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Did Hans do the entire title sequence or did I just hear Lorne's arrangement of it?Unbelievable...Well, to be fair, he doesn't bash Zimmer's scores only... But yeah 2* for Interstellar is atrocious.wwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br>nice musicwow!!!!!!!!!!!!<br>this is incridible music.<br>I love this game.
wow, that was great, is the ost getting released?That's pretty cool !! :)Where can we find this alternate, I mean is there a bootleg or something where this "alternate" is included,I honestly could see where he was coming from for a lot of that review. But the final score is unfair in my opinion.(I will say, though, that as much as I really like this score, I appreciate that Clemmensen did address some of its more negative elements, which have been largely ignored by most people. Still, the negatives, while they exist, don't detract heavily from the score for me like they did for him.)
Ya know, I really felt sure he'd give it 3. Granted, he did give it 3 "as written for the film", but really, 2 stars overall because of a complicated (and not even poor—all three albums are strong presentations of the score, minus that No Time For Caution issue) album situation seems unfair to me. I do agree that the score's themes don't see much development, and also that it has a tendency to repeat itself a little too much, but IMO, to give this score fewer than 4 stars is an injustice.The Oscars are never about what's the "best" in each category. Personally, I don't see any chance for Interstellar. I don't really see HZ ever winning an Oscar again, unless it's for some film that the Academy loves and votes for in every category, no matter what. So, yeah.<br><br>Meanwhile, the Interstellar score is still amazing.Clemmensen gave Interstellar 2 stars.<br><br>Normally I'm not the one to rag on the guy but by this point, I think he can just rename his website to "Filmtracks - Good Score Reviews of Everybody Except Hans Zimmer For Some Reason".I know!Oh God, Not Again.
Any news on No Time For Caution?I've loved that cue quite a while now. :)The Cinematic Orchestra - Arrival of the Birds & TransformationHybrid, what cue is it actually?Theory is a good score actually...<br><br>But the disappointing thing is that the best cue in it, for the final scene, is not even Johannsson's, it's a temp cue...

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 Hans Zimmer Revealed
Hans Zimmer Revealed - review

15 years after founding the website on the following day of the concert in Ghent in 2000, I finally have the opportunity to attend the upstream work of an event that everyone will remember: October's 2014 London concerts "Hans ZIMMER REVEALED & friends".
Indeed, the expanded team was there at the beginning of this event since September 22nd with special permission to film the creation of an important highlight of the composer's career.

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  2015, January 26updated by Hybrid Soldier 
Sons Of Liberty

Theme by Hans Zimmer
Music by Lorne Balfe & The Bleeding Fingers Custom Music Shop

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  2014, December 23updated by Hybrid Soldier 
The Hollywood Reporter Roundtable

Hans Zimmer, John Powell, Marco Beltrami, Trent Reznor & Danny Elfman discuss the process behind scoring the top films of the year.

Read full article at

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  2014, December 19updated by Hybrid Soldier 
Hans Zimmer to score WOMAN IN GOLD

Hans Zimmer recently finished scoring with Martin Phipps the film WOMAN IN GOLD, directed by Simon Curtis, and set for release in April 2015.

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  2014, December 12updated by Hybrid Soldier 
Hans Zimmer & Lorne Balfe to score A.D.

Hans Zimmer & Lorne Balfe are currently scoring Mark Burnett & Roma Downey's new series A.D., set for to premiere on April 5th 2015.

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  2014, December 10updated by Hybrid Soldier 
Hans Zimmer to score LE PETIT PRINCE

Hans Zimmer is set to score Kung Fu Panda director Mark Osborne's next film LE PETIT PRINCE, set for release on October 7th 2015.

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  2014, November 21updated by Hybrid Soldier 
Hans Zimmer to score CHAPPIE

Hans Zimmer is currently scoring Neill Blomkamp's next film CHAPPIE, set for release on March 4th 2015.

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  2014, November 11updated by Antas 

We will move to another server very soon. It should resolve crashing and stability issues and the site would run much quicker.

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  2014, November 10updated by Antas 
Who is the man behind the Interstellar CD Release ?

Read the interview HERE

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  2014, November 08updated by Nicolas 
How Hans Zimmer Wrote The Interstellar Theme

There are countless anecdotes about the auteuristic quirks of director Christopher Nolan, whose Interstellar comes out this week. For some new ones, check out an in-depth profile by The Guardian's Tom Shone, which includes an amazing story about how Nolan got frequent partner Hans Zimmer to write the theme for his space epic.

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  2014, October 27updated by Hybrid Soldier 
New Hans Zimmer Revealed - Behind the Scene with Richard Harvey & Hans Zimmer
(Produced & Filmed by for West One Music)

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