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So with Metal Gear movie moving forward, what are the chances Henry will be the composer since he worked with Jordan Roberts in skull island?Hey don't worry, there will be a bootleg release with 4 hours of score... in 10 years ! lolMovie credits:<br><br>Original score by Hans Zimmer & Lorne Balfe<br><br>Music Supervisor: Allison Wood<br>Music Production Services: Steven Kofsky<br>Music Production Coordinator: Queenie Li<br>Score Produced by Lorne Balfe<br>Additional Music by Boris Salchow, Peter Adams, Max Aruj & Steffen Thum<br>Electric Cello: Peter Gregson<br>Electric Violin: Eos Counsell<br>Guitar: Michael Bitton<br>Technical Music Assistants: Michael Bitton, Alfie Godfry & Mike Ladouceur<br>Technical Score Engineer: Chuck Choi<br>Digital Instrument Design: Mark Wherry<br>Digital Instrument Preparation: Taurees Habib & Raul Vega<br>Studio Manager for Remote Control Productions: Shalini Singh<br>Assistant to Hans Zimmer: Cynthia ParkI'm a "CD only" guy. Digital has no attracting power to me, neither has vinyl. I know that music is what matters, still, for  a complete enjoyment I need my CD.I much prefer the cd ... although I also use the digital
Very excited about this one. Although for me personally I think every score should just get a complete release every time especially with digital music being where it is. CDs and vinyls are amazing, but personally I'd go for all digital and get a complete release every time. Anyone agree or disagree thoughts?If the score is as good as "Themyscira" then it will be my favorite HZ score in over a decade.Come back To GENEVA, we will  be waiting For you like 2 years ago..WHAT a beautiful concert.Please come back...Disney I believe was only offloading three or four of their upcoming releases, only to Disney+ if Iím not mistaken. They are still keeping certain films slated for theatrical only as of now, but more than likely they might end up doing the same to keep up with Warner Bros. <br><br>I wonder if this might push other studios into selling to streaming, much like how MGM was trying to sell NTTD.At least, isn't Disney :p
The lineup includes Tom and Jerry, Dune, Godzilla Vs. Kong, Matrix 4, The Suicide Squad, In The Heights, Mortal Kombat, and more.So every WB theatrical film slated for 2021 will be going to HBO Max simultaneously with theatrical.<br><br>Wow.....If the score is as good as the "Themyscira" track, I would be sooo happy.Talking recent, not old releases (the original release of Tenet dosen't have a CD release)Tenet and Interstellar expanded both got physical releases, didnít they?
The most recent scores by Watertower, dosen't have a physical release, like The Witches or Scoob!<br><br>Most probably is going to be a digital only release.WaterTower music will most definitely release a physical disc. willing to bet there will be a deluxe version as well, a la MoS BvS and Aquaman. could be wrong though. the only reason it says this is a digital download is because thatís the single Themyscira.CD or download only?I would love it if it is really 5 minutes per track. I love tracks that are at least 4 minutes long. <br><br>But more likely, the last main action tracks would crack 10 mins long.85 minutes for normal album is more than enough for me. I'm not really into long tracks or super-extended suites. If it puts on album it's great, but not necessary for me. And I don't mention dluxe or expanded albums by the way, that's another cases.

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Henry JackmanMatthew MargesonChristopher WillisDominic Lewis
ComposerAdditional MusicAdditional MusicAdditional Music
X-Men - First Class
Label: Sony
Length: 56'38 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (9906 votes)
  1. First Class (3:20)
    Henry Jackman
  2. Pain And Anger (2:58)
    Henry Jackman
  3. Would You Date Me? (1:44)
    Henry Jackman
  4. Not That Sort Of Bank (3:27)
    Henry Jackman, Christopher Willis
  5. Frankenstein's Monster (3:03)
    Henry Jackman
  6. What Am I Thinking? (2:10)
    Henry Jackman, Christopher Willis
  7. Cerebro (2:23)
    Henry Jackman
  8. Mobilise For Russia (1:18)
    Henry Jackman, Dominic Lewis
  9. Rise Up To Rule (5:56)
    Henry Jackman, Matthew Margeson, Christopher Willis
  10. Cold War (3:20)
    Henry Jackman
  11. X-Training (4:26)
    Henry Jackman
  12. Rage And Serenity (2:06)
    Henry Jackman
  13. To Beast Or Not To Beast (4:47)
    Henry Jackman, Dominic Lewis, Christopher Willis
  14. True Colours (1:51)
    Henry Jackman, Christopher Willis
  15. Let Battle Commence (4:45)
    Henry Jackman, Matthew Margeson, Dominic Lewis
  16. Sub Lift (2:19)
    Henry Jackman
  17. Coup d'…tat (2:15)
    Henry Jackman, Christopher Willis
  18. Mutant And Proud (3:28)
    Henry Jackman
  19. X-Men (2:59)
    Henry Jackman
  20. Magneto (1:58)
    Henry Jackman, Matthew Margeson
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Mephariel reply Replies: 1 || 2019-04-03 07:28:46
Praise for the score:

"Overall, the footage shown this year for X-Men: Dark Phoenix was unexpectedly impressive. The action, effects and cinematography were all solid, but it was the score by Hans Zimmer that was easily the highlight."

