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9m34 GOD v.2 <3It really is the incestuous son of POTC 1 & Last Samurai... And it's direct son is POTC 2... lolI think this is one of the most underrated scores in the Zimmer canon, some of his most unadulterated BIG action writing. I see it kind of as a badass take-no-prisoners sibling to the more calm, reflective Last Samurai. I wish (but doubt) that Hans would return to this mode sometime soon.It's the film codename...what the hell does the LC mean?
I personally like this film a lot and of course the score (Well when you have a score done by Hans with Jablonsky, Morris, Dooley, NGS, RGW, Blake Neely, it's not exactly the ugliest team who worked with Hans ! :D).<br><br>I did mention him this score last year, he told me he wrote some suites for it (which are unreleased) which he likes a lot. Not sure he's a huge fan of the film though, the track title "All Of Them!" is actually a joke about a scene that got cut which just made no sense, where Arthur was asking how many saxons were there and he got as an answer "All of them !", and the scoring team had quite a good laugh...Hybrid, did you ever get the chance to speak about this score with Hans? It is in my opinion one of the (if not THE) most epic stuff he's written, but curiously I've never heard him mentionning it in any interview. And it wasn't featured during the Revealed concerts (the most notable omission, along with The Last Samurai). Didn't he enjoy doing it? Or is it just because this movie has a bad reputation?<br><br>I'm asking this because I'm curious, and because I just replayed it for the first time in several weeks, and it blew me away (again).Well posting this won't get you far, it's resulting from the Sony hacking... Those files haven't leaked anyway, and probably won't anytime soon...LC 1m01 c6v3 0122 v1.00 SJL MIX 02-24 St Mix<br>LC 1m01a c3v3 1125 v1.13 SJL MIX 02-24 St Mix<br>LC 1m01a c5v5 0106 v3.09 SJL MIX 05-24 St Mix<br>LC 1m01b c5v4 0104 v2.06 SJL MIX 14-24 St Mix<br>LC 1m02 c5v5 0106 v23.01 SJL MIX 04-24 St Mix RPT 2<br>LC 1m03 c5v4 0104 v5.09 SJL MIX 10-24 St Mix WIDE v2<br>LC 1m04a c5v5 0106 v1.03 SJL MIX 02-24 St Mix<br>LC 1m05 c6v4 0124 v7.01 SJL MIX 05-24 St Mix<br>LC 1m08 c5v5 0106 v2.04 SJL MIX 02-24 St Mix<br>LC 2m09 c5v3 0102 v1.16 SJL MIX 02-24 St Mix<br>LC 2m10 c6v2pt 0122 v10.08 SJL MIX 09-24 St Mix<br>LC 2m10 c7v2 0131 v10.09 SJL MIX 13-24 St Mix<br>LC 2m10 c7v2 0131 v10.13 SJL Mix 15-24 St Mix<br>LC 2m11 c5v3 0102 v2.02 SJL MIX 01-24 St Mix<br>LC 2m12 c5v3 0102 v1.02 SJL MIX 04-24 St Mix<br>LC 2m12 c7v2 0131 v1.03 AK SJL MIX 01-24 St Mix<br>LC 2m12 c7v2 0131 v1.03 SJL MIX 02-24 St Mix<br>LC 2m16 c5v3 0102 v1.07 SJL MIX 03-24 St Mix<br>LC 2m18 c5v3 0102 v1.03 SJL MIX 02-24 St Mix<br>LC 2m18 c5v3 0102 v5.00 SJL MIX 01-24 St Mix<br>LC 2m19 c5v3 0102 v1.13 SJL MIX 03-16 Pno NEW PNO<br>LC 2m20 c5v3 0102 v1.06 SJL MIX 09-24 St Mix<br>LC 2m20 c7v4 0131 v1.08 AK INS SJL MIX 02-24 St Mix<br>LC 2m22 c5v3 1220 v2.00 SJL MIX 01-24 St Mix<br>LC 3m23 c3v3 1125 v22 SJL MIX 02-24 St Mix<br>LC 3m24 c5v5 0110 v1.04 SJL MIX 02-24 St Mix<br>LC 3m26 c5v4 0103 v1.06 SJL MIX 03-24 St Mix<br>LC 3m28 c5v4 0103 v1.02 SJL MIX 02-24 St Mix<br>LC 3m30 c5v3 1220 v1.08 SJL MIX 03-24 St Mix<br>LC 4m31a c5v3 0103 v3.11 SJL MIX 09-24 St Mix<br>LC 4m31b c5v3 0103 v1.06 SJL MIX 07-24 St Mix<br>LC 4m31b c6v3 0123 v2.03 SJL MIX 01-24 St Mix<br>LC 4m32 c5v3 0103 v2.03 SJL MIX 03-24 St Mix<br>LC 4m32 c7v2 0201 v4.00 SJL MIX 02-24 St Mix<br>LC 4m37 c5v3 0103 v2.04 SJL MIX 04-24 St Mix<br>LC 4m39 c5v3 0103 v5.05 SJL MIX 03-24 St Mix<br>LC 4m40 c5v3 0103 v1.03 SJL MIX 03-24 St Mix<br>LC 4m41 c5v3 0103 v1.09 SJL MIX 02-24 St Mix<br>LC 5m41c c5v4 0105 v1.03 SJL MIX 02-24 St Mix<br>LC 5m42 c6v2 0116 v2.03 SJL MIX 03-24 St Mix<br>LC 5m42a c7v3 0203 v3.00 SJL MIX 02-24 St Mix<br>LC 5m44 c3v6 1126 v6.01 SJL MIX 01-24 St Mix<br>LC 5m44 c5v4 0105 v9.00 SJL MIX 01-24 St Mix<br>LC 5m45 c6 0113 v2.14 SJL MIX 02-24 St Mix<br>LC 5m45a c6v2 0116 v4.00 SJL MIX 02-24 St Mix<br>LC 6m46 c5v4 0106 v3.04 SJL MIX 03-24 St Mix<br>LC 6m46 c7v3 0203 v4.07 SJL MIX 01-24 St Mix<br>LC 6m46 c7v3 0203 v4.07 Alt SJL MIX 02-24 St Mix<br>LC 6m47 c5v4 0106 v2.01 SJL MIX 01-24 St Mix<br>LC 6m47a c6v3 0123 v2.01 SJL MIX 04-24 St Mix<br>LC 6m48 c5v4 0106 v2.03 SJL MIX 02-24 St Mix<br>LC 6m50 c6 0113 v1.01 SJL MIX 01-24 St Mix<br>LC 6m51 c6v3 0123 v2.16 SJL MIX 02-24 St Mix<br>LC 6m51 c7v3 0203 v3.03 SJL MIX 01-24 St Mix<br>LC 6m52 c7 0203 v6.03 SJL MIX 10-24 St Mix<br>LC 6m53_54 c5v4 0106 v1.12 SJL MIX 05-24 St Mix<br>LC 7m55 c7v2 0201 v2.06 SJL MIX 03-24 St Mix<br>LC 7m56 c6 0117 v1.03 SJL MIX 02-24 St Mix<br>LC 7m57 c7v2 0204 v2.06 SJL MIX 02-24 St Mix<br>LC 7m58a c7v2 0204 v1.04 SJL MIX 03-24 St Mix<br>LC 7m59 c6v4 0125 v4.05 SJL MIX 03-24 St Mix<br>LC 7m60 c6 0117 v1.00 SJL MIX 01-24 St Mix<br>LC 7m60 c6 0117 v1.00 ALT SJL MIX 01-24 St Mix<br>LC 7m61 c6v4 0125 v4.05 SJL MIX 02-24 St Mix<br>LC 7m61 c6v4 0125 v5.00 SJL MIX 01-24 St Mix<br>LC 7m61 c6v4 0125 v6.02 SJL MIX 01-24 St Mix<br>LC 8m62 c7v4 0201 v1.05 SJL MIX 02-24 St Mix<br>LC 8m63 c7v4 0201 v5.07 SJL MIX 03-24 St MixThe scientists who thought there would be that much dust on the moon were from the 50s - there was some guy whose name I forget who estimated that the earth got 5 million tons of space dust a year, and assumed the moon would get a proportional amount. Later research has shown those dust estimates to be wildly overinflated - the real amount is more in the neck of 25,000 tons a year.<br><br>I even found creation science websites that advised people not to use the moon dust argument because of, you know, how it's about 50 years out of date.
