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Are you sure? Cause from what I hear the Watertower version is the "good" one. Dreaming of the Crash and Stay are similar, you're sure that Dreaming of the Crash is pressed on there twice?Why my posts are deleted ??It says watertower music. I thought they sounded really similar and it never got to the main theme. It wasn't stay. I bought the CD like a month or two ago so I know exactly how it soundsThe music in a couple of these clips, especially the dive bombing motorcycle scene are pretty rad. Cant wait to hear the whole thing. <br><br>h t t p:// guys, thanks for putting my cover of HZ's Lion King track 'To Die For' on here.<br>Check it out, feel free to comment, and have a nice day!<br><br>Cheers,<br><br>Gijs
Did you listen through the whole track? They both have similar cues at the start.@Anonymous: Come on... that's all?@Michael<br><br>Write Hans personally and go away.....Which pressing is it. What label?I just got the vinyl of interstellar and when stay was supposed to play it was dreaming of the crash again.
Hello Hans, i'm from Brazil, and i'm your fan, i like so much your soundtrack on the movies, like: Madagascar, pirates of the caribean, and i dont remember more, but, u are the best...<br>Thanks for you attention....would be cool!wow this is so beautiful, hgw do more dmtrs@antas it isn't. Sorry I don't believe that.How should I ask him now. Should I fly to Hollywood to ask him?<br>Okay I ask him, in German language. So he can write back in german, too.<br>Auch wenn das jetzt mit sicherer Wahrscheinlichkeit nicht an den wirklichen Hans Zimmer ankommt und mir irgend eine fremde Person zurück schreibt bin ich jetzt mal gespannt ob sich Herr Zimmer wirklich bei mir meldet;-) Ich glaube nicht. So also, was für ein Phantom wird sich jetzt als Hans Zimmer ausgeben?@Michael : It's Hans Zimmer page -- Just ask him if you are not sure...
Thanks, Hybrid. Can't wait to listen. :)thanksTracklist !Hahahahhaahahahaha bien vu Sherlock!!Yeah that's terrible... I'm a fraud ! :(

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We need your help !!

Please, let help us to push Richard Harvey into the light !

We need to get as many people voting for his Concerto Antico in the Classic FM Hall of Fame as possible as we'd like Richard to be recognised more and more for the fine composer that he is.

Please click HERE, search for Richard HARVEY in the search box, and vote for CONCERTO ANTICO FOR GUITAR (performed by John Williams) !!
Please note that the Competition is open to residents of the UK aged 18 and over and vote before February the 28th. (23.59)
Thank you in advance :)
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STEVEN M. STERN (1967 - 2015)

We are sad hearing today that Steven Stern passed away. He worked at Media Ventures back in the mid-1990s with Hans Zimmer, Mark Mancina or John Van Tongeren on scores such as Speed, The Lion King, The Outer Limits or The Rock. He was 47.

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Hans Zimmer to score FREEHELD

Hans Zimmer is currently scoring Peter Sollett's FREEHELD, starring Julianne Moore & Ellen Page. The film is expected to premiere later this year. Via Film Music Reporter

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Hans Zimmer to score INFERNO

Hans Zimmer confirmed to he will return to score the next installment of the Robert Langdon franchise, INFERNO, set for release in 2016. Zimmer teams up again with director Ron Howard & actor Tom Hanks after the two previous films of the franchise, The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons.

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Music by Lorne Balfe & Hans Zimmer

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