Read more at ix-wondercon-panel-recap#pgctuXSjSAFUeCmU.99

Edmund Meinerts2019-04-03 14:37:32
Well that tells us jack shit. :p

Mephariel reply Replies: 0 || 2019-04-01 05:56:45
Anyone here went to WonderCon 2019? They shown like 17 minutes of Dark Phoenix and I am wondering if anyone can tell us a bit about the score.

Bibi reply Replies: 0 || 2017-10-15 13:46:50
"Rage and Serenity" can be heard again in Kingsman 2 when Harry remembers

Vivien reply Replies: 0 || 2016-09-27 14:15:37
There is some "Incredible Hulk" reprise in "Not that sort of bank"

Mike reply Replies: 0 || 2014-10-16 16:24:37
"Training Montage" really has an Iron Man 1 sound to it.

Felix reply Replies: 7 || 2014-10-11 17:37:09
Here are the sessions:

01 - 1M2 Hot Chocolate (2:02)
02 - 1M3A Nazi Methods (1:15)
03 - 1M3B Main Title (1:43)
04 - 1M3C Swiss Bacon Search (0:56)
05 - 1M4 Would You Date Me (2:18)
06 - 1M5 The Swiss Banker (1:44)
07 - 1M6 Non-CIA Issue (Unused) (0:39)
08 - 1M7 Bacon Instinct (2:14)
09 - 2M1 Alerting Washington (1:29)
10 - 2M2 Argentinian Bar (3:11)
11 - 2M3 You Already Know The Answer (0:35)
12 - 2M4-5 Energized Bacon (1:43)
13 - 2M6A How's That For A Magic Trick (0:47)
14 - 2M6B Mutant Car Park (0:33)
15 - 2M7 Little Erik Lehnsherr (0:59)
16 - 2M8 Shaw Ship Redemption (3:12)
17 - 2M9 Welcome to Division X (1:06)
18 - 2M10 You Can Show Off (1:13)
19 - 2M11A Bacon Helmet Part 1 (1:04)
20 - 2M11B Bacon Helmet Part 2 (0:34)
21 - 2M13 Take The Blood (1:16)
22 - 3M1-2 Stay Out Of My Head - Cerebro (3:53)
23 - 3M3 They're Recruiting (1:34)
24 - 3M4 Havoc Slices Statue (0:33)
25 - 3M5 Mobilise For Russia Part 1 (0:38)
26 - 3M6A Mobilise For Russia Part 2 (1:15)
27 - 3M6B Russian Military Retreat (1:12)
28 - 3M7-8 Shaw Nuff (4:57)
29 - 4M1-2 Under Attack (3:25)
30 - 4M3-4 Rise Up to Rule (3:29)
31 - 4M5 525,600 Mutants (0:24)
32 - 4M6-7 One Week (4:03)
33 - 4M8-9 Training Montage (5:16)
34 - 4M10 Between Rage & Serenity (2:05)
35 - 5M1A Shaw Sub (0:55)
36 - 5M1B His & Her Normal Juice (2:12)
37 - 5M2 Be The Better Men (2:30)
38 - 5M3 The Real Raven (1:07)
39 - 5M4A Behold The Beast (Unused) (1:49)
40 - 5M4B Two Tribes (2:18)
41 - 5M5A The Blockade (2:19)
42 - 5M5B X-Jet (2:19)
43 - 5M6 Sub Lift (3:16)
44 - 6M1 Mutant-On-Mutant Action (6:05)
45 - 6M2 Crspy Bacon Splitter (2:53)
46 - 6M3 Smoky Bacon (2:17)
47 - 6M4 Missile Launch (0:44)
48 - 6M5A Just Following Orders (0:42)
49 - 6M5B Missile Rebound (1:02)
50 - 6M5C Charles Shot (1:15)
51 - 6M6 Mutant & Proud (3:37)
52 - 6M7A You're X-Men (1:53)
53 - 6M7B Magneto (1:03)
54 - 6M8 I Prefer Magneto (Main On End) (1:48)
55 - Love Love (cue from Take That) (3:38)
56 - First Class (3:17)
57 - 1M6alt Non-CIA Issue (0:39)
58 - 5M4alt Behold The Beast (1:49)
59 - 5M6ins Sub Lift (Bearded Cleric) (0:26)

Total Time: 01:55:36

John2014-10-11 22:52:31
Any different from the complete score already leaked? Will this be online?

Felix2014-10-12 15:41:35
Yes, was it

John2014-10-15 07:07:16
Does 1M2 - "Hot Chocolate" contain the Michael Kamen Nazi Camp intro? Or just the new material by Jackman ? Also, just to be clear, did you say this will be online soon?

Thanks again !