Nokia trailer -> Man of Steel!Nokia trailer -> Man of Steel!What are you talking about?What are you talking about?If I had known you guys would be doing this with my theories of love and compassion, I would have stuck to carpentry. All Hail Megatron.<br><br>Amen.
Mtv and nokia trailer music ?<br>Mtv and nokia trailer music ?<br>Anonymous, you've really gone full retarded now. I respect anyone who questions the established, but you are just throwing in vocabularies. You have no factual basis and whenever someone brings an argument against your statements to the table you either ignore them completely or quickly set up the next that one of us has to tidy away.<br>Technically this isn't a debate, this is a monologue from yours with comments, but simply not a debate. <br>Now you even think you have pointed out an inconsistency in elementary school science. Yes,the different races are another proof of evolution. White people lost their black pigments because they didn't need the sun protection anymore that those pigments offered. That's saving resources. <br>Just because it hasn't been made clear here yet.<br>Humans evolved from an ancestor of the apes because the tropical rain forest those creatures were living in was pushed back due to a climate change. That's assured with fossil founds. Those "somewhat-apes" now had to live in a Savannah where they were easy meat without the protection of trees. <br>In millions of years through mutation they started to get bigger legs, a stronger social bound and so on. Mutation can occur only after the fathering, so the further away the generations are the longer it takes.<br>Through the consummation of meat and the famous discovery of fire our brains got the opportunity to grow and from there we conquered the world with our superpower, the brain.<br>How the beck could we know all this in such a detailed way? We were just finishing the puzzles. We had found witnesses such as ancient fire places or the lascaux caves which all could be dated back to the dates we know from school books. We're still changing a few things here and there but the "theory of evolution", in this case the human evolution is factually assured.<br>The great thing about science is that it never can become a dogma, like the Christian thesis. New facts bring new points of view, but as long as evolution has the best arguments for it, I'll believe in it.<br>ANONYMOUS, Please then, if Hybrid is by any case not able to explain the different races scenario, let's just go back to the simple basics where the ideals of the bible started from. God. so then I must ask... How is it easier to believe in God? Let there be light and by miracle it happened... Impressive, but still... God is the greatest trickster of them all. He says smell, but don't eat, see, but don't touch. The tree of knowledge known as the tree of evil.. He creates it when he builds paradise (an area filled by only PERFECTION), yet he tells man to not eat the apple of that tree cause its the tree of evil... what a way to counter himself and to show that if God exists, he is the most IMPERFECT being of us all, apart from the fact that it was EVE who told Adam to eat the apple, so immediately women are punished as less (just as history has shown, but hmm, who causes that, OH THATS RIGHT... MEN) And also.. Who wrote the bible? The bible was written by men, and not by God's disciples. In those times there was not a way to write, it was all spoken through stories, from person to person through time. LATER ON it was written on paper, by other men who weren't with Jesus. so basically like all history it becomes bias, and is something that will not and will never be proven by human kind as we lack so much that we desire to know because we HATE being immortal, so we create the being of God and Heaven, to depend on someone greater when we become useless in the most destructive of cases, just as having a family member sick with a disease that will kill them (which eventually does). War, death, famine, sickness, poverty... Where is God there? Tell me he is there because if he is, then that is the proof to believing in God rather than any other theory (which there is a reason why it is called a theory, since it is not fact) but since I've heard this response from many people through my life, I can only say that most probably a very close minded religious person would simply answer "God works in mysterious ways". I just hope that is not your answer, and it it is... Then I rest my case. I can state that the mentioning of evolution becomes far fetched to be proven on the case that we may come from apes... But races, thats just a normal case of evolution, just as you may have chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans. They are primates, but three different variates... Just as we are humans, but there are Asian, American, African, Latin etc... Every theory becomes self contradicting or mostly impossible to know for sure as facts... It takes as much faith to believe in God as there is to believe in the bing bang. and honestly the simplest theory to self destruct is that of God... As an interested person in philosophy, Philosophy is questions that can be answered, religion is answers that cannot be questioned... (So my point made clear, let the hate comments rain!! :) )@Hybrid, logic will never work with these creatures. Face it, they are white supremacists who don't BELIEVE in genetics. They'll probably say that races are descendants of demons . . . or something as ridiculous. We, the people with brains, should shut up. Now.

