound to it overall. As well as a bit of Thomas Newman-esque music. <br><br>Witwicky (Parts 1-3) - Definitely some of his style here along with Steve's overall Desperate Housewives-esque music. <br><br>Decepticons 2 Suite / Frenzy - The suspenseful strings make me think of Flood's Nightmare on Elm Street work, and the brass writing seems more characteristic of him than Jablonsky to me, though it was still probably a co-written suite. <br><br>Tense Action Suite - Once again reminds me of Flood's Nightmare suspenseful string writing, probably at least co-composed with Jablonsky. <br><br>Clay Duncan - I can guess somewhat based on his contributions to "The Island" but otherwise I don't know much about him so I'm not sure about any of the inferences I'm about the make. <br><br>Angry Camaro - This sort of drone music sounds like it could be him as his contributions were very electronic in The Island.<br><br>Bumblebee vs Barricade - Strange electronics and sounds plus more minimalist writing make me think Duncan. <br><br>Tow Truck Charge - Definitely has The Island's sound. Could be Trevor Morris too. <br><br>TJ Lindgreen: I know so little about his style except he works with Elfman and did additional music for TF: The Game so not much I can say for what he did. <br><br>Belly Shot(?) - The ethereal choir style sounds somewhat like TF: The Game's score and Elfman's choir. <br><br>Not to Hear That(?) - Maybe he composed this motif for Mikaela that also appeared in "Belly Shot". <br><br>Surreal Mikaela(?) - Once again I'm hoping the specific choir sound is part of his style. <br><br>Anything I didn't mention is a track I'm assuming is all Jablonsky. Please note that I'm not trying to take away from Steve's work on this score, and that for most of these track I'm assuming Steve had some involvement in as well, I'm just speculating for fun because I've always wanted to know who did what on this score.
LP sadly, but it's also on Spotify.Technical reasons ! lol ;)<br><br>But she was there.Most welcome news. Should be a nice replacement for the Fantastic Beasts score that will have to have been pushed off. I imagine his work on Jungle Cruise will be great as well. 2021 is looking pretty exciting for score releases!She definitely performed on the score, I don't know why she is uncredited...The poster shows Lorne Balfe as the composer.<br><br>But then it also did have Desplat!
So no solo cello by Tina Guo? Is it digital then or is it no cello?CD or LP release?Why is Lorne Balfe not nominated for a Grammy for Ad Astra ?To my understanding, James never worked for Hans or Remote Control. They’re simply friends and have collaborated on a few projects. Powell (and Gregson-Williams) used to work at Remote Control before moving on to his own studio/endeavors. <br><br>BUT, I am equally as excited for James to return to Disney Animation. Very excited for this and Jungle Cruise.I guess James Newton Howard doesn't count as a Remote Control composer anymore (and yet John Powell does? I don't get it), but anyway, he's scoring Disney Animation Studios' Raya and the Last Dragon. After his epic trilogy of Dinosaur, Atlantis, and Treasure Planet, I welcome his return to the studio!
Some original cue titles with slates from a music mixing CD-R:<br>1M13 Transactions<br><br>2M16 Jake Gets Stoned<br>2M20A Alley<br>2M21 Rapists Castration<br><br>3M24 My Old Division<br>3M27 Go Fetch Dog<br>3M30 The Freeway<br>3M32 Alonzo Steals Money<br>3M33 Into The Jungle<br><br>4M41 Safety Is First / Busting Into Rogers<br><br>5M46 Helicopter<br>5M48 Sunset / Wet Streets<br>5M51 Jake Gets Beaten<br>5M52 Smiley Calls His Cousin<br><br>6M57 On The Roof<br>6M58 Jake Lands On Car<br><br>7M61 Alonzo Dies<br>7M63 Sun ShotMovie credits:<br><br>Music by Hans Zimmer & David Fleming<br><br>Music Supervisor: Joe Rudge<br><br>Score Produced by Hans Zimmer<br>Supervising Music Editor: Ryan Rubin<br>Music Editor: Nate Underkuffler<br>Music Production Services: Steven Kofsky<br>Additional Music by Ben Powell<br>Featured Guitar Soloist: Derek Trucks<br>Score Mixed by Seth Waldmann<br>Score Mix Assistant: Aldo Arechar<br>Technical Score Engineer: Chuck Choi<br>Technical Assistants: James Grimwade, Aldo Arechar, Steven Doar & Fabio Marks<br>Synth Programming: Hans Zimmer<br>Digital Instrument Design: Mark Wherry<br>Digital Instrument Preparation: Taurees Habib, Raul Vega, David Naroth & Paul Salerno<br>Studio Manager for Remote Control Productions: Shalini Singh<br>Assistant to Hans Zimmer: Cynthia Park<br>Score Mixed at Remote Control Productions, Santa Monica CA<br>Music Clearances: Jessica Dolingerthats trueCan't think of a more meaningless and laughable award than the oscar for this one? nahh...<br>maybe he gets a nomination for dune or bond