Felix2014-10-15 15:35:05
it only have Jackman's Themes, and yes it's online, because i have it

Aytekin2014-10-16 03:47:22
I think the complete score we have now is the ISO score, right?

John2014-10-16 04:47:31
Whee can I download it? I'd like to have this as well....

Mikkel2014-10-16 10:24:09
It's the same like this...

01 Poland, 1944 - 0:54
02 The Little Mutant - 1:35
03 Move The Coin - 1:19
04 Pain and Anger - 2:43
05 Mystique - 2:24
06 Not That Sort of Bank - 1:50
07 Jupiter Missiles In Turkey / Frankenstein's Monster - 6:57
08 Does Mutants Really Exist? - 1:43
09 The Granade - 0:31
10 What About This Magic Trick? - 0:53
11 Boat's Fight - 5:02
12 The New Mutants Division Of C.I.A. - 1:10
13 Meeting Hanck / What Am I Thinking? - 2:44
14 Cerebro - 5:13
15 We Are The Atom's Sons - 1:39
16 Alex - 1:21
17 Into The Van - 1:19
18 Russian Military Retreat - 6:10
19 Where Are The Mutants? - 3:32
20 Rise Up to Rule - 3:35
21 Missiles In Cuba - 0:31
22 A War Against Who? - 4:07
23 X-Taining - 5:24
24 Rage and Serenity - 2:12
25 The World Is Ready For A War - 0:59
26 To Beast or Not to Beast - 2:18
27 The Beast - 2:37
28 The True Raven - 1:14
29 X-Team / Let Battle Commence - 9:37
30 Sub Lift - 2:20
31 Final Confrontation / Mutant and Proud / X-Men - 19:58
32 Magneto - 2:54
33 End Credits - 3:23

xM reply Replies: 1 || 2014-07-07 22:10:34
i'm looking for the track they used in the dvd extras (cerebro mutant tracker).
thank you :)

badbu2014-07-07 22:18:31
John Powell XMen The Last Stand Theme

scorefan reply Replies: 1 || 2014-05-27 21:53:30
sorry for write here. But what happen with Ramin and the edge of tomorrow? Now the score is by Chistophe Beck

Macejko2014-05-27 22:01:32
My guess is that he dropped the project, because he already had The Strain, Dracula Untold and Game of Thrones S4 to work on. It's just a theory, though, he could also have been fired (I don't see a reason why, but it could have happened). One way or the other, ultimately I'm glad he didn't do it and had time for other projects - hearing the samples from Beck's score, it tells me that he would be forced to go the electronic way, and I prefer my Djawadi fully orchestral ;)

thejok3rrules reply Replies: 34 || 2014-05-26 04:27:56
''Hope'' has nothing of a ''Time'' rip-off...

Edmund Meinerts2014-05-26 10:37:49
No, indeed, if you play it with the volume all the way down it sounds nothing like "Time"!

Everan2014-05-26 16:06:55
How is it a Time rip-off? Does it have the 4 rythm? The piano is identical in tone and rythm?
It's not similar other than in instruments!

Edmund Meinerts2014-05-26 16:48:56
The subtle electronic pulse is the same. The background synths are the same. The echoing piano is similar. The buildup is executed in an almost identical way, with the chopping strings coming in about halfway through. The chord progressions are pretty close. All that's missing is Johnny Marr and the reverse edit at the end!

thejok3rrules2014-05-26 16:54:21
Since ''Time'' came out, you guys just keep on saying all the calm, touching music pieces you hear sound like ''Time'' rip-offs... I mean... C'mon guys.

Macejko2014-05-26 17:07:27
No, it IS a direct and deliberate Time rip-off. There is no point living in denial. We should have seen it coming, though, as it was already used in the DOFP trailer.

Edmund Meinerts2014-05-26 19:38:45
Far from it. HTTYD2 has some calm, touching pieces of music that sound nothing like "Time". Amazing Spider-Man 2 has some calm, touching pieces of music that sound nothing like "Time". X-Men: Days of Future Past has a touching piece that sounds almost exactly like "Time", and which is an obvious temp track rip.

Seriously, are you people deaf?

Anonymous2014-05-26 20:01:40
No mate, I'm not. However, I admit there are some simmilarities, just like ''Time'' sounds like ''Journey to the Line'' from THE THIN RED LINE... Still, Ottman's ''hope'' is great, and the melody is more complex. I love that. No hate on Zimmer.

Ds2014-05-26 20:28:07
... and the wonderfully delicious "Maleficent" by James Newton Howard has plenty of quiet moments that sound nothing like "Time"!

Rcp2014-05-26 20:43:57
Every single one of you are morons. It is NOT a "Time" rip- off, you hear them two first notes and think, "OMG he ripped off hans!" No, this cue is not even close to the many other "Time" rip offs out there. You want it so much to be a rip off of hans, you look at every little bit of the cue and try to associate it with "Time"...pure idiocy.

Now, the overall score is not as good as Jackman's but fit the film well.

