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The music is nice, the production is generic, though. I guess that's where Lorne comes in...someone knows the piano piece at the begining? <br>https:// use of your music to undermine the generality of another state. Understand please.<br> see my previous comment in this thread about this track. The original is by me, and the socalled "Davide Anselmi" is a plagiarizer.I am the original composer of the track that "Davide Anselmi" released, and I run a small company that releases my own, my brothers and 2 other peoples work.<br><br>The original recording and composition I did is called "Rallying the Defense", and I wrote and recorded that track in 2010 where I also uploaded it onto YouTube, and released it under a Creative Commons Attribution License.<br><br>I've used the past 2 weeks fighting off the release of "Overture" on YouTube, to try and keep the fans and users of my music free from the false ContentID claims.<br><br>"Rallying the Defense" was released as "Overture" through a small distribution company in the UK called Horus Music, who makes it very easy to do so, by making it free.<br><br>It is also now part of the Roadrunner Records catalog, as that too appeared on ContentID on YouTube.<br><br>I've been manually filing DMCA claims left and right to iTunes, Spotify, Roadrunner Records and YouTube, and in my Googling for more places to approach I stumbled upon this comment section.<br><br>So I can safely say, that Hans Zimmer has nothing to do with my old composition and recording. Anyone with experience can hear the track sounds very sub par anything commercially released.
No page for it so I post here if anyone is interested. Complete score to Sammy 1 (A Turtle's Tale - Sammy's Adventure):<br><br>1. Welcome To The World (1:47)<br>2. Exploring The Sea (2:53)<br>3. Here Comes Sammy (1:28)<br>4. Shelly's Lost (1:26)<br>5. The Coral Reef (1:16)<br>6. Where Is My Girl? (2:12)<br>7. Around The World (1:03)<br>8. Wedding Ballet (2:10)<br>9. Baja (0:34)<br>10. Grandpa Sammy (0:33)<br>11. Bird Attack (0:58)<br>12. Leaving Sammy/Dream 1 (0:42)<br>13. Out On The Raft (2:03)<br>14. Ray Meets Sammy (2:26)<br>15. Shelly's Story (1:14)<br>16. Whale Fountain (0:32)<br>17. Oil Tanker (Part 1) (1:02)<br>18. Dream 2 (0:22)<br>19. Octopus/Oil Tanker (Part 3) (2:48)<br>20. Apollo Landing (1:04)<br>21. Caught In Net (2:15)<br>22. Sammy POV (0:17)<br>23. Sammy Resuscitation (1:40)<br>24. Fluffy The Cat (1:21)<br>25. Bookreading (1:04)<br>26. Vera (1:13)<br>27. Campfire Jam (1:26)<br>28. Vera Is Free (0:45)<br>29. Apocalypse Now (1:11)<br>30. Plastic Bag/Follow Vera (1:05)<br>31. Shark Attack (1:38)<br>32. Sammy & Shelly (2:11)<br>33. Jungle (Part 1) (2:23)<br>34. Jungle (Part 2) (1:50)<br>35. Panama (2:04)<br>36. Bird On A Fridge (1:34)<br>37. Antarctica (1:50)<br>38. GreenPeace (1:29)<br>39. Monterey (0:44)<br>40. Rescue Center (3:14)<br>41. Container (2:42)<br>42. Ray Is Safe (1:49)<br>43. Gallion (0:35)<br>44. Shelly Taken (2:14)<br>45. Trust Me (1:17)<br>46. Beachin' (1:26)<br>47. End Score Credit (3:13)No I don't rate them, I like them (and therefore I listen to them) or I don't.<br><br>When I'm listening to King Arthur, I'm into King Arthur. It's the only music that exists to me at that very moment. Then the day after it's The Rock, then it's Pacific Heights, then it's Interstellar, then Gladiator, then Preacher's Wife & so on...<br><br>There's no rank... There's sooooooooo many things in music I don't listen I won't lose time talking about why I don't listen to them. I rather focuse on what I listen...Hybrid, you don't rate any of HZ scores any differently? Like say maybe some are only 2 or 3 stars but others are 4 stars?  I don't hate any of his scores, there are just some that are truly only 2 stars and other that are 4 stars.  Nobody's perfect, not even Hans.  He is definitely one of the best composers out there but I have even heard him even say he doesn't like some of his own scores.  There's nothing wrong with people having differing opinions, but to criticize someone simply for not liking something you like is a just little over the top, don't ya think?Well so far I only found it on Spotify, nowhere else... But History was handling this release, Lorne didn't have anything to do with it, he just got notified of this release today like us...<br><br>I guess it'll hit more "general" stores soon..."Label: A&E Television Networks (Digital Download Only)"<br><br>Try a search for that label. ;)<br>
So it's available today... but where? Can't find it on iTunes or Amazon...Right, that could end up being a big problem...Yeah but since you're in touch with Hans, you could ask him if he really collaborated with this Anselmi... Maybe he's not even aware that guy is using his name :-pGreat!!!!No I don't, nor have I an opinion on it. End of story for me... :)
Hybrid, do you know anytinng about the track by Davide Anselmi and Hans?<br>It's called Overture and was released as a single a few weeks ago.I liked the theme, so I'm quite curious to hear it in his long version.<br><br>And... "Fifty shades of Red" ?^^Well actually there's Shark Tale (though it was mostly done by Geoff Zanelli & Trevor Morris lol) which is terrible (following the path of the movie lol)...<br><br>And I'm not a HUGE listener of some of his rom com stuff like It's Complicated...<br><br>But no, there isn't a HZ where I'm in pain listening... Was relistening I'll Do Anything yesterday, didn't remember it much, and it's a good one... :)Wow.Lorne returns to the same arena he explored in ASSASSIN'S CREED III.Anonymous, to be frankly honest, I've never seen a single movie scored by HZ where I thought "shit, the music was out of place, I didn't like it". Not a single one. It doesn't mean I'm playing every single HZ score on repeat, but I think that inside the movie they all work extremely well.<br><br>But yeah, actually, MOST of them are still working insanely well without the picture :-p

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