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Hybrid, will you make a page for this? maybe including the missing tracks (that are on the OST)@Hybrid :D *lol*<br>the BEST track... to sad :/It's because some stupid at Paramound can't rip a CD ! :DSo... the track we craved the most appears to be damaged. I guess it's because of Murphy's Law...No Manns Planet entry is the end of "no need to come back"<br><br>You can barely hear music during the scene, but the atmospheric entry goes with Miller Planet
ps. I think "Atmospheric entry" plays when they visit Mann's planet, but not sure.The LLL-set is awesome! Some classic MV/RCP-sound :)"Atmospheric entry" really bothers me for a long time :-PSo it goes like this, correct?<br><br>Quantifiable Connection<br>What Happens Now?<br>Where We're GoingI'll leave that to the professionals
Medigo, nothing that can't be cleaned I think ! ;)LOLDon't go that fast, No Time For Caution is not the film mix here either ! it'll be 8m32 then!That plays right after 'Quantifiable Connection'<br><br>also that track (which contains the piano piece everyone wanted) is apparently damaged<br>damnit
Where should what happens now be?What Happens Now? is also missing, but also easily added inNever noticed there was a page for this...but neither the track titles nor the times match up with mine at all! My version has some hugely lengthy cues towards the end...I assume they're edited together. That's gonna be a bit of a pain...Haha, with the complete score leaked, at least now everyone has something to be happy about!Thought so!

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 Hans Zimmer Revealed
Hans Zimmer Revealed - review

15 years after founding the website on the following day of the concert in Ghent in 2000, I finally have the opportunity to attend the upstream work of an event that everyone will remember: October's 2014 London concerts "Hans ZIMMER REVEALED & friends".
Indeed, the expanded team was there at the beginning of this event since September 22nd with special permission to film the creation of an important highlight of the composer's career.

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Comments (10)   updated by Nicolas 
  2014, November 21updated by Hybrid Soldier 
Hans Zimmer to score CHAPPIE

Hans Zimmer is currently scoring Neill Blomkamp's next film CHAPPIE, set for release on March 4th 2015.

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  2014, November 11updated by Antas 

We will move to another server very soon. It should resolve crashing and stability issues and the site would run much quicker.

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  2014, November 10updated by Antas 
Who is the man behind the Interstellar CD Release ?

Read the interview HERE

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  2014, November 08updated by Nicolas 
How Hans Zimmer Wrote The Interstellar Theme

There are countless anecdotes about the auteuristic quirks of director Christopher Nolan, whose Interstellar comes out this week. For some new ones, check out an in-depth profile by The Guardian's Tom Shone, which includes an amazing story about how Nolan got frequent partner Hans Zimmer to write the theme for his space epic.

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  2014, October 27updated by Hybrid Soldier 
New Hans Zimmer Revealed - Behind the Scene with Richard Harvey & Hans Zimmer
(Produced & Filmed by for West One Music)

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  2014, October 23updated by Nicolas 
Hans ZIMMER to work on the next Johnny MARR' solo album

Hans Zimmer has revealed that he has plans to work on Marr's next solo album, following their work together on the soundtracks to the likes of Inception and The Amazing Spiderman 2

"I want him to play some synthesizers and arrange some string parts," Johnny MARR said, "because he's an amazing pop arranger as well, he's got a pop sensibility, so I'm quite interested in putting that to the test and getting him to do some electronic strings maybe, and some keyboards."

Watch the video HERE

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  2014, October 14updated by Hybrid Soldier 

If you people want some souvenirs from this wonderful experience, this is the place...

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  2014, October 01updated by Nicolas 
New Interstellar Trailer with music composed by Thomas Bergersen
(Track "Final Frontier" from new album SUN)

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  2014, September 16updated by Hybrid Soldier 
Dominic Lewis to score SPOOKS - THE GREATER GOOD

Dominic Lewis confirmed to he is currently scoring the upcoming British film Spooks - The Greater Good, starring Kit Harrington & Peter Firth, directed by Bharat Nalluri. The film, continuing from the British spy series of the same name, Spooks, is planned for release sometime in 2015.

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  2014, September 12updated by Antas 

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