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Hans ZimmerLorne BalfeMatthew MargesonDominic Lewis
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional ArrangementsAdditional Arrangements
Sherlock Holmes - A Game Of Shadows
Label: WaterTower Music
Length: 68'56 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (15876 votes)
  1. I See Everything (0:39)
  2. That Is My Curse (Shadows - Part I) (1:51)
  3. Tick Tock (Shadows - Part II) (8:12)
  4. Chess (Shadows - Part III) (7:34)
  5. It's So Overt It's Covert (3:19)
  6. Romanian Wind (1:55)
  7. Did You Kill My Wife? (2:42)
  8. He's All Me Me Me (1:56)
  9. The Mycroft Suite (1:41)
  10. To The Opera - W.A. Mozart (4:03)
  11. Two Mules For Sister Sara - Ennio Morricone (2:34)
  12. Die Forelle - Franz Schubert (3:22)
  13. Zu Viele Füchse Für Euch Hänsel (1:47)
  14. The Red Book (4:00)
  15. Moral Insanity (1:31)
  16. Memories Of Sherlock (2:11)
  17. The End? (2:26)
  18. Romani Holiday (Antonius Remix) (5:38)
  19. Shush Club #3 (4:31) *
  20. Beautiful Eyes (2:13) *
  21. Just Follow My Lead (The Waltz) (4:44) *
*Digital Bonus Tracks
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Heath87 reply Replies: 1 || 2011-12-17 12:47:08
I'm sorry guys...but this score is just terrific!!!

Bravo Mr Zimmer!!!!

uga22011-12-17 20:11:25
of course there are some cues in the film that didn't make it onto the soundtrack, but I wish they did.

Anotherguy reply Replies: 1 || 2011-12-15 06:31:06
One question I only post topics here or i can subscribe in the site

Areozz2011-12-15 20:39:36
You can only post topics here. If people could sign up for accounts, this site would be infinitely less cluttered with people trying to rip others off through trickery, lies, deceit, charlatanism, and any other words that fall into the category.

Anotherguy reply Replies: 0 || 2011-12-15 05:59:16
I have to say this score was too predictable, before the álbum was release I already imagine the music, so it didnt impress me to much although its a good music I think he is reserving for the dark knight rises like inception but I dont know

Ds reply Replies: 4 || 2011-12-13 20:25:41
Is the track "To The Opera" purely from Mozart?

There are excerpts from the Shadows-suite in it...

Hybrid Soldier2011-12-13 20:37:41
The Mozart piece was arranged with the score by Matthew Margeson.

The Schubert piece was "tortured" (official credit lol) by Mel Wesson !

Ds2011-12-13 21:03:14
Thank you Hybrid! :)

Nautilus2011-12-14 03:50:01
the first minute of "to the opera" is by Mozart?
It sounds very Zimmerish to me ;)
I'm not familiar with classical music...

Ds2011-12-14 16:22:09
I think only the "opera" sequences are from Mozart... The rest are themes from the movie :)

Ds reply Replies: 3 || 2011-12-13 12:30:01
Any news from the 3 additionnal tracks?

Kusi2011-12-13 15:07:07
I received the cd last weekend :) With this cd you're able to download three bonus tracks within an little software in the enhanced cd-area of the soundtrack.

Ds2011-12-13 17:59:27
Thx! are they good? Something particular in it? :)

Kusi2011-12-13 18:00:12
More or less source + roma music, but for me it's a nice addition to the album. :)

Ds reply Replies: 3 || 2011-12-11 19:08:44
The "Shadows" 3-parts suite is very dark and intense, made me think to "Dark Knight". Also Part 2 has a bit of "Lord Cutler Beckett Theme" from POTC.

Also, very much folk music: tracks 5 to 8.