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 Hans Zimmer Revealed
Hans Zimmer Revealed - review

15 years after founding the website on the following day of the concert in Ghent in 2000, I finally have the opportunity to attend the upstream work of an event that everyone will remember: October's 2014 London concerts "Hans ZIMMER REVEALED & friends".
Indeed, the expanded team was there at the beginning of this event since September 22nd with special permission to film the creation of an important highlight of the composer's career.

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Hans Zimmer to score WOMAN IN GOLD

Hans Zimmer recently finished scoring with Martin Phipps the film WOMAN IN GOLD, directed by Simon Curtis, and set for release in April 2015.

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Hans Zimmer & Lorne Balfe to score A.D.

Hans Zimmer & Lorne Balfe are currently scoring Mark Burnett & Roma Downey's new series A.D., set for to premiere on April 5th 2015.

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Hans Zimmer to score LE PETIT PRINCE

Hans Zimmer is set to score Kung Fu Panda director Mark Osborne's next film LE PETIT PRINCE, set for release on October 7th 2015.

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Hans Zimmer to score CHAPPIE

Hans Zimmer is currently scoring Neill Blomkamp's next film CHAPPIE, set for release on March 4th 2015.

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We will move to another server very soon. It should resolve crashing and stability issues and the site would run much quicker.

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Who is the man behind the Interstellar CD Release ?

Read the interview HERE

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How Hans Zimmer Wrote The Interstellar Theme

There are countless anecdotes about the auteuristic quirks of director Christopher Nolan, whose Interstellar comes out this week. For some new ones, check out an in-depth profile by The Guardian's Tom Shone, which includes an amazing story about how Nolan got frequent partner Hans Zimmer to write the theme for his space epic.

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New Hans Zimmer Revealed - Behind the Scene with Richard Harvey & Hans Zimmer
(Produced & Filmed by for West One Music)

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Hans ZIMMER to work on the next Johnny MARR' solo album

Hans Zimmer has revealed that he has plans to work on Marr's next solo album, following their work together on the soundtracks to the likes of Inception and The Amazing Spiderman 2

"I want him to play some synthesizers and arrange some string parts," Johnny MARR said, "because he's an amazing pop arranger as well, he's got a pop sensibility, so I'm quite interested in putting that to the test and getting him to do some electronic strings maybe, and some keyboards."

Watch the video HERE

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If you people want some souvenirs from this wonderful experience, this is the place...

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