Jeanbayljean2014-05-26 21:33:01
Should I remember you guys that Time is a "The Apartment" rip-off, from The Jason Bourne Identity (at 1:45 aproximately) ?

Edmund Meinerts2014-05-26 22:52:04
Anybody who denies "Time"'s influence on this cue (no matter what influences went into "Time" to begin with; I'm certainly not denying it's related to "Journey to the Line", although I think the Bourne thing is a coincidence) is talking out of their ass. Does Ottman take it in new directions? Sure - much moreso than what we heard in e.g. Captain Phillips and 12 Years a Slave. But it's still blindingly obvious what they're trying to ape.

And this has nothing to do with "wanting it" to be a rip-off of Hans, and if you had read my earlier post, you'd know that I'm basing this off of much more than just the first two notes. Pure idiocy indeed.

Rcp2014-05-26 23:04:30
I mentioned more than the first two note you idiot. You try to make every bit of the song a rip off of "Time". Hey, if I use French horns in my cue, I suppose I am ripping off Hans, John Powell, or Henry Jackman aye? No wait, let me add some fast spiccato strings in there and say I'm ripping of Hans, and about every other composer out there.

Macejko2014-05-26 23:12:30
Rcp: Music is not a cold mathematical equation, you know. You can't just say "yep, there are some differences, thus those cues sound completely different". I don't mean to pass judgements, but if you claim you can't hear how obviously similar those cues are, then you are either a) full of shit, or b) deaf.

Rcp2014-05-26 23:19:05
Dude, I'm just sick of people always saying this or that song ripped off Hans zimmer or something. It's ridiculous, and your saying that it's a HUGE rip off of time means you are either deaf, or just plain stupid. and Edweird's breakdown of nearly every element of the cue and saying it's a ripoff is even more stupid.

Ds2014-05-26 23:26:30
Come on, it's not a direct "Time" rip-off, but it's so heavily similar in tone, style and construction that it's almost obvious that "Time" has been used as a temp-track at some point in the movie.

"Safe Now" from Captain Phillips is what I'd call a blatant rip-off. "Solomon" from 12 Years A Slave is also a rip-off because it uses the exact same notes, even though the instrumentation couldn't be more different. "Hope" is not a direct rip-off because it has a proper theme, but it's plain stupid to pretend it hasn't been at least strongly inspired by "Time".

Edmund Meinerts2014-05-27 01:24:54
Ah, nice. You call my breakdown "stupid" without bothering to refute my points or offer a counterargument. You'd make a great lawyer.

Rcp2014-05-27 02:07:08
Edward just shut up. I made my point, it is not a rip off of "Time" - again, NOT A RIPOFF of time, do I need to spell it out for you?! Here is my argument again so you don't misunderstand, it is NOT a RIPOFF of "Time", get what I'm saying?!

Rcp2014-05-27 02:07:58
*Edmund, Edward same damn thing

Edward Mean-Hurts2014-05-27 03:51:36
Hmm. Yeah, he has to be deaf.

Let's see: John Ottman, the master of aping temp tracks. Have you ever heard an Ottman score before? Superman Returns he pulls blatantly from Legends of the Fall for two minutes straight. Jack the Giant Slayer pulls a whole cue from Elfman's Alice in Wonderland (or Oz, I forget.)

To elaborate on what "Edward" said earlier, the rhythm sounds like Time, the tempo is almost identical to Time, the way the piano is mixed sounds like Time, the four chord progression is the same as Time, the strings have the same patterns as the ones in Time, the smooth synths and the the lower rhythmic synths are nearly identical, it has the same overall growth and structure as Time, the brass comes in at about the same time as Time, it has the same fade out as Time with the SAME synths doing the SAME MELODY (except instead of going UP a fifth, the piano goes DOWN a fourth, which is the same note change..).

My point, my friend, is that this CLEARLY is meant to be a blatent Time ripoff. Ottman isn't even trying to hide it. Not only that, a handful of my non-film-music friends pointed out that "this sounds just like Inception!" when the music played. Not only that- the last sequence in the film is ALSO based on this scene from Inception! Singer apes the scene nearly as much as Ottman apes the music.

You must be completely deaf.

Rcp2014-05-27 04:20:38
Like I said, it is not a rip off of time you mouthy little bastard. Yes sure, it has a similar tone, structure, and orchestration. But listen to "Safe Now" by Henry Jackman or "New Horizon" by Ninja tracks - THOSE are "Time" ripoffs! "Hope" IS NOT a ripoff you blind piece of sh*t! Get what I am saying!? Apparently not

thejok3rrules2014-05-27 04:21:09
Just because you're hidden behind a computer screen doesn't mean you can insult anyone, mate.