"Mycroft Suite" is totally dull, the only unuseful track on the album.

Tracks 13-14 are very good action tracks.

"The end?" is a reprise of Sherlock's theme, but extremely well done!

And even the remix is quite good.

Nautilus2011-12-12 05:17:10
I think it's far from the first score. really, really far.
No structure and more average orchestrations.
I can enjoy some action tracks, but just because i love hans crescendos and big brass. but as a guilty pleasure.

far from the creativity of SH 1.

Areozz2011-12-12 05:23:16
Way to be a Debbie Downer, Nautilus.

Al bundy2011-12-12 23:35:26
To me... the first Sherlock Score was a lot better.

uga2 reply Replies: 1 || 2011-12-12 06:26:12
I didn't think of this soundtrack being a typical zimmer score. It did change somewhat from the first one and didn't rehash a whole lot. It expanded into different areas, but not by much. Tracks 6-8 definitely were largely different from the rest of the score. They relate to "I've never woke up in handcuffs before" and "not in blood, but in bond" from the first soundtrack.
At least it wasn't a big rehash like POTC 4, which had too many remixes to make it worse than it was looking to be. But I'm not too thrilled by tracks 11,12,13,18 either.
I still enjoyed the rest.

uga22011-12-12 06:28:06
i meant to say tracks 10,11,12,18

johnson B reply Replies: 0 || 2011-12-11 20:51:30
Well at least now I get the whole "Who Are the ROma?" Tribute Zimmer did a while back....

cheesy reply Replies: 1 || 2011-12-10 18:38:13
So, let me get this straight: the bonus tracks are all by HZ/Balfe, and can be downloaded with purchase of the physical soundtrack CD? Is that why on it reads "Enhanced Soundtrack"?

theeaglesfan0052011-12-10 21:52:54
i plan on buying it from itunes... but may pick up the hard disc copy instead.. just to make sure i get the bonus tracks... i bought a hard disc copy of the 1st SH... & it had an insert for the surround sound version of the soundtrack

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2011-12-10 10:11:01
5min .com /Video /Sherlock-Holmes-2-Hans-Zimmer-Behind-the-Music-Part-1-51722 4113

theeaglesfan005 reply Replies: 6 || 2011-12-08 04:15:03
3 additional tracks for free with purchase... sort of like Inception (2)

h t t p:// undtrack-for-sherlock-holmes-a-game-of-shadows-on-december-1 3-2011-12-07

garage2011-12-08 11:49:54
The link is broken. the page said: "Story not found"

Areozz2011-12-08 13:34:17
Probay because you didn't remove all the spaces. Besides its just a story announcing that there will be three additional tracks available to download for those who purchase the soundtrack.

Areozz2011-12-08 14:56:01
lol, I never make typos. I meant to say "Probably". And it's probably because I was typing on my iPod and I had just woken up.

Hybrid Soldier2011-12-08 19:04:27
Does it mean I'll have to fight with HZ to sort them out like Inception last year ?

lol xD

Areozz2011-12-08 23:20:14
Huh? I must have missed that occurrence.

Hybrid Soldier2011-12-09 12:31:34
Long story, read the whole comment section of the Inception page... ;)

Ds reply Replies: 2 || 2011-12-09 02:32:05
Full album on deezer now :)

Areozz2011-12-09 05:50:46
It says deezer isn't available in my country yet....? :(

Mr. Charles2011-12-09 06:12:20
Me neither.....America

Areozz reply Replies: 3 || 2011-11-29 01:14:03
I don't know where else to put this, but feel free to delete after a period anyway. I just want to say thanks to the admin(s) who deleted all the deceitful posts of that wretched liar Felix.

garage2011-11-29 16:55:22
I agree with you!

Areozz2011-11-30 01:41:04
...Why? Is he another guy that ripped you out of a hundred bucks?

garage2011-11-30 20:53:53
No, no, but he tried once again ;)

uga2 reply Replies: 6 || 2011-11-23 22:37:07
I love "Moral Insanity"
To me, I see this being a cue for a climatic scene in the film. But we won't know for sure.

Areozz2011-11-23 22:47:46
I had a similar hope from DotM and the track "It's Our Fight" and then they went and wasted it on a scene where a bunch of guys jumped out of plane ans used 'squirrel suits' to get down to the ground safely. EPICNESS: Wasted. I also had a similar hope for RotF and the track "Einstein's Wrong" and that track barely got used in the film.

