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What instrument library can be used to get these sounds of Interstellar?The composer for Uncharted 4 has been confirmed as Henry Jackman!Okay, maybe I was a little too critical by calling Interstellar "sound effects".  I don't totally dislike Interstellar, just not what I was expecting or hoping for.  There are indeed some beautiful moments in the score, I just didn't care for all the wind noises and such and a great deal of it was atmospheric in my opinion, which is okay to a point.  I would love to hear Hans create some great memorable themes again like he did in so many of his awesome scores of the 1990's and early 2000's.Heaven knows, if any recent Zimmer score deserves an award, Interstellar is the one.I've just seen "The Theory Of Everything", and I have to say it's a beautiful score. I think it's just the Academy's cup of tea. But let's not forget they gave the Award to "The Social Network", which was everything but classic.<br><br>Now I'm upset because I think Hans may lose. I really want him to win his 2nd Oscar!
I've just seen "The Theory Of Everything", and I have to say it's a beautiful score. I think it's just the Academy's cup of tea. But let's not forget they gave the Award to "The Social Network", which was everything but classic.<br><br>Now I'm upset because I think Hans may lose. I really want him to win his 2nd Oscar!I also see that Mombasa Suite is no longer credited...Is that just because there's nothing "official" to go by? And then also, was a suite written for the Fischer theme?This is not a commercially available album. If you look, it says, "Unofficial release".This is even more ridiculous than the Gladiator lawsuit back in 2006. It seems if you're a frustrated c-list composer, you're trying new ways to get a piece of the cake.When does this album release?<br><br>I've got almost dying<br><br>And What's the format? CD? FLAC(Digital DL)?
What total bullshit.  If anything, Hans sued himself and won for the similarities to Time lol.<br><br>Please......Well this is a load of shit! Doesn't even sound similar at all. Friedman is a fucking scumbag.<br>h t t p:// k-lawsuit-stole-music-hans-zimmerIt's on Spotify too. Some kind of lame promo trick?It sounds more like something with Two Steps From Hell than with Hans Zimmer, if you ask me... :PI don't know what it is... Strange. This Davide Anselmi appears to be a young italian musician. He's got 2000 followers on his facebook account, where he announced his new single Overture as "with Hans Zimmer". Without any comment.<br><br>Hybrid, do you know anything about that?
Hi I'm a college student, and ever since I've seen the movie "Interstellar" my dream has changed to screen music composer. Although, I have never had chance to learn how to compose a song, but I have been trying my best to make good music. This below link will lead you guys to trailer for Interstellar with my self-composed music as sound track. Please feel free to check it and leave comment on it. Thank you guys!!!<br><br>'m so glad they're doing something on the music... so far, with most movie releases, if there are special features, the score gets overlooked. I remember with the Extended Editions of The Lord of the Rings, how blown away I was with the lengthy and informative documentary that went into detail with each movie on how Shore wrote and was inspired and recorded the score. I would love to see such a thing like that but with Zimmer and Nolan.Wow! Digital and Blu-ray just announced! And the Blu-ray comes with over 3 hours of special features, just as I'd hoped/assumed!<br><br>The features are as follows:<br>The Science of Interstellar - Extended cut of the broadcast special.<br>Plotting an Interstellar Journey - Discusses the filmís origins, influences and narrative designs.<br>Life on Cooperís Farm - Bringing Americana and the grounded nature of a farm to a sci-fi space movie.<br>The Dust - Learn how cast and crew avoided sand blindness, and see how to create, and clean up after, a catastrophic dust storm.<br>TARS and CASE - Designing and building these unique characters and how they were brought to life on set and in the film.<br>Cosmic Sounds - The concepts, process, and recording of Hans Zimmerís unforgettable score.<br>The Space Suits - A look at the design and build of the suits and helmets, and what it was like to wear them.<br>The Endurance - Explore this massive set with a guided tour by production designer Nathan Crowley.<br>Shooting in Iceland: Millerís Planet/Mannís Planet - Travel with the cast and crew to Iceland and see the challenges they faced in creating two vastly different worlds in one country.<br>The Ranger and the Lander - A look at the other two spaceships in the film.<br>Miniatures in Space -Marvel at the large-scale models used in the explosive docking sequence.<br>The Simulation of Zero-G - Discover the various methods that the filmmakers used to create a zero gravity environment.<br>Celestial Landmarks - Explore how the filmmakers used practical special effects informed by real scientific equations to give the illusion of real space travel for both the actors and the audience.<br>Across All Dimensions and Time - A look at the concept and design of the Tesseract, which incorporated a practical set rather than a green screen.<br>Final Thoughts - The cast and crew reflect back on their Interstellar experience.<br>Theatrical Trailersfound it on his iTunes page as his most recent releaseAfter seeing Interstellar I was inspired by the music and also the ingenuous use of the organ.  Had a go at a fan theme. Feel free to check it out and leave a comment.<br><br>

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Mini biography from IMDB

German-born composer Hans Zimmer is recognized as one of Hollywood’s most innovative musical talents‚ having first enjoyed success in the world of pop music as a member of The Buggles. The group’s single Video Killed the Radio Star became a worldwide hit and helped usher in a new era of global entertainment as the first music video to be aired on MTV.

