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And some new Lorne ! (It never stops !! :P)New Henry coming soon !Well thatīs great. You can be proud of all your work here on I cannot wait to watch this documentary :-)I want the live album, any news on the live album.Haha no, but he watched it this morning and he loved it ! :)
Did Hans compose some original music for the documentary? :-pThat didn't seem at all logical to me. Both Hybrid's account for JXL's name-dilemma, as well as Edmund's Fake-Junkie bio.Awesome!!! Can't wait!Oh okay thank you! So there's no word that they will release a live dvd or blu-ray yet?It's a 40 min making of, with some short extracts here & there.<br><br>It's also about Hans and the projects, collaborators... not just about HZR... :)<br><br>I think Sony was there and recorded some parts of the concert but no idea what they made with it in the end...
Does this also include a live registration of this show or is this a documentary about making the show?Awesome and incredible!!!!! Thanks Hybrid.It's comiiiiiiing !<br><br>Matter of days, I swear ! lolThere's not enough time in the day, is there, Hybrid... :pThanks a lot for posting my percussion cover of Man Of Steel. Follow my works at
The samples sound promising!Absolutely never gonna happen. Nope, nope nope ! lol<br><br>I will never check this !Oh thats good to hear.  Hopefully it will get released in the US soon too.  I hope its good.Hey Hybrid, we got 382 cues from Trevor Morris The Firm, do you know the right order?.. and if you know it, can you add it? <br>Ours is in alphabetical order...Hey, I miss some cues from Trevor's last scores...<br><br>Can you update?

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  2015, April 18updated by Hybrid Soldier 

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  2015, April 17updated by Hybrid Soldier 
STEVEN M. STERN (1967 - 2015)

We are sad hearing today that Steven Stern passed away. He worked at Media Ventures back in the mid-1990s with Hans Zimmer, Mark Mancina or John Van Tongeren on scores such as Speed, The Lion King, The Outer Limits or The Rock. He was 47.

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  2015, April 09updated by Hybrid Soldier 
Hans Zimmer to score FREEHELD

Hans Zimmer is currently scoring Peter Sollett's FREEHELD, starring Julianne Moore & Ellen Page. The film is expected to premiere later this year. Via Film Music Reporter

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  2015, April 04updated by Hybrid Soldier 
Hans Zimmer to score INFERNO

Hans Zimmer confirmed to he will return to score the next installment of the Robert Langdon franchise, INFERNO, set for release in 2016. Zimmer teams up again with director Ron Howard & actor Tom Hanks after the two previous films of the franchise, The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons.

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  2015, April 03updated by Hybrid Soldier 

Music by Lorne Balfe & Hans Zimmer

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