Huh, it's all about Transformers...maybe we'll have better luck since this isn't Transformers.

Areozz2011-11-24 03:30:10
Are you implying that I don't know the DotM score very well? I should think I know what I'm talking about; I've only seen the movie once and it was just a few short weeks ago.

I will now recall, in writing, a few of the thoughts that went through my head as I watched the movie and listened for music that was on the OST (may not appear in chronological order). "Hey, there's 'Impress Me'--oh they cut it short...Hey, there's 'Battle', that's cool! 'There is No Plan' sounds nice, and, oh, here comes one of my favorites: 'The Fight Will Be Your Own'--aww, they only used like 40 seconds of it...There's 'Battle' again...generic action music...forgettable music (I wonder when they're going to use 'it's Our Fight')...oh, another remix of 'Battle.' Geez, it's about time: here's 'It's Our Fight.' What's this? I was hoping for some epic action scene, but all that's happening is some dudes are jumping out of a plane..."

And tracks like "Dark Side of the Moon," "We All Work for the Decepticons," and "The World Needs You Now" all fall into the categories of generic action music and/or forgettable music. I really hope my memory isn't THAT horrible...

uga22011-11-24 09:06:34
Yeah you got a point.

Prott2011-11-24 10:58:29
Areozz: At least they reused the epic theme from "It's Our Fight" in the scene near the end when Optimus kills Shockwave... so it didn't get wasted (not entirely :) ).

Joshua2011-11-27 06:49:30
@ Areozz
Your memory is bad, It's our fight was used in the shockwave fight when optimus flys in an takes out 10 decepticons. Dont get me wrong, there are guys flying in the air in that scene. But not outta planes in wing suits as you say. That "squirrel suit" scene you speak of is the "The world needs you now" cue

Brent2011-11-28 05:32:51
I back up Joshua on this one.

Zantlwisder reply Replies: 0 || 2011-11-23 07:35:46
Here is a 1500X1500 HD cover ,why not update it :)

Brent reply Replies: 0 || 2011-11-23 00:41:43 -investigativ-unterwegs-first-listen-von-hans-zimmers-neuest em-streich

First official preview of the score!

Trent Easton Navarro reply Replies: 20 || 2011-11-15 22:48:55
On filmmusicreporter there's a tracklist:

1. I See Everything
2. That Is My Curse (Shadows – Part 1)
3. Tick Tock (Shadows – Part 2)
4. Chess (Shadows – Part 3)
5. It’s So Overt It’s Covert
6. Romanian Wind
7. Did You Kill My Wife?
8. He’s All Me Me Me
9. The Mycroft Suite
10. Don Giovanni A Cenar Teco (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) – Nicolaus Esterhazy Sinfonia & Hungarian Radio Chorus
11. Two Mules For Sister Sara (Ennio Morricone) – Movie Screen Orchestra
12. Die Forelle (Franz Schubert) – Ian Bostridge & Julius Drake
13. Zu Viele Füchse Für Euch Hänsel
14. The Red Book
15. Moral Insanity
16. Memories Of Sherlock
17. The End?
18. Romani Holiday (Antonius Remix)

Areozz2011-11-15 23:24:53
That's...weird. I've never seen a track list quite like this before. Tracks labeled as Parts 1, 2, and 3? And those three tracks in the middle that look to not even be by Zimmer? Then the following track's title totally in...German?

Interesting. Very...interesting.

cheesy2011-11-16 00:38:12
Ehh... this doesn't really seem like the type of soundtrack RCP would organize. Areozz is right, this is pretty weird. I don't know, I'm not making any judgements until we get official confirmation from either this site or Watertower music's website.

Anonymous2011-11-16 00:50:55
I think it's legit. The three part Shadows suite sounds like something Hans would come up with. Also we know Hans is an enormous fan of Ennio Morricone, and if the classical pieces are used in key scenes in the movie it makes sense to include them on the album. I hope it's true as those two pieces are brilliant, the Mozart is extremely epic and dramatic, and the schubert is extremely beautiful. Filmmusicreporter is usually to be trusted. We shall see I guess. I don't want to hear this until I've seen the movie. Trying not to hype it up too much for myself.