Rcp2014-05-27 04:24:11
I kinda just did

Rcp2014-05-27 04:36:04
In conclusion, I'm sorry for my rants and insults, but I'm just making my point, which is: it is not a HUGE "Time" ripoff as someone stated earlier, those tracks I mentioned above, those are ripoffs, sure, maybe Ottman was influenced by HZ score but even though it has certain similar elements and orchestration of strings, doesn't give anyone the right to say, "Hey, John just ripped off Time!" "John can't compose a good score", because reality is, every film score or nearly everyone is influenced by another, nuff said


Edminister Shortskirts2014-05-27 04:45:04
Well, no matter how many times you say it, you haven't actually made any point at all. For example, if I say "gravity doesn't exist" 100 times in a row, that doesn't help prove my point. Even if I say it like this- "GRAVITY DOESN'T EXIST YOU DUMB SHITS. HOW MUCH CLEARER CAN I MAKE IT!?!?!," it still doesn't back up my point one bit. It just makes me look like an idiot.

Give me some reasons why you think it's not a Time ripoff? It sounds exactly like Time in every single way. I don't know how else to put this.

We aren't saying Ottman's a bad composer. That has nothing to do with this. I don't know what you're trying to defend or who you think we are trying to attack, but this IS, by anyone's standard, a Time ripoff.

Rcp2014-05-27 04:47:20
I'm done with this argument ;). I made my point above, listen to the cues again perhaps?

Eddard Headhurts2014-05-27 04:56:03
Yeah, you're right. Those cues sound like Time as well.

YOU'RE RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING. Since those cues sound like Time, this one doesn't. It's all clear now.

Please don't go into law or any field that requires any ounce of logic, ok? Or anything where you need to use your ears, for that matter.

Good day.

Rcp2014-05-27 05:03:24
Please don't go into standup or anything that requires you to be funny or have a brain.

Good day to you to

RealFfingMusic2014-05-27 07:08:52
@Rcp, you have not made a single point in your 10+ posts in this thread.

Let me point out which parts of "Hope" sounds like "Time" to me -- the theme, the chords, progression, etc. -- that is, pretty much everything. Only a few overlaying tunes are original.

The only difference is that one can listen to "Time" on it's own many times, and never be bored.

badbu2014-05-27 07:57:50
Welcome Back/End Titles ->best track!
the :P

trent easton navarro2014-05-27 08:53:07
I'm sure the scene that used "Hope" was temp tracked with "Time" and Ottman did his best to make the cue his own.

Let's not forget that most of the time the composers are forced to rip off the temp. I don't think Ottman said to himself, "you know what, I'm gonna rip off Hans for this cue". Ottman isn't the first composer who has the deal with a temp track and he sure won't be the last

Ds2014-05-27 09:05:14
RealFingMusic: you're so right. I'll never get bored by Time, but I listened twice to Hope and it didn't have any effect on me. Inside the movie, it's the same thing, it's barely audible, while in Inception that cue was beyond beauty.

Trent: this is true for most composers, but since Ottman was also the film editor, I guess he had something to say about the temptracks...

Lambegue2014-05-27 10:35:41
Ds : Yes, I remember Ottman saying in an interview that he participates a lot in choosing the temptracks. That's maybe why one can hear so often similarities with other scores in Ottman's work.

By the way : I like your point, Sigmund Mind-Earth.

David2014-05-27 17:04:22
I am a huge HZ fan but I definitely hear "Time" in Xavier's Theme. There's no denying it. Being I'm a Zimmer fan I'm not trying to defend or trash him. Sure, Zimmer kinda rips-off other pieces, or even uses temp tracks from other scores, but I'm sure he's not the only one?? Anyone with ears who listens to Time and then Xavier's theme can tell they're similar. It's blatantly obvious. As obvious as Jablonsky practically using "Mind Heist" in Transformers 3

Ds2014-05-27 18:43:51
David, nobody here was trying to bash on Zimmer, because he has just nothing to do with this "X-Men" score. The copy-pasting was made by John Ottman.

Macejko reply Replies: 21 || 2014-05-21 21:31:02
Listening to the "Days of Future Past" score (by John Ottman) and BANG! Third track (Hope) is another huge "Time" rip-off. And by huge, I mean HUGE.

Lambegue2014-05-21 21:57:23
The score as a whole isn't as good as Jackman's or Powell's efforts on this saga...

Macejko2014-05-21 22:31:59
Well, what would you expect from Ottman...

Macejko2014-05-21 22:43:00
Although the rendition of X2 theme is pretty damn good, I'll give him that.

badbu2014-05-22 07:51:22
@Lambegue right!
miss jackman... :/

trent easton navarro2014-05-22 08:25:30
I loved Ottman's X2 score but Days of Future Past bores me. I gave up after a couple of tracks. Will try again after I've seen the film.

Anonymous2014-05-22 09:28:57
what I find intriguing is that Ottman's work is still better reviewd than Jackman's. A clear bias towards all things rcp.

Patrick2014-05-22 15:48:27
Not to mention that awkward rendition of the Magneto theme... I mean I get that there must have been some sort of good reason why they couldn't use the actual notes, but... why?

Felix2014-05-22 23:50:34
I have Seen this Film today and the Score is good, but i miss Jackman's Themes :(

Dontcha know2014-05-23 08:22:16
Do you know which of the Days Of Future Past's tracks have the X2 themes?