Zimmer entered the world of film music in London during a long collaboration with famed composer and mentor Stanley Myers‚ which included the film My Beautiful Laundrette. He soon began work on several successful solo projects‚ including the critically acclaimed A World Apart‚ and during these years Zimmer pioneered the use of combining old and new musical technologies. Today‚ this work has earned him the reputation of being the father of integrating the electronic musical world with traditional orchestral arrangements.

A turning point in Zimmer’s career came in 1988 when he was asked to score Rain Man for director Barry Levinson. The film went on to win the Oscar for Best Picture of the Year and earned Zimmer his first Academy Award Nomination for Best Original Score. The next year‚ Zimmer composed the score for another Best Picture Oscar recipient‚ Driving Miss Daisy‚ starring Jessica Tandy and Morgan Freeman.

Having already scored two Best Picture winners‚ in the early ’90s Zimmer cemented his position as a pre-eminent talent with the award-winning score for The Lion King. The soundtrack has sold over 15 million copies to date and earned him an Academy Award for Best Original Score‚ a Golden Globe‚ an American Music Award‚ a Tony and two Grammy Awards. In total‚ Zimmer’s work has been nominated for 7 Golden Globes‚ 7 Grammys and seven Oscars for “Rainman”‚ “Gladiator”‚ “The Lion King”‚ “As good As It Gets”‚ “The Preachers Wife”‚ “The Thin Red Line‚” “The Prince Of Egypt” and “The Last Samurai.”

With his career in full swing‚ Zimmer was anxious to replicate the mentoring experience he had benefited from under Stanley Myers’ guidance. With state-of-the-art technology and a supportive creative environment‚ Zimmer was able to offer film-scoring opportunities to young composers at his Santa Monica-based musical ’think tank.’ This approach helped launch the careers of such notable composers as Mark Mancina‚ John Powell‚ Harry Gregson-Williams‚ Nick Glennie-Smith and Klaus Badelt.

In 2000 Zimmer scored the music for Gladiator‚ for which he received an Oscar nomination‚ in addition to Golden Globe and Broadcast Film Critics Awards for his epic score. It sold more than three million copies worldwide and spawned a second album “Gladiator: More Music From The Motion Picture‚” released on the Universal Classics/Decca label. Zimmer’s other scores that year included Mission: Impossible 2‚ The Road To El Dorado and An Everlasting Piece‚ directed by Barry Levinson.

Some of his other impressive scores include Pearl Harbor‚ The Ring‚4 films directed by Ridley Scott; Matchstick Men‚ Hannibal‚ Black Hawk Down and Thelma & Louise‚ Penny Marshall’s Riding In Cars With Boys and A League Of Their Own‚ Quentin Tarantino’s True Romance‚ Tears Of The Sun‚ Ron Howard’s Backdraft‚ Days Of Thunder‚ Smilla’s Sense Of Snow and the animated Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron for which he also co-wrote four of the songs with Bryan Adams‚ including the Golden Globe nominated “Here I Am.”

At the 27th annual Flanders International Film Festival‚ Zimmer performed live for the first time in concert with a 100-piece orchestra and a 100-piece choir. Choosing selections from his impressive body of work‚ Zimmer performed newly orchestrated concert versions of Gladiator‚ Mission: Impossible 2‚ Rain Man‚ The Lion King‚ and The Thin Red Line. The concert was recorded by Decca and released as a concert album entitled "The Wings Of A Film: The Music Of Hans Zimmer."

In 2003‚ Zimmer completed his 100th film score for the film The Last Samurai‚ starring Tom Cruise‚ for which he received both a Golden Globe and a Broadcast Film Critics nomination. Over the past year‚ Zimmer has scored Nancy Meyers’ comedy Something’s Gotta Give‚ the animated Dreamworks film‚ A Shark’s Tale (featuring voices of Will Smith‚ Renee Zellweger‚ Robert De Niro‚ Jack Black and Martin Scorsese)‚ and most recently‚ Jim Brooks’ Spanglish starring Adam Sandler and Tea Leoni (for which he also received a Golden Globe nomination). His upcoming projects include Paramount’s Weatherman starring Nicolas Cage‚ Dreamworks’ Madagascar and highly anticipated Warner Bros. summer release‚ Batman Begins.

Zimmer’s additional honors and awards include the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award in Film Composition from the National Board of Review‚ and the Frederick Loewe Award in 2003 at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. He has also received ASCAP’s Henry Mancini Award for Lifetime Achievement. Hans and his wife live in Los Angeles and he is the father of 4.© 2001-2014 OST