Areozz2011-11-16 01:01:48
Hey, there was a traditional Scottish piece in the first Sherlock Holmes that was totally awesome...but got left out of the score. It was during Holmes' fight with Dredger, and it's called Johnny Cope--and I'd say it was during a key scene.

I don't think the music that goes on the OST gets chosen by how important the scene was where it got used. Like in all of the PotC movies, the best action music has been left out of the OSTs.

cheesy2011-11-16 02:10:31
Another example is the Batman Begins OST. Most of the music from the key scenes in film, as well as some of the best moments in the score (Train Fight, Bruce Left for Dead, Finder's Keepers, Batman Theme, on and on) were completely missing from the soundtrack.

I've never really been able to figure out the process behind the decisions of what gets put on the official OST. Even with albums where key music is missing, the compilation of music that actually *is* included seems to (most of the time) have the perfect balance to it. While I may not agree with some of the decisions regarding what is omitted, whoever puts these OSTs together usually seems to know what they're doing...

cheesy2011-11-16 02:12:08
...I'm still not happy about Dead Man's Chest, though. But that's another discussion.

Areozz2011-11-16 02:40:52
You wanna discuss Dead Man's Chest? I've got some stuff that I'd like to put out there--you could start the discussion over there.

Takehiro2011-11-17 00:29:57
good news, guys! these are the lengths

1. I See Everything (2:40)
2. That Is My Curse (Shadows – Part 1) (3:43)
3. Tick Tock (Shadows – Part 2) (3:47)
4. Chess (Shadows – Part 3) (4:39)
5. It’s So Overt It’s Covert (1:59)
6. Romanian Wind (2:29)
7. Did You Kill My Wife? (5:45)
8. He’s All Me Me Me (2:16)
9. The Mycroft Suite (1:44)
10. Don Giovanni A Cenar Teco (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) – Nicolaus Esterhazy Sinfonia & Hungarian Radio Chorus (5:18)
11. Two Mules For Sister Sara (Ennio Morricone) – Movie Screen Orchestra (5:21)
12. Die Forelle (Franz Schubert) – Ian Bostridge & Julius Drake (1:55)
13. Zu Viele Füchse Für Euch Hänsel (9:09)
14. The Red Book (3:05)
15. Moral Insanity (10:09)
16. Memories Of Sherlock (1:32)
17. The End? (3:15)
18. Romani Holiday (Antonius Remix) (3:44)

Jon2011-11-17 00:37:07
hmmm... at first I got suspicious, seeing how its rare zimmer hands out full scores of 75 mins. or so, not since dark knight, but then I remembered on stranger tides with all the remixes, and when you remove the additional tracks, its only about an hour of actual score, a good 5 minutes longer then the original OST from the first one, if you include the bonus track. looks good, a 9 and 10 minute cue?! sweet!

Dom2011-11-17 00:56:35
I can only hope music from the very beginning, the end, maybe some credits, the train fight & the final fight with holmes vs. Moriarty are on here, last one we got a good chunk (ok, all) of the final fight with holmes & blackwood. Will zimmer keep?

that 10 min cue gives me hopes lol

Adrian2011-11-17 01:02:01
Btw, regarding the German title - I think it's a joke in the film. Hänsel is a stereotypical name when people make fun of Germans, so I don't think it's an error.

Dom2011-11-17 02:36:16
its a riddle. translated from english means too many wolves for hansel or something like that. a GAME of shadows, remember? moriarty and holmes?

Brent2011-11-17 05:47:26
I think Zu Viele Füchse Für Euch Hänsel translates to "for there's too many foxes, Hansel"... Interesting.

Miles2011-11-17 06:56:29
I checked Track 13 on BabelFish--it came out as "Too Many Foxes for You Hansel." Sounds like an interesting portent of things to come...

Anonymous2011-11-17 08:50:09
I hate the way the "Mycroft Suite" is only 1.44. That's not a suite, that's a short cue!

Flanger2011-11-17 15:23:39
Hänsel ? Sounds like "Hans" to me...
Another "private joke" from Hans and his team ? Like... there's too much work for one guy alone (like "Too Many Notes, Not Enough Rests" from Drop Zone) ?

cheesy2011-11-17 16:38:16
Wikipedia says "Hansel" is a variant of "Hans" meaning "little Hans." Too many foxes for you, Hans? You know how HZ and his crew are with those track titles... won't know until we see the film, but I'd be willing to bet that might be a private joke.