Felix 2014-05-23 09:39:40
I only heard the Main Title Boom and the End Credits Theme from X2

badbu2014-05-23 09:49:37
@Dontcha know
"Welcome Back/End Titles"

Ds2014-05-24 01:02:18
The score was actually cool in the movie. Nothing groundbreaking and I don't think I will listen to it separately, but it did its job pretty well. And it was rich enough to stay entertaining throughout.

Macejko2014-05-24 16:21:37
I actually don't understand why someone like Ottman is perfectly capable of creating a good theme, yet so bad at composing a good overall score around it. DOFP score doesn't event use the X-Men theme in the movie itself - just in the opening and end credits (ok, maybe it does, but only once and for a very brief moment in the story). Ottman is like an opposite of Brian Tyler - the former underuses and the latter overuses a theme. Is it that hard to compose about three different melodies for one movie? One main theme and two sub-themes? I am no composer nor musician, but this should IMHO be a standard. The only other distinctive melody of DOFP score, besides the main one, is Xavier's theme... which is a Time rip-off, as I already mentioned.

Ds2014-05-24 21:10:40
Macejko, you're so right. Another big example is this year's "Non-Stop", which has a truly excellent and entertaining main theme... never used in the movie itself. The actual score was incredibly dull, without a theme and relied mainly on ambient noise. I don't understand such a choice. And it seems recurrent with Ottman's soundtracks.

Edmund Meinerts2014-05-24 21:26:38
The funny thing about Non-Stop is that the main theme sounds almost exactly like one of the themes from the Hobbit movies. :p

Hybrid Soldier2014-05-24 21:34:24
Non-Stop is not even Ottman...

Wendler wrote 90%...

Macejko2014-05-24 21:49:52
"You know you hit rock bottom... when you're ghostwriting for John Ottman." - Me

Edmund Meinerts2014-05-24 22:29:01
Yeah, I knew that...and a lot of his 90s scores are cowritten by Larry Groupe. People give RCP shit for ghostwriting, but for me uncredited cases like that are much worse.

Lambegue2014-05-25 14:49:54
Ottman is also regularly editor on the movies he scores (that's the case on every Singer movie, for example) : maybe this is just too much work for him to concentrate truly on the score ? Or maybe he is unable because of this to really see the movie as a whole ? That is just a theory, and a very basic one...But maybe it is at least partly an explanation

Meta2014-05-25 18:43:45
HOPE is really the only decent theme in the new score....

the rest of it I can easily toss out the window, even if it is a TIME rehash.

Edmund Meinerts2014-05-25 20:31:51
The actual melody of Hope is's just the arrangement and chord progressions around it that rip off Time. My favorite bit of that score is in the end titles where he plays the Hope theme in counterpoint to his main theme from X2. That's clever. I just wish he'd applied that kind of thinking to the rest of the score (if, indeed, he actually composed it).

Dontcha know reply Replies: 0 || 2014-05-24 15:32:08
Good to know. I've watched plenty of good movies dirtied by dull soundtracks (Looking at you Avengers soundtrack).

Dontcha know reply Replies: 0 || 2014-05-23 13:44:43
Yeah, that's where I thought I heard it. Was just wondering if it was in any other tracks as well.

Macejko reply Replies: 12 || 2013-04-01 23:00:07
Yep, it's happening. Jackman is not returning for the sequel, Master of Boring is onboard instead.

Radik2013-04-01 23:18:00
And source?

Macejko2013-04-01 23:26:40
Film Music Reporter. You can't post external links here, so you have to look it up for yourself.

Mr. Charles2013-04-02 15:11:11

h t t p:// men-days-of-future-past-and-non-stop/


tomPoland2013-04-03 14:00:10
Listen to Jack The Giant Slayer and then write Master of Boring, I dare you.

Macejko2013-04-03 15:39:15
tomPoland: I did, in fact, listen to it. And I'm keeping my opinion. I don't like Ottman's music.

MrZimmerFan (Fan from Spain)2013-04-03 15:56:42
I like Ottman (Specially Jack the Giant Slayer, a such wonderful score), but i think, they keep Jackman for this

Felix2013-04-03 17:13:19
Jackman is better then Ottman

Master2013-04-04 09:52:45
Jackman was good choice for first class because of good result. Nice themes and such, and it fits for the past of X-men, but bringing ottman back?? This is good news indeed. At first I didn't like his music really but I expanded my tastes, and X2 is now one of my favorites! :) I'm actually very glad they gave the job to him instead for DOFP. I look forward to this!

Cloud2013-04-04 16:33:27
Fantastic news, Ottman is an incredibly talented man and hix X2 score is miles ahead of First Class. Jack the Giant Slayer is one of the strongest scores of the year so far btw.

badbu2014-01-05 22:24:29
why????? :( so bad...henry did a perfect job...

