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Well, Steve, about the score, says he still working on it.<br><br>I can't wait.A snippet of the verse (at 0:49) also shows up occasionally in the score, in Somebody Wants to Kill You, the end of Greene and Camille, and Field Trip.Ist there any chance for concert in Poland during this tour?How do I listen to this ?Hybrid, what about any credits for this score?
Looking to travel to Berlin for the kickoff. Reckon the concert is in german instead in english?100% agree.<br><br>“You Know My Name”, “Skyfall”, “Goldfinger”, etc. all stand out because they embrace the grander aspects of 007. Having a calm and reflective Bond song can be just as effective though. I feel like “No Time to Die” is basically trying to do what “Writing on the Wall” tried but succeeding much better.I really like the song. It has, I think, a Bangkok Dangerous vibe at first, before the first lyrics. <br>I read some comments on youtube stating its a bad Bond song because its too calm. I disagree. Sure, its less punchy than You Know My Name, but some previous Bond songs, like Tomorrow Never Dies, had the same "mood". <br>This song, No Time to Die, would also have been a prefect choice for the movie Quantum of Solace, which had this melancholic tone. i espacially picture this music during the train bar scene in Quantum of solace, when Bond is drinking thinking about Vesper and the past.Man, i wan that score"Time to Get Out", “Pursuit At...”, “No Interest In...” and “I Never Left” all incorporate the piano motif from “Another Way to Die”. Granted, they are more like cameos than anything really substantial.
Anybody who heard from Steve Mazzaro's website to listen by The Rhythm Section with soundtrack, it's ain't not bad at all.I’m aware about no good about goodbye and yes it’s in various cues. can you tell me where another way to die appears? also check out “talomne” it has you know my name on stringsSeriously, the complete score needs to come out. We NEED those Mazzaro suites on our devices!Just came back from Mazzaro’s website. Why didn’t they include the extended versions of some of the tracks? Not to mention an entirely unreleased track.<br><br>This is the closest we’ll get to having an “original” album by Zimmer and his team. Darn...QoS did attempt to use the theme song in the score, but the theme song they went with changed during production. It was originally going to be "No Good About Goodbye" as sung by Shirley Bassey and written by David Arnold, the composer for QoS. Listen to the song and you can hear it all across the score, such as at 3:30 in Time to Get Out and 0:08 in Talamone. As such, I'd still count QoS as abiding by the rule.
To be fair QoS used the striking piano notes that opened “Another Way to Die” throughout. Very subtle but there wasn’t really a strong melody in that song to begin with &#175;\_(&#12484;)_/&#175;QoS is the only Craig film to not include its theme song in the score thus far. however you know my name appears in it. Though that was strange.:) getting pretty excited for this score after watching some of the clips online!james bond 25 = inception but without Lorne Balfemore of a business-y question but wonder which label will handle Zimmer's score and therefore whether Eilish's theme will be on it...and whether Zimmer actually ended up integrating it into his score the way many Bond fans have been crying out for since the Brosnan days

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Composer - Musician : Dilruba - Music Scoring MixerMain Theme - Score ProducerAdditional Music - Musician : Mandolin & Dilruba
Ian HoneymanKlaus BadeltMark Yaeger
ComposerCo-ComposerAdditional Music
Hexe Lilli - Die Reise Nach Mandolan
Length: 50'14 rating:        Not yet rated
Fans rating:     rate at 1 out of 5 rate at 2 out of 5 rate at 3 out of 5 rate at 4 out of 5 rate at 5 out of 5   2/5 (4649 votes)
  1. Om Nandi Om! - Sara Shine & The Pseudo Rebels (2:45) *
  2. Lilly The Witch Mandolan (2:25)
  3. Mandolan City (1:07)
  4. An Evil Hand (1:19)
  5. Super What (1:58)
  6. Adventure Begins (1:21)
  7. Hektor Arrives (1:42)
  8. So-Called Magician (1:51)
  9. Throne Throw (0:37)
  10. A Potion (1:14)
  11. Abrasch's Laboratory (1:27)
  12. Nandi's Not Dead (1:19)
  13. Hektor In Love (1:31)
  14. To The Forbidden City (2:52)
  15. That's Mandolan (2:05)
  16. Get Out (1:01)
  17. Marimbulo (1:36)
  18. Don't Be Scared (1:21)
  19. Forbidden City (3:09)
  20. King Nandi (2:06)
  21. Lead The People (1:47)
  22. Evil Plan (1:04)
  23. Nandi Is Alive (1:25)
  24. Anywhere The Wind Blows (1:38)
  25. No Throne (1:22)
  26. Surulunda Returns (0:57)
  27. Animal Tricks (1:24)
  28. Inflatable Abrasch (1:30)
  29. Return Of Nandi (1:36)
  30. New Grand Vizier (1:34)
  31. Exploring Mandolan (1:09)
*Music by Ian Honeyman, produced by Klaus Badelt & Ian Honeyman
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Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 0 || 2011-02-06 00:00:00
This is now out ! :)

Anonymous reply Replies: 0 || 2011-01-30 00:00:00
Awesome. I love Klaus Badelt's music!

Hybrid Soldier reply Replies: 0 || 2011-01-29 00:00:00
This is coming very soon too ! :)© 2001-2018 OST 
Hexe Lilli - Die Reise Nach Mandolan soundtrack - Ian Honeyman 2011