Dom2011-11-17 19:39:09
the mycroft suite could refer to his living place as opposed to the length of a musical cue, also known as a 'suite', such as a hotel?

Takehiro2011-11-19 04:09:11
OK that wasnt me posting that tracklist before. Wanker.

Hysteria2002011-11-23 00:33:59
I think the tracks that are Shadows part 1,2, and 3, represents the location of the music of the film.

That is My Curse: Holmes sees Moriarty while Moriarty sits in the private balcony of the party.

Tick Tock: the bombing in Paris, France.

Chess: Holmes conversation with Moriarty.

Takehiro reply Replies: 8 || 2011-11-13 19:32:50
I love how people are rating this before anyone has heard a note.

Areozz2011-11-13 19:43:30
I'm rating it a 5 because I've heard a note--several actually, and I liked them very much.

cheesy2011-11-13 21:23:59
@areozz On par with the first one (if not better)?

Areozz2011-11-13 23:50:35
Well, it was only two and a half minutes long, including the long silences before and after, but in my opinion, it is very much on par with the first one. The old themes were was an action does have very much the same feeling as the first one so that's good!

Dom2011-11-14 03:31:37
and where can one hear it?

Phil2011-11-14 11:07:11
do we know sth. about the release date?

Areozz2011-11-14 14:40:15
We could all use our magnificent internet searching skills to look it up, but I feel like I heard it was somewhere a couple weeks into December.

cheesy2011-11-14 15:53:46
I believe CDs start shipping December 13th.

Areozz2011-11-15 23:26:31
Hey! Whaddaya know? I said a few weeks into December. At least my memory served me right.

Oh, and @Dom, one can hear it on my computer where I keep it. ;)

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 1 || 2011-11-13 10:40:09
That's it for the cover... :)

Evenstar2011-11-13 13:40:28
Looks good.

cheesy reply Replies: 0 || 2011-11-09 00:18:46
Cover art is up at WaterTower Music's website! h t t p:// excited, even though this was the exact poster I was hoping they wouldn't use)

whichowacka reply Replies: 0 || 2011-11-06 20:55:39
Any idea when we'll be getting a track list/cover art for this? It'll be four weeks away next week...

cheesy reply Replies: 3 || 2011-10-03 04:17:45
Like the new site banner! :) Probably my most-anticipated Zimmer score of the year. Christmas can't come soon enough

MasterZ2011-10-03 04:43:35
One of the few scores I will stay up late for just to grab off itunes and put on the good ol' ipod :p

Papapalpatine772011-10-28 00:17:53
Only a few short weeks now. November is practically here

cheesy2011-10-28 00:56:46
It's flying by. Hopefully we'll get some album details sometime later in the month.

cheesy reply Replies: 4 || 2011-09-25 18:10:28
I had a dream the track list for this came out. One of the tracks was "Tag Schwarzenegger Theme" and it was 48 seconds. Just figured I'd make everyone aware of that.

Papapalpatine772011-09-25 20:12:15
Very interesting....

Charles2011-09-27 00:37:13
I heard something about a cue from the train scene and a length of 10 mins. 9 seconds... not so sure about the length but a cue from a train fight? finally he gets it right, where was he with batman begins ?!

Papapalpatine772011-09-27 01:02:40
Well Psychological Recovery...6 Months was 18 minutes. Top that!!!

cheesy2011-09-27 01:08:31
(I intended that as a joke, by the way, just in case anyone reading actually toke me seriously as if I was trying to use my acid trip-esque dream to present viable information) And I'd rather they not try to top Psychological Recovery... thing's a b*tch to import into any programs. No complaints about length, though, I mean, the more music the better, but still, if SH2 comes out and has a 22 minute track on it, then that would be a little ridiculous.

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 2 || 2011-09-09 13:02:38
3 months to go !

WaterTower is releasing it... :)

BCB2011-09-09 19:16:41
If Warner is announcing an album this early (again), then I guess they are very pleased with whatever HZ has written for it so far. Can't wait!

cheesy2011-09-09 21:34:17
*squee :D Beyond excited for this. Thanks for posting, Hybrid!

Lutz reply Replies: 1 || 2011-09-09 17:53:49
New! Listen the Theme from Assassin´s Creed Revelations.

Dakota2011-09-09 18:28:30
Really? Why post it now when there's still 3 months? Why put up the Christmas decorations before Halloween?

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