Mike2014-01-05 22:27:07
I've only heard one Ottman score (Superman Returns) and liked it quite a bit. But maybe it's not a fair example, since a good deal of it was John Williams material rearranged.

badbu2014-01-05 22:36:03
100% right!
really really bad...i like the magneto theme "bassline" so much :D

Macejko reply Replies: 1 || 2012-11-04 21:10:27
Love this score, but it's a shame that Herny will be probably replaced by John Ottman in the sequel, now when Bryan Singer is on board to direct.

Trent Easton Navarro2012-11-05 18:13:50
Jackman's score was highly enjoyable but nowhere near as good as Ottman's for X2. Really hoping Ottman will return to the franchise.

Miss C reply Replies: 6 || 2011-09-03 12:47:57
There's a really beautiful piece of music when Mystique shows herself for the first time in the kitchen. It's not on the soundtrack, will it possibly be available for purchase at some point?

Papapalpatine772011-09-04 05:21:03
If you know where to look Miss C, the complete score has just been posted. It's the isolated score ripped from the Blu-ray as mentioned in the posts below this one

Anonymous2011-09-05 01:15:59
There's no track titles on these tracks. Can someone post the titles?

Papapalpatin3772011-09-05 01:58:42
01 Poland, 1944 - 0:54
02 The Little Mutant - 1:35
03 Move The Coin - 1:19
04 Pain and Anger - 2:43
05 Mystique - 2:24
06 Not That Sort of Bank - 1:50
07 Jupiter Missiles In Turkey / Frankenstein's Monster - 6:57
08 Does Mutants Really Exist? - 1:43
09 The Granade - 0:31
10 What About This Magic Trick? - 0:53
11 Boat's Fight - 5:02
12 The New Mutants Division Of C.I.A. - 1:10
13 Meeting Hanck / What Am I Thinking? - 2:44
14 Cerebro - 5:13
15 We Are The Atom's Sons - 1:39
16 Alex - 1:21
17 Into The Van - 1:19
18 Russian Military Retreat - 6:10
19 Where Are The Mutants? - 3:32
20 Rise Up to Rule - 3:35
21 Missiles In Cuba - 0:31
22 A War Against Who? - 4:07
23 X-Taining - 5:24
24 Rage and Serenity - 2:12
25 The World Is Ready For A War - 0:59
26 To Beast or Not to Beast - 2:18
27 The Beast - 2:37
28 The True Raven - 1:14
29 X-Team / Let Battle Commence - 9:37
30 Sub Lift - 2:20
31 Final Confrontation / Mutant and Proud / X-Men - 19:58
32 Magneto - 2:54
33 End Credits - 3:23

Anonymous2011-09-05 02:49:04
Thank you. It helped alot.

Anonymous2011-09-05 23:24:08
08 Does Mutants Really Exist? - 1:43
should be
Do Mutants Really Exist?

09 The Granade - 0:31
should be
The Grenade?

13 Meeting Hanck
should be

Puss2012-05-20 17:14:04
Great Complete Score No Sfx

Joshua reply Replies: 0 || 2012-02-23 19:05:07
Not only is Jackman Doing Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter on the 22nd. But now he's doing G.I.Joe Retaliation on the 29th a week later!!!! Cant wait. Two kick ass scores from Jackman in back to back weeks!

Tim reply Replies: 2 || 2011-09-25 15:46:11
Henry is scoring "Man on a Ledge". Looks very intereting.I wonder why it doesn't posted on the site...

Papapalpatine772011-09-25 20:11:29
I cannot wait to see that, it sounds so good. Is the trailer out yet?

Tim2011-09-28 20:35:33
Man on a Ledge Trailer -
h t t p://

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2011-09-11 03:00:55
Does anyone think we'll ever get a Spider-Man 3 Recording Sessions by Christopher Young? I'm just curious since we've been getting a lot of complete scores this year.

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 4 || 2011-08-30 19:20:07
The BluRay/DVD release contains the isolated score !

Excellent news ! :)

Falconet2011-08-31 09:00:01
thanks for the information hybrid,i'm gonna buy the blu-ray!

Anonymous2011-08-31 18:44:10
So we can watch the movie with just the score?

T-Mann0362011-09-01 05:10:05
Actually, you have the option of switching the audio theatrical version or the isolated score during the picture.

CasaNegra2011-09-05 01:57:08
If only all Blu Rays separated the score so easily like this one did. Alas...I mean WTF you're paying like 30 bucks for the damn movie on Blu Ray anyway! Why not?

Radim reply Replies: 1 || 2011-07-13 17:41:39
''Mutant And Proud'' sounds like Inception :)

Trent Easton Navarro2011-07-14 02:21:51
You mean "Mutant and Proud" sounds like The Thin Red Line ;)

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 2 || 2011-06-30 12:56:18
I detailled all the credits if you're interested... :)

Dakota2011-07-01 00:01:16
Thanks Hybrid! Can we possibly get this treatment for Dark of the Moon? Please?!

Bondo2011-07-01 09:01:05
Between X-Men, Pirates 4, and Season of the Witch, I'm very eager to hear more of Matthew Margeson in the future!

Mikel Siw (a fan from Spain) reply Replies: 0 || 2011-06-26 14:39:32
This score is wonderful and epic!!!! I love the album! Go, Henry!!!

Anonymous reply Replies: 1 || 2011-06-26 04:21:47
Anyone knows if the music played in the beginning of the movie with the young magneto in the nazi's field is a temp track from michael kamenīs first x-men score or jackman use kamen's theme with new arrangements??

KaijusRoyaume2011-06-26 11:34:44
I's Michael Kamen's cue. Vaughn makes a connection with the first X-Men movie on reshoot the nazi camp scene with new actors, but with the same music and photography ;)

michael reply Replies: 0 || 2011-06-25 17:56:07
Sub lift is beyond amazing, it worked so well in the film!

Bondo reply Replies: 0 || 2011-06-16 06:38:48
Anything on ASCAP yet about who composed what?

Sabrina reply Replies: 4 || 2011-06-03 01:56:17
I like it.

Of course that it's not a Powell's masterpiece but it's pretty decent. The main theme - which I'll say belongs to the "X-Men" and Xavier - is amazing. Actually, I had goosebumps when I heard it.

The "Magneto" theme reminds me something. But it sounds amazing. Haven't seen the movie yet but I can picture Michael Fassbender clearly in my head when I listen to track 20.

"True Colours" reminds me of "Clash of the Titans" as someone mentioned before. So I agree with you all concerning that.

There is a "Kick-Ass" vibe in it as Sam pointed out. Which is a good thing 'cause I really enjoyed "Kick-Ass" - though it was written with other names.

The more calm melody which you can listen in "Rage and Serenity" is very beautiful. A love theme?! At least it has all the love and romance thing around it.

Overall I'm not disappointed with this score. Henry Jackman seems to be a good composer - I only know "Kick-Ass" and "Henri 4" and both are pretty good.

From the "X-Men" franchise, this one, some melodies in "Wolverine" and "The Last Stand" are the ones I like. "X-Men" and "X-Men 2" are pretty lame (except the main theme in X-Men 2 which is amazing).

flacka2011-06-04 17:16:53
Actually believe it or not but this score is about the best X Men score Ive ever heard. Second to this is Xmen 3...Third to this would be X2's main theme...The rest of the scores just meander alot, which is signature of Bryan Singer's meandering storylines.

I dunno, when I think of Xmen, I think of action music...bringing Powell, Gregson-Williams and now Jackman into the mix is a godsend. (although Gregson Williams work on Wolverine was fairly lazy and uninspiring IMO)

Not that the Xmen need to be a Remote Control staple, but cmon...for all the work that Ottman and Kamen did on the last scores, you gotta admit by comparison they are seriously lacking.

All regards to Kamen and Ottman, but I just dont picture a standard classical music backdrop with the Xmen. I picture guitar riffs and action synth...Zimmer style.

I mean we are dealing with a bunch of mutant superheroes running around beating the crap out of each other...It requires video game music.

Sabrina2011-06-05 21:59:39
Everything you wrote, flacka, is exactly what I think.

Couldn't agree more :P

KaijusRoyaume2011-06-14 07:21:58

For me, the Magneto's Theme reminds me the cue "Dream Is Collapsing" from Inception. The two themes are very similar.

Sabrina2011-06-15 20:46:16
@ KaijusRoyaume
After reading your comment I hear "Dream Is Collapsing" and then it stroke me that you're right!

Still, it wasn't that song. It reminds me something different from Hans Zimmer.

But it's cool... Jakcman was Zimmer apprentice so I guess it's normal to hear bits similar to his master's work just like Miles said!

I have already seen the movie and it was amazing. The soundtrack was even more amazing with the movie! It gave it a complete different essence. Loved it!

Miles reply Replies: 0 || 2011-06-14 07:33:45
I agree with Sabrina. It's not on the same epic level as Powell's Last Stand (although cues like "First Class" and "Sub Lift" come pretty darn close), but it is a very fun ride. I waited until the movie to hear the score, and it meshed pretty well with the onscreen action. I was a little let down that there wasn't more of the music from the final battle, but I really like what Henry Jackman has done here. Some parts even sound like something Powell himself might have written, and the rest adapts some Zimmer standbys (string progressions, horns) without being a carbon copy. A solid blockbuster score; I look forward to hearing more of Jackman's work in the future!

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 1 || 2011-06-02 20:33:23
What's funny about the team who did it is that John Ashton Thomas, orchestrator here, wrote additional music for The Last Stand, and Chris Willis, who wrote add. music here, also wrote add. music for Wolverine ! :P

Bondo2011-06-04 06:06:49
I wonder if Chris Willis worked on "Let Battle Commence," considering the beginning sounds straight out of Wolverine :D

Cloud reply Replies: 1 || 2011-06-02 11:04:09
Ugh. This is as generic as it gets. They should have went with John Powell...

John2011-06-02 20:28:42
I don't know, I wouldn't have wanted Powell to do something like *this*... Ugh...

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